Battle Frenzy
251 Chapter 251 – Criticize Harshly 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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251 Chapter 251 – Criticize Harshly 2 in 1

Random weapons. This had been a troll move he'd employed two years ago when he'd still been extremely childish. To experts that were exceedingly balanced in all aspects of combat, opting for randomization wasn't considered much. But when up against a genuine expert, choosing it again and again was an exceedingly senseless decision. No one could truly achieve all-roundedness in every aspect of combat. After two years consolidating his skills, Casio himself was all too clear about where his strengths and shortcomings lay. In the end, what he excelled at was still close-combat.

But for this match, he definitely needed to choose random weapons!

He had watched the match between All-Mouthy King and Divian and had indeed accepted that the Infinite Slash Rotation wasn't something that could be blocked with brute strength. If his opponent actually did get crosswheels via randomization again, then Casio would only have a 20 odd percent chance of winning, regardless of what weapon he obtained. But if his opponent didn't get that weapon, then with his opponent's soul power standards as well as close-combat capabilities displayed in the more recent performances, Casio felt he could completely smash All-Mouthy King apart!

He had more-or-less analyzed each move his opponent could make. Regardless of whether it were ranged or close combat, one could frankly say that the entire arsenal of All-Mouthy King's moves could be rounded up to a few core skills.

Since he had chosen randomization, regardless of what he himself got he would definitely have the advantage in this match.

With his victory, he would be able to acquire incomparable fame and prestige. Not only would he soar inside his academy, he would also be able to seize a decisive chance to shine in the CHF. He might even be able to attract the attention of the OP officials, thus landing a position in the quasi-sanctuary division. That would truly be a heaven-sent gift.

From the looks of it now, he had truly made the right bet. While crescent-moon blades weren't very powerful, he just so happened to be the type to excel the most at close-combat. His opponent was also one who had gotten Molok's Battle Axe via randomization. Other than directly throwing it away and using his fist, there was no other choice left for All-Mouthy King.

Battlefield: Ancient Coliseum Arena.

This circular arena had a diameter of less than 100 meters. No other decoration surrounded the space. It was one of the most commonly seen dueling battlefields available, with victory and defeat reliant on one's strength.

Currently, Wang Zhong was also making observations about his opponent. This Casio fellow before him didn't seem weak, and instead he exuded a dominative presence similar to Divian's.

With a single look at how his opponent held his weapons, Wang Zhong noted he was someone who trained in every aspect of fighting from the foundations to actual combat. That familiar grip on his weapons, the way his fingers relaxed as he held the handle, the way he made it seem as though those crescent-moon blades could be thrown with a single twitch, as well as the way he wielded them nimbly and agily.

Casio theorized the best way to break through All-Mouthy King's style wouldn't be through ranged attacks, but through the front. He was exceedingly clear about how those crosswheels could dominate everything beneath the heavens in a ranged battle. Thus, his only option was close-combat, which he excelled at the most.

"It's best if you just toss that superfluous weapon away. You aren't my match otherwise. I don't wanna hear a pile of excuse after you lose." Casio spoke in a slightly ridiculing fashion as he gazed at All-Mouthy King.

He wanted to bully All-Mouthy king. People who climbed to this level loved and cherished their fame and reputation. If he could bully All-Mouthy King into tossing Molok's Battle Axe, then his chances of victory would jump from 70-80 percent all the way to 100 percent. That was a 360 kg burden, so Casio didn't feel it would give much results. Even a pig wouldn't use it in such a match.

As his words rang out, the originally clamouring and bustling viewing gallery turned silent. Everyone could clearly interpret the meaning behind those words. All that was left was to see what choice All-Mouthy King would make.

Those unspoken words were too conspicuous!

"Haha! What contestant Casio said isn't wrong. In fact, I wanted to say those words from the start!" Ruo Zhi smiled as he continued, "A weapon should be thrown away for the advantage. That's the true value in choosing randomized weapons."

This breezy way of insulting and mocking immediately created a huge wave in the audience. One really had to admit that Brother Ruo Zhi perfect the art of toying with his audience's emotions. At the same time, the OP group's revenue would definitely increase by 10-20 percent. Humans always tossed more money when faced with increased emotional heights.

"That's a 360 kg Molok's Battle Axe…" Scarlet frowned as she watched the OP match via a large broadcasting screen. She just so happened to be heading over to find Laura at the Wild Beast Society with Barran when she suddenly received a notice about All-Mouthy King's match. When she entered, she found everyone had already gathered to watch and simply pulled Barran along to join them.

Right now she wasn't exactly a Brother King fan. Instead, it had been that night when Wang Zhong defeated Cecil that prompted her to pay more attention to him. She had assumed his words that night were a joke, but after witnessing the might of his crosswheels which dominated the heavens, she had a feeling he may not have lied to her after all…

In the past, she had a mere favourable impression of Wang Zhong. Time passed, however, and she found her impressions fermenting and growing beneath the constant teasing Milami did each day. Not only that, the time she spent caring for him in the hospital after the group training created a more relaxed and casual relationship than before.

