Battle Frenzy
173 Chapter 173 – One Can Never Be Completely Prepared in a Figh
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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173 Chapter 173 – One Can Never Be Completely Prepared in a Figh

Greene nodded his assent, as he was interested in hearing what Wang Zhong had to say.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Headmaster Bradley," Wang Zhong greeted before introducing himself, "I am Wang Zhong, the captain of the Tianjing Squadron." He then turned to face Greene before continuing to say, "In fact, this is a simple matter that can be solved easily. Since the recommendation quotas are reserved for our third year brothers and sisters, they should have a say in making this bet."

The words had barely left Wang Zhong's lips when Hymin voiced her full support for this decision, "I'm willing to bet my quota!"

"Count me in as well!"

"Me too," both Colby and Lily declared at the same time. The decision as to who would receive the recommendation quotas had long since been decided and the four individuals to attain them were Reeves, Colby, Lily and Hymin. Although Reeves had been expelled from the academy, there was no argument as to whom the other three quotas should go to. Even though there was still one quota that had yet to be filled up, the minority would follow the majority in their decisions and voiced their consent.

Admittedly, this quota was of utmost importance to Hymin and she fully understood how detrimental this could be to her. However, after seeing her most respected Headmaster Greene and academy suffer such humiliation, how could she only care about the quota and abandon them? She could not do such an inhumane act.

"There, it is decided then," Wang Zhong announced without the hesitation that had held Headmaster Green's tongue.

Wang Zhong then faced Bradley and said with candor, "Look's like we have to cancel tomorrow's exchange then."

His words left Bradley, Headmaster Greene and everyone else stunned. Wasn't the consensus to continue the bet? Why is he backing out of it all of a sudden? Each and every one of them had the same thoughts, and it was clearly evident on their faces.

Unlike everyone else, Scarlet couldn't help but felt amusement at the scene unfolding before her. During the days when she had taken care of Wang Zhong in the hospital, she had gained a better understanding of Wang Zhong's character and temperament. She could hazard a guess at what Wang Zhong's next words were, and they were precisely what she would say in such a situation.

"Headmaster Bradley and students from Adolf Academy, you have our gratitude for taking time off your busy schedule to come for an exchange with Tianjing," Wang Zhong declared with a faint chuckle. "As you've said, the quotas should be left for those that truly require them. As such, every quota that both academies possess should be placed down in this bet."

As he proclaimed this, everyone gawked in surprise. Is this true? Betting one quota for the chance to attain four more in return?

The quotas were the rights given to the academy, and was not something that a couple of seniors could decide to give away to another academy on a whim. If awarded did not want the quotas, they still could be given to another within the academy. If news of this matter were to spread, the repercussions for Tianjing Academy would be immense.

Headmaster Greene stood there agaped at this declaration. Looking around him, he saw the determination of the Tianjing Academy's students around him. Even his precious granddaughter, Scarlet, was amongst them. In the end, there was nothing he could say to change the situation. At this point of time, if he were to speak out and prevent this bet, Tianjing Academy would lose all face. However, if he considered the entire situation again, to lose to them would mean losing all their quotas. After all, there will be a day where fame, reputation and relationships would no longer suffice.

Bradley was only shocked for a brief period of time before recovering his composure. He had initially thought that this male student was unlike the rest, but it appears that he was, in fact, a rash individual that could not take any criticism. To think that he, the great Bradley, was almost scared stiff by such a fellow. With a boisterous laugh, he commented, "You have spirit, young one!"

Wang Zhong continued to look at Bradley with innocent eyes as he replied, "Respected Headmaster Bradley, our academy possess four quotas. What about Adolf Academy? I don't think Headmaster Bradley would come into this bet empty-handed, right?'

"Adolf Academy will stake its two recommendation quotas into this bet," announced a person from Adolf Academy with the name of Cecil. Previously, he was deep in thought, analyzing the fight that had occurred between Laura and All Mouthy King. It was only when Headmaster Bradley mentioned about the recommendation quote did turn his attention over to the conversation.

