Battle Frenzy
280 Chapter 280 – The Killing Blow Appears 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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280 Chapter 280 – The Killing Blow Appears 2 in 1

Given that Tumo Assassin was the leader of the family, there was no need for him to be personally present in the grounds below. Nevertheless, since the preparation of the auction this had long passed the stage of being a simple competition between two juniors of the younger generation. This was the plan of the family, with their goal being Tianjing City.

Why was this the case? Truthfully speaking, Tianjing City was not a small place. Its status in the Federation was not small as it was one of the ancient cities that had been preserved since the glorious era.

The problem was that without any large scale dimensional resources, such as new mines or restricted regions, the environment in Tianjing City in recent times has become overly tranquil and peaceful. The lack of danger indicated a lack of opportunities. Although it had relied on its fame as an ancient city to retain its position of a first class city, there were no large families that had established themselves here. As such, crooks and honest folk mixed together in Tianjing City and its surrounding areas. Without a first class market nor a first class underground social order, Tianjing City had gradually become a place with an awkward position that was neither up nor down.

Previously, the Assassin Family had not cared about Tianjing, however, due to the matter between the two of their younger generation, it had drawn the family's attention to the situation in Tianjing. Consequently, they had discovered some things of interest.

Unexpectedly, there was a small Rank C restricted region with an official record of a spatial fissure.

Everyone knew that a spatial fissure meant the surrounding regions were unstable. In such a situation, sudden outbursts were possible. That was the result of long term frequent movements into extradimensional spaces, which also meant that there was an extremely likely possibility for second and third spatial fissures to occur in the vicinity of Tianjing city! Once there was a more stable fissure, a pathway to the hyperdimension would open up which was important for aiding the development of the family!

The hyperdimension was of utmost importance for the families contending for resources and nurturing of their future talents. Although the family frequently organised groups to head into the hyperdimension, they had to rely on spatial pathways of the government or one of the ten great families. Access required an exorbitant price which was extremely limiting in the family's development.

Currently, there were many super aristocratic families that occupied dimensional spatial pathways after seizing similar dimensional resources, before springboarding themselves into setting up bases in the hyperdimension. It was only by achieving this that they would truly be able to expand and grow.

The construction of a pathway alone was not too difficult as it only involved spending money, however, it was hard to find a spatial fissure to do so. The prior indication of one being present in Tianjing was the target of contention for any great family due to the special traits of Tianjing. If they were able to construct a stable scope of influence that was under the control of the Assassin Family in Tianjing, they would benefit if a spatial fissure appeared as they were the closest large family and hence could occupy it in an orderly and legal way.

To the family, this auction was far too important, being the first official step they would make in Tianjing. Having sufficient rapport with the Tianjing government was considerably important. Therefore, when the elder council of the family decided to change the venue of the showdown to Tianjing, the people who were in the true core of the family had already known that Ma Dog would lose.

Regardless of the human connections of these two young fellows, it would be impossible for them to genuinely establish the family with only the help of the help of the local government was impossible. This still required the family to take action! Despite this, those people could not be invited by the family as it would reveal their goal. They could only rely on the name of Teslan's uncle to do so as there was nothing wrong with an uncle helping his nephew!

The family had agreed from the start to not allow Teslan's uncle to go all out, however, they now allowed him to do so, even secretly providing a large degree of support. It could be said that it wasn't only his uncle that stood behind Teslan, in fact, the greater half of the Assassin Family seemed to backing him.

No matter the quantity or the quality of the goods that were about to be auctioned off, Ma Dong would undoubtedly lose. Compared to Teslan, Tumo Assassin had more admiration for Ma Dong, as the latter possessed the adequate amount of charisma coupled with ambition and guts. Yet, it was a pity that would not be his moment of emergence as he lacked a strong background.

Originally, his connections had peaked at Laura's level, however, never did Tumo imagine that Ma Dong would actually be able to invite Scoffer over. Although Old Potter did not have much authority in the Potter Family, when they compared statuses, even Tumo Assassin could only manage to be equal in status at the very most.

This brat might very well be a true talent. It's a pity that his opponent today isn't Teslan alone but the Assassin Family. Just Old Potter would not be enough to suppress the entire grounds.

