Battle Frenzy
235 Chapter 235 – Highland Beef 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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235 Chapter 235 – Highland Beef 2 in 1

Shooting a glance at Laura, who was seated at the front, Fiona indicated her interest in hearing the opinion of her niece. After all, she had taught Laura all about the common formation. Ignoring the addition of the dimension bear that would change a typical 5 v 5 group battle into a 6 v 5, the most orthodox formation involves at least two controllers and two vanguards.

Last year, Laura and her squad members were still immature, having a shallow understanding of the common formation. As such, they lacked flexibility in their teamwork, rendering their 6 v 5 explosive bear combat lineup useless and ridiculed as a joke. However, a year has passed since then. So the question remains: how much has Laura improved by?

Seeing Fiona glance in her direction, Laura smiled before standing up to share her point of view. "The answers provided by Captain Leo and Captain Paul are both brilliant and insightful. With regards to this topic on the common formation, I do not have anything else to add. However, I think that Captain Wang Zhong of the Tianjing Academy might have some other understanding about this. Not long ago, they had used a 3:2 lineup of the common formation and defeated Adolf Academy in battle. Perhaps, we can hear his thought processes on this."

Fiona was bemused by the boldness of Laura's words. She knew Laura all too well. Wasn't that Wang Zhong from Tianjing Academy the person that had 'mistakenly' peeped at Laura when she was bathing and changing clothes? Knowing how violent Laura could get and yet seeing this fellow get away with not a single injury was a miracle in her eyes.

Looking towards Wang Zhong, a sliver of anticipation flashed in Laura's eyes. After repeatedly reflecting and comparing his movements to videos of his battles, Laura couldn't help but felt that something was amiss. After all, she was the one who was most familiar with 'him'. She even thought about him everyday. To face up against another who could do the same evasive maneuver as 'him'. Even their physique was similar…

However, to others, such a gaze from her brought about amusement, as stifled laughter peppered the classroom.

Laura had always exceeded the expectations of the people. When everyone had predicted that she would bring death to that 'pervert', she had not. Instead, she had done nothing for a couple of days, as though the incident had never happened. However, when everyone had assumed that she had magnanimously chose not to bother about it, she instead dealt such a hand. From the looks of it, Laura was actually preparing to torment that brat.

After all, there's only that much that could be said about the common formation, all of which has already been covered by Leo and Paul. What more could Wang Zhong add?

"In my opinion, both captains have explained the concept of the common formation in a concise and brilliant manner. I do not have anything more to add to what they had said." replied Wang Zhong in an earnest tone.

Immediately, everyone casted their contemptuous gazes upon him. What nonsense is he sprouting? Everyone had came down here for this special training to display their abilities. Even if he had to repeat some points, he should had vocalised some of his viewpoints at the very least!

Recovering immediately from her surprise, Fiona nodded her head and said, "Let's end the discussions here. Two days from now, the special class will conduct some lessons for group battle training. I look forward to seeing how each and every one of you perform then."

Other than Laura, Leo and Paul were undoubtedly the other two leading figures in this special class. Both of them did not say anything in response to what Wang Zhong had said, perhaps because they felt that Wang Zhong was not yet at their level. Instead, it was the vice captain of Saxon Academy, Sully, who spoke out. "The battle in which Tianjing had defeated Adolf, was classic example of the weak defeating the strong," declared Sully with an impish grin. "I believe that Captain Wang Zhong's commandeering skills are one of the best. If our captain agrees, I would really like for Tianjing squad led by Captain Wang Zhong to provide some pointers to our Saxon Academy."

Due to Laura's interference, Wang Zhong had already become the target of public criticism, although this could be said to be a very small punishment to endure.

Originally, Paul didn't plan on agreeing to this arrangement. From his point of view, he always had the interest of Saxon Academy in mind. Engaging in frivolous battles that would reveal any vital information about their group formation and tactics was needlessly foolhardy. Even if they were to engage in a causal bout, there was no much splendor in them winning against Tianjing Academy. Sully's actions were way out of line this time.

However, without knowing the actual details about the matter, Laura exclaimed out in excitement, "That will definitely be a spectacular match to behold!"

The words of the goddess were indeed different from that of mere mortals. Her words immediately changed the intended actions of Paul. With a faint smile on his face, Paul said, "Are you interested in a battle, Captain Wang Zhong?"

"Glady! Please be gently with us," replied Wang Zhong happily. Since they were here, they wanted to battle and test the limits of their combat strategies. Furthermore, none of the members of Tianjing Squadron were afraid of losing!

Paul nodded his head, noting Wang Zhong's clear and quick reply. It seems like he has more courage than he looks. Perhaps them winning Adolf wasn't a fluke. However, none of that made any difference.

