Battle Frenzy
304 chapter 304 - Mo Xingchen 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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304 chapter 304 - Mo Xingchen 2 in 1

Are all those ashes from the Sovereign of Flames?

Even the Sovereign of Flames had been burnt into ashes. This numbed the scalps of Wang Zhong and Simba. As Wang Zhong looked towards the sky, the scene before him was simply akin to a calamity of nature, something that he had seen from the information he had scoured through. The power man possessed was not strong, yet dimensional life forms were unable to destroy the entirety of mankind as dimensional life forms were generally restricted within fixed boundaries once they reached a certain realm, termed restricted regions by humans. Not only that, as these dimensional life forms continued to grow stronger, they must pass through a "tribulation". As Old Potter said, this was just a tentative description of what they would encounter. This was more like the appraisal of higher dimensions, similar to how humans reared pigs. When they were fat enough, they would be slaughtered.

Wang Zhong was unsure whether such a description was suitable or apt. However, at that instant, Wang Zhong had indeed felt what seemed like emotions from the Sovereign of Flames. Despite that, he did not feel much bitterness nor sorrow. On the contrary, he had even felt a sliver of happiness from being extricated though it was uncertain how accurately Wang Zhong had perceived this. Nevertheless, the emotions had indeed been in the flames surrounding him. Yet… why would he be in such a place?

"Wang, Wang Zhong," stuttered Simba as his teeth chattered. Grasping Wang Zhong's finger tightly, Simba continued, "We, we should leave quickly. This place is too strange! If another flaming whirlpool appears, I feel like even the Fate Stone wouldn't be able to save us… this is the appraisal of the higher dimensions."

However, Wang Zhong had already rushed towards the centre. The Sovereign of Flames had personally given him an immunity to fire. It absolutely did not summon him here just to watch the show. Once a dimensional life form reached such a realm, one must not underestimate its intelligence. Thus, there was definitely a reason for this!

At this moment, it appeared that his consciousness had merged into the flames. Relying on the senses and "sight" of the flames, Wang Zhong was able to "see" that the multicoloured ashes descending from the skies was actually rolling continuously within the sea of fire. They seemed to possess a life and mind of their own, stubbornly trying to converge together.

The flames within the sea of fire seemed to nourish the ashes as if they were nutrients.

Despite this, Wang Zhong felt they lacked a slight bit of vital energy. The life force in those multicoloured ashes was too weak, completely unable to effectively gather together as they were scattered after descending. Regardless of the energy provided by the flames, it was not enough to replenish the life force that the ashes continued to lose.

Calls of lament and grief rang out from the flames. although they possessed a unified consciousness, they were not a genuine life form and could not respond, let alone provide help.

Wang Zhong could feel these emotions as though his body was one with the flames. After being led by them, he felt that there was something he needed to do.

Although his individual strength was extremely weak, his consciousness was able to be transmitted through the flames, hence leading them.

Under his guidance, the surging sea of fire started to unexpectedly sweep the descended ashes into a little pile.

Yet, this still was not enough as the life force continued to weaken, gradually dissipating away. This made Wang Zhong feel slightly helpless. Such an existence like this was on a realm that he did not understand. Although the feel of the gradual loss was clear to him, it was not something he was able to stop. This was unrelated to strength, as he could not even fathom what was happening. Therefore, he could not help it and extended his hand to touch it gently in sympathy.

Just as he made contact, Wang Zhong felt an extremely weak sliver of consciousness come from the pile of ashes. This was completely different from what the Sovereign of Flames had shown in the past. Despite being frail, its mournful cries and despairing turned into calm upon feeling Wang Zhong's probing, like a person at death finally finding a place he belonged.

As the sliver of consciousness gradually sunk into the embrace of Wang Zhong's soul, its senses slowly blurred and darkened, as though it was closing its eyes forever.

Suddenly, just before darkness descended completely, something in it seemed to have been activated, as a sliver of brilliance shone through.

The stone tablet that was lit up by the Fate Stone started to radiate light out from Wang Zhong's soul sea! Slivers of mysterious runic radiance began to quickly circulate on the surface of the tablet, producing an endless stream of the purest fire elements, or one could say, the consciousness of the flames. Even the crucial life force started to stream out!

The dimly glowing ashes that had been lamenting within the sea of fire suddenly blossomed with radiance once again! From a single speck, the brilliance spread out like a wildfire on grass plains!

A dazzling creamy white splendor suddenly erupted from the pile of ashes. As it wriggled, squirmed and converged together, an aura filled with life force radiated out from it.


