Battle Frenzy
306 chapter 306 - The unfathomable Fate Master 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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306 chapter 306 - The unfathomable Fate Master 2 in 1

"I knew that you three would definitely follow me. There shouldn't be any problem if I take action here, right?" Looking at the trio, Grai smiled faintly.

"Oh, this brat even knew about this?" The hooligans did not change their thoughts a single bit, with slivers of nefarious intent present within their voices. "You look pretty handsome, eh. If you're obedient, I'll spare your life. How about having fun with this brother? You'll be able to eat and drink well…"

As they spoke, a chilling glint suddenly flashed across their eyes, as if a pause button for a film had been pressed. The smiles on the faces of the trio froze immediately, as did their bodies, appearing as though they had been sewn to the ground.

Brushing away the dust on his body, Grai slowly walked away from right under the noses of the trio.

"Garbage is not worth the waste of valuable life resources."

His faint voice fluttered down the alley. Just like a life rending note, the "frozen" bodies instantly shattered apart. As though they were shot by a dense barrage of lasers, their flesh and blood splattered all over the ground!

Over on Wang Zhong's side, they had just finished a day of training. As of now, everyone's collaboration and synergy had steadily improved. Even Hymin felt the great prospects of this Tianjing Academy. On the contrary, Wang Zhong's heart was filled with a greater feeling of insufficiency. Although increased collaboration and synergy would increase their chances of victory, Scarlet was still the crux of their group when it came to the final competition. As such, it was crucial to raise the might of her special ability. With her at the rear, Grai up front and himself anchoring the middle, Tianjing would have a chance of putting up a fight. Returning to his dormitory, Wang Zhong immediately sunk down into the spiritual consciousness channel. This time, he did not feel the clear and distinct coordinates of the sea of fire as he had last time.

"If we can't enter, let's change the destination, alright? It's so hard for you to come here, Wang Zhong. You frightened me when I accompanied you yesterday you know! You should let me breathe a bit of fresh air at the very least!" Simba spoke hastily. During this past period of time, Simba had either been in a deep sleep or was burnt to death. Not once did he have a normal, ordinary break. At this moment, Simba was missing the company of Mu Zi, Ham Sausage and Aiolos. It was a pity that a slight problem had popped up on Mu Zi and Aiolos' side which caused them to miss their pre-arranged appointment. They could not enter the hyperdimension as frequently as Wang Zhong. Right now, the trio had yet to meet up since their previous adventure. "Oh right, where were you originally planning to bring me to?"

"The Diamond Adventurer Base. It just so happens that there's something I want to buy."

"Then what are we waiting for?! Let's go!" Simba shouted excitedly.

As his status was registered there, the coordinates of the Diamond Adventurer Base was incomparably clear within his sea of consciousness. With the clown mask on his face, Wang Zhong descended and immediately sensed a peculiar atmosphere present within the base.

The circular platform that he landed had been lively the previous time, yet was not completely empty with Wang Zhong being the only figure on it. On the side, there were quite a few employees hustling about, immediately gawking upon noticing the arrival of the person on the platform.

An army lieutenant with two stars pinned on her shoulders ran over. Seeing the clown mask, the astonishment on her face quickly turned into respect. Standing at attention, she gave a military salute before addressing him, "Your Honorable Fate Master sir, may I know how I can be of assistance to you?"

Seeing his empty surroundings, Wang Zhong asked, "What's happening in the base?"

"Don't you know?" The lieutenant was slightly flabbergasted.

Hearing that, a frown appeared on Wang Zhong's clown mask.

Immediately realising who she was talking to, the lieutenant hastily explained the current situation within the Diamond Adventurer Base.

As it turned out, nearby adventurer bases were caught unprepared by the intense dimensional storms that had whirled up yesterday.

The affected adventurer bases included the Diamond, Silver Wolves, Heaven's Fate and seven others. Even the spatial channel used for transporting troops was affected by the dimensional storms at varying degrees. Almost a hundred Heroic Soul Soldiers who were inside the channel when the storms occurred were currently missing, and with no discoverable trace of them to be found, the likelihood of their survival was exceedingly slim. As of now, nearly 15 adventurer bases had been forced to close their spatial channels. Although the Federation had already sent their personnel to investigate this issue, they definitely would not dare to open the spatial channels again before the root of the matter was revealed.

Feeling slightly helpless, the lieutenant continued, "Not only has our Diamond Adventurer Base closed the spatial channel here, the 15 nearby bases have also done the same. Therefore, it is natural that there will not be anyone at the transmission platforms. Your Honorable Fate Master may possibly be the only guest among the adventurer bases around this region."

So that's what this is all about. Wang Zhong faintly remembered seeing quite a few humans being sucked into the terrifying energy whirlpool from every direction of nihility when the fiery whirlpool began to wreak havoc. He was one of those people who were drawn in, merely being more fortunate than the rest and not losing his life, though it was a pity for the soldiers of the Federation. Being able to enter the hyperdimension through the Federation's spatial channel was absolute proof of their status as elites. Yet, due to this calamity of nature, they were unable to even shriek out in misery before their deaths.