Though everyone had varying thoughts about this person's confident reply, all of them shared one common though: their defeat would not matter much. However, what baffled them was the response of the members of Tianjing Squadron. Even if their captain was an air-headed idiot, why did all the other members of the Sqaudron had faces filled with excitement and anticipation?

All of them, even the seemingly simple minded pretty looking beauty, Hymin, whose figure was just only slightly inferior to Laura, along with that bubbly Emily. Even Scarlet, who gave a steady and gentle impression to everyone over the last two days, had a look of excitement and anticipation on her face!

Are they all turning into masochists? Or were they infected by their stupid and "chuunibyou" captain, and were now blinded with confidence?

All in all, the responses of their entire squad were extremely weird, vastly different from one weaklings typically should have.

Just like that, the first lesson ended. The image that Tianjing Academy gave to people transformed into that consisting of a chuunibyou captain, along with an entire squad of chuunibyous.

As the saying goes, birds of the same feathers flock together! Truly a pity for those four beautiful and outstanding Tianjing Academy girls!

At noon, Fiona brought everyone to enjoy a sumptuous lunch. Although the portions weren't much, they were chock full of nutrients and provided ample energy to everyone. This was especially true for the dessert, which was papaya, a favourite for both Laura and Fiona. The many parallels between Laura and Fiona simply reinforced the notion of how powerful the genes of the Potter family was. Even the lass Emily, who did not typically eat desserts, couldn't resist taking a bite. Was this why Wang Zhong always treated Emily as a kid?

Emily had confidence of her own ability. The only thing hindering her was that it has yet to fully blossom.

The afternoon lesson was another theoretical one, with the topic focused on the understanding of runic patterns. Teaching the class was an old man with a face full of wrinkles. When he spoke his credentials, he truly appeared extremely scary. His titles included being the vice dean of the Federation's Institute of Sciences, the honorary headmaster of Copperfield, the elder of the Potter Family, a well known author, runic pattern scientist… a long string of titles that dazzled everyone present.

Hence, even though this old man appeared slightly absent minded while teaching, and had even answered two skylink calls in front of everyone and lacking the slightest awareness as a teacher, there wasn't anyone that dared to show the slightest bit of disrespect to him.

Seemingly possessing the same hobby as Laura's paternal aunt, the old headmaster was not focused on simply teaching the lesson. Furthermore, in an even more exaggerated fashion, he threw out numerous theoretical propositions, while using this opportunity to observe every single person in the class. Afterall, he could do whatever he wanted.

The pressure emitting from this old man was formless, but the cadence of his voice that brimmed with a consistent power and vitality made everyone feel as though they were in the presence of a fiery-tempered lord.

With the entire lesson shrouded in thick layers of clouds and mist, everyone felt as though the sir headmaster were talking to himself. As for the other students, while they didn't understand the importance of the lesson they were still upright and stiff. Each of them was afraid of being seen as even the slightest bit inattentive. Even the notes they took was done with an incomparable seriousness as they could be taken out and used in the future.

Views from someone so high up the ladder was undeniably something every goal-driven person needed to understand. Wang Zhong was no exception. Tianjing itself was very competent in this aspect. At the end of the lesson, Headmaster Schoffel gave everyone a homework assignment; if rune patterns truly lived, what would happen to the world.

Such a question caught many people with their pants down. What the fuck kind of question was this!? How was there any relationship between rune patterns and life? Only the minority, such as Leo and Paul, had some idea as to what was going on. Anyone who had read the literary work, 'Schoffel's Rune Pattern System' would have some knowledge of the controversial questions brought up by Schoffel within his work. Even after debating the matter for dozens of years, many Federation scientists were unable to come up with a reason as to why it was included. The only guess they could come up with was that the questions were to test everyone's thinking and logic processes.

In contrast to everyone else, Wang Zhong felt this question to be quite meaningful. This truly was a question at the level of those students of Copperfield Academy. This was undeniably one of the super education institutes most famous within the Federation. Copperfield was indeed much more prestigious than Tianjing.

On the other hand, this question being assigned was actually a level lower than those two quasi-theoretical propositions written on the little blackboard on the third floor of the library. But all this proved to him was the existence of crouching tigers, hidden dragons within the academy. Regardless of whether it was their combat prowess or their academic prowess, there were many such experts here. All of this made Wang Zhong feel even more excitement. Such a big world! This truly made living all the more interesting!

Only after the headmaster walked out with hands clasped sternly behind his back did a number of people exhale deeply. The next moment, a melodious 'puuupt rang out within the still-quiet classroom. This 'fart' had actually resounded from the direction of Saxon Academy.

Many people immediately cast their gazes over and couldn't help but want to laugh. Paul's face quickly turned black and even Vice-captain Sully's face turned beet red.

