Battle Frenzy
276 Chapter 276 – Little Emily’s Grown Up 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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276 Chapter 276 – Little Emily’s Grown Up 2 in 1

"Ah. I thought it was someone I knew," replied Laura with a smile. "Fellow student, where have your manners gone to?"


This time, Sharmie had wanted to find Wang Zhong to have some fun after alighting from the armored train. Finding out from Milami that Wang Zhong was in the Prodigy Society, she had energetically rushed over. In the end, however, something that was going to be quite interesting and happy for her turned into a situation in which she saw Wang Zhong and a voluptuous beauty chatting extremely happily. She took a second look. Isn't that big chest milk cow that beast woman, Laura?

Unrelated to Wang Zhong, she had a feeling upon seeing Laura of being incompatible like fire and water. Sharmie could never forget the words "big chest no brains" that had made her spew fire in anger. In the entire world, only Laura would dare to use such words to describe her.

"Manners are used towards people," replied Sharmie with a smile. "What use are they to a wild animal? Beast woman?"

"Ha ha. You can't even differentiate between humans and beasts." Laura laughed while glancing at the increasingly voluptuous chest in front of her. "Having not seen you for some time, I see your intelligence still hasn't increased."

Looking at her chest before saying that her intelligence was a problem, wasn't this hinting about those forbidden words?!

Hearing this, Sharmie's beautiful eyes twitched as a ball of flames began to dance in her palm. "Interesting! Before I came today, I was worried that I'd be bored. From the looks of it, I won't be bored anymore!"

Without caring in the slightest, Laura stood up and replied, "The feeling's mutual!"

Looking at the flames burning in their eyes, Wang Zhong decided that a disaster will occur if this continued. There was no one in all of the academies in the Federation that didn't know about the conflict between Sharmie and Laura. This… it's best to slip away…

For the first time, Wang Zhong used the Ghostly Steps for such a matter which caused him to blush. After he left the area, he received some news about Emily. Ever since coming back from the group training, she had been abnormally quiet. He decided that he should go talk to her.

Emily had ordered a cappuccino and was currently lost in thought, biting the cup. She didn't even realize that Wang Zhong had walked in front of her.

Something is up.

With a grin, Wang Zhong tapped her head and asked, "Who made our Emily unhappy?"

"Big bro Wang Zhong, don't touch other people's head," replied Emily in an amused and happy fashion. "I won't grow taller like that, you know!"

"How's that possible?" asked Wang Zhong before ordering a cup of coffee. "Our Emily will definitely grow up to become a great beauty in the future. Long legs, 1.7m tall. That suitable."

"Big bro Wang Zhong likes ladies with long legs?"

"Cough Cough… This, every man would like."

Hearing this, Emily laughed, faint coffee stains still on her lip. "In fact, I'm already grown up. Especially after going to Copperfield this time… big bro Wang zhong, am I really weak?"

"How's that possible? Don't forget that you're a genius with a Soul Power growth rate of 4.7. You still have your Fire Special Ability that people envy," replied Wang Zhong with a smile. "As of now, you're already very awesome. In the future, you'll be even more formidable."

"But I don't feel awesome at all." Emily bit her lip. "I can't even defeat the third assassin of Saxon, and I even needed everyone to come and help me."

"Hush. They're the third best powerhouse in the Eastern Area after all. Besides, Tamil is a third year veteran while you still haven't even graduated from your first year. Don't worry too much about it."

"There's no need to console me, big bro Wang Zhong. Grai's also a first year but he's really strong. Apart from him, Barran's improving much faster than me. During combat, Barran can contribute a lot, however, I feel more and more that I'm pulling everyone down."

He felt that Emily was now extremely serious, and wasn't whining or blaming herself. She already seemed to have some kind of understanding.

Seeing this, a faint smile appeared on Wang Zhong's face as he looked at her.

Was Emily weak? That depended on the angle you looked at it from.

From the perspective of a first year freshman, Emily was already very strong. Within any academy, she would be considered the most outstanding freshman or a powerful contender for that position. Not even half a year after enrolment, she was already able to finish off third year assassin Colby by relying purely on her strength. The current Emily was also completely different from the time when she had defeated Colby.

Despite this, she wanted to use Grai as a benchmark, or she wanted to use the perspective of those terrifyingly powerful enemies that the Tianjing squadron would have to face in the CHF.

For that, her strength wasn't enough. It was far, far from enough.

Let's not talk about the terrifying existences on the same rank as divian. People on Paul's level would be able to easily annihilate her. Even the third ranked assassin of Saxon, Tamil, was able to suppress and beat her. With her current strength level, she would definitely pull the squad down.

