Battle Frenzy
204 Chapter 204 – Invincible Migh
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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204 Chapter 204 – Invincible Migh

"The map chosen is the Omar Ancient Battlefield. It's a battlefield filled with remnants of intense soul power collisions and allows for the greatest exhibition of a soldier's skills. As for our confident All-Mouthy King's random weapon… it is the crosswheels, a weapon from a neglected branch. The full name is of it is Laforgue Infinite Slash Crosswheels…

"After taking another look at the information, this is the second time All-Mouthy King acquired such a neglected weapon through the randomization. It seems he has some affinity with this weapon."

Chen Yu'er smiled as she presented the information, causing laughter to spring up within many people. The chances of getting such a neglected weapon through randomization just the first time was comparatively low. Yet, this had been the second time All-Mouthy King got it. Calling it an affinity wasn't impossible. It was a pity this choice would result in an even faster loss against Divian.

The Omar Ancient Battlefield was just a flat plain without much undulation in the environment. A few scars could be seen leftover from a battle, such as broken flags, shattered blades and spears, and scorched earth. Other than that, it was a completely still and dead-silent place.

Such a battlefield indicated places where large-scale combat had occurred between humans and mutated beasts pervading the land. There was a thick and dense aura of death clinging to the land, and the area had become a forbidden land for weak and small lifeforms. It was said that people with weak spirits would go mad if they stayed in this place for too long.

Reflected within Wang Zhong's eyes was a three-meter-long spear. It wasn't a specially constructed weapon and was shaped just like those spears used during normal training. The only difference was that Divian was using Dragon's Terror, a specially skin of the OP to honour and thank those of the Seer Clan who had made contributions to mankind.

Along this ordinary long spear were embedded dragon patterns, a representation of unsurmountable glory. The number of clans who had achieved such a status could be counted on one's fingers.

Quite a few heroic soul soldiers used long spears. There was a saying that the spear was the head of a hundred weapons. This saying still existed among cold weapon users. The longer one's weapon, the stronger it was. Coupled with the awakening of soul power, humans began to further display the overbearing might of spears.

Naturally, in the old era weapons like spears were not suitable for females. In this era, however, everything had changed. Weapons became the second life of heroic soldiers and the weapon of choice for many was determined the instant they were born. After a person discovered their most suitable weapon, it became similar to gaining the power to create a new life for oneself.

For the Seer Clan, their life was behind the spear.

With a natural and gentle tap of her spear against the ground, a light wave quickly radiated from the point of contact. Akin to a soft breeze, it gently ruffled Divian's surroundings. She herself remained as immovable as a mountain, as stable as the vast ocean!

Wang Zhong's gaze instantly turned sharp. Last night, Cecil had used all of his strength to wield the Heavy Sword Style. It had several points of elegance and grace when placed before the girl in front of him. But when he compared that move with the down-played action this girl made, he was quick to judge Cecil the weaker of the two.

One would immediately be able to tell whether their opponent was an expert the instant they extended their hands. Laura knew all about this. She was just watching it through her skylink yet that casual standing posture made Laura feel pressure of the highest quality surging forth from Divian. It was as though the center of the world had suddenly shifted to where Divian stood. Everything around her served as the background for her brilliance.

Were all quasi-sanctuary division members at such a level?

Laura's expression turned a bit solemn. She had an extremely clear-cut goal; to achieve the quasi-sanctuary division level before she graduated. Although the Potter Clan was definitely weaker in terms of their bloodline when compared with those super big shots like the Stuart and Seer Clans, their bloodline reserves were not poor. They too hard originated during the dark era. Laura possessed the chance to blossom, and the requirement was just a bit of luck.

But even without this bit of luck, there was a disparity of heaven and earth when comparing her strength with Divian's. There existed a circle for those within her younger generation. Even someone as outstanding as Laura couldn't make contact with a person like Divian and the others who were observational targets of the sanctuary division.

If looked at from a certain perspective, the Freedom Federation was rather impartial on this aspect.

"All-Mouthy King is in a heap of trouble." Arnold Teuton was currently laughing at the former's misfortune. To actually bump into an opponent like Divian before the CHF Competition started had exceptional meaning toward him and the entire Copperfield ACademy. And this wasn't the time to speak cynically in order to get people's affection. As vice-captain he was able to differentiate between being serious and being casual. Right now, he placed greater emphasis on observing and comprehending this fight.

"I don't know to what degree he would be able to use the Laforgue Infinite Slash Crosswheels. If it's just to the extent he'd shown when he took out Hanged Ghost, then I'm afraid he won't even have the chance to make a move before Divian. But I always felt this guy isn't the kind to start strong and finish weak. He wouldn't be killed immediately, right?"

Laura didn't immediately chime in. Before the fight started, she didn't have a single point of confidence to give to All-Mouthy King. She was, however, exceptionally clear on one point; All-Mouthy King had a considerable disadvantage when comparing weapons.

Wang Zhong could feel the strength his opponent held, but it wasn't possible for her to pressure him to the point of collapse simply with her imposing aura. Not even a Level 5 mutated beast could do so. After confronting such mutated beasts, Wang Zhong remained calm and unflustered facing Divian. This showed how important it was to have experience.

He gently placed his fingers through the inserts of the crosswheel. A flow of soul power streamed into them and the crosswheels began to activate. Wang Zhong had already shifted into an attack posture.

The fight was about to begin and everyone was waiting with bated breaths. A flash of brilliance sparked within Divian's eyes. There was no explosive mountain-crushing move or earth-shattering dash, nor were there overly flashy sounds. With but the gentle tap of her foot, followed closely by her bright and silvery Dragon's Terror, she drew a silvery arc across the sky, like a comet in flight. In the next instant, her Dragon's Terror had already appeared in front of All-Mouthy King!


