Battle Frenzy
414 Shriek for the trump card
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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414 Shriek for the trump card

"We've, we've won! We've won!" God knows who was the one who made the first shout in the quiet viewing gallery.

This was closely followed by the crazed shouting from the measly 200-plus Tianjing supporters: "Fuck this shit! We've won! We've defeated that Mo's List's Gaden! All hail Grai! All hail Tianjing!"

"Trump card! Trump card! Trump card!"

"My Grai….."

The girls present in the competition grounds were unable to control their shrieks and shouts. That's right, Grai was basically their king! In an instant, Grai had once again managed to successfully attract countless fans. At this moment, even Wang Zhong felt how handsome Grai truly was. Indeed, Wang Zhong had been anxious about Grai. Nonetheless, he had still underestimated Grai's strength. From the looks of it, he still had a rather strong skill to deal with his opponent's special ability.

It took quite a while before Wind God regained his clarity.

He swallowed his saliva, his mind having exploded from the outcome of this duel. This duel had already exceeded his analytical capabilities. Nonetheless, he could not leave the audience hanging in an awkward silence. "What a dramatic duel this had turned out to be! Grai is unexpectedly the victor in this duel! All the way to the last second, there's most likely not a single person in the audience who believed in him obtaining victory! Frankly speaking, Tianjing is a considerably contradictory squadron. I still feel that they're fragile. However, that's due to the depth of their lineup and their average strength across their squadron. However, if it's just about Grai, I feel that he's definitely able to achieve an S rank!"

The little fellows who supported Tianjing on the Skylink had basically gone crazy. After flunking 2 duels in a row, even they felt that they had placed too much anticipation and hope on Tianjing. However, no one could have guessed that Grai would be able to deal with the trump card - the opponent's Mo's Lister!

This is Tianjing! This is Grai! Even against an S ranked Bella Dean, he's still as strong as before!

Hymin could no longer stay still. Rushing up the stage, she wanted to immediately give treatment to Grai. How could she rest her heart in the face of that terrifying ageing special ability! Although nothing seemed to have happened to Grai, Hymin didn't dare to confirm that everything was okay before doing a detailed search.

"I'm really alright, senior sister Hymin. You should not overdo your treatment, and make sure to rest properly." Grai spoke out while shaking his hands at her, before looking at Wang Zhong. There were some things that could not be gleaned by standing at the side of the stage. "Senior Wang Zhong, we definitely have to be careful about his special ability during the group battle. The ageing effect is just the tip of what it can do. However, I have confirmed that it has an extremely potent corrosive and weakening effect. One's physical strength will be sapped by it. What's more, it has an extremely high diffusion rate in the air, while appearing to have a definite level of life-threatening lethality to it." 

On the other side of the stage, Gaden had already been stretchered out, though he continued to glare venomously at the Tianjing side.

Shooting a look at him, Emily said, "Dammit! They also have a healer! Grai, you should have been more merciless and just wasted him."

Hearing that, Grai gave a faint smile, declining to comment further about this.

At the Bella Dean side, when Gaden was stretchered out, a female special ability user immediately walked out before him.

With a gentle wave of her hand, a vast stretch of faint green radiance proceeded to envelope the Gaden's entire body. Accompanied by a bout of wonderful fragrance, it started to rapidly treat the latter's wounds. Regardless of the level, familiarity and technique, that female was clearly a notch above Hymin in the proficiency of her special ability.

Although healers with water attribute special abilities were quite rare to come by, it was considered to be a standard for a powerful squadron like Bella Dean.

That female special ability user was clearly quite experienced. Upon starting her treatment, she breathed a sigh of relief. With a mere 3 to 4 minutes of treatment, Gaden's tightly shut eyes opened up once again. Rubbing his head, he proceeded to sit up from the stretcher.

"Everything alright?" asked Adam Galen as he walked over.

Gaden immediately spat on the ground in response, his eyes brimming with the fires of fury.

The situation that had occurred within the green mist was only privy to himself, making his loss feel slightly unjust!

