Battle Frenzy
193 Chapter 193 – Unleashed Hear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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193 Chapter 193 – Unleashed Hear

Many people in the audience started crying, not daring to believe what they had just seen. From the moment that the bet was made between Adolf and Tianjing till the time when Cecil had admitted defeat, everything had felt like a dream, surreal and incredulous.

Adolf was the third place in the regionals last year! They were said to be even stronger that the second place! Tianjing Academy was ranked tenth last year, and shouldn't be considered good enough to be their training partners!

Yesterday when Adolf Squadron had spoken rudely to headmaster Greene; yesterday when each and every member of Adolf Squadron was full of arrogance and pride. These memories were etched deeply in the hearts of everyone present at that time.

Yet, now this strong and haughty squad had completely submitted to Tianjing Academy, lowering their heads in defeat!

Honor and dignity is something that is neither given by others, nor can be given to others. It can only be obtained by relying on one's own self, using one's own hands to grasp them and never letting it go!

"We've actually won! We've really won!"

"We've won!"

"Long live Tianjing Academy! Long live Tianjing Academy!"

The cheers that resounded throughout the entire Tianjing Academy were loud enough to raise the dead. Every single student from Tianjing Academy were ecstatic at their victory. Some were so drunk with happiness that they had stripped naked and ran around bare-assed. The vast majority, though, were still dumbstruck at the outcome and felt that this entire situation was only just a dream. They had won! In addition, they had completely dominated their opponents in the group battle, defeating all five opponents with zero losses on their side.

Nobody knew who first shouted out Barran's name but it caused the entire competition ground to burst into fanatical cheering for that heavy soldier. Yes! The turning point for the entire competition was this heavy soldier. It was he who had braved the onslaught of the crowd during the critical fourth match and had turned the entire situation around in a single blow. It was also he who had thrown a wrench into the works of Adolf Squadron, ruining their 3 vs 1 combat strategy during the group battle.

Barran…Barran… Barran…Barran…

The entire arena was filled with the name of this one person. Barran had certainly proven his mettle and heroic spirit during the group battle, gaining the approval and the recognition of the people. Barran had nothing but a blank expression on his face as he stared at the cheering crowd. Never did he ever imagined that there would be a day when everyone would cheer his name with such fervour. To them, he was, undeniable, the hero of this entire competition.

However, despite all of this, Barran only response was to shake his head in embarrassment. Only when Wang Zhong and Grai pushed him forward with the other members of the Tianjing Squadron cheering him did he finally accepted the feelings of the crowd. All of them were happy for Barran, with Hymin's, Colby's and Lily's applause being exceptionally enthusiastic.

The night was one full of exuberance and cheer for Tianjing Academy. Broadcasted over the academy's loud speakers were continuous cheers and singing of the students. There was even a party to celebrate such a joyous occasion that was located right at the expansive arena grounds.

The school had prepared so much food and beer for everyone even though there was not much time to carry out such an event as no one had expected such an outcome. The students were all filled with passion for the academy and enthusiasm that were rarely seen in students nowadays. The party lasted for a good couple of hours, causing the food and drinks to run out before long. Yet, no one minded that in the least and it had not hamper the enthusiasm of students. In fact, some had taken the initiative and had gone to buy more snacks and beer! Those with money would contribute money, while those with strength would offer theirs to help out! Everyone chipped in to make this event the best the academy had seen.

Headmaster Greene had even invited Headmaster Bradley and the students from the Adolf Academy, but it was turned down by them. Although they would not typically get angry over such a loss, it was understandable that they were not in the mood to attend said gathering, as going for it would only rub salt into their wounds. Therefore, they had already left before the party had even started.

All of the students had gathered together, including the headmaster, deans, professors and teachers. Everyone was celebrating with unbridled joy, singing and dancing wherever they were. Of course, having being the ones to attain the victory for Tianjing, none of the members of the Tianjing squad were left out. Being surrounded by everyone like the moon was by the stars in the night sky, they were constantly bombarded by a barrage of drinks as everyone came to offer their congratulations.