A spear thrust out and warded off All-Mouthy King's crosswheels. With an explosive bang, All-Mouthy King flew back. It had just been an ordinary attack that lacked any complicated combat technique behind it, yet Divian's soul power had already reached 180 grassos. This was an attack on the level of peak combat techniques launched by elite division experts. For sanctuary division soldiers, however, this was but the most basic level requirement.

As All-Mouthy King retreated, Divian followed up with another spear strike. Flowing smoothly through the air like a ray of silver light, the second successive spear attack pierced out conveniently. It was an exceptionally bold attack.


All-Mouthy King had been sent flying once more. It took him twenty meters before he could stabilize his posture.

Divian's forehead twitched. What is this? Why is his soul power so weak?

Wang Zhong felt his arm go slightly numb as a powerful soul power poured into it. This opponent of his was too strong. Simply speaking, he had met someone at the level of Carolyn once more. It seems there really are a lot of experts in this world, huh?

Due to the disparity between their soul powers, his chances at winning a head-on confrontation was truly too small. If it had been two months ago, he would've truly lost the fight. But he had more of a chance now.

A sliver of a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. With a bang, he dashed forward!

When they saw All-Mouthy King grip his crosswheels while dashing forward with a low gait, everyone was instantly speechless. In the past, regardless of what situation he was in, everyone felt he still had something up his sleeves. But upon seeing this scene, the confidence of those supporting All-Mouthy King seemed to have cooled by at least half.

Lifting her Dragon's Terror up, Divian stared unblinkingly at All-Mouthy King. Varied Frequency Steps?

The distance between the two quickly shrunk to a short ten meters. Divian's imposing aura radiated out the instant her spear pierced out. To a person like Divian, there weren't many situations where she had to switch to a defensive stance.

All-Mouthy king's center of gravity suddenly started to sway. Everyone's heart tensed and seized when they saw this. Without a doubt, All-Mouthy king was a very strong and powerful assassin. Furthermore, he possessed combat techniques perfect for assassin. With the profession's instantaneous explosion of power, he definitely had a chance. Even someone as powerful as Divian wasn't invincible.

Even those soldier in the viewing gallery could feel the might coming from Divian's spear. Such a simple thrust had actually sealed off All-Mouthy King's routes. This attack definitely contained some of her soul power. It gave off a feeling as though one would have contact with the tip regardless of how one moved.

This All-Mouthy King's famous Ghost Steps appeared. It was a movement technique that didn't rely on speed, but instead on the effect that resulted from shifting Wang Zhong's center of gravity. The reliance was on the inertia generated from his super high-speed swaying motions.

If All-Mouthy King didn't rush in to break her spear array, then only death awaited him. If he did rush forward, then there was still a sliver of a chance!

Other movement techniques were impossible! Only Ghost Steps had a chance!

Ma Dong possessed exceptional understanding about All-Mouthy King. There was never a single moment like now where he hoped he would be able to pass through. But Divian's astonishing spear stilled hit its target. Although All-Mouthy King utilized his victory-winning Ghost Steps, it had actually been broken through by Divian upon first contact.


An ear-splitting clang rang out as sparks sprayed in all directions. After locking up her spear, the crosswheels slid down toward Divian. Divian had indeed broken through the Ghost Steps, but she was just a tiny bit too late. That tiny mistake led to her Dragon's Terror missing.

Wang Zhong immediately took advantage and rushed in. The closer he was, the more dangerous he would be toward her. When fighting a person wielding long weapons, one needed to get closer. If one remained within the attack range of the Dragon's Terror, then it would become an overbearing and invincible opponent.

Such an opportunity was rare. After getting into attack range, All-Mouthy King's crosswheels instantly began to revolve, transforming into rapidly rotating afterimages that enveloped Divian.

Improved Rotating Flaming Lotus Dance!

All-Mouthy King had actually used his crosswheels as close-ranged weapons. With the eruption of the rotations, the lotuses he released became more gorgeous and dazzling. The sharpness of his crosswheels were as fatal as the edges of a blade, and the spiraling movements added a confusion effect. It had become an extremely lethal weapon!

But just as the white-coloured lotus began to bloom, a destructive pierce stopped it before it could completely blossom. It was as though the world had suddenly collapsed around the point that was suddenly attacked.

The brilliance disappeared and the blossoming lotus was furiously suppressed before breaking and shattering apart.

And after shattering its target, the spear stabbed over and forced All-Mouthy King into a retreat.


Sent flying once more, All-Mouthy King was once again unable to avoid the spear.

Divian didn't chase down her opponent, but interest could be seen erupting from her. Frankly speaking, her opponent was very, very strong. While she held the superiority, Divian didn't hold the slightest bit of contempt toward All-Mouthy King. Whether it was his Ghost Steps or his variation of the Flaming Lotus Dance, both were extremely strong and had their unique points.

The problem, however, was that his soul power was too weak. Relying on combat techniques to increase one's overall soul power killing might… was too slow. Once the disparity between their soul powers reached a certain level, the one with more soul power had the absolute higher ground and could cause life-threatening damage easily.

To have such talent and high comprehension ability, yet be so weak. An opponent like this was truly one of a kind.

Wang Zhong rubbed away the blood at the corners of his mouth. She was very strong. Although he'd gotten closer to her, the issue with his soul power made the act completely useless. It had given her a chance to react as unleashing complicated attacks took too long. There was just a few millimeters between him and death at that moment. Just a half-step to the side and Divian's countering spear attack would've taken his life. His opponent's combat experience and perception was truly too scary.
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    《Battle Frenzy》