Then there was the time when he chose to walk forward and save the desperate situation plaguing Tianjing Academy and her grandfather. Withstanding the bullying displayed by Adolf Academy made Scarlet understand she truly like this boy. Within her admiration, that slight feeling of love was something extremely sweet for her.

But Scarlet could also feel that Wang Zhong lacked similar feelings toward her. This made her extremely worried that once she revealed her feelings, the tacit trust and understanding between them would break. Of course, only if that happened.

Everyone else in the special class had already thrown down their training and gathered to watch the match. Casio was definitely one of the famous figures in the upcoming CHF, and he would also be a match for All-Mouthy King. Leo, Paul, and the other captains payed close attention as Casio was from an extremely famous quadron in the western area. The possibility of them meeting in a match in the future was high. Right now, no one cared about the presence of Scarlet and Barran.

All-Mouthy King really did seem to have been 'checkmated' by Casio. In answer, he extended his hand toward the incomparably large battle axe in front of him.


A moment later, the battle axe which had been stuck into the ground was suddenly hoisted up into the air with a flourish from All-Mouthy King.

Its incomparable sharp axe head had left a deep groove in the ground.

The instant it rested on his shoulder, Wang Zhong felt his entire body sink down. The ground below him even seemed about to shatter from the weight.

Did he really have to do this?

This was All-Mouthy King! How could they forget the scene where he used the might of his fleshly body to blast Kostan apart! Everyone had forgotten that All-Mouthy King was still a true close-combat soldier with terrifying strength!

"Brother King's got godly strength!"

"Fuck! He can even hoist Molok's Battle Axe up! Is he even human?"

"Brother King's gonna insta-kill him!"

The emotions of all his fans surged as they roared and cheered. It was very clear that this group didn't blindly worship their idol. Even freshmen had some slight judgemental abilities.

"Indeed, All-Mouthy King still has his usual self-confidence. He genuinely wants to try out the weapons given to him via randomization. Molok's Battle Axe is a part of the Battle Axe City Defense Team. This is the first time I've ever seen a soldier use it in combat." Chen Yu'er spoke with extreme delight. On one hand, she felt All-Mouthy King was extremely courageous to do something no able-minded person would do. On the other hand, she really wished to see him use such a giant weapon. That would be an extremely overbearing sight.

"Haha. Little Yu'er, if All-Mouthy King gave up on the weapon, then I would actually view him with greater regard. Fame is just fame. This weapon is completely different from the crosswheels and is entirely unsuitable for even soldiers to use. Casio was just using mind tricks against All-Mouthy King. Did you really think he'd accept that proposal without question?" said Ruo Zhi.

Chen Yu'er really wasn't an expert on squeezing people. Why did Ruo Zhi have to explain the reasoning behind every point he made?

Ruo Zhi successfully drew in hate time and time again.

The current number of people watching via skylink had already broken 500,000, which was abnormally terrifying. This could already be considered a miracle within the OP. And this number didn't take into account the fact that most would be watching in groups, thus increasing this count by a lot.

But at this moment, everyone's attention was focused on the match. They didn't have enough spare space for other thoughts.

Smiling faintly, Casio began whirling the two crescent-moon blades in his hands. What an easy bluff. I really have overestimated his intellect.

All of this was just an act. He just hoisted up Molok's Battle Axe and placed it on his shoulder. Any elite soldier could achieve such a feat. But holding a weapon and using it were two completely different matters. Those using that weapon would have tortoise-like attacks. He could dodge those swings with his eyes closed.

Licking his lips, the crescent-moon blades weaved complicated patterns around Casio's hand before coming to a sudden stop. Lifting them, he suddenly shot forward and, in the flicker of a second, instantly covered the small distance limited by the circular arena. He appeared right before All-Mouthy King, the blades in his hand thrust right for All-Mouthy King's chest.

"What speed!"

Casio's first move instantly shocked everyone. Perhaps it was because All-Mouthy King's fame was too bright and his most recent fight had been against Divian, but most of the audience sort of looked down on Casio.

"I had assumed he would be some weak chicken." Inside Flame City, Sharmie's eyes were wide open as she watched. "He really does possess some tricks of the trade."

"Captain, when you're in this state you get really scary." Mario shook his head at the scene. As tactical strategist for the squadron, he was extremely familiar with the numerous famed people of the Federation. He obviously hadn't overlooked a figure like Casio. "Please stay calm. All-Mouthy King is just an illusory figure. You can't be too engrossed with him."


Mario squatted on the ground, tears streaming down in his grievance. Why! Why does our captain's intellect shrink when it comes to All-Mouthy King!?

"You stupid idiot! This is just standard routine for All-Mouthy King! Furthermore, he will definitely appear in the CHF! My gut is telling me this!" Sharmie exclaimed at the fallen man, her voice brimming with confidence. Her words made Mario cry out, his tears already shed and emptied. Gut feeling… indeed, only the stupid would try to do something like reason with a lady.

Indeed, All-Mouthy King had long made his choice by hoisting up Molok's Battle Axe. If he allowed an all-rounded soldier like Casio near him, it would be an absolute nightmare.

