Battle Frenzy
254 Chapter 254 – Diversion 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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254 Chapter 254 – Diversion 2 in 1

Gawking at the outcome, Sharmie slapped her hands together in gusto before crying out, "Damn it, how could I forget about that!"

Sharmie rang the number on her Skylink. However, the receiver did not pick up her call…

At the same time, in Wild Beasts Society of the Copperfield Academy, a large group of people had their eyes glued to the large broadcast screen, the reluctance to stop watching were clearly evident on their faces.

"Its rare to see Ruo Zhi suffer a loss," commented Leo with amusement. "If this All Mouthy King is a captain for some squadron, I would not be surprised if that squadron was ranked in the top ten. All Mouthy King could possibly be ranked among the strongest three in the CHF."

With a smile, Paul concurred. "In my opinion, he might even be the strongest one out there. That is if the strength he displayed was true."

"If only taking the top ranking was that easy. There are many prodigies and geniuses hidden within the younger generation of the Federation. However, I have to say that from what I have seen, he is one of the top in this group of people. I can say with almost complete certainty that he is a member of the five great families."

"Captain Laura?"

While they were discussing about this, Laura left in a hurry. In the midst of her departure, she immediately send a Skylink call to the Dean of Copperfield. At this point of time, all she wanted to do was to clarify one matter with the Dean.

"Little Laura? Hold on a second! Hey, move that over here! Be gentle with that!" The flustered and exasperated voice of the old Potter rang out from the other side of the Skylink. "Is that how you carry energy crystals? You idiot! Be gentle with that! Are you trying to infuriate me…"

"Your grandpa's quite busy right now, little Laura. What's the matter? Oh? Wang Zhong? He left long ago. Where did he went? How the hell will I know? He just tossed aside this old man and ran away. Even I want to find him…oh well. If there isn't anything else, I'll hang up first! Hey, place it over there!"

As the old Potter ended the Skylink call with haste, Laura's eyes shore with brilliance.

So it is true!

Wang Zhong had left the library one hour ago, just before All Mouthy King came online on the OP! If Wang Zhong is All Mouthy King, based on the timing, the place that he would most likely be at would be the Copperfield Academy's OP training room!

Just like the wind, Laura rushed towards the OP training room at lightning speed.

At this moment, a sea of people was cheering outside the Copperfield Academy's OP training room. All Mouthy King's fame and reputation was clearly greater than it was in Tianjing Academy. Due to the fact that his identity was kept hidden and he exhibited no sign of being a representative of any city, it was much easier for him to receive support from people.

Stepping out from the training room by himself, Wang Zhong immediately sensed that the hall was already jam packed with people, with each and everyone of them chanting "All Mouthy King" with fervor. Hearing that, Wang Zhong couldn't help but feel elation lit up within his heart. Such a feeling of accomplishment was amazing. However, he obviously would not take it for granted and become drunk with power.

Wang Zhong pushed his way out from the massive crowd in the training room with difficulty, as none of the students wanted to leave. Additionally, even more students were still flooding in at this point of time. The reason for sudden influx of students was to hear the analyses and breakdowns of the match conducted by numerous experts, as well as the various kinds of debates and discussions happening in the forums. Everyone, including the experts, were trying their hardest to guess exactly who All Mouthy King was. Such level of strength was simply astounding! Possessing such a mysterious combat technique…he most probably was under the guidance of an veteran expert!

Hearing their discussions, happiness welled up in Wang Zhong. He paid no mind to what people had said. Indeed, only through true combat and fights would I be able to gain the experience needed.

To Wang Zhong, it wasn't a difficult task for him to change the frequency wave band of his soul power. However, it was not something other people could easily accomplish. Maybe he possessed talent in this aspect. However, by itself, changing one's soul power frequency wave band was not anything noteworthy. But this had opened a new level of understanding for Wang Zhong in his mind and was obtained from the comprehension he had gotten from the living runic patterns.

Every section of living runic patterns was just a set of codes. What he had just exhibited was the code about strength, and Casio just so happened to be an extremely good match for him. Under such endless pressure and oppression, it had allowed Wang Zhong to remove his innate complacency and comprehend the code about strength.

It was fortunate that his opponent had held his strength back. If Casio had gone all out at the start, Wang Zhong would have been caught unprepared. This time, his luck was rather good.

There was already a new definition towards runic patterns in Wang Zhong's mind. He defined them as "runes" and rather than runic patterns. Also, they were a sort of language.

At that moment, Wang Zhong had felt that the exceedingly heavy Molok's Battle Axe had lightened up to the point of being insubstantial, while time around him turned incomparably slower. Everything that acted as a barrier between him and his opponent, his soul defenses and even the air between them, had dissolved into nothing. Just flimsy pieces of paper, a gentle wave of his hand was enough to turn them into pulp!

That was the code of strength! I need to properly remember that feeling! If I had to be placed under such pressure again before I could replicate what I did again, this technique would be worthless. It also means that I had to think of a way to find a runic system that was attuned to me, something that is unique.

As he thought about this, Wang Zhong felt extremely happy! This was what he loved, a challenge!

