Battle Frenzy
285 Chapter 285 – The Importance of a Backer 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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285 Chapter 285 – The Importance of a Backer 2 in 1

Calming himself down, Ma Dong replied tentatively, "In order to find items for the auction, I went to scour the black markets where I bumped into a strange fellow, who insisted on taking me as his disciple. I felt that there was something wrong with his brains, so I told him to scram off, however, he continued to follow me. Since I couldn't defeat him, I told him that if he could obtain something for me to auction, I might consider it. Afterwards, he sent me an item. The people from those two families might have been called over by that fellow."

Tumo Assassin exchanged glances with a few elders and thought, Is this little bastard a pig? It's a miracle that he's still alive!

"Cough cough. Ma Dong, the senior who was wearing the clown mask that you've met is an expert. In the future, you have to show more respect to him. If he wishes to take you as his disciple, that is your good fortune. The family, cough cough, will definitely support you with all we have!" Tumo said. He did not greedily want the stone slab, as he knew that possessing such an item would only incite the jealousy and wrath of others. If one did not possess the strength on the level of the ten great families, anyone who held the slab would have an impending disaster on their hands.

Some of the elders could not help but laugh out as they said, "Truly worthy of being a person nurtured by our Assassin Family. Ma Dong, don't have any ill feelings about this competition in your heart. This is simply a test set for you and Teslan set by your family. Think about it, if we truly didn't think that you were any good, why would the family leader give you a chance? He even arranged for the auction to be held in Tianjing. A jade that isn't polished would not shine. This time, you didn't let us down!"

"Ha ha. When this little fellow had gone to the headquarters, the family had said that this person is a rare talent in our family, possessing brains and responsibility. At that time, I didn't quite believe it, however, it seems like our family's leader's all seeing eye is as bright as ever."

"There's still luck involved. A person would not be able to accomplish great things just by relying on talent and hard work. Having luck is also extremely important."

A few elders turned from being petrified to a state of close intimacy, their gazes towards Ma Dong similar to one that they would send to their close grandchildren.

Tumo Assassin breathed deeply. Normally, he squinted his eyes when looking at younger generations, however, he really had to open them wide this time and showed off a pair of tiger like eyes, bright and full of expression. At this moment, a sliver of a smile appeared on his face, something Ma Dong had not seen before. Tumo Assassin said, "It's extremely hard to possess such capability and luck, however, don't slack off or become arrogant. In the future, Tianjing City will become the important development of our family. I will be relieved to hand this to you."

Just this statement by him had sealed Ma Dong's fate.

"I'll leave this auction's final decisions to you as you should know the importance of this matter," Tumo Assassin advised.

Respectfully bowing, Ma Dong replied, "Family leader sir, rest assured. I know the circumstances. This deal is really between the clown masked person, Stuart and Musk. We're just the middleman, therefore the best thing we can do is to obtain the greatest benefits. That's all."

The elders nodded their heads in satisfaction at Ma Dong's response. "When you meet that Sir Fate Master in the future, make sure to show him respect. Don't let him feel like our family members don't have any upbringing."

Tumo Assassin waved his hand and interjected, "Don't constrain him and let him follow his character. Being too deliberate isn't good. Maybe he caught the attention of the other party due to this."

"Family leader is wise!"

"Since this is the case, you do not need to report his matters to us unless they concern the livelihood of the family or are urgent requests," said Tumo. This was the act of a genuine old fox. An existence like the Fate Master was the hardest to guess and predict. Therefore, he did not wish for some small matter to break the relationship that Ma Dong had with the latter.

Hearing this, a few elders nodded in agreement. This was truly the spiciness of an old ginger. At the same time, their hearts sighed in admiration. Such a massive reversal was truly too miraculous! This brat Ma Dong might really have good fortune sticking to him.

What was the most important factor in accomplishing a good task?

Intelligence? EQ? Status? Strength?

No, the most important factor was luck. If one was unable to control this, even those who possess god sent abilities would be hard pressed to escape the miserable outcome that awaited them.

Respectfully bowing, Ma Dong replied, "I'm willing to contribute the best of my meager abilities for the glory of the family!"

Ma Dong replaced Tony and concluded the auction by inviting Darwin and Musk to convene a three way meeting. What happened after that was clearly not something the public needed to know. Strictly speaking, it was best that people did not know the result.

Although the curious audience was discontent about this move, there was not a single person that dared to comment. There was simply no need to conduct such a large matter in front of so many people, as there would definitely be negotiations between the parties involved. Although the two great families would definitely haggle and compete, neither of them would do anything resulting in severe repercussions. The price would definitely have to be reasonable, otherwise pulling off a scheme would be much better than coming into negotiations.

