Battle Frenzy
413 Inconcievable
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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413 Inconcievable

Gaden's mother was formerly a mighty soldier for the Bella Dean Family. However, after carrying him for less than eight months in her womb, she had aged to the point of losing her humanity. Gaden was removed via surgery from his mother's corpse, resulting in him being born prematurely. His terrifying special ability had been present since he was young, causing everyone from his family to view him with faces of dread and disgust. Even his father, an elder from the Bella Dean Family, hated him. If not for the sake of employing his unique special ability which possessed extremely lethality into the battlefield, Gaden might have been killed long ago by his father's own hands!

Despite that, they had only dispatched a few slaves to attend to him, while tossing and locking him up in a small courtyard.

Without the love and care from his parents and the lack of any friends, Gaden's reasoning and emotions were nurtured by his environment into the eccentricity that he currently had. Being sent by the family to serve and attend to him was the task which instilled the greatest fear in those slaves, as being able to survive it with an aged appearance was already considered as having heaven-defying luck. As for those partners who were sent to accompany Gaden in combat, many Heroic Soul soldiers had entered his courtyard, never to exit!

This fellow was essentially a demon raised and nurtured by the Bella Dean Family!

At this moment, with the former dealing with a mere Casted Soul Stage Grai, Adam could already predict that Grai would last 10 seconds at the very most!

"Such a frightening ability! Such a frightening Gaden! Such a frightening poison mist!" as he continued his casting, everyone could hear and see the intense trembles racking through Wind God's body. Due to the casting podium being too close to the competition stage, he was even able to smell the putrid smell emanating from the green poison mist! Earlier, while the viewing gallery was in chaos as everyone seated in the front scrambled to retreat, he had almost followed along! Nevertheless, his professionalism for his occupation allowed him to forcefully suppress the terror present in his heart. Fuck this shit! Your father's risking his life to cast for all of you! See how mighty my professionalism for my job is! Wind God was already getting emotional over himself!

"Ladies and gentlemen! Ladies and gentlemen! The entire competition grounds are already in a mess! Everyone can see that the viewing gallery originally packed full of people has its front few rows now empty! The emotions of our audience are rather unstable, with shrieks of terror filling up the entire competition grounds! Oh, merciful Lord, I pray for this duel to end as quickly as possible! Naturally, for good or for bad, I promise that I'll anchor myself at the casting podium to analyse the match for everyone, and will not back down till the very end! At this moment, the situation is already obvious, with that frightening green mist having filled the entire competition stage! In this small stage, an attack like that is simply unavoidable! Pitiful Grai has already nowhere left to go! Oh my god, an ugly Grai!"

"Stop fighting already! Stop this fight! Stop that madman!"

"Don't destroy a genius! Where are the organisers!"

"Hurry up and disperse that poison mist!"

However, those moans didn't get any feedback; after all, this was the CHF. Admittedly, this was an all-rounded show, while being the greatest and most important show of strength in this era. Inheriting the strength of humanity through to dark era, it showed that not everyone in this era had turned out into a softie.

With the strength Grai had displayed in both the earlier round and in this duel, Gaden using his ageing special ability to deal with him was still reasonable. There was nothing in his decision that people could criticise.

However, did he really need to use his special ability?

Naturally, he didn't need to use it. His ranged attacks coupled with his concealment ability might allow him to obtain the victory. However, who could decide what Gaden wanted to do?

"In a mere dozens of seconds, the audience in the competition grounds are already at the brink of collapse! The cacophony of voices on the Skylink broadcast is rising, calling for the stop of his duel! However, a competition is still a competition! With no one admitting defeat, no one toppling over, the judging committee will not interfere, regardless of what happens!" Wind God was trying his best to continue his work "However, its a pity that we're already unable to see the situation within the green mist. Although we could still hear Gaden's ostentatious laughter earlier, there's currently no more sounds coming from within! We're unable to judge if Grai had fallen or not...wait a minute!"