While Wang Zhong was internally celebrating, he was forcefully drawn out from his thoughts by a heavy pat on the shoulder.

Laura stood there with a huge grin on her face. The moment she arrived, she had noticed Wang Zhong standing right at the entrance of the training room. It was exactly as she had thought!

Putting on a sweet innocent smile, Laura spoke out, "Such a coincidence, Captain Wang Zhong! This is the second time we've met today."

Appearing helpless, Wang Zhong replied, "Oh. I did not see you there, Captain Laura. You were so silent that your appearance was enough to give anyone a heart attack ?"

"Captain Wang Zhong can't be that timid right?" questioned Laura, casting a intentful smile towards him.

"This isn't a question about guts; rather that is how a normal person would react. What's the matter? Is there anything I can help you with?"

Not planning on giving up that easily, Laura acted indifferently as she replied, "There's just a small matter. Just a trifle really. But out of curiosity, why did our dear Captain Wang come here for? It seems as though you've just exited from the OP training room?"

Hearing her words, Wang Zhong instantly froze.

"I went to observe All Mouthy King's match."

Instantly gawking, Laura thought, is this even possible? "You're a fan of All Mouthy King as well?"

"Naturally! Is it that unbelievable?" Wang Zhong replied rhetorically.

Now completely dumbfounded, Laura had originally assumed that victory would hers for the taking. And yet, just like that, the entire matter had been dispelled just by a few words from him. This….I can't continue pestering him like that anymore.

Before her mind could wrap around this whole matter, beeping sounds rang out from Wang Zhong's Skylink.

"Excuse me for a moment." Sending a smile in her direction, Wang Zhong answered his Skylink.

A hologram image of Scarlet projected before him. Beside her sat a pale faced Barran, who was clutching his hand as though he had suffered an injury.

Upon seeing Laura right beside Wang Zhong, Scarlet became speechless. Clearly, she would never have imagined that Laura, who had just watched All Mouthy King's match with everyone in the large hall, would suddenly appear right beside Wang Zhong.

"What's the matter?" Seeing the scene before him, Wang Zhong's expression turned serious. Based on their background, they seemed to be in the Wild Beasts Society grounds. How did Barran get injured?

"We're in the Wild Beasts Society. You…it's better for you to come over here."

Scarlet's expression was extremely solemn, the fury evident in her eyes

Barran was a complete fan of All Mouthy King. Thus, the victory of his idol brought him immense joy, something that Sully was unable to put up with. That's because the latter had continuously proclaimed All Mouthy King's impending loss. In the end, however, it turned out that he was completely wrong and it was a huge blow to his ego. Although Barran's laughter wasn't one of ridiculement, it appeared contemptuous in the eyes of Sully. Not being the one to keep quiet after losing face, Sully immediately went to "compare notes" with Barran. Since they were all here for group training, comparing notes was commonplace. Furthermore, after watching All Mouthy King's match, everyone felt motivated to train themselves up.

Being the type that required real combat experience to progress, Barran needed an emotional breakthrough to advance in his strength. Simply comparing notes was not sufficient to trigger Barran to unleash his true strength. However, that wasn't the case for Sully, who had used his full strength. The result of it was breaking Barran's right arm. This should not have happened if they only wanted to 'compare notes'! Therefore, the people from Tianjing people became infuriated with this matter and wanted an explanation from Sully.

Sully simply sent an intentful smile towards them. With Paul standing behind him and the other members of the Saxon squadron not far from him, Sully was eager for the Tianjing Squadron to come and take action against him.

Over the past couple of days, Sully had come to a conclusion that there wasn't anything going on between that Hymin and Wang Zhong. Instead, Hymin had her heart set on that pretty boy, Grai, from the Tianjing Academy. During class, she always took the seat next to him. From her actions, Sully knew that he stood no chance in winning her heart. If his rival in love was Wang Zhong, the situation might had been in his favour. However, he had to admit that pretty boy was truly handsome, so much so that even if Grai was a pile of shit, girls would still fawn and fight for it.

Since it was the case, he no longer had any need to maintain his gentlemanly facade. All in all, as long as he was happy, all things else did not matter.

"It was just a injury sustained comparing notes," mocked Sully. "There's no need for you lot to show such rage-filled expressions on your faces. If you can't bear the loss, then don't compete at all. After all, Tianjing's only at such a low level." Not giving any damn about it, Sully sneered at the bunch before him. The commotion had already garnered the attention of the other squadrons in the vicinity. When such matters occurred, who's right and who's wrong did not matter. What mattered was strength; the strong would devour the weak, this was a common occurrence in the world.

With an arch of her brow, Emily clenched her little fists and was about to move forward before she was held back by Scarlet. "Wang Zhong's about to arrive. Wait for him before doing anything. It's best that we have Hymin take a look at Barran's injury right now."

"It's nothing. It's just a small injury. Sorry for being so useless," lamented Barran. Barran was feeling extremely embarrassed and unconsciously tried to raise his right hand to scratch his head. However, as his injury was on his right arm, his actions caused him to clench his teeth in pain, and beads of sweat continued to drip down from his forehead.

