Battle Frenzy
212 Chapter 212 – Eastern Area
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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212 Chapter 212 – Eastern Area

"It seems that congratulations are in order," said Carolyn with a smile. "I've seen the video of your fight. That Infinite Rotational Slash is very powerful indeed.Being deemed as invincible within the Cast Stage is no small feat. I've also tried to place myself in your shoes but, it seems that there's no way to defeat that technique."

"The only option is to not let him take action in the first place. At the very least, his movements should be restricted first." Divian had her own opinion and feelings about her fight. "If it was a solo fight, there would be many ways to counter ranged moves. However, that fellow is able to unleash skills in an unorthodox manner, and he is proficient in all aspects of battle, making him an all rounded soldier.

However, though he has immense flexibility in terms of his ability to think and react, it doesn't mean that there is no way to counter him. Therefore, it is hard to say for now. That lass Laura had analysed the fight pretty well. If I were to battle against with him again, I also feel that the odds of me winning would only be approximately 50-50. It may be possible for me to gain an advantage in a no-holds-barred situation. However, it wouldn't be a big advantage. He's an extremely interesting fellow."

Although Laura's current strength was only at the level of the Elite Division, she was still able to enter the same placements as Divian. This was a testament to her familial ties, as she came from not just one of the ten great families, but from the Potter family. Additionally, she was a Soul Beast Master. Soul Beast Masters required talents that take time to reach full maturity. As their Soul Powers increase, their powers would grow at a terrifying pace, making it seem as though there was no upper limits to their strength. Therefore, they were a special existence even within the circles at the top echelons.

"You sound very interested in that fellow."

Divian clearly had no intentions of covering up her interest as she up replied with a laugh, "If you have seen the compilation video of "The King's path" that was recently uploaded in the OP, you'll also have an interest in him."

"Initially, I was also guessing at whether he was a hidden trump card of some large family. However, after watching the video, I knew that that wasn't the case. That fellow should be an ordinary person, without any family, influence or strong bloodlines. He didn't even exhibit a special ability. However, he was still able to reach such a level of strength. He truly puts me to shame, especially during the fight. From the start to end, his eyes were ablaze with confidence of his victory and it never wavered once during the fight. I've never see such a confident person before."

Divian didn't have the slightest intent of concealing the appreciative tone she bore with her words. "I've added him as a friend, and had even sent him an invitation to come over," sighed Divian, "It's a pity that he has yet to reply. He's quite mysterious. I wonder what kind of person he is…"

"Could this true? Our majestic brother Lan had actually taken the initiative?" spoke Carolyn, the amusement evident in her voice. To an able woman like Divian who had never taken any notice of males before, taking the initiative to send him a friend request, much less an invitation, is something she has never done before. "I believe the more accurate term would be "curious". I'm curious about his road of growth and that invincible rotational slashes," replied Divian with a faint smile. "However, if there's a possibility, I want to invite that fellow into the Seer Family. Seeing that we are on this topic at hand, what about you? Are you thinking of your little lover in Tianjing?"

Smiling to herself, Carolyn didn't give any reply. She knew that there weren't many people who knew about the name "Wang Zhong". Other than the old steward who was always beside her, only one of her close friends who knew how to keep secrets to herself knew about him. Most people tend to be gossipmongers.

Then again, he had not entered her mind at all these couple of weeks. Perhaps, deep within, she wasn't too suited for love.

The start date of the 25th CHF great competition loomed closer and closer. Banners and posters announcing the arrival CHF could be seen at any cities within the Federation.

Other than the immense number of advertisements that flooded the streets, the Federation had even cordoned off areas larger than an ordinary city for the purpose of the CHF. Dozens of battlefields of all sizes and shapes were rigged up to serve as the battlefields for the group battles in the CHF.

The public might simply think that the Federation had invested a lot for the sake of the CHF. However, people with a keen insight would secretly be feeling out the true intent of the Federation.

It definitely was related to the current international situation. Obtaining concrete evidence on which area of emphasis they were aiming for wasn't clear-cut. However, from reliable news sources, the Kaiser Empire, Tutakanmen Empire, Amazon Empire Panpasi Empire and various otherworldly powers had sent their people over to observe when the CHF officially starts.

Based on this, there may be a couple of political factors at play here.

Regardless of that, CHF was still held in high regards, from the Federation at the top to the various academies at the bottom.

Headmaster Greene had naturally regarded this year's CHF as an event of utmost importance in this academic year.

The Tianjing squad had put forth a couple requests such as "leave of absence" and "requests for resources". Before their fight with Adolf Academy, it was something that would never had crossed their minds to do for it was the rules within the academy, rather than it being due to the unwillingness of Headmaster Greene. Headmaster Greene's words held no authority for there were a council within the academy that dealt with these matters along with both the Tianjing education agency and the suggestions office. However, if the squadron were to make a similar request, their requests would be accepted within a heartbeat, and they would provide more than what they had requested. This made the older members of the squadron marvel in amazement.

The extra effort they had put in had paid off, as evident by the presence of an eye-catching document that now sat on Headmaster Greene's office desk. The words "Eastern Competition Region Elite Training Class Invitation Letter" were emblazoned in red on the front of the document.

Headmaster Greene was a person that was used to facing trials and tribulations. However, upon seeing this document on his desk, he could not help but feel emotional. Ever since Grace's batch, Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy had been waiting for this invitation for almost twenty years!

The training class of the Eastern zone would only send their invitations to ten squadrons across seven different regionals. Other than the first place finishers in the regionals, the remaining quotas would be given to those squadrons that were determined to possess extremely high potential. The key reason why Tianjing Academy could squeeze themselves in was due to their victory over Adolf. It's said that this invitation was first sent to Adolf Academy, but was rejected by them. It was only then was the invitation sent to Tianjing Academy. Their victory over Adolf Academy had given them the opportunity to attain such a prestigious invitation. Before this, even Greene had not dared to dream about obtaining such a quota.

Wang Zhong had just been called over by Greene. Recently, student Wang Zhong's mood had been pretty good. Firstly, the performance of their squad in terms of squad formation mock-ups were progressing pretty well. Even Barran, who was the most problematic one when it came to changing positions, had been committing smaller and smaller mistakes as their training progressed.

Secondly, the mysterious summons from the higher dimensions had not made a single appearance. He could finally sleep like a normal person. After all, Student Wang Zhong did not have masochistic tendencies.

Sitting at his office desk, Greene was chuckling gently before proceeding to explain to Wang Zhong the purpose of the summon. " Before the official start of the main competition of the Federation's CHF, the four large zones, North, South, East and West would pick an academy to host an elite training class. Normally, the host would be the champion academies of the various regionals who would then rotate around. This time, it's the Copperfield Academy who would be hosting. This training class would not have a lot of substantial academy content, as the duration of the class isn't very long. Its main purpose is to facilitate the exchange of information prior to the start of the CHF great competition, as well as to gain friends so as to allow for mutual exchanges of benefits.

The information about the fighting styles of other squadrons was of immense importance in the current era's battles. Wang Zhong was well versed with this point, as he immediately understood the goal of organizing such training classes in the various zones before the start of the CHF.
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    《Battle Frenzy》