Battle Frenzy
303 chapter 303 Ashes 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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303 chapter 303 Ashes 2 in 1

As the camera came to a halt, the video rapidly showed information about the figure. Heaven's Fate Academy. Napier Mo. 19 years old. 177cm in height. 72kg in weight.

As the deep and grim music began, the five straight figures appeared on the screen, warping and twisting about before transforming into one gigantic mask with a question mark on its surface.

Who, is the greatest assassin of the CHF?

"I'm convinced about the first four but the last one, is that fellow here to joke around?"

"I'm not discriminating, but an assassin who dresses that fancifully? People can smell that foul odour from miles away. What kind of ass is that sassin?!(1)"

" I can't stand watching any longer…"

"He seems to be a person from the Mo Family? Shhh...It's best for me to maintain my silence!"

No one doubted the rankings from the Mo Family as their public trust since a few hundred years ago had already been deeply embedded in the hearts of the people in the Federation. However, that did not mean the people would completely accept these rankings without any conflicting thoughts.

The discussion forums erupted with comments that were absolutely earth shattering. Without talking about factors like strength, fame or reputation, people could accept cruel assassins, radiant assassins, seductive assassins, and even perverted or jokester ones… as naturally, these were just appearances. The Mo Family had not shown much interest in past CHFs and this was the first time they had made ample preparations. With their usual style, there was a 99% chance for the strongest assassin to be one of the five in the rankings. This was no joke, as every single piece of information would have already been analyzed in great detail with the utmost care before decisions were justly made.

The greater one's style, the greater the indication… of strength!

Although the CHF had yet to begin, the competition had already started. The dreams and glory of every single young soldier would advance rapidly from here on!

Other people would possibly have found the clown dressed assassin to be quite hilarious, however, Wang Zhong felt somewhat amiable towards him. There might not be anyone who liked that clown more than he did. At the very least, this showed that the clown costume dressing assassin had an extremely good mental state. Furthermore, even if emotions were not factored in, the Mo Family never made major mistakes in the information they published. There was definitely reasoning behind putting this Napier Mo, who dressed fancifully as a clown, into the rankings.

Whether it was Eddie's quick blades, Ying Mei's nefarious aura, Wu Li's mysterious fog, Napier's unique clown appearance or Gui Lie's nondescript murderous appearance, all of these were merely images yet each and every one of them left a deep impression on Wang Zhong. Perhaps he would be able to accurately judge the exact strength of any of one them without truly crossing hands with them, however, Wang Zhong felt that not a single one of them was weaker than Papada. Not to mention others, even Wang Zhong could not wait to fight them. Only through continuous engagement in combat with experts would he be able to walk towards the peak of strength.

This video merely showed the five great assassins. At the end, the Mo Family even finished by mentioning that they would continue with the upload of the five great heavy soldiers, five great ranged soldiers and even the so called ten great experts!

There are this many experts of such level entering the CHF? Indeed, Tianjing's current strength appeared exceedingly worrying.

Wang Zhong quietly shook his head.

While Wang Zhong had looked at the Mo's List for the five great assassins due to curiosity, he had not forgotten about his true purpose. He wanted to check on the approximate prices for the ice attribute dimensional crystals, so as to not be scammed if he was to encounter a seller. Although Scarlet had only brought it up during their chat the other day as a joke without paying any mind to it, Wang Zhong would definitely accomplish it since he had offered to help. This had always been his way of doing things.

Earth was out of question as the price of the crystal here was too high, reaching the millions to tens of millions. Furthermore, the most important detail was that it was something that was virtually impossible to buy, as it was not produced on Earth. Besides, the production site was at the areas around the North Pole. Being entirely different from the ordinary restricted areas of the Federation, the North Pole was a restricted area that mankind was completely unable to enter.

However, these crystals are available for exchange in adventurer bases located in the hyperdimension provided that one had enough contributions. In fact, one could even purchase them from private merchants within these bases. Unlike on earth, those adventurer bases had no restrictions, as well as having many more production sites for these ice attribute dimensional crystals. Based on their quality and finish, the amount of contribution points required ranged from 300 to 1000. If one was to obtain them from private merchants, the price would generally be slightly cheaper. Naturally, it also depended on luck.

After he became a Six Star Adventurer within the Diamond Adventurer Base, Wang Zhong had penned down a copy of his travels in the pyramid, although the final verdict that he was given was not high. This was due to the fact that he did not write down the method of solving the core of the pyramid. Naturally, his written travels and how he dealt with the pyramid was given the confirmation. Of the two ways of achieving contribution points from penning the travels of the secret realms, the methods of dealing with the problems definitely gave more contribution points. However, Wang Zhong did not want to reveal the secret of the Fate Stone. As a result, he only received 2000 contribution points for his written travel records. Nevertheless, this was something that Wang Zhong was not too concerned about. After considering that he could obtain a 40% discount from the Diamond Adventurer Base, going there would definitely be the best option.