Within the poisonous mist, Gaden was currently walking step by step as he neared Grai. In most cases, a Casted Soul Stage soldier would lose all strength to resist after 5 seconds of exposure, with Heroic Soul Stage Soldiers being able to resist for a dozen seconds at most. At this moment, Grai's body was rapidly turning hunched. As his life force was being extracted, he was turning into an old man. As Gaden thought about how much more ugly the current Grai was as compared to him, his little whiskers could not help trembling in delight. 

If he hadn't engaged in this fight, there would not have been any harm.

All of a sudden, Gaden felt a sliver of vigilance. Upon sensing that, he noticed, that the hunched figure in the green mist had unexpectedly disappeared???

What the fuck!

"Are you trying to find me?" A voice rang out beside Gaden's ear.

Gaden instantly shot back, immediately following up with 3 successive shots. Nonetheless, all of them struck air. At this moment, that damnable aura came back once again, while a suffocating feeling surged within his heart, something like...


All of a sudden, Wind God's ears stood upwards.


The stage turned quiet for approximately 2 to 3 seconds before the dense green mist started to rapidly disperse. Everyone's hearts were gripped with anxiety, while some fans have already begun to cry. Was it unimaginable?

No! This was true for all ladies; they would always love nice and beautiful things from their hearts. However, everything had been destroyed by Gaden.

The poison gas had dispersed. From the looks of it, Gaden had stopped his special ability. However, Wind God had a sliver of doubt. That scream he heard right before the green mist started dispersing didn't seem to come from Grai…or perhaps to say, it doesn't seem to be the voice of an aged Grai?

"Ladies and gentlemen. This duel has come to an end! I've just heard Grai's shrieks ringing out from the stage. As of now, there are quite a few people from the audience that have closed their eyes and ears, most likely due to being unable to endure what's happening on stage. I've just received information that Gaden's special ability is classified to be of the unrecoverable type. What a terrifying ability indeed! Even I'm feeling extremely down for the loss of this handsome guy from this world."

Despite his words, people were unable to sense even a trace of sadness in his voice. Grai's existence by itself was something that was unfair to everyone else. Why was he so handsome? It's just a face!

A stretch of silence had filled Tianjing Academy. To them, the ending of this duel was something worse than death. If it were just a loss, they would be able to accept it, as no one had believed that their squadron was able to clinch a victory over the Bella Dean squadron. However, the price Grai had paid was something worse than death.

Compared to Tianjing, Cecil, Lina and the others felt slightly fortunate. It was still better to acknowledge and accept defeat when one's strength was insufficient. This CHF was too terrifying! Just the thought of Grai's possible appearance made Lina hesitant to open her eyes. Nonetheless, she was still a soldier at heart.

"The mist has cleared. There's one standing, and one lying on the ground. Let us congratulate.. errr" Wind God was halfway through his statement before coming to an abrupt halt. At this instant, the entire competition grounds had turned deathly silent.

At the same time, those women who were covering their eyes earlier, not willing to see the outcome of the duel, were now covering their quivering lips. As this happened, all the males present had their eyes turning as huge as saucers, with their jaws already touching the ground. is this possible???

Dumbfounded expressions filled the entire Bella Dean squadron and their supporters!

That's because the person left standing in the stage was Grai, while the person lying down was Gaden! Furthermore, Grai was just as handsome as he ever, and might even be more so than before! His golden hair, jade-like skin, dazzling smile and his ever-present refined appearance had not changed a single bit.

Compared to him, the disgusting Gaden was curled up on the ground like a beaten dog. With a venomous expression on his face, he glared at Grai, though not a single sound was emitted by him.

What the fuck was this???

Oh my god! Was this an illusion? Everyone had clearly seen Grai's hand withering and his hair turning white! However, it seemed as though the sky and earth had turned upside down in an instant! Exactly what had happened earlier?!
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    《Battle Frenzy》