"I don't want to pull everyone down, I really don't." Emily raised her head to look at Wang Zhong, her eyes brimming with seriousness. "Big bro Wang Zhong, I've learnt a lot in this half year period, especially when we went to Copperfield. I've already applied for leave of absence with Headmaster Greene. I'm heading home this afternoon!"

"Today? Heading home?"

"Yes! After all, I'm Emily Assassin!" For some unknown reason, Emily finally realized the weight behind her family name at this very instant, understanding the words that her elders had once told her.

"Naturally," said Wang Zhong with a smile. "I believe that you'll definitely become our squad's, even the entire Eastern Area's most outstanding assassin!"

"Big bro Wang Zhong, you really believe that? Or are you just consoling me?"

"Of course I really believe that."

"Okay!" Suddenly, Emily stood up and walked over to Wang Zhong. "Let's make a promise, okay?"


"Big bro Wang Zhong, first you must close your eyes!"

"Ah?" Wang Zhong was stunned.

"Hurry up! How can a man be so wishy washy?" Emily bit her lip.

Helplessly, Wang Zhong closed his eyes before feeling moist, soft lips giving him a kiss on his right cheek.

Feeling startled, Wang Zhong opened his eyes only to see Emily already disappearing in a cloud of smoke as she ran out of the coffee shop, her bell-like laughter fluttering over from the distance. "Our promise is made! If I really achieve that, I'll give you a kiss for each side!"

Hearing that, Wang Zhong smiled and shook his head. That girl… has grown up.

Finally, it was time for Ma Dong's final battle. All the preparation from the past two or three months led up to this moment of victory or defeat. Even with his enormous heart and guts, Ma Dong was still slightly nervous. He felt that the wind today was extremely cold, causing an uncontrollable shiver to shake through his body.

Milami was wearing a long white gown as she stood by his side, looking cute and helpless.

Their relationship had already been made public half a month ago. Milami's parents were quite satisfied with Ma Dong, with both sides being in similar situations. Truthfully, Milami's status within her family wasn't too good. Naturally, their families would still close one eye to it as long as both parties were in love with each other.

This time, Milami played an important role in inviting Sharmie over. She knew that this was the most pivotal battle for Ma Dong. If he lost, it would cast a shadow over the relationship between them. She was extremely clear on the entire process, as Ma Dong didn't hide anything from her. In the past, she used to feel that Ma Dong wasn't a very honorable or decent person, however, this time she felt that Ma Dong had given her a completely new image from before. Males would usually act sloppy in normal times, yet in critical moments , they definitely had the guts and courage to do whatever was necessary.

"The fellow whose indecent all day long can actually get nervous." Arranging his suit, Milami gently said, "Don't worry. With so many people supporting us, we definitely have a chance."

"Mi Mi! Such wonderful words! I truly feel too touched!" With a serious face, Ma Dong opened his arms.

"…hug if you want, but where are you putting your hands?" A black line appeared on Milami's forehead. If they weren't in a public place with many people, she would've delivered a slap long ago. "You're lucky that I'm still worried about you being nervous!"

With a giggle, Ma Dong let go of her. His hands no longer trembled and his looked more awake. "Touching will make me healthier, also, I want to get some of my Mi Mi's luck. Ball Goddess, please protect me and absolutely destroy everywhere I go! It's going to start, I have to maintain my solemness!"

At the moment, guests were starting to stream in through the entrance to the auction grounds which had become lively.

Although this competition didn't have a clear standard for judgment, the final decision was left to the family's elder council and head, with absolutely no discrimination present. Even Teslan's uncle definitely couldn't tip the decision of the family head or the elder council. Today, everything hinged on the performance of both sides, with the first round being the quantity of the people they had invited. The extent of one's connections was extremely important to doing business.

All invited guests would hold their invitation cards in their hands. Other than their names and identity, there were giant words printed on the cards. Those invited by Teslan had invitations bordered in red with very extravagant-looking, bright gold words. On the other hand, Ma Dong's invitation cards appeared quite low profile. Nevertheless, he had invited craftsmen to design and create them, resulting in them brimming with artistic flair. Therefore, although there wasn't any difference in seats or registration paths, the factions the guests were supporting were easily distinguishable with a single look.