Compared to the intimate feeling Laura's paternal aunt gave off, the invisible pressure that radiated from Headmaster Schoffel was indeed too great and solemn for everyone. It was an awe-inspiring aura that could only be emitted from one that truly stood at the apex of society. Such a thing was not the same as that kind of aura which was used to intimidate ordinary people, but it was still enough to stifle and suffocate others. With the entire class being choked by it, this student hadn't dared to rip one out. Such a matter was enough to make one sullen over it.

Laura also felt amused by the action. As Copperfield City's host, however, it wouldn't be wise for her to let others feel awkward for too long. With a faint smile, she stood and faced everyone. "Since everyone's used to the usual practices of this special training, let's not waste any more time. Regardless of whether we'll be friends or opponents in the future competitions, being able to meet up here can be considered fate. I've prepared a warm welcome for everyone this evening and hope you all won't be absent from it. Furthermore, I truly hope we can all be friends.

"Lastly, there will be people from the various clans in Copperfield at tonight's reception. Even so, there isn't a need to be worried about it. Please feel free to interact with those elders. If you aren't willing then you can just have fun with the other youths. There won't be anything to feel uncomfortable about."

As the official host, it was the usual practice of the Eastern Area to hold a reception for the special training. Furthermore, there would naturally be many famous and promising people invited from within the city. This was something coordinated by the host. If these elites had any ideas of forging new connections with those big clans, this would be the most convenient event to do so. At the same time, it was a good opportunity for the host to flex their strengths and it was a good idea to leave behind a powerful impression on the younger generations.

This happened similarly the year before at Austin City where Leo had been the host. At that time, Austin City was filled with numerous celebrities and famed figures. But if one had to compare them, then whether it were Leo's clan or Austin City itself, neither were able to match the Potter Clan and Copperfield City.

When they heard Laura's words, quite a number of people began to feel excited. As most of them were close to graduating, Copperfield City, as one of the greatest cities in the Eastern Area, was definitely a city yearned by countless people who weren't planning to enter the military. As for their participation in the special training, tonight's event would definitely be an important matter. A strong and powerful city meant greater opportunities, higher statuses, and a bright future.

"Our Saxon Academy has waited for this event for a very long time." Standing in an extremely gentlemanly fashion, Paul continued, "I believe tonight's event will definitely be extraordinarily spectacular."

"How can I reject Junior Sister Laura's invitation?" Leo replied with a candid smile. "Our Austin Academy will definitely turn up with all hands on deck. Haha! Nevertheless, my schoolmates are gluttons. I hope Junior Sister Laura is mentally prepared for it."

"Hoho! I wanna eat highland beef!" Bounel Barton(1) could be considered an old acquaintance of Laura's. As Austin's shield he crossed with her a number of times in the OP. He immediately began to exclaim loudly to this captain, "We were actually cheated by the dining hall yesterday! No matter the kind of beef they said it was, it was expensive as fuck! In the end it was actually ordinary beef! I really want to eat genuine highland beef. In the end I can only rely on you, Student Laura."

As it was located on the highlands, there were quite a number of special domesticated stock found within Copperfield City that were especially well known outside it. One such example was their cattle. Highland cattle were raised in farms six thousand meters above sea level and were very precious. They were even classified under the category of luxury goods. As they were extremely famous within the Federation, they were given the name Copperfield Cattle. If one didn't have sufficient influence or strength, then even if one came to Copperfield it would still be a far-fetched dream to get their hands on such beef. Don't assume it to just be a kind of meat. This wasn't something one could buy with money alone.

With a smile naturally filling her face, Laura kept her poise and grace as she replied, "I already checked the weather forecast and found that tonight is a rare night of calm weather. The party will be held at an outdoor location and is extremely suited for gazing at the night sky. If our luck is good, we may even be able to see a clear sky backlit by beautiful stars."

Upon speaking of the starry sky, quite a few people shrieked in reply, especially some girls.

That legendary starry sky of the glorious era. It was a scene that was very hard to imagine for the people living in this era. Even those starry sky ceiling employed using advanced technologies within themed restaurants were still just artificially made and placed across the ceiling. Currently, there were very few locations within the Federation that allowed one to be able to observe a starry sky. With its high elevation above sea level, however, Copperfield City was undoubtedly one such location. It allowed one to enjoy peace and carefreeness while gazing at a genuine night sky. Such extravagance was rare for people of this era.

Reacting quickly to the end of Laura's speech, Arnold Teuton took out a large bag of pre-prepared sparkling invitation letters. The majority of aristocrats within the Federation loved to pay attention to such detail. Although Laura wasn't part of such a group, doing such was her way of showing attention to formality and cautiousness.

She proceeded to hand out those invitations to each captain individually. When it came to Tianjing Academy's turn, some were quietly anticipating for something to happen. Contrary to their expectations, however, Laura simply handed the invitation over amicably before saying with a faint smile, "I am looking forward to your attendance, Captain Wang Zhong."

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