Meeting Casio's attack head on, All-Mouthy King's movements became extremely heavy. On the other hand, Casio seemed light and nimble as a feather. He maintained a constant, controlled distance and didn't dare to rush with his killing move in order to prevent against any instantaneous counter by All-Mouthy King. Soldier rich in combat experience never trusted their opponent. One might assume All-Mouthy King was just barely putting up any resistance, but that assumption could be crushed the moment he released those constraints he placed on himself. Casio would never let himself get fooled by this!

As long as he could deal with Molok's Battle Axe, All-Mouthy King wouldn't be able to put up any resistance. Currently, all of his opponent's strength and soul power was used just to move the battle axe. Even so, these movements were extremely… awkward. That weapon really was too heavy.

Aware of this fact, Casio continued his relentless harassment while also keeping guard against any counter from All-Mouthy King that could come at any moment. This was a battle of energy consumption, which was extremely advantageous for Casio. If he could, on the off chance, grasp a weakness in All-Mouthy King's defense, then he would immediately launch a lethal strike.

Successive lightning-quick fierce attacks made his twin blades radiate as light was reflected off its surface. Five minutes into the match and Casio had already sent over eighty slashes. Every time he approached and came face-to-face with All-Mouthy King, he would launch a barrage of attacks. Regardless of what result he obtained from such attacks, he would quickly retreat and prevent himself from getting into an entanglement.

As for All-Mouthy King, while his ability to dodge and evade was quite strong, he was faced with an opponent who possessed caution and sufficient strength. Even as seven to eight attacks landed on his body, he was actually unable to shore up any resistance.

Everyone watching the broadcast was already completely silent, including those that wanted to see All-Mouthy King lose. While they wanted him to lose, they didn't want him to lose in such a stupid, vexing way! Can you not throw that thing away? Don't use it! No one is forcing you to use it!

But that axe seemed to have stuck itself to All-Mouthy King's body. He didn't seem to understand! With him holding that gigantic thing, every action and move he made was completely under Casio's control. If it hadn't been for its large surface, thus allowing the axe to couple as a shield, then he would have been chopped to pieces by now.

But anyone with the slightest bit of skill would be able to spot the biggest issue here. All of this had lasted so long just because Casio had been too cautious and was worried about the off chance that All-Mouthy King would suddenly ditch the axe and launch a killing blow. This meant Casio hadn't yet gone all out with his attacks. His current state was making sure his strategy was as precise as possible while also being on guard. This way he could maximise the amount of energy being consumed by All-Mouthy King. His plan showed the personal accomplishment a squadron captain should possess.

"Your movements are too slow." Casio's voice rang out from behind All-Mouthy King. "If I were you, I'd have tossed that cumbersome thing away by now!"

Even as he spoke, two glinting blades sparkled with a chilling light as they pierced toward All-Mouthy King's ribs like two poisonous fangs.

Unable to pull his axe back in time, All-Mouthy King unexpectedly used the giant axe as an anchor and swung himself up into the air. It was quite an ingenious way of dodging.

Ding ding.

Two metallic sounds rang out as the quick attacks of the crescent-moon blades were blocked by the giant axe. Even so, Casio's plan continued to reveal itself as he went all-out on his offensive. In this situation, All-Mouthy King had lost the chance to toss his battle axe and counter.

"Wake up to the cold light of my blades!" roared Casio.

Twin blades followed by the shadows of a hundred slashes!

As though their spiritual souls had suddenly woken up, Casio's crescent-moon blades seemed to transform into poisonous vipers that rushed berserkly toward All-Mouthy King in rapid succession. He didn't display any flashy moves in this assault. Once a person passes through the elite training process set up by the Federation's heroic soul academy, most would toss away any fanciful and impractical moves in favour of clean, powerful ones. Casio was currently using the most coherent and effective way to link a berserk attack style with his crescent-moon blades.

His style was quite similar to All-Mouthy King's previous matches, though the sole aspect of his 'speed' was even faster than All-Mouthy King's. The combat techniques he used, along with his outstanding ability to grasp opportunities and his clear grasp of the overall situation, revealed the key points heroic soul academies wished to nurture.

In an instant, an afterimage of Casio seemed to appear behind All-Mouthy King.

Still not wanting to throw away his battle axe, All-Mouthy King had sunk himself into a completely passive stance. On the other hand, if he had truly tossed it, then he would've been slashed apart.

Dang, dang, dang, dang…

Again using the giant battle axe as the axis, All-Mouthy King tried his best to dodge and weave through those sharp and accurate attacks. Casio's assault wasn't anywhere close to Emily's flashy Flaming Lotus Dance, but more of a blitzkrieg that combined successive attacks into a controllable chain that followed its own rhythm as it weaved and cut toward its target.

Casio's feet seemed illusory as he moved, his blades flashing constantly as slash upon slash was swung at All-Mouthy King's body. Although he didn't have the chance to leave a lethal wound, he didn't grow impatient. Since the start he was wary of All-Mouthy King's lethal capabilities and didn't take the risk of going all-out. The very instant he did so, All-Mouthy King would toss that axe and steal his life away.
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    《Battle Frenzy》