Battle Frenzy
272 Chapter 272 – The Fate Trickster’s First Wave of Explosions 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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272 Chapter 272 – The Fate Trickster’s First Wave of Explosions 2 in 1

Upon entering the giant Punishment hall, Wang Zhong did not have time to admire the decor before an army official wearing smart riding boots walked over in an unhurried yet quick pace and stood before him. Although she was not an extreme beauty, she was well worth a second look especially as her eyes were brimming with spirit. "Nice to meet you, sir. My name's Zhao Mengling and I'm in charge of registration. Please follow me."

There were quite a lot of people in the giant hall, separated into many departments. Wang Zhong noticed that there were people from empires dressed in various garbs nearby, being guided to undergo the registration process.

At this moment, Zhao Mengling handed over a form made from a special material to Wang Zhong. "This is the adventurer's registration form. Since you're a citizen of the Freedom Federation, there's no need for you to undergo any further checks. It's compulsory to fill in the red sections, however, it's up to your own discretion for the other areas."

Wang Zhong glanced at the form and saw that it was indeed extremely simple, with the necessary portions being the name, nationality of the adventurer and signature in acknowledgement to the basic rules and regulations of the adventurers' organisation. While gathering necessary information, the protection of the adventurer's privacy was greatly considered. Such a carefree attitude was the reason as to why the adventurer bases would be booming with life.

Nodding his head, Wang Zhong looked at the adventurer's name column. After pondering, he decided to write "Fate Master" before clearly feeling a tremble of happiness emanating from Simba's transformed mask.

Feeling that, Wang Zhong smiled. That was a name he had thought about for a very long time. Naturally, in the eyes of others, a mysterious arc appeared on his mask.

While filling in the form, Wang Zhong adopted the appearance of inadvertent "curiosity" and asked Zhao Mengling, "What are they doing?"

Raising her head to look in the direction Wang Zhong had indicated, Zhao Mengling saw the people from the empire who were currently registering and replied, "They're registering their combat results for this period of time."

"Oh? Registering their combat results?"

"Yes. In order to explore the hyperdimension, any exploration and combat can be registered here. They will be ranked according to the direct or indirect effect on mankind before the contribution points are calculated… Oh that's right sir, if you have any past combat results in the hyperdimension, you can come over here and register it. Even if you don't have an eligible witness who can prove your success, you can undergo the combat result evaluation as long as you have a certain level of material evidence. For example, if you killed a dimensional beast, you will be able to guarantee this contribution with the war trophies unique to the beast."

"Killing dimensional beasts also counts?"

"Not all of them, only those that threaten mankind or undiscovered dangerous dimensional beasts. Over there is an information sheet on how contributions are evaluated. You can stay behind to look at it."

The process of killing a beast, discovering it, successfully escaping and any kind of incident or experience could be exchanged for contribution points as long as they were evaluated to be of value. Many things that were seen as worthless in the empires could be redeemed for pretty good items in the Federation. For this reason, the people from the empires were unable to break away from the Federation despite hating its greed. In general, the majority of the empire people who came here were still willing to trade with the Federation. Naturally, people with attitudes like Aioros and Mu Zi were the exception, however, they also yearned for the lifestyle and food available in the Federation.

Under Zhao Mengling's guidance, Wang Zhong used his Skylink to scan his adventurer's identification code. This was the convenience in being a citizen of the federation. Most Heroic Soul soldiers would enter the hyperdimension through a spatial fissure, which allowed to them to carry quite a few things along, with the Skylink being one of the necessities. Although not every place throughout the hyperdimension had a signal, the majority of adventurer bases were covered. Wang Zhong had used a small dimensional pouch to bring it in.

Zhao Mengling's work efficiency was very high as she was clearly able to remain calm in the face of strange sights. In an extremely short time, she had completed Wang Zhong's basic adventurer registration. After explaining the basic rules and regulations, she proceeded to routinely ask him, "In that case, Sir Fate Master, is there any combat results that you want to register?"

"Yes, there is."

"Okay. Do you know what type of dimensional beast it was and approximately how many of them you've killed? Also, do you have the combat trophies as evidence?" asked Zhao Mengling with a faint smile. Suddenly, she realised that the people from the empires who had completed their combat result registration were listening in. This made her feel slightly guilty for not waiting until they left before asking Sir Fate Master about the matter of registering his combat results. In the past two years, the Federation had paid special attention to treat the empires side with equal treatment for the sake of redeeming themselves from their previous "cheater" image. Despite this, experts from the empires began to mock and ridicule the Federation. From an overall perspective, there were loads of strange people from the empires, all of them being combat veterans with extremely strong combat prowess.

Blinking, Wang Zhong replied, "I can't really count how many, just that it was a lot. However, all of them have been destroyed."