It was clear that Tumo was extremely satisfied with Ma Dong's actions as he was precise in his judgement, while still being able to weigh his current position. This was the reason why he had been willing to give the youth a chance in the first place.

Finally, Musk compromised at 8 billion, a piece of land and a holographic image of the Golden Stone Slab in the Stuart Family's possession. As for Darwin, he promised that the Stuart Family owed the Musk Family a favor. Between great families, such a favor was considered to be a most valuable thing. The auction had finally reached a middle ground that both parties agreed on. Naturally, Darwin and Ma Dong would have a detailed conversation on the matter of the transaction. This would not be purely just a transaction, as it would allow Ma Dong to enter the sights of the higher ups in the Federation. At the very least, they won't be unfamiliar to his name.

A grand banquet followed the auction, with the masses naturally wanting to participate. From the happy chatting between the great figures, they could tell that the transaction had completed. Musk had achieved his goal for the trip. Knowing that the Stuart Family would definitely fight to the bitter end for the Golden Stone Slab, having them owe the Musk Family a favor without paying any price was already considered a huge contribution to his family.

Most people with ordinary backgrounds could only see those figures from afar, none of them daring to go closer and find trouble for oneself. As for those with higher statuses, all of them gathered at Darwin's side, including John and Campbell who were invited by Teslan. Although these two were also members of the ten great families, they could only be yes men in front of Darwin. Regardless of the statuses of their respective families as well as prestige and fame, the two of them fell far behind by a great margin.

Towards these two, Darwin and Musk still gave them quite a lot of face and spoke a few words with them, while politely declining the rest. As for Ma Dong, Darwin had waved him over.

"Is little friend Ma Dong familiar with senior Fate Master?" Darwin asked with a burning gaze. When his family had accepted the Fate Master's request to obtain the holographic image of their Golden Stone Slab, they had intended to use this opportunity to become closer to that mysterious figure. Although there was an extremely high possibility that the other party might be from some hidden aristocratic family and would not receive their invitation, taking the chance to test the waters wasn't all too bad, right? What if there was a play to be seen?

Scratching his head, Ma Dong chose to replay his previous performance that he had shown Tumo. Such a move had always been useful against these great figures, with Darwin showing the exact same reaction as Tumo.

"Unconforming and unrestrained. Ha ha. This really is like the style of that great person. You have such great fortune to be in the good graces of this great senior." Darwin sighed in admiration. "Since this deal is complete, we are now friends. You have my Skylink number, so if there's any issue, you can find me immediately."

Ma Dong revealed a happy expression. However, in his heart he knew that this was all due to the face of the Fate Master. Naturally, he knew not to bite off more than he could chew.

The auction finally came to an end after sending off Darwin and Musk. Ma Dong clearly had many more matters to handle, however, including the distinguished guests that had graced the auction, the various questions from his family and handing over process of the family authority for the Tianjing region. These ensured that he would definitely be unable to escape for half an hour.

As they were considered his people, Wang Zhong and the group did not go around to mix with the liveliness, with Old Potter being the only one feeling slightly reluctant to leave. That mysterious stone slab was incomparably alluring to him. When he realised what it actually was, Old Potter had an impulse rush up into his head, which made him consider competing in the bidding war for it. Within a span of five minutes, however, the bid was pushed over 5 billion by Darwin and Musk, so Old Potter could only give up all hope. Nevertheless, even if one was not afraid of thieves stealing it, one would be afraid of the thieves' plans. On leaving the venue, Old Potter had already thought of a perfect way to settle this. With a serious expression, he looked at Wang Zhong and asked, "Wang Zhong, how do you feel about our relationship?"

This sudden question from the great vice headmaster of the Federation's Institute of Sciences coupled with his solemnity caused quite a few people beside him to become completely stupefied.

"Very good." Wang Zhong replied without the slightest hesitation at all. Not mentioning all the the help that Old Potter had given him, Wang Zhong had an extremely favourable impression of this based purely on the aspects of his character. Such an old man deserved respect and indeed, their relationship was quite good.

However, such a reply did not satisfy Old Potter, who widened his eyes and said, "Very good? How good is very good? Don't just describe it so offhandedly! I'm very serious about this! Can you be more specific? For example, are we good enough to wear the same pants, or perhaps…"

Beside them, Sharmie was feeling joyous. She more or less had felt slightly uncomfortable when she saw Old Potter. After all, he was the vice headmaster of the Federation's Institute of Sciences and the headmaster of the Copperfield Academy, famed and renowned within the Federation for a decades. She just needed to close her eyes and think; the serious old research fellow that caused fear in students was right there before her eyes! Never did she imagine that he would actually be this casual in his speech.