A palm sized shadow shot out furiously from the fermenting pile of ashes, soaring upwards to the sky akin to a meteor!

The entire sea of fire surged in jubilation as they surrounded Wang Zhong and Simba, appearing as though they were dancing in cheer and joy.

At this moment, the shadow appeared to be travelling at a miraculous speed that made it almost invisible to the naked eye, drawing circles of fire in the air as it did so.

As it circled in the air, it began to expand in size, growing into the length of an arm before finally stretching into approximately three to four metres long.

That's the Sovereign of Flames! Although its current state was completely different from its previously gigantic stature of a hundred metres, Wang Zhong could sense the sliver of elegance of that former might and power that had seemed to be gifted from nature.


All of a sudden, it shot through the air, rushing towards Wang Zhong and Simba at an inconceivable speed!

Too quick! It was just like a laser beam piercing through one's chest as one watched in slow motion. Furthermore, the radiant, divine might had the capacity to scare people out of their wits, regardless of whether it was a purposeful display or not!

"Fuck! I knew it!" shrieked Simba as he covered his eyes, heart pounding so hard it almost popped out from his chest. Nevertheless, Wang Zhong did not move as he felt no hostility from the incoming fellow.

Instead of the pain and damage expected from being pierced, Wang Zhong's entire body was enveloped in warmth. An incomparably miniaturised Sovereign of Flames, although still fairly larger than Wang Zhong, had encased its flaming wings around him. From its appearance, it had yet to reach a corporeal state, appearing to be composed only of flames. However, Wang Zhong was actually able to feel a sense of bloodline intimacy coming from it.

Rebirth from ashes!

The Sovereign of Flames had found another path for itself after sensing the Fate Stone within Wang Zhong's body. A Ninth Rank Dimensional Life Form was unable to have any progeny, as they were born through the aggregation of large amounts of dimensional energies. Once they reached their peak, they disappeared. Despite that, the Sovereign of Flames had blazed a new trail in an attempt to find a way for its rebirth.

Wang Zhong felt the dependence that the Sovereign of Flames had on him, as the surrounding flames began to converge. Surging up, they welcomed their new king of flames. With loud, reverberating howls, the new Sovereign of Flames flew towards the skies, starting on its rebirth. This was no easy path.

Simba...was scared shitless.

Continuing on with ancient tradition and culture, hundreds to thousands of twists and turns filled the interior of the excessively quiet courtyard.

Hurried footsteps suddenly broke the silence, caused by the quick and urgent stride of a middle aged male. Moving along in a jog, a set of freshly acquired urgent documents were present in his hands.

Striding across the long corridors, a wide clearing appeared before his eyes.

Moonlight shone brightly before him, as waves of an azure blue glow rippled from the little lake in the middle of the courtyard. A faint green seductive figure stood beside it, welcoming the cool and refreshing night breeze as her clothes fluttered about. Her face was tilted slightly upwards, eyes closed as though she was sound asleep.

Appearing to have felt her existence, the moonlight radiating down from the skies seemed to converge faintly towards her. Immersing and illuminating her under their glow, she became the centre of all the Spiritual Qi within this area of the world, just like an immortal who had been relegated to the mortal realm from the moonlight. The unique aura of spirituality radiating out from her appeared to have cleansed everything in her surroundings.

The night breeze, lakeside, green grass, the pavilion. It seemed like everything had received a new breath of life from the immortal life radiating from her. Basking under the moonlight, all appeared quiet and ethereal.

A refreshing gust of the night breeze wafted by. Regardless of how many times he had already experienced this, Mo Zibai could not help feeling an indescribable sense of calmness and tranquility from the depths of his heart. Even his earlier feelings of haste and irritation had dissipated quite a bit.

Within the flourishing urban district in the Heaven's Fate City, only this place, scene and person would be about such calmness and tranquility within his heart.

Taking a deep breath, he crossed his hands before him as he stood quietly, not daring to disturb the scene before him.

Sensing his presence, the ethereal girl under the moonlight gently opened her eyes.

With her faint green skirt fluttering slightly, her figure floated over the surface of the lake and appeared right beside Mo Zibai in the blink of an eye.

As her vermillion shaded lips parted slightly, an amiable voice that sounded like the bells of heavens rang out beside Mo Zibai's ear, "What's the matter, Zibai?"