Unlike Wang Zhong, Aiolos and Mu Zi, those Federation soldiers passed through the spatial channel with their physical bodies to enter the hyperdimension. Consequently, they had absolutely no chance of reviving.

Sighing quietly, Wang Zhong could only wish them all the best. Nevertheless, an indifferent expression was present on his clown mask as he nodded in response, "I'm here to redeem something. Bring me to the military division responsible for the exchange of contribution points."

Although the spatial channels had been sealed, closing all entry and exit paths of the base, this had not led to any form of disorder in here.

Those who were still able to enter the adventurer base were the elite amongst elites of the Federation. Regardless of how horrible the current situation had become, it was merely a lockdown to them.

Adventurer bases always underwent maintenance and construction periodically. As this continued, they would advance step by step. Despite the lockdown, the majority of the personnel within the base still had unending matters to attend to other than the necessary missions and assignments. Compared to those who descended into the hyperdimension with their spiritual consciousness, the elite soldiers of the Federation who had entered with their fleshly bodies through the spatial channels possessed one great advantage; they had no time restrictions as to the length of time they could spend in the hyperdimension. As long as they wished, they could stay here until they passed away from old age.

At this moment, the camp within the base was brimming with life as people bustled about, minding their own matters.

Under the guidance of the lieutenant, Wang Zhong quickly reached the great judgement hall. From a distance, he could already see Dise Musk walking out quickly to welcome him.

"What a surprise, Your Honorable Fate Master sir! Welcome, welcome!" Dise Musk greeted in a rather enthusiastic and passionate manner. Although he was unsuccessful at purchasing the golden stone slab during the auction held at Tianjing, he was able to have Darwin and the Stuart Family owe him a favor. To Dise, this was already a rather good result. Furthermore, since the Fate Master was able to conquer a Rank S pyramid, who knew if he could do so a second or a third time? Such a person was naturally worth making personal friendships with. "There is a slight issue over at the dimensional space, which has resulted in us temporarily locking down the adventurer base. Of course, all operations within the base are as per usual. I hope that this will not affect your mood for shopping, ha ha."

"It's fine." The character of the Fate Master was the same as before, being a man of few words with the lifelike clown mask on his face masking most of Wang Zhong's expressions.

"It is rare for you to visit personally. As a little show of our appreciation, anything you buy today will be on my tab!" Dise Musk chuckled heartily, appearing unafraid of the off chance that the former would turn into a bottomless devouring pit. For Dise, the common items that the military needed within the adventurer base was of no issue, as money was the last thing that the Musk Family required. As it just so happened that Darwin was not around today, this was undoubtedly the best opportunity for him to forge a closer relationship with the Fate Master. "Please follow me in!"

The location for the exchange was inside the military logistics department. There were many departments within the great judgement hall, with various offices in each one. Numerous queues were present, with many people entering and leaving the great hall. Nevertheless, none of this concerned Wang Zhong. With the status of a Six Star Adventurer coupled with Dise Musk's personal escort, anyone on their path would immediately retreat. As the two continued, Wang Zhong was ushered into the VIP room of the military logistics department.

Contrary to the complicated procedures required if one was to redeem items outside, the procedure required in here was much more simple. A digital screen was present before a comfortable sofa, displaying detailed information of the various items present for one to view. Under Dise Musk's order, a beautiful female service officer began to introduce the contribution exchange system. "The items in the military logistics department are sorted by grade and rank. Apart from contribution points, the higher the adventurer's star ranking, the greater the number of rare items that are available for exchange. However, there is no need for you to be concerned about this, respected sir. With your status as a Six Star Adventurer, you're capable of exchanging anything within the military logistics department. You just need to choose the items you require and hand the list to me. After that, I'll calculate the total contribution points needed as well as the relevant documentation for them."

The girls who were able to work in such a place were definitely not simple in regards to appearance or strength. Some of them might even be the successor of a small aristocratic family. Nevertheless, this female service officer had to curb her curiosity, as the person before her eyes was a legendary Six Star Adventurers.

Hearing this, Wang Zhong nodded his head. From the enthusiastic introduction by the female and the accompaniment of Dise Musk, he started to scroll through the list of items displayed on the screen.

It appeared that the Diamond Adventurer Base possessed quite an abundance of items in store. There were already several types of classifications present within its database, consisting of many items that were extremely rare to chance upon on Earth. These included various kinds of medicines, herbs, items, weapons, runic patterns and so forth, as though it possessed everything he knew under the sun.

It can be said that the rarity of items was always comparative. Naturally, all of these items belonged to the Federation and were not the possession of any sole family.