After preparing, he sank his consciousness into the energy coming from the Fate Stone. As the all too familiar pull from the dimensional world began, Wang Zhong's consciousness took to the air as a vast continent appeared before his senses.

During his initial search, the adventurer bases he could perceive appeared more or less the same to his senses. However, after visiting and registering, the Diamond Adventurer Base now appeared exceedingly different. With the aura and unique tag for the base, it seemed like a dazzling star in the night sky compared to the other coordinates.

Wang Zhong quickly locked onto the coordinates which allowed it to pull him towards it. The entire continent rapidly drew closer at what seemed like the speed of light. Brilliant and vibrant colours flowed around him, as though he was moving through space. Wang Zhong's initial flustering had already turned into enjoyment as he treated this like a holiday trip for his spiritual consciousness. Perhaps when mankind evolved to a certain realm, they would be able to rely on one's soul and spiritual consciousness to cross time and space without science and technology.

"Wang Zhong, where are we going? Is it that Diamond Adventurer Base?" At this moment, Simba had already materialized from Wang Zhong's consciousness. After feeling their target location to be relatively tranquil and peaceful, Simba was so moved that he was on the verge of tears. Finally, he no longer needed to accompany this little madman to leap into the fires of hell again and again!

Before he could reply, Wang Zhong suddenly felt a bout of intense fiery energy fluctuations radiating out from another coordinate within his sensory range.

With a single thought, he was unconsciously sucked over by the fluctuation of power. There was something akin to an indescribable connection between Wang Zhong and this energy, as though the Sovereign of Flames had left something within his body. Wang Zhong could feel a sliver of an intimate feeling and was unable to confirm if it was a misconception or not. Regardless, he changed his destination towards the coordinates of the Sovereign of Flames.

"Oh my god! Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong! Chill! Calm down!" Feeling this pull, Simba wanted to pull his hair out in madness. His original thoughts of being to enjoy the fine weather of a beautiful day suddenly turned into a raging thunderstorm. Furthermore, he was far too familiar with this path they were on. Over a month ago, Simba had died at this place for only god knows how many times. Regardless, it was more than enough.

Despite Simba's cries, Wang Zhong did not give a single word in reply. In the next instant, the all too familiar terrifying sea of fire appeared before the duo.

Simba wanted to shriek yet he discovered that no sound would erupt from his throat. As for the sea of fire around him… wait a minute, I'm not burnt to death already? Simba immediately looked at Wang Zhong in shock and astonishment.

As he did so, he saw that Wang Zhong was holding onto his tiny hand, and his fire attribute special ability was transmitting over and circulating within his body. The terrifyingly berserk flames all around him appeared akin to an intimate child, surrounding and dancing about Simba's body, seeming exceedingly cute.

Compared to the memories of being burnt to death, this warm and intimate feeling was a fresh contrast for the pair, reigniting their curiosity.

Wang Zhong had originally tried it out in helplessness, however, he had never imagined that it would actually work and that he could even protect Simba.

This was inconceivable for Wang Zhong as he felt that it was only coincidental to be able to accomplish fire immunity on the first attempt. With the gaze from the Sovereign of Flames coupled with his fight against Papada, his understanding and control of his fire attribute special ability had stepped up a notch. This had slowly allowed him to find a true way to control this fire immunity of his. It was completely different from the power for fire attribute special abilities, being a true fusion with fire. His soul had already obtained the recognition of fire, with the only remaining problem lying in its compatibility with the strength of his body.

However, the terrifying environment around Wang Zhong caused him to turn completely dumbfounded. At the center of the sea of flames were creamy white waves of fire, revolving around to form a gigantic, irregular pillar of fire. This possessed a terrifying suction force, appearing like a giant flaming whirlpool shaking the entire world!

Irregardless of how many times he had been here, this was the first time he saw this spectacle. The intense temperatures were actually causing the surrounding air to continuously explode apart. Wang Zhong even saw quite a few dozen figures being pulled in from nihility. Swept into the frightening pillar or falling into the flaming sea below, they were instantly roasted into nothingness.

Not only did the high temperatures and power influence the sea of fire, it also affected the walls between dimensions! He could see distant images within the waves of fire, showing many mirages as though the walls of the distant planets have been torn open!

Such a spectacle caused Wang Zhong to shiver in shock and surprise. All of sudden, a resentful and miserable cry rang out from within the pillar.