Puff. Mocking laughter rang out from a few of the empire people. To them, the greatest unique trait of the Federation people was their boasting without any ability to back it up.

Ignoring them, Wang Zhong continued to speak. "I dealt with a pyramid yesterday. Due to its disappearance, all of the combat trophies have disappeared with it. I think that you should have felt it."

"Okay, you've dealt with…" Zhao Mengling suddenly halted her speech as she stared at Wang Zhong with wide eyes and a mouth gaping in shock.

What did he say? He dealt with a pyramid???

"Sir, did you just say that you, sir, had dealt with a pyramid? Am I right? Sir Fate Master!"

"Yes," replied Wang Zhong, nodding his head. His purpose for coming over was to register this combat result, which would allow him to obtain a good adventurer ranking. With this ranking, it would be much more convenient for him to gain a deeper understanding of the hyperdimension in many angles. In addition, he would be allocated resources which he could use. Essentially, he was only different to Aioros and Mu Zi in that he was a citizen of the Federation.

Zhao Mengling subconsciously took a breath which made her cough. "Cough, cough. Sir, is the pyramid you're talking about the small pyramid or the Rank S illusionary pyramid?",

Several of the registered people in the surroundings immediately perked up their ears. In the past few hours, the pyramid had already become the hottest conversation topic as it had already been so many years since there were people who had dealt with an Rank S secret realm. No one knew which power had paid such a big price to accomplish that, however, most people assumed it was the empires side as there was no movement from the Federation.

"Rank S pyramid." Wearing the clown mask, Wang Zhong appeared exceedingly cold and callous.

This caused Zhao Mengling to instantly turn ramrod straight before bowing at ninety degrees and replying, "Senior, I'm truly… truly sorry about this. I'm really sorry. The combat result you want to register surpasses my level of expertise. Please wait a moment as I'll bring my superiors over here immediately."

In just a moment, the entire base was completely flared up. The expert that dealt with the Rank S pyramid has appeared???

"Is this real or fake? Just one person?"

"It's a swindler. How could a single person deal with an Rank S secret realm? Is he a Divine Soul expert?"

"I think so too. There has to be some power, or many experts collaborating to be able to pull off something like that. It's impossible for a single person to accomplish.

After a moment, Zhao Mengling brought over two middle-aged men. She walked over cautiously and introduced them to Wang Zhong. "Distinguished Sir Fate Master. These two are the highest officials in charge of this Diamond Base, Major General Darwin and Presiding Judge Musk."

With his clown mask, Wang Zhong could sense the tyrannical strength contained within the bodies of these two. It appeared vast and deep, showing that they were existences exceeding the Heroic Soul stage.

Darwin and Musk were sizing up this clown-masked person at the same time. News of the Rank S secret realm being conquered was already a matter that had shaken the entire Federation. Everyone in the giant hall wanted to know which power had done it. Oddly, before it happened not a single trace of information had been leaked. There was naturally some suspicion that it was done by the empires, most probably the Kaiser Empire. In return the empires were also trying to make sense of this matter.

Even with Darwin and Musk's strength, they weren't able to sense the strength of Fate Master before them. Nevertheless, they didn't dare use their soul power to probe and search as such an impolite action might provoke and infuriate those few terrifying existences.

"Respected Fate Master, sir, congratulations on becoming an adventurer. This isn't a good place to talk so please follow us inside," Darwin said with a faint smile.

Wang Zhong nodded. Both Darwin and Musk each had their own plans at heart, but frankly speaking neither believed too much in the person before them.

They entered the guest rooms and closed the door behind them. Major General Darwin gave Wang Zhong a faint smile before saying, "Please forgive me, Fate Master sir. We both know a Rank S secret realm was conquered a few days ago. Because of that we have arranged for a team of people to investigate about the matter. According to the established rules, we will need evidence related to the Rank S secret realm in order to verify it. It's best for direct evidence, else the evaluation would require a very long period of consideration."

Darwin represented the Stuart Clan, while Musk represented the Musk Clan. Both were part of the Ten Great Clans of the Federation. Along with being important within the Federation, these great clans controlled the adventurer bases of humanity within the hyperdimension. Naturally, for the sake of equality, those high ranking officials in charge of the bases would do so on a rotary schedule. There was also two clans there in order to maintain mutual checks and balances.

Once conquered, the Rank S secret realm had a 90 percent chance of disappearing. This meant there would be no 'evidence'. If one simply wanted the experience, then there would be countless stories that could accomplish it. What's more, this Fate Master had no prior records on hand, so they had no choice but to be doubtful and suspicious.

Wang Zhong smiled faintly when he heard all of this. At the same time, a mysterious smile appeared on the clown mask, instantly stunning both Darwin and Musk… that clown mask was a soul tool!

