Battle Frenzy
411 Obsession
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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411 Obsession

Wind God was slightly astonished by what he saw. Even though Grai wasn't trying to rapidly close the distance through the execution of Ghostly Steps, his movements appeared somewhat stable. Step by step, he was taking over the centre position of the competition stage and was using this as an axis to corner Gaden. Although Gaden's bolts had sealed off Grai's paths of advance, Grai was also cutting off the area in which Gaden could move about.

In this battle of distance, the laymen were looking at the liveliness, while the experts were looking at the underlying methods that were being utilised.

The tempo of this fight was slow, yet danger was present in every step. Both men were executing the most fundamental of methods to approach a ranged vs closed combat scenario. Under the attacks from Gaden's crossbow, Grai's paths were sealed. To combat the attacks, he would need not only strength but also intelligence in his deduction skills!

At this moment, Gaden started to feel the pressure exerted by Grai. Astonishingly, Grai's combat foundation was top class. Even more frightening was his calm and collected state of mind; it was quite inconceivable that it was so stable. After a full 2 minutes of offence vs defence, the gap between the 2 parties did not change by even half a step. Gaden's crossbow shooting abilities were spectacular and peerless in their obstruction, and he had yet to make a single mistake.

Although the distance between the 2 parties remained at approximately 50 metres, under Grai's unchanging speed, the area where Gaden could move had shrunk and was continuing to do so.

After that radius had been shrunk by a step, the stalemate was finally broken.

50 metres, 40 metres, 30 metres!

The crossbow within Gaden's hand proceeded to hurl more bolts out, yet Grai was still able to stably advance forward. Grai's weapon selection was incomparably correct, as it was impossible for him to evade the attacks coming from a Mo's List ranged soldier with only his movements. However, the soldier's runic sword and shield allowed him to execute a nimble yet sufficiently strong defence. This was the meticulous preparation Grai had done before the match!

Naturally, that would also require possessing the strength to accomplish such feats. Clearly, being the swingman of the Tianjing squadron, he was their actual trump card.

The distance between the 2 men continued to shrink. Once it reaches a distance of 10 metres, Grai could unleash an advance!

20 metres, 10 metres!

Appearing to have reached the limit of equilibrium, a flash of radiance suddenly erupted out of Grai's eyes. Surging Soul Power coated the surface of his small round shield, increasing its defensive capabilities. At the same instant, the strength that he had accumulated for so long exploded out from his body, causing his entire being to advance like a bolt of lightning!


A soldier's shade was akin to a flash of light!

At this moment, there were much fewer people sprouting out nonsense on the Skylink live broadcast chat feed. A confrontation between a ranged soldier and a close combat soldier was beloved by many people. The continuously narrowing distance between the 2 combatants was just like a string that was steadily being reeled in. This had an exceedingly powerful effect of tugging at people's heartstrings, causing feelings of nervousness and exhilaration to surge within them.

A 10-metre lightning dash! To any outstanding soldier, a distance of 10 metres was basically no obstruction to them!

The hearts of the fans watching via Skylink have already reached their mouths. Some people hoped for the birth of a new legend, though there naturally were those who wished for the legend of the Mo's List to continue.

Gaden had long expected this action from Grai. At this instant, he had unexpectedly chosen not to continue using his crossbow to obstruct Grai's advance. On the contrary, a peculiar smile surfaced on his face.


With a wave of his cloak, Gaden's figure disappeared in the blink of an eye!

Grai's dash was exceedingly quick, seemingly reaching at the same instant when Gaden disappeared. The runic sword in his hand had already chased up to the disappearing figure before him. Yet in the next moment, the only thing that it pierced was air!

"Where is he?!"

"Invisibility? Stealth? Camouflage?"

Seemingly everyone watching in person or via the Skylink had opened their eyes wide. How were they able to see a living person disappear right before their very eyes! Such a feeling was all too weird and peculiar!

Grai's actions came to a halt. Immediately after, he closed his eyes as he spread his senses out.

