Battle Frenzy
267 Chapter 267 – Half each
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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267 Chapter 267 – Half each

But right at that moment, the energy provided by the pyramid was interrupted. In response, the Fate Stone stopped rotating and everything calmed down.

Wang Zhong suddenly regained his motor functions. The golden slab had landed in his hand some unknown time ago, the runes across its surface seemingly alive. As for the Fate Stone, one side of it had been enlarged, as though it represented Wang Zhong's status.

As though it were alive, the golden runes of the golden slab drilled into his body, instantly making Wang Zhong feel as though he'd been thrown for a moment into a deep fryer. The rune patterns along one side of the Fate Stone had also lit up, this entire process completely automated without anyone's conscious control.

By the time this all ended, the enormous pyramid seemed to visibly erode, dissipating with the breeze. It disappeared, and the three fell from the air and slammed heavily into the ground.

Getting knocked awake by the fall, Simba was sent sprawling and knocked himself back into unconsciousness against the golden slab.

Wang Zhong opened his eyes and was instantly hit by a round, ball-like thing in the nose… wasn't this a dimensional mayfly!?

The soft, marshmallow-like dimensional mayfly blinked, then opened its mouth… and smiled.

What a hair-raising adventure this had been. Although Aiolos and Mu Zi had almost lost their lives, what they currently felt was simply a great curiosity. They clearly had their own comprehension of life and death. This comprehension was unlike the proclaimed ideal set by soldiers of the Federation who spoke of bravery and a lack of fear gained after seeing past life and death. What Aiolos had was a firm belief in fighting while Mu Zi genuinely walked the fine line between life and death. Neither were paranoid or crazed in their beliefs, and instead treasured their life and experience like normal when outside of danger.

The gigantic pyramid had already disappeared without leaving a trace, so the trio simply sat in its former location, Ham Sausage crouching on the ground with its large tongue out. It had returned to its originally malnourished dog form. One simply couldn't imagine its true shape after absorbing some soul power. This kind of ability obviously made Simba very interested in Ham Sausage.

"Come over here, Ham Sausage. Let the Might Simba sit on you. I'll even give you something good!" This small Ham Sausage wasn't suitable for Simba's mount, but in its eye-catching form it suited Simba's long-time desire for a steed.

It was unfortunate for him, however, that Ham Sausage didn't have the slightest interest in Simba. It instead sat on the floor, unable to take its eyes off the cola and ham sausage. When Wang Zhong opened the package of ham sausage, its fragrance wafted out and immediately made those watching gulp down their saliva.

"I'll bring more next time," Wang Zhong said with a smile. The benefits he'd obtained in this adventure ahd reached quite the inconceivable level. He had truly profited from this disaster.

"How do you open this thing?" Taking a can of cola, Mu Zi began to touch it gingerly. It was far too valuable to him, too luxurious. In the Tutankhamun Empire it was something too hard to purchase even if you had the money. On one hand there was only a limited supply in the empire. On the other hand, they had all been monopolized by the royal and noble clans. Yet, before him now was a stash of it.

Wang Zhong took up his own can and pulled the tab. The unique smell of cola immediately spread with a pop. "Just drink it from here."

Aiolos couldn't help but shake his head from the explanation. "The Federation is indeed extremely luxurious. They actually wasted such technology on packaging food. This should be that thing known as 'industrialization' from the old era."

While it was considered the second strongest power on the Brave Continent, there was still too big a difference between his Pampasi Empire and the number one Amazon Empire. All trade with the Federation had been dominated by the latter.

Laughing, Wang Zhong took a huge swig. Although there wasn't any benefit from drinking so much, it was still very refreshing to gulp it down. The hyperdimension was too fantastic! Even though he was in his current form, he was still able to enjoy the stimulation of his sensory organs like normal. In the higher dimensions, the spiritual and physical forms were considered proper existences.

As he considered this profound topic, Mu Zi and Aiolos were still engrossed in the cola. Taking small sips, the air bubbles captured with the oddly sweet taste erupted in their mouths. It was as though their taste buds had become a bit numb afterward. The dehydration and weakness from all the earlier fighting seemed to recover, giving them a slightly strange sensation.

The eyes of the two curved with enjoyment. To the side, saliva drooled from the hellhound and pooled atop the ground.

Two seconds later, Aiolos carefreely gulped down the entire can while Mu Zi continued to take small sips as he sampled the cola. It was as though he wanted to keep a memory of this taste and emotion forever.

Aiolos simply opened another can and finally gave the ham sausage a large bite. His method of eating completely matched his temperament.

"Delicious! While the outward appearance looks a bit disappointing, the taste is rather rich and substantial. This would be much better with some wine," said Aiolos.

Mu Zi also took a bite out of the ham sausage and almost burst into tears by its deliciousness. Before Aiolos and Wang Zhong he actually looked like an ordinary person. Neither blamed him, though, as he could only find such inner peace in the hyperdimension.

Devouring everything in one clean sweep, Aiolos and Mu Zi wiped out the cola and ham in a few moments. To the side, Ham Sausage could only stare anxiously the entire time and eat the bits and pieces that fell to the side. It wasn't enough to even fill the gaps between its teeth, but the flavour was still enough to make it drool uncontrollably.

"Ham Sausage, let's strike a deal. If you become my mount then I'll let Wang Zhong prepare a portion specially for you next time. How's that? I'm definitely more generous than that little baldy!" Simba finally unleashed his fatal plan of enticement.

The hellhound immediately stared at Mu Zi with wide eyes. Mu Zi saw this and nodded. "If we meet again, then I'll lend him to you."

"Haha! Baldy, so you do have moments when you can make others happy! Too great!" Simba immediately jumped over and sat right on Ham Sausage's head. He immediately felt like a mighty ruler.

"Ham Sausage, remember to give me half," added Mu Zi. Simba almost fell off Ham Sausage.

Wang Zhong couldn't help but laugh at this. It was only at this time that one could feel Mu Zi's child-like personality. In combat he felt… incomparably spectral-like, baffling and enigmatic.

"My soul power increased greatly this time. I should be able to enlarge and bring more in the dimensional pouch the next we meet," said Wang Zhong.

Aiolos felt extremely comfortable and said, "I had looked down on Federation-made things before, but I've finally seen the light. While it's just a bit of food, I can feel how deep and profound the Federation's foundations are. I'll also bring a few things next time. Although it isn't much where I am, it'll be extremely valuable in the Federation."

Wang Zhong had previously heard matters involving the Federation's plundering of empire resources, and in the Federation it was even treated as a joke. It was a method for the Federation to help build a feeling of superiority in its citizens. Now, however, Wang Zhong felt ashamed of himself.

Aiolos smiled at Wang Zhong's expression but continued, "Wang Zhong, this is life. The law of the jungle. Reason and rationale does not exist there. Just don't think too much on it; humans simply need to live life to the fullest and do what they want to do. The three of us got to know each other through fate, so don't mind the stuff that doesn't need to be minded. In any case, we did just experience a live-or-die situation."

Mu Zi nodded firmly when he heard this, and even Ham Sausage followed suit. The poor Simba was almost flung off its head from the motion.

"Wang Zhong, as a person of the Federation you should head to the adventurer bases of the Federation. There should be a few things there that can aid you," Aiolos suddenly said.

"Adventurer base?" Wang Zhong gawked a little at the familiar term. Hadn't Old Potter mentioned such a thing before?
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    《Battle Frenzy》