Greene was respected and loved by the students of Tianjing Academy. Likewise, Bradley was the object of admiration and respect for the students of Adolf Academy. Bradley was a good dean and had the heart to aid his students in their times of need as a teacher. He had even given up his relationships with his old classmates and his face in an attempt to wrestle away recommendation quotas for his students! That Wang Zhong had no right to discuss such conditions with Headmaster Bradley! He was just a junior student! Cecil thought that it should had been him to discuss this matter. As long as Adolf Academy were able to acquire the four recommendation quotas, the brothers and sisters that stand together behind him would have a bright future ahead of them!

"Four quotas to stake against two quotas?" Wang Zhong questioned with a smile, " That doesn't seem fair, right?"

"How about we add in this year's resources allocated to Adolf Academy to the stakes?" Bradley replied while extending his hands out wide. With his face beaming, he looked towards Greene and said, " Old classmate, your student's a little hot blooded. Should we placed these in the bet then?"

Headmaster Greene took a deep breath as he looked around and saw numerous pairs of eyes staring back full of eagerness and fighting spirit.

Regardless of his pessimistic views about this bet, he knew that there were times that one needed to have to the courage to cut off one's means of retreat!

Extending his hand out to Bradley, he replied, "Let's listen to the children then!"

"It's good to see that you have reverted back to your old self, old classmate!"

Both of them shook hands with gusto, showing their agreement to the bet made. Greene had a smile on his face, for he could not blame Bradley for scheming again him. Though Bradley had betrayed the friendship between the two of them, he had done so for the sake of giving his students a bright future. His actions would forever be etched in the hearts of these students of his.

Therefore, who could say who was right, who was wrong, who's the good and who's the bad?

This was the true essence of fighting! Regardless of victory or defeat, in the end, only the strong would prevail!

The fight was about to begin, the Prodigy Society's lights were brightly lit in the night. Ma Dong had already gathered information from all over. From the highly ranked captain to the mere substitute, he had information on all of them. He was even aware of the conditions of each member of the Adolf Academy. Although it wasn't as detailed as he would have liked, it was sufficient enough to make fairly accurate guesses.

During the confrontation earlier, they had shown their bravery. Others may have even seen it as an impulsive act for doing so. Sadly though, one cannot rely on luck in fights. Tianjing Squadron had only been formed recently, and the strength of each individual was only average. Furthermore, they had not had much practice to cement the concept of cooperation in group battles. However, it was too late to retract the bet. With that in mind, every member started to analyze their opponents, with what information they had obtained. While all these data cannot be fully relied upon, it would still allow them to make intelligent guesses.

The entire Prodigy Society was silent. It wasn't to say that they would not be able to win, but the probability of doing so is extremely low. This placed immense pressure on everyone in Tianjing Squadron. If it was just a regular exchange, they wouldn't care less. However, they had gambled using Tianjing's future and honor as a wager. As such, it was not as simple as winning or losing.It

In fact, all of the pressure was on the shoulders of Wang Zhong, as he was now their captain. Although he was probably a dispensable captain in the eyes of the students, this pressure was something that he needed to bear. Talking big was easy, anyone could do it. However, the fight tomorrow wasn't no laughing matter.

Scarlet and the rest were also quietly analyzing the data in an attempt to identify probable opponents. However, it was impossible for them to engage in an in-depth discussion. After all, there were too many variables that could happen during a fight and added to that fact was the contrast in strengths between the two academies. Perhaps the greatest test that they would face this time wasn't for them, but for Wang Zhong himself.

Wang Zhong was the last person to leave the society grounds. He was repeatedly looking at the introduction videos of those people with great intent, and no one wanted to intrude lest they break hi concentration.

Were they rushing into things? Perhaps. But then again, no fights in life would wait for you to get prepared. Additionally, how much time would be needed for one to be considered as 'prepared'?

At least everyone knew that Wang Zhong was collected, the fight was something inevitable, and hence there wasn't anything anyone could say about it. Even Ma Dong tried his best to remain cheerful when he left. To think that he could maintain his cheerful disposition even when all odds were against them.
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    《Battle Frenzy》