Although special abilities like stealth or camouflage appeared extraordinarily incredible, truth be told, the presence of the special ability user could still be established by searching for footprints. It was impossible for a person to truly disappear into thin air. Even if there were such abilities, they would at the very most be smokescreen type, optical type, or visual illusion type abilities.

Grai started to sense for remnant breaths and traces left in the air from movements. Such things could not be masked from experts' senses.

However, after just sensing for a second, a frown appeared on Grai's face.

There were no breaths, no change in the air currents, and not a single footprint at all!

Grai was not the only one who reacted this way, as Wang Zhong had also started to frown slightly.

The Heart's Eye ability allowed one to be able to see through all camouflages. During his fight in the OP, Gaden was unable to hide from Wang Zhong's senses. However, at this very moment, Wang Zhong was unexpectedly unable to locate even the slightest existence of Gaden!

There was no use in closing his eyes, as that fellow appeared to have truly disappeared into thin air! What kind of special ability was this? 

Wang Zhong now felt that he had a better understanding of what Laura had felt when she said that exact sentence during his conversation with her the previous night over Skylink.

One would definitely need to be sufficiently strong in the fundamentals of combat in order to be qualified to climb onto the Mo's List. However, that was not the whole deal. Every Mo's List expert had their own unique move, and it was their qualification to be placed on the list! One would be making a huge mistake by assuming that they could contend with the Mo's List experts simply by having the same fundamental combat capabilities as them.

The atmosphere on the competition stage instantly turned weird and strange as Grai immediately restrained his aura. Holding his sword in front of him, his raised his perception of his surroundings, paying extra attention to any sensations coming from his back.

His opponent was definitely on the stage! Yet, he was able to conceal himself to the extent of leaving no traces! Therefore, a sudden attack would most likely happen from his back.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

He made a wrong guess!

3 bolts suddenly appeared less than 5 metres away from Grai! An attack at such a distance was tantamount to death!

The jaws of countless people fell open in nervousness. However, before anyone could let lose a shriek, Grai's body appeared akin to a taut spring. With a backwards arc, he drove his feet into the ground, sending him flipping backwards!

2 bolts shot past Grai's face, while the more disgusting bolt, which was aimed at his nether regions, barely missed making him a eunuch! It had to be said that the targets of his opponent's attacks were quite dirty!

Gaden let off a silent laugh. That's the way! This is called fun! The hunt has just begun!

Standing beside the stage, Hymin's entire back was already drenched, while she appeared to be on the brink of collapse. Not only was that ugly freak so sinister in his moves, his actions and motives were also too disgusting!

While this was happening, Gaden's figure slowly appeared not far away from Grai.

Everyone finally managed to spot Gaden's figure once again, though no one believed that this fellow would want to suddenly reveal himself. Upon seeing this, Grai had already made his judgment about his opponent.

Every special ability consumes energy, and the consumption increased with the might of the special ability. A powerful special ability like Gaden's camouflage-like ability would definitely have a time limit to it, something like 5 to 6 seconds. Naturally, it's possible that it was longer, though it would definitely not exceed 10 seconds. If not, he would have already let loose a second barrage, instead of exposing himself like what he was doing now.

Furthermore, there was definitely a way to break his concealment ability, as Gaden did not dare to approach too close to Grai, for fear that the latter would sense him. The distance was approximately 4 to 6 metres. If that third bolt had been fired at a closer distance, it would be extremely difficult for Grai to extricate himself without any injury.

At this moment, the 2 dueling opponents locked eyes with each other, seemingly noticing the difference in feelings present in each other's hearts. Gaden was unexpectedly unable to discover even the slightest trace of fear within his opponent's eyes. There was no fluster present, nor was there any blinding self-confidence. To put it simply, it felt as though he was staring right at himself, who was in the state where he had just discovered an interesting prey!

Such feedback caused Gaden to feel exceedingly delighted. Only such an opponent was capable of satisfying him.
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    《Battle Frenzy》