"Dammit!" growled Gaden. "My special ability unexpectedly has no effect on him! That fellow's likely to be some kind of self-recovery type. However, he's too soft in his attacks!"

Truthfully speaking, Adam was already able to guess how the fight had played out after seeing its outcome.

Merely, it was still tough for him to accept the outcome. Although Gaden was a pervert, he was absolutely not an idiot. Ever since knowing him, Adam has only seen him scheme and cause people to suffer, and had never seen the opposite. However, that Grai was actually able to ignore Gaden's green poison gas? That gas was something that couldn't be defended against using just Soul Power. Therefore, the only explanation had to be some kind of special ability.

However, despite having every opportunity, that fellow had unexpectedly not dealt with Gaden with a heavy hand. Adam did not wish for Gaden to suffer serious injuries. As they headed along with their journey in this CHF, the opponents they bump into would grow progressively stronger. Therefore, he needed Gaden to stay combat-fit, as losing any of his squadron members in this round would be a massive disadvantage for their squadron.

Nonetheless, there was something that he wasn't able to understand; why did Grai not deal a heavy hand to them???

Naturally, this was a good piece of news for the Bella Dean squadron. However, as the saying goes, "there will be a demon when there's an abnormality." If their opponent wanted to win, the best way to do so was to obtain the advantage and go for the win in the group battle phase. Although it was forbidden to kill people in the CHF, no rules prohibited the amputation of arms and legs. Was Grai an idiot, or just overconfident, to give up this opportunity to eliminate Gaden? Or perhaps, was he afraid to offend Bella Dean?

The possibility of it being the latter seemed higher, as this CHF was a one-off event, while there were many paths to take in the future. As he thought about this, Adam felt more comfortable towards this unexpected series of happenings.

"Ha! I like that fellow more and more!" Karl was already starting to show signs of being a Grai fan: "He deliberately held back! That's some character! However, exactly what is he planning on doing? He better not be doing so due to compassion."

"You've asked the same question I was planning to ask." Divian was also intrigued by this. At the very beginning, she had tuned in for the sole purpose of seeing Wang Zhong's performance. However, as she continued watching, she discovered that this Grai from Tianjing was yet another exciting fellow. From his performance in the duel, he sure didn't look like a brainless idiot. Nonetheless, he had given up on such an easy opportunity to weaken his opponent. Frankly speaking, this caused question marks to appear in Divian's mind.

"Could he be planning on getting on the good graces of Bella Dean?" said Karl with a grin. "With his level of strength, it doesn't seem likely. Why did he do that? Truly, what a strange squadron filled with strange people."

Without mentioning them, even the members of the Tianjing squadron were feeling regret over Grai's decision. With such a great opportunity, why didn't he deal a decisive blow towards his opponent? Nonetheless, Grai appeared as though he had not heard what they were talking about. Since Tianjing needed to force the match into the group battle phase, taking Gaden out...what reason was there not to do so? As Grai shot a look at Wang Zhong, who was prepared to ascend up the stage, he thought, "You should be prepared to give a surprise, senior."

"A change has happened in this match, with the domineering Bella Dean finally suffering a vicious blow! Grai's performance has caught everyone off guard! Although everyone has previously treated him as one of the trump cards of Tianjing, with many people even guessing that he was the famous All Mouthy King, his combat record of defeating Yingren was lacking when compared to the other experts suspected to be All Mouthy King. Now, after dealing with Gaden, I'm afraid that no one will doubt his strength and qualifications again!"

The viewership for this match has already risen to over 5 million, a number that was simply inconceivable for everyone. A mere Tianjing had actually obtained a victory against Bella Dean, and against a Mo's List expert to boot!

At another competition ground, the Giant God Peak squadron was also currently in battle. Upon obtaining the news of Tianjing's victory in the 3rd duel, Dicaprio could not help but gawk in surprise, while a smile appeared on his face. From the looks of it, he had still underestimated Tianjing. Nonetheless, it was a pity that it was still useless if they only had Grai to rely on.
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    《Battle Frenzy》