A lustrous deep blue diamond shaped ice attribute dimensional crystal of grade 3a attracted Wang Zhong's attention. Hung on a sparkling platinum chain to form a necklace, it appeared exceedingly beautiful. Although it was not extravagant, this dimensional crystal was extremely useful for Scarlet, and was more than sufficient to assist her in casting her Heroic Soul.

On Earth, such an exquisite ice attribute dimensional crystal necklace engraved with runic patterns would be absolutely be priceless. However, here it could be obtained with a measly 900 military contribution points. For Wang Zhong, that was an amount that he would not be able to amass even if he slugged it out for his entire life.

With Dise Musk footing the bill though, Wang Zhong did not feel the slightest bit of heartache.

Wang Zhong proceeded to look at the other items on the screen. There was not much that he needed for himself, due to the completely different training method he was employing. As of now, he had already reached the absolute peak of the Casted Soul in terms of his Soul Power. There was no need for any supplementation regarding his unique training method for his special ability. As for realm breaking medicines and herbs, those were even more out of the question. From the very beginning, Wang Zhong had always believed in relying on his own training and tempering in order to build a true foundation for himself. Regardless of efficiency claims made by people who used external aids, medicines and herbs had two parts benefit to one part poison. At the very least, there would definitely be some side effects. With his resolution to not be stained by them, Wang Zhong had felt all along that those who relied on aids to breakthrough would eventually fall one day as a result.

Seeing the Fate Master choose only an ice attribute necklace, a few additional degrees of respect appeared in Dise's eyes. Knowing all too well that such a thing was useless for the former and that he had chosen it as a symbolic gesture, there was absolutely no doubt about his character. While giving time for the beautiful female service officer to retrieve the necklace from storage, Dise gave Wang Zhong a tour around the great judgement hall.

The core of the great hall consisted of the registry, missions, logistics, surveillance and transmission departments. Just these five comprised almost the entirety of essential powers within the whole adventurer base.

While Dise Musk introduced the base, he noticed the Fate Master's indifference as they toured around. A smile appeared on Dise's face as he changed the topic. "The radius of the dimensional storms this time was extremely large, with exceedingly severe after effects which is remarkably rare. Seven spatial channels have been destroyed, with close to a hundred outstanding Federation soldiers currently missing. What a catastrophic loss. Furthermore, almost 15 nearby adventurer bases have been forced into lockdown. I'm afraid that we are unable to return to normal operations before the completion of the Federation's detailed investigation. Several exploration plans would have to be shelved. It is said that all of this was due to the actions of a Rank 9 fire attribute life form. Currently, we are unsure as to whether there would be any aftershocks or recurrences that may occur."

Before the dark era, such dimensional energy ripples caused by Rank 9 fire attribute life form would be akin to an earthquake or hurricane to mankind, something that humans were completely defenseless against. Within the dimensional worlds, other than beastial hordes, only such energy fluctuations would have the greatest effect on the bases.

Glancing at Musk, Wang Zhong replied, "The energy ripples have ended. The peak Rank 9 Sovereign of Flames has endured heavenly tribulation and already entered nirvana."

With that, Wang Zhong proceeded to depart, leaving behind a completely stupefied and stunned Musk. Although it had only been a few words, it contained critical news and information. By indicating that the energy ripples had stopped, the various great bases no longer needed to keep up their vigilance. The peak Rank 9 Sovereign of Flames, has passed its heavenly tribulation, and entered nirvana…

Exactly what kind of person is he...

Truthfully speaking, Musk was unable to discern the strength of the Fate Master. Although the latter was credited for the accomplishment of the Rank S pyramid mission, no one knew if it was him or a power influence that had accomplished the feat. Of all the reasons, the most significant one was the strange fluctuations in his spiritual consciousness. They were powerful and overbearing like most spiritual bodies, appearing slightly erratic. However, the more that this was the case, the less Musk dared to underestimate him.

His caution and prudence was spot on. According to the information he was able to obtain, those who were fortunate enough to keep their lives after meeting with the fire attribute life form have reported seeing a person contending against the Sovereign of Flames within the sea of fire…

Confrontation…, confronting a mighty life form that could destroy anything instantly…

Could that person be the Fate Master?

Musk was unsure if it was the Fate Master or not. Truthfully speaking, no one could know the entirety of this matter, especially not being so absolutely clear about the Sovereign of Flames entering nirvana!

At this moment, Musk felt that he was too, too smart! He had managed to be the first to obtain such secret information! It was fortunate that Darwin was absent, allowing the Musk Family to have sole possession over this information. As of now, the Musk Family ranked within the lower five of the ten great families. Although they appeared strong and powerful, they lacked leadership figures, regardless of the younger or older generations. Thus, matching this aspect to their wealth status was something of a necessity to them.

Perhaps he should discuss this matter with the family.

The matter of a mysterious existence that was able to conquer a Rank S pyramid and contend against the Sovereign of Flames.

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