People with even a bit of strength and background could bring items over into the hyperdimension. Yet, this mask definitely wasn't a product of humans. It was either a dimensional treasure or a soul tool!

The two's stance grew more respectful, but the strange and mysterious mask still wasn't enough proof of the Rank S pyramid.

Without saying a word, Wang Zhong simply took out the golden stone slab.

Darwin and Musk, who were just about to say their goodbyes, immediately stopped. In fact, Darwin was so emotional he actually stood straight up.

"God, it's the legendary golden stone slab!" This admiration-filled voice came from Musk.

This wasn't actually the first golden stone slab they'd seen. Darwin's Stuart Clan was in possession of the only golden stone slab on Earth. It had also come from a Rank S secret realm and was the key to unlocking the mysteries of the dimension!

The thing mere looked like some fusion of gold and stone, yet the moment it was brought out it spoke a thousand words.

This was actually the legendary hidden gold treasure!

Perhaps others outside wouldn't know, but for Darwin and Musk they were considered part of the upper echelon of the Federation. To be heading an adventurer base, they definitely had the clan's influence and trust.

But even they weren't able to actually witness the sole golden stone slab. Now, before them, a golden stone slab was currently being spun around by this Fate Master, as though it were some ordinary thing.

The two's hearts began to tremble, their breaths growing hurried.

"Would this thing be enough? I don't remember how many I killed, and after the pyramid disappeared there was only this left," Wang Zhong said very casually. The clown mask on his face, however, made him seem… very haughty.

Gulping down his saliva, Musk said, "Enough, enough, enough! How did you get… ah, I'm sorry! You don't need to explain. I'm just a bit shocked right now. Please forgive me."

Beside him, Darwin's eyes seemed alight with flame. His clan possessed the only other stone stab in existence. Despite being unable to decipher it after so many years, they were certain it contained a gigantic secret within. Furthermore, it wasn't a unique object but came as a set. It was clear that one needed to collect them in order to unleash their mighty strength. Nothing that existed in the hyperdimension was meaningless. And since they appeared within Rank S secret realms, anyone could imagine the price they held.

"Respected sir, your combat results have been recognized!" Darwin spoke very quickly. He had clearly spent a great deal of effort controlling his emotions. What he needed to do was show a professional stance in order to gain a more favourable impression of the person before him.

When he heard this, Musk quietly cursed out in his heart before hastily standing to personally help Wang Zhong handle the formalities.

The following registration went extremely smoothly. With the combined recognition of the bureau chief and presiding judge, Wang Zhong's adventurer resume had its first combat result added in. It was the awe-inspiring Completion of a Rank S Pyramid Secret Realm!

With a gentle cough, Musk said to Wang Zhong, "Fate Master, sir. Although you don't have any past combat records, just based off the special traits of the Rank S secret realm the two of us have determined your direct promotion to a Six Star Adventurer. All you need do is scan this authentication code and you will obtain all of the special benefits given to a Six Star Adventurer. Thank you for your efforts in the development and progress of humanity."

When he heard those words, Wang Zhong immediately gawked. Immediate promotion to six stars? That seemed too easy.

In contrast to Wang Zhong's true expression, a small downward curl appeared on the corner of the clown mask's face. It gave off a feeling of disdain toward the two men.

Both Darwin and Musk definitely didn't believe Wang Zhong was some new expert who had just entered the hyperdimension. They knew the other felt some slight disdain toward their judgement. They actually did want to give him a seven stars, but were unable to do so due to their limitations.

Darwin was quite smart and quickly said, "Distinguished sir, if it's convenient for you then you can spend some time recording down the process in which you conquered the pyramid. After being evaluated you will obtain more contribution points. Of course, you might not care for this but it will definitely be of great help to the development and progress of our Federation. It can save the lives of countless soldiers."

Wang Zhong was already speechless. What he really wanted to say was… Wasn't a Six Star Adventurer already a bit much? They say it's hard for even Heavenly Soul stage experts to achieve.

But when he thought about the possibility of saving the lives of soldiers, Grace immediately came to mind. In the end, Wang Zhong nodded, which immediately made the other two ecstatic. This would also count as their own contributions!

The most critical point was how their positions made it easy for them to obtain first-hand news and also meet with such an expert.

"Distinguished sir, while we do not have authority over the other bases, so long as you enter Diamond Base we will definitely provide you with the best service and latest news. If you want to set up an auction, then we'll offer our services free of charge. If you wish to buy anything, there will be a 40 percent discount. You can even stack this with other discounts at any time." Right now, this major general of the mighty Stuart Clan had turned into an unscrupulous businessman. If others were to see the current Darwin, then there was an eight out of ten chance their glasses would fall to the ground and shatter.

"I want to sell this," Wang Zhong said while tapping his finger against the stone stab in his hand. This immediately made the hearts of Darwin and Musk palpitate with excitement.
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