Battle Frenzy
287 Chapter 287 – Training Method of the Dark Era 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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287 Chapter 287 – Training Method of the Dark Era 2 in 1

It was very likely that the Casted Soul Stage could only accommodate one special ability. Wang Zhong thought back to the time when he only had 50 grassos and felt his entire being fill with a silly yet sweet euphoria of happiness.

While Wang Zhong laughed about like a fool, the atmosphere of the transaction site on the other side had been lit up like a wildfire. With properties and assets valued over 10 billion, it was impossible for such amounts to be transferred in a one off manner. Although the Stuart Family's businesses were large and widespread, they were not a banking family unlike the Musk Family. Thus, the amount of money that Darwin was able to move was not as exaggerated as the latter.

At the moment, only negotiations were happening. Ma Dong's talent towards business and his slyness in the art of being a human had undoubtedly revealed themselves on the negotiation table. Not only did it cause Darwin to see him in a new light, it also made the two accompanying elders from the Assassin Family to feel slightly shocked.

Even those two elders trembled with fear and trepidation as they sat face to face against a great figure like Darwin, yet Ma Dong was able to carry on in his natural fashion. Although he clearly showed slight immaturity and tenderness on the skills of negotiations, they were unable to mask the splendor of his character. He was extremely skilled in knowing when to attack and retreat, with his conversation skills being very tactful and skillful. Even when contending against a leviathan like Darwin, he had yet to say anything causing awkwardness. All of these things seemed to be information that twirled around his fingertips from his birth. Maybe this brat was truly a negotiation specialist in his past life.

In the end, the decision was made for the payments to be split into three installments, with the 3 billion being the first upfront payment. As for the remaining 8 billion, they were split into two parts to be settled on the 15th of the next month. This was around the bottom line that Darwin was willing to accept. Being talked into accepting such conditions was something that made Darwin unsure of whether to laugh or cry. Naturally, due to vastness of his family, obtaining the stone slab with such conditions was still considered a profit.

When one reached the realm that the Stuart Family was in, something like wealth became a secondary goal. Strength and skills of an even deeper level were more important, and more people around the level of Darwin.

The negotiations had smoothly reached an agreement, with the Stuart family having also made sufficient efforts towards the transaction. Other than Darwin, two family members who were in charge of the Eastern Area A region had also came over. Under Darwin's instruction, they had intentionally forged friendships with Ma Dong.

Although the A region of the Eastern Area was not within the main region of the Stuart Family's influence, they had sufficient power in the say of this piece of land and were involved in many business areas. Such a thing was exactly what Ma Dong sought; talking about collaboration, relationships, human connections, anything was good. Naturally, he remained tight lipped when they touched upon the subject of the Fate Master, only giving a smile in return.

This was something that Darwin was unable to insist or force upon Ma Dong. Regardless of the Fate Master's mannerisms, actions, or the mere fact that he wore a clown mask, Darwin had felt that the former was not a simple person at all in their previous contact in the adventurer base. During this period of time, his family had flipped through all the information they had, yet could not find a single piece of news that was related to this person.

Powerful, mysterious and a feeling that he must not be provoked; these were consistent with the principles of the Stuart Family. Since they were unable to find any information about him, they would give him face while conveniently supporting Ma Dong and growing a good relationship here. As long as he was given a chance, a person like Ma Dong would definitely be able to rise up, springboarding himself to greater heights. Even without taking the Fate Master into account, there may even be a day that he may be of some use. Furthermore, 8 billion credits and a piece of land being unexpectedly hung on Ma Dong's name meant that the relationship between him and the Fate Master was indeed extraordinary. It also meant that the latter was not invulnerable, although no one was willing to provoke such a mysterious expert and would only do so when it was absolutely inevitable.

This time, Ma Dong was about to become really busy to the point where it would be extremely difficult for him to even meet with Milami. Meanwhile, the negotiations on the Assassin Family's side had passed smoothly.

As the representative of the Fate Master, Ma Dong officially collaborated with the Assassin Family to develop the Disorderly Burial Lake Region. 8 billion credits and the ownership of the land gave him 60% of the shares for the entire development project, with the Assassin Family contributing 12 billion. Naturally, this was a once-off situation as the wealth of the Assassin Family made taking out such a large amount of money seem like a fantasy. The entire development project was forecasted to require at least five years of construction, with the goal to establish a locally employed department after a year to allow for mutual benefit. The Fate Master and the Assassin Family would each hold 45% with Ma Dong obtaining the remaining 10%. This was the final compromise made by both sides. The Fate Master was invested down to the core of the project, with the Assassin Family in control over the core management while Ma Dong was the intermediary, resulting in an equilibrium. Clearly, the family was extremely at ease with Ma Dong in charge.

The development project at the Disorderly Burial Lake began to progress at the pace of a wildfire, while Wang Zhong returned to his usual lifestyle.

The most important holiday before the CHF had started, lasting two whole months. Other than Emily who had returned home and Grai who had gone sightseeing and travelling, the rest of the squadron had forsaken their holidays, choosing to undergo the final special training within the society. It could be said that the state they were in during this period would have a major effect on their results in the CHF.