"Grandpa!" Laura was somewhat speechless. Ever since he had known Wang Zhong, felt that Old Potter was quickly changing from the grandfather she knew. What is he talking about, being good enough to wear the same pants?!

Wang Zhong instantly understood what Old Potter meant. With a smile, he replied, "Good enough to be able to borrow the holographic image of the Golden Stone Slab from Ma Dong."

Without a single word, Old Potter extended his left hand as Wang Zhong did the same with his right.


"Just based on this, I know that it'll be worth it having a friend like you!" Old Potter felt extremely emotional. "This is tacit understanding! The kind when you meet an intimate friend! Who else can do that but you?"

"Grandpa Potter and Wang Zhong are good friends?" Sharmie faked an extremely astonished expression as flowers of happinesses blossomed in her heart. Having the godly assistance of other people's grandfather made her feel the best. "Ha ha. Looks like Wang Zhong's seniority right now is frighteningly high! Even Laura will have to call him grandpa Wang, right?"

"Well, it's different for everyone!" Being a person with extensive experience, Old Potter smiled and replied, "Unless Wang Zhong becomes my grandson-in-law, which would definitely lead to a change in the way to address him, ha ha ha ha…. Wang Zhong! It won't be a problem for Ma Dong to send you the image over Skylink now, right?"

"No problem at all."

"Then why wait?!" Old Potter was excited to the point of being unable to wait one minute longer. "Let's go, let's go, let's go! Follow Moore and I to the research lab! Time is of the essence! The legendary Golden Stone Slab! That's something that the old me had wanted to research a long time ago! All thanks to the Stuart Family, that group of damnable obstructions!"

Old Potter led Wang Zhong away with a tempo that made him seem like he was taking flight, leaving the group of girls staring at each other in embarrassment.

"Oi, beast woman. Wanna make a bet?" Intense fighting intent blazed from Sharmie's eyes.

'Ha ha! Little ball sister, my little bear won't show any mercy towards the fairer sex." Without the hunter assistant of her grandfather around to drag her down, Laura was definitely able to hold her own.

"Little ball? Ha! Mine are much bigger than yours!" Sharmie puffed her chest up, her words brimming with the scent of gunpowder. That was her most impressive asset. Even when she faced Laura, Sharmie was a hundred percent confident about herself. "Your deliberate mockery is just unconfidence, little Laura."

"Ha ha, that's true," replied Laura with a smile. Right now, Sharmie was even more twitchy than during the OP. "There's no use relying on them being big. If the centre of gravity is wrong, it's easy for them to sag."

"I forgive your jealousy, envy and incoherent rambling," said Sharmie with a smile. Despite this, the temperature of the surroundings started to rise rapidly. "From the official rankings, I have more fans in the OP than you."

"They're only brainless fans. Do you really care about that?"

"Ah, what about Wang Zhong? He's not considered brainless. If you observe him carefully, you should notice that he looked at me more than you."

"That's really something that I have yet to notice. How about we have a match tomorrow?"

Sharmie raised her eyebrow. "How?"

"We'll find Wang Zhong for sightseeing and we'll stand next to him, one on the left and the other on the right. Let's see if which way he turns his head more."

"Ha ha! Interesting! You're seeking your own death! Alright, let's do it!" Sharmie's fighting spirit had been completely triggered, with the beverage bottle in her hand having melted to god knows what shape from the high temperatures radiating out from her.

Seeing the two with incomparably terrifying combat prowesses, something they were considered to be born with, they were on the level of causing calamities. That was why the faces of Anlor and Mario would change when asked about their captains.

On the side, both Milami and Scarlet were sweating bullets as the only thing they could do was to quietly pray for Wang Zhong. Although he had dodged the shot for five minutes, the two girls still began to wonder, are you to two going to duke it out? Please, the training room has already been prepared for you two.

As the holographic image of the Golden Stone Slab appeared in the research lab, Old Potter and Moore had already turned somewhat intoxicated, as they started to make a little sense about living runes.

This was a mystical existence that could not explained using common sense, as though it possessed a magical attribute that caused people to become crazy over it. Many years ago, the Stuart Family had obtained one such Golden Stone Slab, however, having already conducted various kinds of research in the attempts to decipher it, the end result was still unknown.

"This is definitely a type of living rune! No, I feel like it's an even higher grade!" Old Potter had completely sunk into a state of deep though, turning left and right as he talked. "Our definition of life is too narrow and possibly even wrong. Who said that only those that have thoughts and self-consciousness could be recognized as life? Take this pattern sequence for example. If the living attribute of runes is the first level, and living runic patterns are the second level, then this should already be a truly living existence! It might not have thoughts or consciousness, however, they possess value in the broader sense! That's right! This kind of spiritual movement is life!"
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