Shooting a glare at him, Hymin pressed her hands against Barran's right shoulder. A faint blue soul power started to flow into him.

Special abilities revolving around healing were extremely rare, and were in fact highly sought after by numerous squadrons. After all, the CHF was constantly filled with danger. Having a healing ability would prolong the survivability of the squadron.

"It doesn't hurt any more!" exclaimed Barran while still feeling slightly embarrassed.

"Keep quiet for a second." Closing her eyes, Hymin proceeded to inspect his injury in detail. Damnit! What a ruthless blow.

In the next moment, blue rays of brilliance radiated out from her before enveloping Barran's entire body.

Fortunately, it's just a fracture.Hymin breathed out a sigh of relief. After all, Barran had just experienced a severe injury which comprised of having his soul sea collapse not long ago. This caused everyone to worry if this new injury would have any negative effects towards his internal organs. If it was just a fracture, it can be easily repaired.

Wang Zhong had finally arrived, with Laura accompanying him close behind. From the looks of it, the two had ran all the way here.

"A fractured on the right arm. Other than that, everything else appears normal to me. He just needs time to recover." Hymin gave a brief explanation, causing the other members of Tianjing Academy to breathe a sigh of relief.

"That's good to hear." said Wang Zhong with a smile. Turning around to face Sully, he said, "Vice captain Sully…"

"What's the matter, people?" asked Sully with a smirk. "It's just comparing notes. He won't die with such a small injury. You people from Tianjing Academy are creating such a big hooha over such a trival matter."

"Comparing notes? This is was intentionally!" cried out Emily with a frosty tone. Other than Wang Zhong and Ma Dong, Emily was the one who was closest to Barran, as they were of the same grade after all. To Emily, Grai appeared cold and lofty, and wasn't someone that she enjoyed talking with.

"Emily, I'm really alright…"said Barran, wanting to defuse the matter in a peaceful manner. He didn't want any of his squad mates to get into trouble because of him.

"Intentional? Wow, little miss from the Assassin family, what big claims you are making. In the future, we won't want to compare notes with you Tianjing anymore. Just because of a small injury, you've come to intimidate us with such bold claims. Looks like we'll see you guys climbing straight up to the champion's place of the CHF."

Hearing that, Barran's face turned pale while lowering his head. He understood clearly the importance of strength, as this involved not only him but also the people around him.

Originally, Laura had wanted to speak out. However, she hastily curbed this intention, as she was interested to see how Wang Zhong would settle this matter.

As of recently, Arnold Teuton had good impressions about Wang Zhong and had seen him in a more favourable light as of late. Being one of the people who he was closest to within the Potter Family, the Copperfield Dean held immense importance in his heart. After hearing about how Wang Zhong was able to converse "one to one" with the old Potter for an entire night, Arnold held immense respect for Wang Zhong, enough that he would prostrate himself in front of Wang Zhong in admiration..

He was also present when Sully and Barran had "compared notes". Having observed the spectacle that unfolded before his eyes, Arnold had felt extremely irked by the "righteousness" enacted by Sully, especially when he knew that he had the upper hand. However, just as he was about to stand up for Tianjing squadron, he was immediately dragged back by Laura.

"Don't butt in. Let's just wait and see what happens," said Laura as she stared over with interest brimming within her eyes. Regardless of whether Wang Zhong was All Mouthy King or not, she felt that this fellow definitely had the ability to deal with such a small matter. At the very least, a person that could attain the recognition of her grandpa would not be a simpleton that could not remedy a situation like this. However, the question remains: how would he deal with it?

"In the previous lesson, Captain Paul had indicated that they would like to arrange a match against our Tianjing squadron. My apologies but it had completely slipped my mind as I was abit busy." Wang Zhong extended his hands out to stop Emily and Milami from advancing forward. Completely ignoring Sully, who was jumping about at the side, he sent a faint smile towards Paul who standing behind the latter and said, "Why not decide on the date now? Might I suggest having the match today?"

Have a match? Tianjing against Saxon?

Everyone present immediately turned silent and everyone's first reaction within their mind was: Has Wang Zhong gone nuts?

Indeed, Tianjing and Saxon Academy had made promises to have a match! However, that was said in a joking manner! Who would treat that as the real deal? During this period of time, the various squads had quite a bit of spare time between their lessons. Taking advantage of this, Leo from the Austin Academy had already started comparing notes and made acquaintances with a couple of the squadrons present for this special class. Naturally, Saxon had also done the same. However, it could only be called a comparison of notes when both parties that faced each other were of similar strength and rankings. When the differences were too great, it would become plain bullying, just like what Sully had done to Barran.

Hence, although the other squadrons in the special class had compared notes with each other during the past few days, not one of them that had taken the initiative to interact with the Tianjing Academy. Having ranked tenth in the regionals last year, obtaining a win against Tianjing would do them no favor towards their fame or reputation.

The people from Saxon had the same line of thinking as this. Therefore, none of them had taken the initiative to compare notes with Tianjing. There were a number of people that felt that it was Tianjing Academy's good fortune for not having to face against Saxon as going against Saxon would only result in their loss.

However, this Wang Zhong had the gall to mention it in front of everyone!
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