The midsummer sun appeared lazy as sunlight radiated across the sky, cicadas buzzed all day long and the dry stifling heat caused everyone to feel drowsy and sleepy.

The campus seemed cool and quiet during the holidays, yet it was buzzing with activity in the Prodigy Society's training room.

Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta…

Numerous footsteps rang out from the wooden floor of the training room as the squad members ran to their positions. Facing them were a few virtual practice drill formations that Wang Zhong had displayed on the Skylink screen. Acting as training opponents, Scarlet and squad continuously changed formations to counter the virtual formations on the screen.

"A5 to H2, double flank protection."

"A single file, H5, H6, H7 triple defense varying formation."

Digital numbers that represented the formations formed on the screen, and just like Laura had said, they would need two commanders to deal with some of the possible scenarios where one of them would be occupied by the opponents. Scarlet's commands were starting to get more fluid and natural. With her intelligence and extremely deep understanding towards formation, it was more than sufficient for this ability to blossom in her. Due to the unfavorable results from a few formation changes, however, she would still be slightly slow on the uptake.

"The problem of predicting in advance." Wang Zhong was currently discussing this topic with Scarlet. Her commanding was a little lacking in flexibility and adaptability, however, in such a high level of formations, sufficient foresight and judgement was necessary to control the entire battlefield. "The key to formation changes isn't an individual's speed, but the speed of the entire squad. With five different occupations, there will those who are slow or fast. So, it's impossible to suppress the enemy with orders after the changed have happened."

"It's too difficult." Although Scarlet understood this, it was indeed too hard a task to predict the changes in the opponent's formation beforehand and seize the opportune moment when the opponent was in the midst of changing. She really did not know exactly how Wang Zhong was able to do so.

"In fact, there are clues and hints to find that out," replied Wang Zhong with a smile. "These can be found when two parties come into contact. The most basic one would the understanding of the opponent's commander, the so called know thyself, know thy enemy. Another aspect would be to use formation changes to suppress the opponent's formation changes. During an offensive, take action to pull apart an opponent's formation to force them to adjust the way you want them to. This requires an even deeper understanding of the various formations and lineups. Not only do you need to know the common formations we would be using, you also need to know the conventional orthodox formations, as well as various kinds of strange and weird collaborations. When you understand the advantages of these formations, you can attack the opponent's key points, making them change formation to reinforce them. At this moment, you would be able to change your formation in accordance to the play you've written."

A pensive expression appeared on Scarlet's fast as she listened to Wang Zhong's explanation. From her point of view, foresight seemed to be extremely unreliable. If one truly understood the reason behind it, however, one would also be able to identify the logic supporting this. Nevertheless, executing such a theory in real life would require more than just pure understanding, with the ultimate key point being how to manipulate one's opponent into one's written play.

Barran was also undergoing his own special training, which was still to smash like a barbarian. Except this time, his target was not a dead object such as a battering ram, but a heavy shield wielding Wang Zhong.

Barran's talent lay in his eruption of strength and Soul Power, with flexibility and agility being his fatal weaknesses. During the previous exchange between Tianjing and the Wild Beast, Anlor who was also a berserker had advised Barran to train his nimbleness. However, this was different from Wang Zhong's view. Since his foundation was poor, it was hard for Barran to have a quantitative change and improvement within one or two years of time even if he started to supplement his movement with added nimbleness. Since this was the case, why not spend time and energy towards his strong points instead? With the protection of the squad, he would be able to avoid his lack of nimbleness as far as possible during group battles.

However, for Wang Zhong to be his training target…

This caused everyone in the society to feel slightly flabbergasted. Everyone was extremely clear about how ferociously strong Barran's smashes were. Despite that, Wang Zhong stood still like a bamboo pole rooted to the ground, with Barran unexpectedly being unable to move him. Not only did Wang Zhong not move an inch, he rebounded all of the power and sent Barran flying far away every single time. In fact, everyone felt that Wang Zhong was truly strange and weird, giving people a completely different feeling each day. As of recent, this feeling had become even more unclear. It was completely reasonable for people to want to compare notes and discuss with Wang Zhong. For god knows what reason, such feelings would be immediately extinguished upon seeing Wang Zhong… as though he was invincible.

Perhaps, Wang Zhong had already gained the prestige of a captain.

Wang Zhong would not stay in the training room during the afternoons. Since everyone was doing their best to improve, he could not slack off and remain stagnated. Right now, his focus was on his special ability, after all he had only awakened it at his current age. Now he could fall back on the phrase that Rome was not build in a day, as the training for special abilities were even more difficult than for Soul Power.

Wang Zhong sought advice from Hymin, however in truth, Tianjing Academy's Special Ability Society was only of an average standard. The few ways of raising one's special abilities that Hymin had introduced to him appeared to be slightly unessential in Wang Zhong's eyes, and he felt as though a large amount of effort was spent on doing useless actions. Even though he flipped through the entire collection of books in the Tianjing Academy library, he could only gather extremely little information about training one's special ability.