The sound was sharp and incisive, squirming about as it rose into the air. It appeared to be a catalyst for the pillar of flames, causing the entire whirlpool to increase by a third in size.

Following this, a terrifyingly gigantic pair of wings made of flames extended outwards from the top of the flaming pillar, obscuring the skies. Half unfurling, they desperately struggled and shook the entire area while causing irregular regions to form within the whirlpool. As though the sea of fire sensed the feelings of these wings, it surged up and over towards them! Wave after wave, it seemed as if it wanted to break through the prison in the pillar of flames and save the owner of that pair of wings.

The converging of energy towards the pillar of flames was astonishing, with the sea of flames resembling a single entity. Wang Zhong could feel the flames from at least hundreds of miles away being pulled over, the creamy white flames far, far surpassing any might that Wang Zhong had experienced in this sea of flames.

Despite its power, every time the white flames surged and converged, they were unable to dissipate the pillar and instead, aided in increasing its might. As a result, the pillar grew continuously in strength, completely rejecting any of the might that the gathering waves possessed.

The berserk energies swept out, causing even the surrounding space to collapse!

Stunned by the spectacle, Wang Zhong and Simba both felt that the exquisitely pure fire elements brewing within the flaming storm before their eyes was something that exceeded the boundaries measurable by temperature. It was a molecular scale activity being forced to the utmost, in such a way that it could split anything apart!

The pair of wings in the centre of the whirlpool continued to struggle, however, its presence gradually grew weaker under the endless might of nature. Regardless of how powerful that existence was, it was still a part of this world and therefore would definitely suffer the binding and fetters of this dimension, being unable to surpass the limitations. This was the might of nature, the indescribable power of dimensional energy.

Wang Zhong and Simba successively retreated not by their own will as the surging of the flaming whirlpool forced away all other fire elements in the environment. Wang Zhong felt that he was just like the other ordinary fire elements, being shoved away by an invisible force. He could even feel the frantic and wild movements coming from the fire elements, appearing like loyal soldiers wishing to protect their lord yet being blocked on their path.

These flames actually have emotions and feelings like humans? This was something that Wang Zhong absolutely could not comprehend. Or, were this just his subjective thoughts?
Quickly, under the immense might of nature, the cries that had been filled with a fighting spirit earlier turned inaudible as the energy waves battering the pillar of flames steadily weakened. Simultaneously, the whirlpool became more and more stable, gradually developing into a completely spherical shape as it revolved.

What kind of ball is that… Wang Zhong was stupefied. The ball appeared exactly like a miniature sun, with black spots of brilliance present on its surface as the sun had. Silk like flames danced and arched randomly across its surface all while radiating intense heat. With this sphere at the centre, the sea of fire spanning numerous miles in radius was thrust away, isolating the ball in space. This action revealed golden lava that had been concealed under the fire, something Wang Zhong had never seen before.


The terrifying ball of fire shook slightly, before a silhouette of a gigantic living creature being imprisoned within was faintly discernible.


The Sovereign of Flames?!

Wang Zhong and Simba almost swallowed their tongues as they took in the scene before them. Both of them had initially assumed that the Sovereign of Flames had met with a terrifying opponent, yet neither of them expected that it was being buried by its own sea of fire!

It was clear that the energies in that flaming whirlpool had different logic than the common flames as it even rejected the sea of fire around it. This time, the Sovereign of Flames was not as almighty as it had appeared the first time Wang Zhong and Simba encountered it. Imprisoned in the ball of fire, it seemed powerless and yet it still possessed the haughtiness and arrogance of a Sovereign.

Even now, it continued to exert effort and struggled against nature's might, desperately battering against the walls of its fiery prison. Nevertheless, its endeavours were fruitless as its entire body was being slowly dissolved, turning into glowing dots. This process began from its long and beautiful tail feathers, travelling upwards to its powerful wings before finally spreading throughout the rest of its body.

Eventually, it fell into despair and gave up the fight. As its entire being transformed into a pile of dazzling, multicoloured ashes, it turned the originally bright ball of fire into an incomparably creamy white radiance!

This luminosity had absolutely exceeded the capacity of words, being so eye piercing that Wang Zhong and Simba were unable to keep their eyes open. Using their other senses, they felt the flames before them calm slightly, then rapidly shrink in size. In the next instant, everything had diminished into a tiny glowing white dot. Then a loud "bang" rang out.

The glowing white dot exploded in all directions, shooting multicoloured ash outwards. Descending in the air, it landed on the golden lava, causing the entire space to appear rich in colour and beauty.

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    《Battle Frenzy》