Battle Frenzy
412 Fatal Aging!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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412 Fatal Aging!

As the host, Wind God's eyes had already widened until they were practically circles. Frankly speaking, compared to the simple and barbaric-like close combat confrontations, such a fight clearly required a higher level of intelligence. "The actions, responses, moves and countermoves of both parties are really too quick! I'm sorry! Ever since the start of Grai's dash, I was already unable to spot the changes that happened in that flash! What's even more spectacular is the concealment ability displayed by Gaden! Without bringing any bunkering into consideration, the camouflage and stealth techniques or special abilities known by the Federation relies on the manipulation of light and blind spots to achieve their desired effect. Such methods could only catch people off guard for a moment but are unable to fool cameras or all-rounded surveillance. However, Gaden had clearly disappeared completely from the competition stage earlier! Even our thermal imaging cameras weren't able to discover his exact location! I have to say that this ability of his is considerably unique! A ranged soldier whom no one can get close to! This is most likely why Gaden has been known as the most troublesome Mo's List expert to deal with!"

Gaden did not focus his attention on Wind God's analysis of his ability. At this moment, he was feeling exceedingly satisfied by the opponent he was facing. Being able to destroy such an expert was an incomparable enjoyment to him!

With a sinister grin, he revealed his yellowed and rotten teeth while saying, "You're very interesting. I like you."

After looking at the mouth full of yellowed teeth before hearing those words, the girls present in the competition grounds could no longer endure it any longer, as feelings akin to their most beloved toy being sullied surged through their hearts.

"Go and die, you disgustingly ugly freak! Our Grai doesn't need your liking!"

"CHF's number 1 wretched male!"

A wave of commotion rang out across the competition grounds, with Gaden responding with an ugly and sinister smile plastered across his face.


Before Gaden's smile had faded, Grai had already rushed forward. At this very moment, there wasn't much distance between the 2 parties. If Gaden's concealment ability had a time limit, Grai did not intend to let this precious moment slip out of his hands.

The 10-metre gap was closed with just a 2 step dash.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

This time, however, bolts were the ones that greeted Grai.

Perfect flight paths, 18 bolts, multi-array bursts!

The array bursts covered such a large radius, shocking the audience who had seen this with their own eyes, as the dense flight paths instantly covered an area a few metres around Grai.

The sealing moves had been set into play. Nonetheless, the straight flight paths of the bolts clearly weren't able to provide any obstruction to Grai. No matter how dense they were, they would only require a bit of Soul Power to block them with his shield. However, the shield and runic sword were strangely unable to make contact with any of the bolts.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Upon reaching a few metres from Grai's location, all of the bolts automatically exploded, sending dense plumes of green smoke dispersing out, engulfing a portion of the competition stage!

Seeing this, Divian's face instantly sunk as she cursed out, "Dammit!"

Gaden was most likely the only person within the Mo's List that Divian was not willing to be matched against. This was not due to his strength, but because of his special ability and his poison! That green poison gas was the most disgusting and overbearing of the poisons he possessed!

That was his second special ability: ageing!

That green poison gas was able to devour all life forms, absorbing their life force and energy while doing so! Just looking at the disgusting appearance of Gaden would allow one to understand how disgusting his special ability was! That was undoubtedly one of the most terrifying special abilities ever recorded in human history.

The green mist had exploded so unexpectedly and rapidly. What's more, this was clearly part of Gaden's meticulous plan, instantly enveloping Grai's entire being within the mist.

Poisons were one of the necessary aspects that assassins need to master. It took Emily just a look to know that something wasn't right. Within the competition stage, Grai had immediately held his breath upon seeing the green poison gas, while propelling himself backwards in retreat. In the blink of an eye, he had retreated out of the green mist. Nonetheless, his quick reactions weren't enough to prevent a bit of the poison gas from making contact with him.

"Oh my god!"

"Look at Grai's hands!"

"Look at his hair!"

People in the audience watched in terror as they observed that Grai's pale and jade-like hands were unexpectedly withering at a rapid pace. Appearing as though all the moisture had been sucked out of them, the skin on their surface turned dry and withered. At the same time, Grai's golden hair was rapidly turning white, while wrinkles had already appeared on his face! 

Not only the ladies, but even the males present in the audience also could not believe their eyes as they screamed out in terror.

Just the mere contact with Grai's skin was able to instantly corrode his body to such a degree! This special ability was truly too frightening!

A snicker could already be heard ringing out from Gaden. Ah, how lovely the melody was when a perfect art piece got destroyed! Now, Grai was even uglier than him! Now, he will personally let those people who used to love Grai abandon! He would show everyone that the world was simply this shallow and superficial!

However, before people could finish their cries of astonishment, even more bolts exploded, releasing more of the green poison gas!

Bolts streaked across the competition stage, though this time, Gaden's intetion wasn't to strike Grai directly. The seemingly random and chaotic shooting caused the large radius of green poison mist to form on the stage, before proceeding to spread across its entirety!

Waves of shrieks instantly filled the competition grounds, while those seated nearest to the stage fled back in succession. At this moment, no one cared who they supported, as their lives were most important! Even if they were beaten to death, none of them wanted to ever touch even an iota of that green mist!

At this moment, the green mist had already covered most of the competition stage! Before it had wholly engulfed the figures of the 2 fighters, everyone could clearly see Grai's ramrod-straight figure gradually starting to turn hunched. While this was happening, Gaden's perverted voice came ringing out from the mist. "He He He He! I really want to know, when you become old, stupid, slow, and covered in wrinkled skin, will there still be any girls that would like you? Do you want to know the answer?"
Gaden's voice grew increasingly sharp and impudent while turning increasingly blurry...


Propagating out, the dense mist covered the last bit of the stage. Now, everyone could no longer see anything else on the competition stage!

Not only did the thick green poison gas obstruct everyone's vision, it had also obscured most of the sounds radiating from within. Other than the faint and blurry sounds of laughter coming from Gaden, the entire competition stage had suddenly turned quiet.

A scene that could not be seen would create the most anxiety. Beside the stage, Hymin's vision had blacked out, and she felt slightly faint. At this moment, a frown had also appeared on Wang Zhong's forehead. 

On the aspect of essence, special abilities could be said as the visualisation of a Soul Power attack, though there were many more ways and methods for one to display one's special ability. This way, it would prevent people from being able to completely defend and counter the special ability.

For example, let's look at Gaden's poison attribute special ability. After removing its mystery, its ageing effect was determined by the Soul Power strengths of Gaden and his opponent. The stronger his opponent's Soul Power, the stronger his opponent's resistance. The ageing effect his special ability had towards soldiers was proportional to their resistance. More accurately, such a special ability was classified as a wood attribute special ability. If the strength of one's Soul Power was the determining factor for the efficacy of Gaden's special ability, Wang Zhong would not feel any despair for Grai. However, the attacks from special abilities weren't as simple as a comparison of Soul Power strength, as they also took methods of resistance into account.

This made it slightly tricky to deal with.

Across the stage at the Bella Dean squadron seating area, the squadron members, including Dooley and Paulista, had deep expressions of terror and dread on their faces. The only one without such a reaction was Adam, who was currently shaking his head.

It had to be said that this was an extremely uncounterable, yet exceedingly disgusting special ability, as it caused even one's allies to feel fear.

Such a terrifying special ability was produced within his body. While ordinary people would age and die immediately upon contact, new humans were slightly better off due to the presence of Soul Power. Nonetheless, there was still a limit to their resistance!
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    《Battle Frenzy》