At this moment, the great doors of the auction were pushed open as Asima and Teslan accompanied two others, all four of them walking in. Simultaneously, the great doors of the large hall closed.

These were the last two guests.

From the looks of it, both of them were around fifty years of age and wore simple, fanciful clothes. Despite this, the two family insignias displayed on their chests instantly intimidated and suppressed the voices of everyone present in the grounds.

On of the family insignias was an incomparably revered crown. The gold crown emblem was engraved in an extremely luxurious and beautiful manner, which caused the family insignia to simply appear as exquisite as an artwork!

This insignia was too well known. Just as there was no one in the OP that did not recognize Laura or Shamie, there wasn't a single person in the Federation who would not recognize that insignia.

The Bella Dean Family!

They were one of the ten great families of the Federation and was the earliest to make their mark, as well as one of the most ancient families in the Federation. This family was already a super aristocratic family that existed hundreds of years ago during the glorious era, and possessed large quantities of weapons and technologies from the that period of time.

This was a family that had inherited the legacy of that glorious era. Their large quantities of old technologies, weapons, munitions as well as military might allowed them to reach an unshakable status in the initial period of the dark era during the establishment of the Federation. There was even a time when they had attempted to crown themselves as royalty. Although this attempt had been suppressed by the collaboration of a few great families, which resulted in quite a big loss for them, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. Currently, they were still one of the few gargantuan forces within the Federation. Ranked as one of the ten great families, they were engaged in large quantities of military weapons and ammunitions, possessing an incomparable influence within the Federation's military.

At this moment, the one who was walking in front of Teslan was John Bella Dean, an elder stationed at the Saint Mongol City. Not only did he control a large portion of his family's resource trading within the northern area, he also possessed sufficient power and authority in the family's council! He appeared to be in his thirties, which when taking his status into consideration, he was rather young, while his silhouette clearly showed a person of incomparable experience and capability.

The other insignia was a golden lion, majestic head raised and poised to roar.

The Torresto Family!

As one of the ten great families in the Federation, they were known as the family in control of new energy. Their entire family seemed to control about half of the new energy sources in the Federation and the three greatest energy corporations were all under their authority!

The lion was the king of the animal world, and this was the meaning behind their family insignia. Countless families had wanted to confront them, yet the only thing they could do was to rein in their anger and hatred. In fact, the strength of the Torresto Family was even higher than the once defeated Bella Dean Family.

The family member that had come over was steward Campbell, a male who was about forty years of age with a calm and awe inspiring gaze.

Even though Old Potter was also a member of the ten great families and sighs of astonishment erupted when he arrived, the entrance of these two caused the atmosphere to fall completely silent.

This was not to say that Old Potter's status was not on par with the two. Although the Potter Family was ranked at the bottom of the ten great families, the other two were not top level figures of their families, being only elders that held certain level of power. In the end, they were still unable to compare with Old Potter's status in his family and in truth, they could be considered as juniors in front of Old Potter.

Although Old Potter had a revered position in his family, he did not care about family matters. Furthermore, the intimidating aura brimming around the two really forced its way into people's hearts. This was an aura that could be nurtured only by true leaders. Compared to the pleasant and amiable eyes of Old Potter, the pressure coming from the two was akin to a higher power sending judgement from above!

"Oh my heavens! There's actually two elders from two of the ten great families appearing together…"

"The face of that Teslan is actually that big?" People who had the slightest bit of intelligence still couldn't believe their eyes.

"This is the result of his uncle helping him from behind. After all, he is a leader from the Assassin Family."

"I had assumed that the peak has already arrived when Scoffer entered previously. Looks like Teslan is still stronger. Heavens. Is this really only an auction and not a parliamentary meeting of the Federation?"

The people below were quickly becoming crazy from being able to see these few great figures sitting together, something which was already an incomparable glory by itself. The few distinguished guests invited by Teslan could not help but to secretly take pictures with their Skylink. Being able to capture a photo of them sitting next to each other within the leaders of some of the ten great families in one place would definitely be worth boasting about.

