Battle Frenzy
265 Chapter 265 – Simba Shows His Migh
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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265 Chapter 265 – Simba Shows His Migh

Mu Zi nodded and continued, "In the legends of the old civilizations, the weight of a human determines how good and evil one is. Later, many people discovered that all of this was just a myth. The weight of a human will always be heavier than a feather. But if one's weight in the hyperdimension represents the weight of their soul, then this legend fits."

Wang Zhong nodded as he heard Mu Zi's explanation. He remembered some information referring to this legend in the Federation's database. "It's probably from the former generation of visitors. There were probably a few in the far past who had entered the hyperdimension and formed a connection with this place."

"Then if we succeed, we might be able to discover some secrets to this dimension! But if we fail, we will meet with certain destruction," said Mu Zi. "This can be categorized as a Life Judgement aray. Once the judgement begins, we will have to wait it out to the end. The result cannot be changed by anyone unless they can break free of its laws!"

"This is simply a trap. Nobody is untainted by evil. It's a part of humanity. Humans can only maintain an equilibrium by also possessing good. A person who tries will definitely die!" Aiolos didn't expect that once they activated the Wall of Sighs, they would meet with a challenge that literally weighed good and evil!

No soul lacked a single trace of evil. Upon being born, every lifeform would carry its original sin as every person was the product of their desires. This included the unknown of darkness. Light is born in darkness and vice versa. Mankind's intelligence balanced with its instinctual nature. Since this Soul Weigher only wants one side of this, it was a simple a dead end.

Mu Zi agreed, nodding. As an expert in the mysterious arts, he was far clearer of this point than most. Once someone undergoes its judgement, it would mean they had accepted the prerequisite that one's fate was no longer in their hands.

"Should I give it a go?" Opposite the two's cautiousness, Wang Zhong's courage seemed extremely heaven-defying.

Aiolos shook his head and said, "It's even more impossible for you. The personality shaped by the Federation would be set against you. In your words, this would be considered a dark curse or dark arts."

Mu Zi turned his head and shot a careless glance at Ham Sausage.

This instantly startled Ham Sausage.

Wang, wang!

It quickly shrank from its leviathan size and even pulled back its second head. Quickly, it became a pitiful little dog with droopy ears.

Wang, wang?

Watching this, Mu Zi took back his indifferent gaze and gave up on sending in a certain cannon fodder as a trial run.

Clenching his teeth, Aiolos decided, "Let me try then."

It's not as if he hadn't met with a life or death situation before. There was always a way out in the end.

Mu Zi immediately grabbed hold of Aiolos, opposing his decision. "It won't work! This is a living rune array, completely different from all the previous traps. The result will be immediate, not giving you a single moment to respond. It will be complete destruction! This won't just be the destruction of your Spiritual Body, but an all-inclusive destruction that includes your life!

"I should be the one to try. At least I have a better assurance due to my mysterious arts."

Although he said this, Mu Zi clearly didn't have much confidence in this matter.

"Ah, stupid humans. Why do you never listen to your lessons? Did you already forget who opened the Wall of Sighs? Right now, you should all be seeking help from the Mighty Simba!" Filled with happiness, Simba couldn't help but speak out. It was finally his turn to shine. "In front of the Mighty Simba, insignificant trifles simply vanish like the wind!"

Flying forward, Simba spoke toward Mu Zi, "I shall give you one more chance, baldy. Worship me and let your pet be my mount. Then this Mighty Simba will forget your earlier disrespect and grant you asylum."

Hearing Simba's words, Mu Zi stared blankly at him. This clearly wasn't the right time for jokes. When he saw that expression, Simba gave a helpless look before flying toward the Soul Scale.

When Simba flew over to it, Wang Zhong stared nervously at the scale. Soul power began to flow from his entire body as he tensed up. So long as the situation appeared even the slightest bit unfavourable, he would risk destruction and rush to the scale to bring Simba back!


The instant Simba landed on the scale, a loud cracking sound rang from it. On the other side, the white Soul Feather began to rise.

Simba was heavier than the feather?


Just as Wang Zhong moved, an imposing wave of energy radiated out from the engraving of the Soul Weigher. In an instant he felt as though his entire body were encased in mud. He couldn't even move his lips. Not only was he sealed up, but even Mu Zi and Aiolos found their movements frozen. The entire space had gone under the control of the life rune array.

The scale tilted increasingly toward Simba's side. Once it reached the bottom, the Judgement of this life rune array would be complete. Evil would have been judged and be immediately destroyed!

Mu Zi's face turned a bit dignified, and an intense brilliance began to radiate from the coffin on his back. At the same time, soul power began to bloom from Aiolos.

In comparison, Simba just looked incredibly relaxed. He stared at the feather and even wondered if he should do one of his various poses.

A second later…

Suddenly, the side of the white feather tilted down and crashed to the floor.

Soul Judgement had its verdict!

Simba had successfully passed through this weighing of his soul's good and evil!


Instantly, the energy that had shackled Wang Zhong, Mu Zi, and Aiolos dissipated. A boom rang out as the gigantic Soul Weigher turned its body around, the scale within its hand slowly transforming. It changed into a giant key which was then shoved into the Wall of Sighs.

As this key of the scale was inserted, the image of a door appeared. It was a simple, dilapidated door marked by the passage of time. The wall, which had turned brand new just moments ago, began to return to its original appearance. The colours slowly faded as its motley appearance resurfaced.

With a swipe, Wang Zhong grabbed hold of Simba. The little clown was still in the midst of his pretentious act. Clearly this wasn't the time for such frivolity and the trio quickly passed through the now-open door. This Judgement definitely wasn't meant for humans but for special dimensional life forms. Clearly, Simba was one such being.

Everyone's field of view suddenly opened up after passing through. None of them would have imagined that a lake would exist beyond the Wall of Sighs.

A wind brought with it the smells of grass and water. Chirping sounds could be heard from singing birds, and in the distance a flock of swans flew through the air to land on the surface of the lake. The aura here was brimming with vitality and plenty to the trio's perception.

"Illusory realm?" After the previous example in the Door of Life, Aiolos became extremely cautious and vigilant.

"No it isn't. This is all real."

"Then what is this?"

Wang Zhong then pointed to the surface of the lake. Something golden was there, reflecting rays of light.


Aiolos shot a look at the surface of the lake, excitement and jubilation on his face as he exclaimed, "Looks like we've really found the right one this time!"

Wang Zhong simply stared blankly at Mu Zi. The latter was actually still immersed in how Simba had solved the life rune array right after shooting his mouth off. Reacting a beat later, he finally said, "Aiolos is right. The appearance of that seal shows there is are dimensional treasures present here. We've truly reached the core of the pyramid."

"Just watch!"

Taking a step forward, Aiolos drew complicated rune patters on the surface of the lake. His soul power was like writhing snakes as it poured from him to create an enormous rune array. "Open!"


The tranquil lake's surface shattered from this powerful force, water splashing in all directions. A moment later, Wang Zhong saw a gigantic altar sticking out from the bottom of the lake.

"That's just a portion of the seal."

Mu Zi's voice rang out before he too made his move. He used his coffin as a flying tool again and quickly brought them all to the altar.
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    《Battle Frenzy》