Battle Frenzy
410 The most handsome vs the most ugly
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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410 The most handsome vs the most ugly

Staring at the screen, Karl completely ignored what Divian was talking about, as he had discovered an even more exciting matter. "That fellow's really using a sword and a shield? Ha! Interesting! Could the people are saying on the Skylink be true, that he's that All Mouthy King who had finished you off, captain?"

Divian immediately shot a cold glare back at him. " Would you turn into a mute if no one allows you to talk!"

Karl, the host, Wind God, and even everyone watching the duel were slightly stunned by what they saw.

Isn't this fellow an assassin? And yet, he's actually using a sword and shield? What the hell is he doing? Is he still continuing with his act?

"His opponent is Gaden! There's no reason for him to continue with his act! Could it be that the real smoke screen was him using a dagger in the 1st round?"

"Did he really assume that he's All Mouthy King?"

"Regardless of who he is, he's dead now that he's up against Gaden! The laughable halo around Tianjing Academy's about to fall!"

Only after voices of debate and discussions resounded across the entirety of the competition grounds did Wind God regain his senses. An unknown feeling of doubt, with such a familiar rhythm. " This is somewhat surprising. The Tianjing squadron has finally hatched their wicked ideas. This seems consistent to their style. Having distinguished himself as an assassin in the 1st round, Grai has actually chosen to use a sword and shield to deal against Gaden Bella Dean! Frankly speaking, soldiers and assassins are basically interchangeable occupations, as the common and basic weapons used by both occupations are the same. However, as everyone knows, and an invisible assassin is the nemesis of ranged soldiers. However, Grai, who has astonishing combat prowess in the ways of the assassin, has chosen to a sword and shield. Is he planning to engage in a head-on battle? Although I don't know exactly how strong his combat prowess as a soldier is, faced against one of the Mo's List's 5 great ranged soldiers, Gaden, it will not give any advantage to him! Personally, I feel that this decision of him is too rash and impudent!" 

As Wind God continued his casting, both parties had already taken their places on the stage.

A tranquil expression akin to the surface of an undisturbed lake was present on Grai's face as he faced against the most mysterious Mo's List range soldier. There were a few points of excitement and interest present in him before he walked onto the stage. However, upon taking his place, his heart was immediately devoid of any miscellaneous thoughts.

Although excitement and interest might be able to raise one's fighting spirit and aura, they weren't the feelings required by a soldier like Grai. At this moment, an aura started to radiate out from him, one that appeared to be akin as deep and bottomless as an abyss, something that people were able to unable to get a concrete grasp about.

Gaden squinted his eyes as he started sizing up the opponent before him. Having watched the fight between his opponent and Yingren during the 1st round, Gaden had to admit that the former had concealed his strength rather deeply. The weapon he used wasn't important, while his level of strength wasn't just what he had displayed in the 1st round. What's more, the calmness present in Grai's eyes caused a sliver of interest to surge in Gaden's heart. Coupled with shrieks of the women present in the audience, this had caused the sliver of excitement to turned into a fever. He was too much in love with such an arrangement! Such strength and perfection, which would result in such misery and anguish in his hands! Gaden's favourite pastime was to create such pain and despair!

Gaden's eyes have already turned into slits of happiness.

He hated pretty boys the most, especially those that were beloved by women! If he's able to turn that fellow into a specimen, he would definitely become a rather interesting trophy for him.

As the 2 parties locked eyes with each other, the competition stage appeared as still and silent as a painting, the noisy dim in their surroundings completely unable to affect them one single bit.


Right when the competition bell rang, Grai took a gentle step forward, before entire figure shot out like an arrow fired from a bow.

A fight between a ranged soldier and close combat fighter all depended on the factor of distance. The latter would have to risk his life to close the gap, while the former would be needed to maintain a safe gap until he finishes dealing with the latter.

Grai's advance was quick and swift, causing him to appear like a gust of wind.

Twisting the hand hidden beneath a large and loose robe, a black coloured crossbow appeared with Gaden's hand.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Pointing his crossbow forwards, without sparing any time to support it with his other hand or even take aim, slight trembles shook through Gaden's hand as 5 successive bolts were sent hurtling through the air.