Barran was the first to fall. To think that the first people to have knocked him down were not his opponents, but members of his academy instead.

Emily, Lily, Colby, Hymin, Grai and Milami were also unable to escape the endless stream of alcohol that came their way. As for Ma Dong, although he had the highest alcohol tolerance within the squadron, he had gone wild with his drinking, making him the second within the squadron to collapse. Amongst them, only Scarlet, who was under the close watch of Headmaster Greene, and Wang Zhong still remained lucid. Headmaster Greene had prevented himself from getting too drunk by admonishing others when they came and offered him alcohol. However, it was still necessary for him to drink some considering the circumstances, which left him slightly light-headed and buzzed.

After joining in the celebrations for quite a while, Wang Zhong was finally able to quietly slip away with some difficulty. Taking in a breath of fresh air, he was beside himself with joy. He was not fully certain of the outcome when he made his decisions. In fact, this was the first time that he had attempted to take such a risk, although Wang Zhong had feared neither challenges nor losing.

"Wang Zhong?"

A voice ladened with drunkenness called out to him. He turned around to take a look, only to see Scarlet walking over towards him. Being already late at night, being unable to see clearly was something normal. Indeed, after seeing his face, she smiled and said, "I guessed that it was you after seeing your back."

"Ah. I've come out for a breath of fresh air. The smell inside too strong. What about you?"

"Me too. I'll be unable to eat anything tomorrow if I continue staying in there." replied Scarlet with a smile. "Let's go for a walk."

The night view of Tianjing Academy was exceptionally beautiful. Away from the festivities taking place in the arena ground, their surroundings transformed into a place that was tranquil and serene.

Wang Zhong and Scarlet had often engaged in conversations on a daily basis, thus establishing a tacit understanding between the two of them.

Most of the time, they would mostly discuss about various technical questions, with an occasional conversation about any interesting happenings that had recently or about any ridiculous gossip that had spread in the academy. However, tonight, they had been unable to find something lasting to talk about. It could be because of the alcohol, or due to the quiet night surrounding them, but no one could know for sure.

The few jokes that Wang Zhong had gotten from Ma Dong were definitely not of the sexual variant. However, they were only able to make Scarlet laugh for a couple of moments before they lapsed back into silence.

They walked along the small paths of the academy, swaying as they did so. Time passed and it was before long that they had reached the gates of the academy. Thye had unknowingly walked an entire circle round the academy.

Scarlet seems to have something on her mind today.

Wang Zhong had finally realized this point after so long. Am I still drunk from the win against Adolf Academy? It took me too long to realise that.

Just as Wang Zhong had figured this, Scarlet finally took the initiative and spoke out in a tiny voice. " I've always thought that you're outstanding…"


Scarlet paused for a moment, trying to organise her emotions. With a smile on her face, she continued to say, "I've always thought that you're outstanding. However, who would have thought that you would be more exceptional that I had initially thought."

"Is it due to today's competition?" asked Wang Zhong.

"Yes, at least a part of it. It's mainly the ordinary things that you do. Ever since I first saw you, I've always got this feeling about you. Recently, it has gotten intense," replied Scarlet as she blinked her eyes. "I am the first person to invite you to enter the Black Rose, you know."

"It's probably only you who thinks highly of me." replied Wang Zhong with a hearty chuckle. "In fact, I was extremely shocked when you first approached me with that invitation."

"Really? Why?"asked Scarlet curiously.

"Look at it from my point of view. I was a quiet individual who was seen as an embarrassment to the commanders department. Having the belle of the academy approach me suddenly and engaging me in a conversation; wouldn't you be in shock too if that happened to you?" replied Wang Zhong with a grin.

"Really?" Scarlet laughed as she replied, " How did I never sense that before? I've always thought that you hated me, so much that you wouldn't even bother to talk to me!"

"How is that even possible!" Wang Zhong roared with laughter, "That was me being nervous!"

"Really?" asked Scarlet while looking attentively at Wang Zhong. A brilliant smile blossomed on her face as she gently swept her hair, tousled by the wind. "This is the best praise that I've ever received since young!"
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    《Battle Frenzy》