Battle Frenzy
247 Chapter 247 – Thirs
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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247 Chapter 247 – Thirs

Wang Zhong never imagined Old Potter would be so willing to trouble the masses for this matter. But if he could simply ask for leave and not cause any trouble for Tianjing Academy, wouldn't that be fine for everyone?

As for the various interactions and relationship building with the other squadrons, Wang Zhong honestly had no interest in such matters. Old Potter simply gave him a good and proper excuse to escape the mundanity of it all.

When he heard that, Old Potter rolled his eyes. Why didn't you say that earlier.

Many facilities had to be set up before they could start their laboratory. This was something the two had already agreed upon. For the Federation to approve their thesis, just feeling and sensing wasn't enough. They needed a properly reproducible theoretical process before anything else. An energy frequency manipulator with extremely high accuracy was key, and the mountains of dimension crystals and other various related machinery, resources, and helpers was also required. Those within the Federation who had the qualifications to order this stuff could be counted on one's fingers. At the very least, Tianjing, with just its somewhat-advanced rune technology, didn't fit into this criteria.

Feeling both Wang Zhong's sincerity and his overall comprehension level made Old Potter feel extremely elated. This was the truly correct way of life! He believed that with more in-depth testing, Wang Zhong would gradually toss aside those superficial thoughts and step onto the prospective and illuminative path of uncovering the mysteries of dimensions!

Naturally, Old Potter also understood all the responsibilities Wang Zhong had on his shoulders. After all, he was basically the one borrowing this 'person of Tianjing'. He didn't stop Wang Zhong from training and instead planned the timings of the experiment around Wang Zhong's schedule. As for group trainings, he already called out the relevant parties and promoted Wang Zhong to 'VIP'. Within this short period of time, there wouldn't be anyone disturbing Wang Zhong anymore.

Still feeling joyous, Old Potter went off to finish his preparations. In the meantime, Wang Zhong didn't plan on wasting his time. The group training for the Tianjing Squadron was left in Scarlet's hands, so there weren't many matters left for him to take care of. Furthermore, Scarlet herself was more skilled at communicating with the other squadrons, and from the looks of it his role as captain became more and more of a brand instead.

Thinking back to the sensations and comprehensions he had gained earlier, Wang Zhong suddenly felt interested in testing it out in combat.

Copperfield Academy's OP training rooms were much larger than Tianjing Academy's. Frankly speaking, Tianjing Academy did have good facilities, but compared to Copperfield it was simply a representation of the 'best' of third-class cities.

At this time, the skylink classification rankings for each of the group training participants had already been settled, and the arrangements for the usage of academy facilities completed. As such, it was quite easy for Wang Zhong to obtain a training room for himself.

Thinking back, it had already been close to a month since he last visited the OP.

Since using the Fate Roulette to save Barran, and then that fight with Divian after, Wang Zhong clearly felt the decrease in energy obtained from fighting in the OP. It probably wasn't due to the intensity of his fights having dropped, but because Wang Zhong had gotten stronger overall.

This was especially true after his fight with Divian. It was the first time Wang Zhong's soul power had broken past 70 grassos, which seemed to be some critical boundary for him. After crossing that hurdle, the energy that could be absorbed from the OP into the Fate Roulette had become miniscule, as if the Fate Roulette 'looked down' upon his fights. On the contrary, his previous visit to the hyperdimension had increased the energy of the Fate Roulette by a drastically high amount. It seemed the Fate Roulette was either a dimensional tool, or a very rare kind of soul tool. It was a similar situation to that of the little baldy's coffin. Just that one was a genuine body, while the other was a dimensional energy body, nothing more.

His different perspectives and contacts since young had led Wang Zhong to possess a comprehension ability and view vastly exceeding that of normal people.

When he entered the system, the first thing that caught his eye was a sparkling gold letter that was definitely hard to ignore.

There were various kinds of eye-catching items available in the OP system. Wang Zhong had grown quite familiar with a few of them over the past months. There were the various challenge letters like the one sent by Anlor, the red-coloured friend request from Chen Yu'er which brimmed with an official flavour, or the numerous colourful ones by his fans… they had all been ignored by Wang Zhong. It was extremely difficult for a normal student to observe fights of such level in the OP, leading to lots of spam mail. In the end he tossed them all into one category and those friend requests, forum sticky posts, and the rest were no different from junk spam to him. But nouveau riche fans had one thing going for them, which can be expressed with these few words; not lacking in money!

Even so, that golen colour and incomparably large message icon was something he hadn't seen before. He could help but casually open it.

"Dear All-Mouthy King. I am Divian. I have a few friends on my end who are extremely interested in you. They all have pretty good standards, so let's be friends. Alright, if you're free we can get together and compare notes again."

With just those two to three sentences, one could feel the sense of pride and recognition being emitted. It represented All-Mouthy King's invite to the highest level available to the younger generation within the Federation. Divian felt the other party should know that although she lost the fight, that didn't mean the two were really all that comparable in strength.

Such a message would've been the wish of seemingly every Federation youth and something they dreamed to obtain. One had to have sufficient clan background, sufficient personal strength, or an invite from a person like Divian in order to enter the same level as she.

Naturally, both Divian, who sent the letter, and Wang Zhong, who received it, didn't put much care into such matters. To them, what matter more was a good opponent to pit themselves against.

After accepting the invite, Wang Zhong simply proceeded to focus on his next fight.

After selecting the matchmaking option provided, he waited patiently for his opponent to appear.

According to the OP system's nature, his opponent should definitely have been of the same division as he. Except, Divian was classified as someone under the sanctuary division, so that meant he had gone against the true limit of the OP. There was much anticipation in meeting an opponent on the same level as Divian. In their previous fight, he had barely been able to match up to her. This time, however, his soul power had reached the next level in terms of improvements and perfection. Strength was something that required constant challenges and matches in order to transform and improve.

System matchmaking in progress. Please wait a moment…

Closing his eyes, Wang Zhong adjusted the state of his mind and body. He completely focused on the sensations he had felt earlier when manipulating the waveband frequency of his soul power. As he tried to soak in those feelings of control, there was nothing else floating in his mind.

Without the presence of the king, the OP these days felt extremely boring. Many fellows brimmed with resentment, especially Chen Yu'er who really couldn't understand why.

After being portrayed as a representative of the Federation, as well as touted as a god, that guy suddenly disappeared like the wind. Furthermore, his disappearance lasted an entire month! Wasn't this the time when one should strike the iron while it's hot and expand their fame and reputation?

This was simply a waste of precious resources! How could Great Miss Chen, who had been converted into half a fan after watching Brother King's competitions and view his 'King's Road', stand it!?

He only needed one more match! Just one match! By then, Chen Yu'er would be proud to title herself the self-proclaimed best partner-in-crime of the king while setting herself up as a super first-class example of an official analyser. But he just had to disappear at this very moment. It was like if a grown man suddenly said to his lady that her mom was calling her home for food right as she was preparing for the climax and then disappeared without a trace!

What the hell was this!?

This made Great Miss Chen feel she was somewhat unable to properly do her job. Her schedule suddenly became quite empty, which made her go for a rare spin around in the skylink forums. But before she could do any more than flip through a few pages, a dudududu sound rang out from her skylink. Little Yu'er had set up reminders for when people came online on her skylink. After all, she was still a famous commentator and had many relationships and connections. Absentmindedly opening the reminder, the eyes of this virtuous lady instantly snapped open as she bolted from her chair.

All-Mouthy King was online!
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    《Battle Frenzy》