Battle Frenzy
257 Chapter 257 – Beating up an Elementary School Studen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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257 Chapter 257 – Beating up an Elementary School Studen

Ding Ding Ding… the two daggers clashed violently with each other, causing sounds of metallic ringing to reverberate throughout the entire arena. No one could have guessed that the most intense confrontation in this match would have been between Emily and Tamil. Both of them wanted to prove themselves.

The fire special ability was an exceptional ability and the Assassin Family was a superior bloodline. After leaving Tianjing, however, Emily seemed to have sunk into state of powerless darkness. For an assassin, this was an unacceptable disposition, especially for one who was surrounded by a group of outstanding soldiers.

Originally, Tamil had been a bit worried prior to the match as he his opponent was a member of the Assassin Family. Upon crossing hands with her, however, he discovered that her strength was merely average. Her special ability of pyrogenesis meant that she did not lack talent, possessing good speed and nimbleness. Yet for some unknown reason, the force behind her attacks was not that strong.

After the first round of attacks were exchanged, Tamil began to exert more strength and instantly controlled the rhythm of the fight. The greatest aspect of their group formation was their eruption of aggression, which would give them greater advantage in the match. Both distributing the pressure among his teammates and achieving a quick victory were extremely beneficial. A group battle and a duel were two completely different concepts. To him, Emily was just the opening show!

Emily never imagined her opponent would be that strong. She had been confident before the fight, however, upon battling him, she felt as if her hands were tied up. A few times, she wanted to unleash her Flaming Lotus Dance yet upon starting her revolutions, she was immediately stopped and restrained.

On the other side, Grai followed Emily and turned around. After only a single clash, Grai had already put pressure on Sully. Even Sully was thinking "WTF". He had wanted to suppress his target and display the might of vice captain Sully in front of the countless people who were watching. Instead, he was the one being subdued. Unexpectedly, this little pretty boy with a soft and weak appearance possessed an astonishing killing power. Despite this and the fact that he was a soldier, his speed was not inferior to that of an assassin. Moreover, his unlimited soul power was immeasurable. As such, the two continued to exchange clashes.

Not wanting to lose face, Sully whistled which caused Man Lu to come forward and provide assistance. As for Lily, she was desperately trying to catch up as she had been circled due to the terrain and was now behind everyone. Strangely enough, she seemed like she wanted to support Emily the most, not Grai.

The situation was entirely unfavourable for the Tianjing team. From the perspective of other people, Sully and Man Lu appeared to be cooperating to deal with the incisive acting Grai. On the other side, Tamil had already entangled Emily all the way up to her knees. He had no way of knowing whether she'll last long enough until reinforcement from Lily arrives. Even if she showed up, Tamil would be able to suppress both of them and finish the match.

The other two assassins had already engaged the two ranged soldiers, Scarlet and Milami, which made it impossible for them to cover for any other member of their team. Although they had already closed the distance, anyone could predict the outcome of those fights on arrival.

Tianjing… is a bit weak!

Looking earnestly at the entire situation, Wang Zhong was not the slightest bit impatient as the current situation was not far from his expectations. Emily… is still the weak link. In fact, even Lily appeared to be just a decoration. Frankly speaking, they were not strong enough to fight in a match of this level. The third strongest person of Saxon was truly worthy of his reputation as the pride of the capital. During combat, especially in group battles, willpower was not that important. In most cases, even if you wanted to fight, your opponent might not be willing to retaliate.

Regardless, this was an extremely good opportunity to train and temper oneself since, without training, one cannot advance. The reason why Wang Zhong did not personally participate was not an act of pretentiousness. Instead, it was to allow Scarlet and the rest of the squad to become more aware of their own strengths. More importantly, it taught them to trust their teammates.

Emily refused to give up, as did Lily and as for Grai, he was the pillar that held up the group. For now, everything lay on the shoulders of Scarlet and Milami. In truth, their cooperative skills were much stronger than the tacit understanding within the squad, as they only lacked confidence in real combat.