As it was a somewhat more mysterious form of energy, mankind's understanding towards special abilities was still far inferior to that of Soul Power. The truly precious and high end information was still in research and experimental phases, controlled by the various powers and influences which left very little to circulate amongst the general public. As for those that did circulate the academies and the public, they were too shallow or perhaps too ordinary for him.

Fortunately, with a Rank A clearance, he was able to find some information which could at least point him in the direction of establishing his own training for his special ability.

If one wanted to attack, one would first need to know how to defend. This was especially the case for special abilities. Wanting to unleash the offensive power of one's special ability would require one to have sufficient resistance against one's special ability. Only by doing so could one have sufficient resistance against one's special ability. The greater the killing power, the stronger the rebound. A special ability like Hymin's was considered to have a gentle nature, however, if she was to exceed her limit during treatment, she would consume her vitality, lifespan and even her own life force.

Such a training method was conned as "resistance training". Mankind had discovered that there was a positive correlation between the might of a special ability and the level of resistance that the wielder possessed. If one exceeded this level of resistance, they would be killed by their own ability. As such, the level of resistance determines the peak of the special ability.

Presently, the Federation's orthodox training method was by relying on medicines and auxiliary items, which in simpler terms was the scientific method. This required time and large amounts of wealth. A special ability soldier was classified as a luxurious occupation that ordinary people were unable to enjoy. Therefore, one would need to have the support of one's family, or to rely on one in order to enjoy the huge amount of "tonics".

Naturally, there was one other way…

This would be the method during the dark era. At that time, people did not have the current wonderful conditions, with the misuse of special abilities causing the death of quite a few soldiers. Humans were extremely resilient life forms, however, and under the constant life or death combat done by soldiers, they had learnt "the level of intimacy", the level of synergy with one's special ability. Naturally, the human body had a level of self recovery which felt like an antibody, also known as the genuine antibody. Basically, it was a fight to find a way out of trouble. Now, this was rarely seen in the Federation yet still rather mainstream in the empires.

Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Zhong chose the latter method. Regardless of the aspect, it was much more suitable for him. Furthermore, he had an advantage over others due to the Fate Stone he possessed. After arranging all the information and knowledge he had gathered, Wang Zhong had already formulated a clear and complete training plan within his heart.

The hyperdimensional world!

This was already the third that that he entered. Easily sensing the pull from the hyperdimension with his consciousness, the silhouette of an incomparably large continent appeared before his senses.

The large continent appeared to be boundless, and Wang Zhong was unable to see the boundaries even after straining his vision. Various kinds of energies aggregated on the surface of the continent akin to dense clusters of stars. As of now. Wang Zhong could already make out quite a few things, with one of them being that those energy coordinates were not merely different in size.

Like the energy coordinates of the Federation's adventurer bases having machine like fluctuations and immobility, secret realms like the pyramid realm had an abstruse feeling of attractiveness. There were also those that gave of intense sensations of attributes like radiant light, black darkness, fiery heat and icy cold, in which there was a 90% chance of them being powerful dimensional life forms.

As he possessed the special ability of pyrogenesis, Wang Zhong was exceedingly sensitive to feeling the fiery hot energy coordinates. Speaking of which, he already had an abnormally rich experience about entering such places, as normal people from the Federation would never have such suicidal behaviour.

This is the place.

Wang Zhong immediately allowed his consciousness to follow the pull, causing his body to be rapidly sucked towards that position.

"Wang Zhong! It's so hot! Where are we going?"

Having been transmitted to the coordinates, Simba had already sensed that something was amiss and was able to feel the terrifyingly high temperatures despite being so far away. He nagged for a long while yet Wang Zhong completely ignored him, acting like a wall.

In the next second, they arrived. A gigantic sea of fire constantly erupting with lava bubbles that appeared like fiery marshmallows appeared right before Wang Zhong and Simba. In the centre of that sea, a clump of white coloured fire was blossoming into a mysterious shape, which seemed to unexpectedly size up the insignificant life forms that had appeared before it, as it truly had never seen such things for a very, very long time. As it did so, strange waves started to surface on the sea of fire.

Wang Zhong and Simba felt the terrifying might that towered over them, akin to a god looking over the lands from the heavens. This was not the first time that Wang Zhong had experienced such awe and intimidation, though it was even more frightening this time. This was the might and prestige that could only come from the sovereign of fire from the legends.

For a moment, Simba and Wang Zhong could only open their mouths wide before being evaporated instantly by the fire energies that radiated from this sovereign.

At this, the energies of the Fate Stone started to activate and recondensed Wang Zhong and Simba from the shattered bits they had become. Wang Zhong had already started his analysis. When he was previously at the mouth of the volcano, what he had seen was only a eighth grade fire element life form. Compared to that, this ninth grade sovereign was in a completely different class. The difference between the eighth and ninth grades was truly too great to even measure. The heat that radiated from the ninth grade sovereign was so high that one might not even sense it before being roasted alive.
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