"Big miss," addressed Mo Zibai as he respectfully handed the images and information to her, before continuing, "Something has happened over at the adventurer bases. These are the emergency photographs taken there. Approximately two hours ago, unidentifiable energy fluctuations appeared at region X875 in the hyperdimension. This caused intense spatial ripples and dimensional storms, with seven adventurer bases being affected at varying degrees; Diamond, Silver Wolf, Heaven's Fat and Iron Hammer Adventurer Bases were among them. All of this should be arising from an issue with the Sovereign of Flames!"

The girl's face remained motionless as she quietly listened to his report while looking at the information in her hand.

The images were extremely blurry, with only unclear feedback from the chaotic spatial frequencies being the best that could be seen by an ordinary person, undoubtedly leading to a headache. However, in this girl's eyes, she was able to rapidly construct line after line of clear messages from those broken signals.

The Mo Family's Little Princess, Mo Xingchen!

She was an esteemed existence recognized by the younger generation, possessing qualifications similar to the Stuart Family's Carolyn, Seer Family's Divian, Gui Family's Gui Xin to be crowned as "princess". Compared to the other three, who were combat oriented, Mo Xingchen had the most unique bloodline, the mysterious Heaven's Fate Master's Bloodline.

Relying on the mysterious abilities of the Heaven's Fate Master, the Mo Family had saved the Federation and mankind countless times during the dark era. This was also the reason why the Mo Family could remain firmly established within the ten great families. There have been various kinds of conflicts erupting within humans since the dark era, yet the Mo Family was able to maintain their establishment throughout. All the other great families gave the Mo Family considerable face, no one willing to recklessly provoke them. As such, any conflict against them had disappeared.

Their desire to merge with the scientific mindset of the Federation coupled with the deliberate control by the various other great families resulted in the Mo Family's Heaven's Fate Master fading away from the "godly" halo, turning towards "judgement" instead. Nevertheless, they still possessed an influence that should not be underestimated.

"Something strange has happened. Due to the dimensional whirlpools that were formed, there were soldiers who had been sucked into them. After bringing their spiritual consciousness back to life, they said that they saw a human standing within the flames…"

"Human?" asked Mo Xingchen with a faint smile, a curious expression surfacing on her face. This was indeed a peculiar matter. The stronger the powers that were involved, the greater its help in tempering her special ability.

"Yes, princess. Not only that, it seems that the Sovereign of Flames has not perished completely. Although its power has drastically reduced, it escaped the dimensional whirlpool. The family has already issued rewards to the various large adventurer bases to settle and clear this matter up as soon as possible. If we obtain any samples of its remnants, we'll definitely send it here immediately."

Hearing this, Mo Xingchen nodded her head. Although strange things happen all year round, this year's incident rate was especially high. "How is the search going on that All Mouthy King?"

Mo Zibai laughed bitterly before replying, "Cough cough. About that, we're indeed unable to find him. That person is too strange. He clearly has the strength, yet has obscured himself entirely. Are you really sure that he will participate in this year's CHF?"

"Most likely," replied Mo Xingchen as a smile curled up on her pretty face. Seeing this, a blank expression appeared on Mo Zibai's face. She can even test this out?

The strength of the big miss' bloodline had yet to fully awaken, yet she was already able to attempt making judgements. The only issue was that she did not like abiding by the rules. Truthfully speaking, there was no need in attempting to judge if All Mouthy King would participate in this year's CHF. If this prediction turned out to be false, it would affect the reputation of the Mo Family. As of now, with the underworld of the Federation showing signs of stirring, the Mo Family had to pay attention to the general situation, with many things that needed serious consideration before making any moves. Despite that, this big miss still managed to find a way to convince the elders of the Mo Family.

Mo Xingchen was not fooling around when she made her judgment, as the strength of the Heaven's Fate bloodline was getting weaker and weaker. Ever since the passing of the dark era, this power had been declining continuously. This had led to the increase of preservation by the family, increasing its mysticality. However, the more they did so, the weaker this power became, giving her an extremely hard time in making a judgement about All Mouthy King. She had already treated this as a hurdle that she needed to pass. The more focused one's target was, the greater the pressure on the Heaven's Fate Master to make a judgement. However, on the off chance that she succeeded, her power would increase drastically!

Besides… this did not matter, as her state of mind was extremely clear. So what if she was wrong? Who said that a Heaven's Fate Master would always be correct? Upon thinking about the stern faced elders and Mo Xibai, who appeared old and decrepit even though he were only 30 plus years in age, she could not help it and felt like bursting out in laughter.

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    《Battle Frenzy》