After obtaining Old Potter's kind support from Wang Zhong, Ma Dong had originally felt that victory was within his grasp. He was absolutely sure that Teslan could not compare with his lineup, knowing his strength and even having considered his uncle's help. When Gaia and his group appeared, however, Ma Dong had immediately felt that something was off. Those great figures grouped together had already exceeded Teslan's and his uncle's capabilities. Adding the fact that the family's auction was to be held in Tianjing…

Being intelligent, Ma Dong was already able to hypothesise regardless of how secretive the family's actions were. With one or two points being unassuming to the eye, he condensed all of the unusual events together.

He had underestimated the discovery that his family had made in Tianjing, and also their decisive resolution the family had in wanting to wrestle in Tianjing. The family was completely in the shadows about this matter.

Indeed, an individual's strength could not contend against the might of the family. The domineering and overbearing ability of his brother in being able to carve a piece of the heavens by using only his fists could be said to be an individual occurrence.

Thinking about this, Ma Dong felt somewhat absent minded. At this moment, John and Campbell who had just taken their seats, was astonished upon noticing Old Potter. Clearly, they never imagined that the great elder of the Potter Family would show up in a place like this, especially as he did not care about family matters. Furthermore, he had sat on the side that was in opposition to the people who had invited the two of them.

As their gazes met, the trio faintly smiled at each other. Being unable to ignore their connections and coming here to give support to the younger generation, whoever wins or loses did not hold much meaning to them as there was not anything they could contend for. The three of them were people who were on a higher level, having came across each other several times this year already in events like this. This resulted in them being clear about the others, however, there was not anything such as connections being made as they were simply acquaintances from before.

The general situation had already been set, with nothing left worthy of comparing in the might of the middle level. People with high class bloodlines like Gaia had already gained a superiority and suppressed the entire auction. The only hand Ma Dong had left was Old Potter, which was a one vs two disadvantage against John and Campbell. There was no need for anyone to announce the scores when everyone present could already see the obvious result.

Ma Dong was merely a branch family member. Being able to accomplish this step was already extremely outstanding. It was a pity that losing by just a little bit did not affect the judgement of who won or lost in the hearts of people.

Wang Zhong gave Ma Dong a pat on his shoulder. He had not told Ma Dong about the two people he had met in the hyperdimensional adventurer base. Firstly, he was not sure about their statuses and secondly, he was not able to confirm if they would really attend the auction. From the looks of it, not mentioning them was the right thing to do otherwise the despair after this hope would be even greater.

Milami grabbed Ma Dong's hands, resulting in a grin from him. "Fuck, do you have to go so far as to console me? With grandpa Potter here holding the fort for us, it won't be considered a loss for us. At the very most, it'll be a draw…"

Hearing this, Old Potter laughed. This youth's mental attitude is quite good. Nevertheless, he was only here to enjoy the liveliness and might take action only if there was a nice thing that appeared, nothing more.

Currently, the large doors of the auction had already been closed, with the grounds immediately turning silent. Countless rays of light shone down from the ceiling and lit up the platform, instantly illuminating the brightly lit platform in a dazzling fashion. An auctioneer dressed in a tuxedo was about to climb up the platform when all of a sudden, bursts of extremely orderly footsteps rang out as banging sounds came from the outside of the large hall.

This caused everyone, including the auctioneer, to gawk. Wasn't it too ridiculous for the luxurious hall to not be soundproofed? When the doors are shut, no sounds from the outside should be heard from inside. What are all those footsteps outside? There's even a slight shaking of the floor!

Before anyone could regain their senses, the large doors of the hall were pushed open.

At this moment, earth shattering sounds gushed in like a flood and shook everyone's brains.

Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta…

"Attention! Stand at ease!"


At these roars, the entire placed turned silent. Gradually, everyone started to whisper in hushed tones as they received the news that there was an unexpected army standing outside. Two to three thousand elite soldiers?!

Ta Ta Ta… It appeared as though there were two people walking into this large hall. The few Assassin Family members who were in charge of receiving guests at the door did not dare to take even a single breath of air. They stood as still as a corpse, not moving a single inch until the two people appeared before everyone's eyes.

This is….

What appeared before them was a middle aged, well built man dressed in an ironed military uniform. He seemed strong in mind and spirit, the full four rows of medals pinned to his chest blinding the audience. Beside him stood a male dressed in a casual outfit. His aura was extraordinary, with even Campbell and John being unable to keep their faces straight.

What was happening today?
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    《Battle Frenzy》