Battle Frenzy
244 Chapter 244 – Miraculous Soul Power Talen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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244 Chapter 244 – Miraculous Soul Power Talen

Wang Zhong nodded cautiously as the formidability of the hyperdimension wasn't something mankind could easily control. Though, he also didn't believe Aioros and Mu Zi could be considered normal folks within their empires.

Rune patterns were rune patterns, while pattern pathways were pattern pathways. The rune patterns within the pyramids had long-since been researched by a rune pattern scientist like Old Potter. Even so, even he had disregarded and neglected those irregular pattern pathways that were present in even greater numbers than the rune patterns.

In fact, all this time the Federation had never treated those pattern pathways in the pyramids as ancient rune patterns. That was because, no matter how they looked at it, the marks appeared as simply irregular adornments or decorative designs. And the irregularities themselves could be explained logically away, like the fact the pyramids had been constructed thousands of years ago and civilization then had limited the level of human construction to that of being completely unprincipled and lawless.

As such, the past Old Potter didn't pay them any attention. He had instead tried to create a logical theory behind the 'living traits of rune patterns', but that had been too rudimentary and was a false theory that relied too much on an imaginary hypothesis to hold up its concept. It was impossible for him to have associated those strange pattern pathways of the ancient constructs with anything else.

But after their long chat that night, along with using some of the ideas Wang Zhong had written on the little black board as starting formulas, Old Potter seemed to have found the light. He quickly grasped the critical points that had once been blurred and indistinct within his mind.

"Don't you think these pattern pathways and lines are full of life? That they are just like those special rune patterns and possess their own lives?" He couldn't wait for Wang Zhong to finish reading those documents and instead immediately spoke his thoughts with excitement.

"If we used the old rune pattern system to try and decipher them, then these odd rune patterns and lines on the surface of the pyramids wouldn't appear to have any sort of principle and common formula to them. This is the reason they had been so ignored and neglected before, treated simply as fancy designs and patterns used for decoration. But if we use a new theory about living rune patterns as a method to decipher and understand them, then we might be able to find another way of exploring them!

"It looks as though each drawing is different from the rest, but in reality it's just achieving the same wonderful result through different methods. They can all still be classified under the same system. Just like how humans can be classified as males, females, old, young, tall, short, beautiful, and ugly! In the end they are still human with all the blood, flesh, and soul that makes up their existences. These lines are the same! Although they appear unprincipled and different from each other, they are in fact all rune patterns! Only, they are a higher form of rune patterns; living rune patterns!"

Currently reading through the documents while also listening to Old Potter's explanation, Wang Zhong couldn't help but feel the depth of Old Potter's basic foundations of the subject. Especially since he had such a similar idea in his mind for so long that was then reinforced by a lifetime of research. In fact, the only think Old Potter was missing was that small wisp of enlightenment that would show then him the path where his abilities would shine. Wang Zhong's spark had given him the enlightenment to create an entire world of information!

"Just looking at the blueprint isn't enough. Take a look at this!" Opening his skylink, numerous threads of minute light shot out and formed layers against the ceiling. The lights quickly coalesced into a three-dimensional image of a pyramid. "These are the virtual models I took all of last night to make. I moved all of the pattern pathways obtained from the data of the pyramids and placed them completely within the models."

He scrolled through the various models and switched between the various-sized pyramids. Pattern pathways could be seen on the surface of each pyramid, and each one was different from the rest. It was only when Old Potter adjusted the various pyramids into equal sizes that something strange happened. Those previously irregular and decorative-like pattern pathways unexpectedly began to match up. Perhaps the process might have been different, but the starting point and destination for each was the same!

This meant those models were indeed comparable to humans and possessed similar foundations. Although the final destination of all humans could be said to be different, in reality they were all the same. Humans died humans. They would never, in the end, become lions or tigers or something else.

I tested this idea on a sozen models and the results were the same for every case. This is too inconceivable! Such an obvious thing and all that information just laying about within the Federation's records, yet no one had actually been able to discover this! What a waste of such heaven-sent gifts! I dare to confirm that pattern pathways within the pyramids are a kind of new, higher level rune pattern form. Furthermore, there is an enormous relationship between them and the living rune patterns we wish to research! But it's a pity that our understanding of living rune patterns is too small. We're still not able to completely comprehend the meanings behind those pattern pathways. If not…"

As his explanation reached this point, Wang Zhong had already sunk into a world of thought and ideas as he began to continuously switch between the pyramid models.

Those lines… don't they somewhat resemble the spatial pouch patterns Aioros gave me? They're still many times more complicated than the spatial pouch though. But like what Old Potter said, they all came from the same foundation.

It was like when pieces of delicate art was being hoarded together. When grouped like so, they possessed incomparable and irresistible enticement for those who could appreciate them.

Unable to resist the temptation, Wang Zhong lifted his hand. Without any control behind it, a wisp of soul power began to seep out and climb those three-dimensional models.

This period of time interacting with Old Potter allowed Wang Zhong to gain a next-level understanding toward living rune patterns. Using his senses and probing with his soul power, the pattern pathways on the three-dimensional model began to show minute transformations in Wang ZHong's mind. These changes couldn't be seen to the naked eye and was something that could only be seen in his thoughts and gathered with his senses.

Those originally simple lines began to grow ever complex.

A theory had once existed that stated the zeroth dimension was simply a dot while the first dimension was a line. The first-dimension line was made up on countless zeroth-dimension dots. Next was the second dimension, a flat plane made of countless first-dimension lines placed together. As for the third dimension, it was then made of countless second-dimension flat planes connecting.

If one were to analyse these points, then one could also say that constructs of the third dimension were similarly made up of innumerous zeroth-dimension dots!

Lines would then look the same. A single degree had its roots in lines, and even a third-dimensional form was made up of lines stacked together. If one perceived it deeply enough, then one could find the composition of everything. When that occurs, one could adapt to it whether it were three-dimensional, two-dimensional, one-dimensional, or even of the zeroth dimensional perspective. In the end one would realize that everything was, at its core, simply the formation of an astronomical number of dots forming a complex structure!

Converging these dots formed the true essence behind those special living rune patterns!

This explanation seemed somewhat crude. It wasn't a matter of simply making something bigger or small. Placing a magnifying glass over it didn't mean one could see or feel it all of a sudden. The most important criteria was adapting to the difference in view of a 'third-dimension' and 'zeroth-dimension' existence.

Simply speaking, it meant one had to sense the soul power waveband frequency of the object in question. Then one's soul power frequency had to continuously adjust and adapt to the target!

Wang Zhong had already started to sink into a wonderful state of perception. As he looked at the special living rune pattern construct, the soul power leaving his body began to change in frequency whilst following his change in perception.

Soul power control was Wang Zhong's forte. Not only was this the fruit of his diligent training under a clown when young, it was also a talent of his.

The ability to change the waveband frequency of one's soul power didn't look at one's strength. Even those absolute experts at the Heavenly Soul stage might find the task difficult to accomplish. Within the Federation's orthodox education curriculum, there was no aspect devoted to training one's soul power control in such a fashion from young.
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