The majority of people that arrived early were those invited by Ma Dong. This time, the Tianjing business community had given considerable face to him. Ma Dong and Teslan's internal family competition had long been exposed to the inner circles of the Tianjing business community. Just as Ma Dong expected, the connections his old man had made over the past few decades of doing business were more or less of use. Even so, the absolute criteria in this was the benefits of collaboration and choice. Continuing business tied with the old master where benefits and stability were assured was far better when compared to a new master that seemed to be a fierce dragon, regardless of the danger one would face if Ma Dong lost. A considerable part of the Tianjing businesses had extremely deep ties with Ma Dong's family, as such, Teslan definitely wouldn't give them a chance should he win this competition.

Including the bigshots of general merchandise, endless machine industries and other well known companies and enterprises, with even some of the heads of mafia families, all of them came in groups. At the very least, Ma Dong wouldn't lose in terms of quantity.

While ordinary people might think that his family had changed the auction location to Tianjing for convenience, Ma Dong sensed that this signalled a change in direction for his family. There was a possibility that they had discovered something near Tianjing, or maybe there was some kind of political trend in the Federation. Regardless of what it was, his family was resolute in expanding to Tianjing. As someone who had in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of family operations, this was extremely clear in Ma Dong's eyes.

So don't assume that these people were just small powers in charge of a small area. Maybe they weren't normally worth much in the eyes of his family's higher ups but, being the local overlords that possessed considerable power and strength in Tianjing, if his family really wanted to expand and develop in Tianjing, these people would definitely give himself quite a bit of power.

Being the hosts, Ma Dong and Milami both stood at the entrance, waiting enthusiastically while exchanging pleasantries with the big shots of Tianjing. The lively gathering instantly created cause for comparison against Teslan, who was also on receiving duty.

Teslan was an extremely handsome young man who was less than 24 years old. He had an extraordinary flair in his speech while he also possessed a respectful bearing. Wearing a pressed black tuxedo; not a single strand of hair out of place; and with an ever present faint smile, he gave off the feeling that he was an extremely astute elite of his family. Being able to distinguish himself from all the branch members of the family and control the power of a branch, Teslen didn't rely on just his uncle, his hardware was strong and capable enough to accomplish that. Otherwise, this was something that even ten uncles couldn't help him with.

The heavy traffic and scene of liveiless at Ma Dong's side didn't bring about too much worry to him, with the smile still present on his face, as though he didn't care the slightest bit about the lively atmosphere over there. Only lowly subordinates would jump about and come first. In comparison, he was more interested in Milami.

Being a member of the Apollo Family increased the status of Ma Dong's female companion by quite a bit. More importantly, she was certainly a great beauty.

Speaking of good looks, Milami certainly wasn't inferior to Sharmie by much, her figure being similarly fiery and explosive. The only difference was that her talent in combat wasn't on par with Sharmie. After all, in this era, one's capabilities and status could add quite a few points to oneself. On top of the tight fitting clothes she usually wore while in the academy and her large, black spectacles, she had remained unknown to the public. This time however, wearing such an alluring gown, her looks alone would rank her as a top notch beauty scoring full marks.

Teslan snorted coldly before transforming into a cordial smile as he went forward to personally welcome the two people that just walked in.

"Is that President Rex?"

"And Senate Chairman Clough…"

Low whispers immediately rang out as the surrounding people started to gossip.

Ma Dong also took notice of this. This was the first guest that Teslan personally went forward to greet.

When speaking about which power was the strongest in Tianjing, it clearly wasn't those entrepreneurs, mafia or small families, but President Rex and Chairman Clough!

The Parliament and the Senate were the two divisions that held the greatest power in Tianjing City. One could easily guess how much influence the Chairman had in Tianjing. Although the large group of people Ma Dong had invited over seemed to control the resources and power in various areas of Tianjing, even when added together, they paled when faced with these two people. Any decision casually sent out by the Senate or the President would become Federation policy. If they wanted to interfere and shake the business community to their roots, it would take no more than a few words from these two.

Ma Dong's old man had personally sent his invitations time and time again to these two great figures. Despite this, however, the reply he got was that they had no time as they had to attend to some business. Now, they had become personally invited guests of Teslan. The meaning behind this spoke a thousand words.

At the moment, Ma Dong and the other native business community elites that had come to support him due to the pressure of the Assassin Family started to feel slightly worried. Tossing everyone aside, just standing with the opposing faction truly made people feel the pressure of a mountain bearing down on them. Indeed, people who weren't brave wouldn't step forward like a ferocious dragon. That was why Teslan didn't make a move after knowing that Ma Dong held all of the Tianjing's business community in his hands. It turned out that he had already prepared to pull the carpet from under Ma Dong.

As though they had planned beforehand, upon the arrival of President Rex and Chairman Clough, the other guests of Teslan started to appear like viewing flowers on horseback. (meaning that they appear successively with extremely quick pace)

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