Clearly, these were bolts condensed from Soul Power, something that any ranged soldier could create. However, creating 5 bolts in succession at the speed which Gaden had done so was somewhat within the range of impossibility for other ranged soldiers.

The bolts traveled at exceedingly fast speeds and rapid intervals, creating a greenish radiance as they travelled through the air.

Grai's eyes were visible behind the little round shield he had raised in response. Although it was easy for the shield to block the incoming bolts, they would definitely disrupt the rhythm of his advance. 

Sliding his feet to the left, his body started to shift in a manner akin to a leave fluttering in the wind.

In the next instant, the swaying figure rushed towards the incoming bolts at a high speed. The few bolts appeared to pierce right through Grai's body, yet were unable to do any harm to him, and were even unable to cause any disruption to his advance.

50 metres! 40 metres!

Countless of Bella Dean supporters held their breaths as they watch via the Skylink. That Grai actually dared to disregard Gaden's rapid shooting? This Grai seems to be completely different from that Barran! From the speed of his advance, could he really close the distance between him and Gaden in an instant?

Standing afar, Gaden's mouse-like eyes narrowed, though not one bit of worry could be seen on his face.

A top rate Ghostly Steps? He's truly confident, huh! With that handsome face of his, he really provoked more ire within Gaden's heart!


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Bolts were shot out in succession, appearing just like those shot out earlier. However, this time, there's some slight deviation to this lot. The 8 bolts appeared to have been shot out in a deviating manner. However, a split second later, the fanning pattern of the bolts suddenly closed up. With sudden turns, the bolts weaved in and out of each other's flight paths. As their flight paths instantly turned unpredictable, they formed a net of bolts that no one could get a good grasp off!

Arcing bolts! What's more, it was a simultaneous 7 bolt array!

The entire competition grounds turned mute in the presence of it. Despite everyone knowing that Gaden was a Mo's List expert, Grai's strength meant that he would absolutely be able to put up a fight against the former, though no one knew exactly to which degree.

Although Grai was an assassin, his soldier-like preparations placed him in a much more stable position to fight against a Mo's List ranged soldier. It would be somewhat of a wishful thinking if an assassin wanted to close in on a Mo's List range soldier from Grai's current position.

Noticing the bolt array, Grai stopped swaying and tilting his body. The incoming arcing bolt array with its unpredictable flight paths was basically the nemesis of the Ghostly Steps!

Looks like he had thought too simply of his opponent.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The arcing bolt array was extremely tricky to deal with. Despite having his runic sword and shield by his sides, and parrying those that headed for him, a few of the bolts managed to skim past the surface of his body. Although he had dealt with the first wave of attacks, it had clearly hampered the speed of his advance.

As bolt after bolt flew across the stage, their whooshing sounds were mixed with the metallic sounds from Grai parrying them, causing the rhythm of the duel to immediately slow down.

Only at this moment did much of the audience regain their senses. The attacks and defensive moves of the 2 parties happened too quickly, causing everyone to become engrossed in every detail that had happened a blink of an eye earlier.

"I'm not exaggerating, but that Grai knows a stuff or 2."

"I was quite worried for him! He had almost been struck by those bolts! That ugly freak's too wretched! He only knows how to hide from a distance and shoot arrows!"

"Oh my god! He's a range soldier for god's sake! Can't you women talking after taking a good look!"

"Grai's rush has been obstructed. When faced against a range soldier, when one's first dash attempt fails, it would be extremely difficult to find the 2nd chance to do so, as a combination attack would definitely seal a soldier to death." Wind God's analysis was clearly more accurate and spot-on than most of the ordinary audience. "The main factor is still the distance between the 2. However, this is the time that they should show off what they are truly made off. In the end, it would be how fast the soldier is, or how dense and tight the range soldier's seal is! We can see that Gaden's movements are rather quick and rapid. While maintaining the rapid pace and accuracy of his shooting, he's actually able to make such quick and rapid movements! His grasp at the foundational skills of a range soldier is well worthy of one of the 5 great ranged soldiers of the Mo's List! It would be extremely difficult for Tianjing's Grai to close in on Gaden under such a dense and tight seal coming from Gaden's attacks! If he makes as much as half a misstep, he'll eat a bolt from Gaden, and that's no laughing matter! Whoosh! Looks like he's still doing pretty well…"

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    《Battle Frenzy》