Every student watching the match were discussing it with fervor and spirit. In the beginning, none of them had taken it seriously and had only come over to enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Yan Dong and Feng Zhan, the Gemini stars of Saxon had already lunged ruthlessly at Scarlet and Milami.

Paul's mouth curled up at the corner, revealing a sliver of a victorious smile. This was the formidability of their team formation, allowing for countless changes and constant permutations. The only problem was that the person by the name of Grai who seemed to be slightly strong. Although Sully appeared to be extremely calm and collected, anyone with a discerning eye would notice something was wrong.

The Gemini stars, Yang Dong and Feng Zhan, were experts in taking turns to dash forward, particularly while evading long ranged attacks. They were working hard, however, why did they targets not open fire back at them???

Were these two pretty girls scared shitless?

It was common knowledge and natural instinct that a ranged soldier should maintain a safe, remote distance away when being closed in by an assassin!

Despite this, the two girls, Scarlet and Milami, seemed to be waiting for the assassins to approach them.

Naturally, Scarlet and Milami had noticed the methods being displayed by the two assassins closing in. Both of them believed in Wang Zhong's judgement and they trusted their teammates. Moreover, they had faith in the results of their training.

In an instant, the distance shortened to twenty metres. Frankly speaking, Scarlet and Milami had already missed the opportune moment to defend themselves against the rush, however, at this very moment they opened fire!

Bang Bang Bang…

Having stored up power for an extremely long time, Scarlet's twin guns fired and sent an icy cold bullet formation that instantly enveloped the surroundings. Seeing this, Feng Zhan sneered. Such a ferocious attack. So what if I'm hit?

Such power…

"Run! Quickly!" A furious roar rang beside his ear.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang…

Milami's cannon fired, followed closely by Scarlet's icy crystal bullets. The cooperation between the two showed their sky-high level of tacit understanding. From the start, they were already a pair of Black Roses. Wang Zhong had instilled in them a concept of focusing their minds on a single task combined with positional cooperation, which can be considered as the greatest level of tacit understanding between the two.

Under the starlight radiating from the sky, a silver river streaked across the arena, caused by the combined attacks of the two!

Feng Zhan was rendered completely unable to evade Scarlet's twin gun attack. One had to know that within Tianjing city, Scarlet's ability was the first class standard in this aspect. Although Milami's comprehensive strength was slighter weaker in comparison, she had still inherited her family's specialty which was the explosive soul power output.

Instantly, the entire arena was silenced as Feng Zhan toppled down.

Commence attack!

At that instant, they shot out. The ice crystal bullet blockade had already frozen the entire combat ground. If Scarlet's twin shots had caused the audience to feel shocked, then the perfect blockade and suppression that she unleashed made everyone stop breathing at once!

Scarlet's blockade was like a knitted web while Milami was akin to a python, sending out a lethal strike at the trapped enemy.

In a moment, Yan Dong was turned into a blinded bouncing rabbit, being struck successively. Scarlet's consistent suppressions and positional blockades coupled with Milami's seemingly brainless strikes were enough to completely destroy Yan Dong.

The audience was completely dumbfounded. What the hell happened?

Those were the famous Saxon twin assassins? The nemesis of ranged soldiers?

Were they simply grade school kids?

The captains from various squads, however, had bountiful expressions. Coordination of such a high level…

None of the ice crystal bullets were aimed to injure or kill. Creating a blockage with pinpoint accuracy provided maximum effect of the complete positional suppression of the two targets. The true killing blow lay in the terrifyingly high powered cannon!

That was Milami's weapon, her talent far from the terrifying one possessed by her younger cousin. She did not have an unlimited and endless flaming soul sea, nor the observational insight of Sharmie which allowed the latter to innately control and time all her shots.

She did, however, possess a similar diligence to Sharmie and worked hard. There was no one else who was as proficient in long ranged artillery strikes as the Apollo Family, known as the family of the sun. She had the most comprehensive understanding of the various heavy weapons and practical experience of her household, personally learning from many experts within her family who were deemed to be strongest in the Federation. With conditions as these, even without talent, her hard work and diligence were sufficient for her to become an outstanding soldier!
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    《Battle Frenzy》