Battle Frenzy
415 Captain Wang with his overflowing self confidence
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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415 Captain Wang with his overflowing self confidence

"It's now Bella Dean's turn to make their selection! In the previous selections, the Tianjing squadron could be said to have made rather passive choices. However, the entire situation has changed! Wang Zhong, who had defeated Eddie, has yet to take action. Being a person who has defeated a Mo's List assassin, there's no one from the Bella Dean squadron other than captain Adam Galen Bella Dean that could be a match for him! Now if they were to send a person up randomly, it's possible for Wang Zhong to devour their selection. However, if captain Adam Galen takes action, Tianjing could simply continue with the strategy they had used earlier, by sending a substitute up to deal with Adam Galen. That way, Wang Zhong would be able to obtain victory in the 5th duel easily! Tianjing will then be able to push the match to the group battle phase!" Wind God's analysis and train of thought were pretty accurate, something that many of the audience approved of.

Adam Galen Bella Dean stood up.

His rhythmic name contained unique meaning that was hard for outsiders to understand. The faint, gentlemanly smile present on his face radiated from within, and it didn't look even one bit artificial.

From the looks of it, Adam Galen's fame and reputation weren't inferior to Gaden. Although he wasn't ranked on the Mo's List, any veteran Bella Dean fan could recite the long list of achievements Adam Galen had.

He was the 1st successor in line to the Bella Dean Family, and one of the critically acclaimed younger generation representatives of the Federation's upper-class nobility. Compared to the wretched Gaden, he was the true core of the Bella Dean squadron; be it strength, leadership capabilities or status!

"It's Adam! The Bella Dean squadron has sent their captain, Adam Galen Bella Dean up the stage! This is an unavoidable choice for them to make, as they would not let the next duel go if they want to end this match within the duelling phase. Tianjing's likely to send out their substitute. What a hard-earned opportunity to make the second selection! I believe that they won't make the wrong decision. Now, we should be thinking about the upcoming group battle!" 

However, before Wind God could finish his statement, Wang Zhong proceeded to stand up.

What kind of signal was he sending by standing up?

What kind of fucking signal?

This fellow's going up the stage! He's really going up onto the stage!

After a momentary bout of silence, a wave of commotion and uproar filled the entire competition grounds.

Was there something wrong with that captain's mind? Even a three-year-old child would not make such a bad mistake! However, Wang Zhong had actually made such a decision!

Although his victory in the 1st round over Eddie had shown his strength to the world, there was no need for him to participate in this duel! Just like what Wind God had said, Tianjing should just let this duel go. With Wang Zhong's strength, he was completely able to guarantee a victory in the next fight, allowing the match to head into the group battle phase! Instead of doing that, he had to jump out and make a show! Where's this confidence of his coming from? For what reason is he doing this! 

Also, wasn't that fellow an assassin? Adam Galen's a soldier! An assassin basically had no aspects of superiority over a soldier! Furthermore, was this fellow looking down on Adam Galen? Just because the latter was not on the Mo's List?

Wind God was already feeling too weak to continue with his ridiculement. Ever since he had started to cast the matches Tianjing were in, this Wang Zhong has never, ever once let him get off a correct prediction." Captain Wang Zhong has truly underestimated the Bella Dean Family! They're one of the five upper families of the Federation! Admittedly, I know that captain Wang Zhong is very capable! However, regardless of which angle you look from, it's not suitable for him to participate in this duel! Additionally, if he wastes his strength in this duel, where would he find the energy to fight in the group battle? There's a group of experts in the Bella Dean squadron that are waiting in line to fight. However, what about Tianjing? Are they hoping for their substitutes to turn the tide of the group battle?"

"What the hell is this Wang Zhong doing?"

"He's too pretentious! I almost had a good impression of Tianjing! However, that captain there is absolutely the type who would cause matters to turn out worse than they originally are!"

"There's definitely something wrong with his brain! What's more, didn't they already plan on using substitutes to deal with the king and prince of Bella Dean? The opportunity has presented itself, yet that fellow has wasted it! So what's the meaning behind sending a substitute out during the previous duel? Does their captain have some kind of grudge against that substitute?"

"Stop cursing captain Wang Zhong! There's definitely a reason why he chooses to do this. He's the commander course's number 1 in theoretical knowledge. If you have the ability, why don't you go and give it a try?"

Waves of commotion and uproar filled the competition grounds and Skylink. Frankly speaking, there wasn't anyone who understood Wang Zhong intentions, causing all of them to shake their heads in confusion.

There were also some people whose focus was completely devoid from this aspect, with the Blazing Angel squadron being some of them.

Ever since the start of the match, and even during the spectacular fight between Grai and Gaden, this group of people had worn looks of indifference on their faces. However, at the very moment when Wang Zhong had walked up onto the stage, the eyes of everyone from the Blazing Angels lit up.

Uncontrollable feelings of excitement and anticipation radiated from each of their faces, while devoutness and worship filled the gazes they shot towards Wang Zhong. From the looks of it, they were thousands of times more fanatical than the craziest of the Tianjing fans!

At this same moment, a smile had also appeared on Divian's face as she thought, this is too interesting!

The analysis made by the casting was only applicable to an average person's mindset, including those in the audience who were currently panicking and running off their heads. That was due to them not being genuine experts, resulting in them inevitably being unable to understand the mentality of an expert.

From an expert's point of view, Wang Zhong stepping up was due to him believing that he would definitely be able to defeat Adam, while also proclaiming that he was able to see through the latter!

Why conserve strength for the group battle? That's not a question that an expert would consider! Heading into combat to expose the opponent's greatest trump card before the group battle was the best way to prepare for the group battle! 

If Divian was in Wang Zhong's shoes, there was no doubt that she would make the same choice as him. With one of Bella Dean's trump cards, Gaden, having lost, that left their other trump card, Adam, becoming completely exposed. This would result in greater control over the entire situation of the group battle. The more disadvantageous one was in a fight, the larger the need to reduce variables that could affect the flow of battle.

Before Divian could finish her praise for Wang Zhong, she saw yet another scene that caused people to feel shocked and astonished.

"Oh my god! What am I looking at? Wang Zhong has actually chosen a soldier's runic sword as his weapon of choice? Oh, my, god!" Wind God's eyeballs had almost popped out from their sockets. This was just like the flow of events during Tianjing's match against Bierlia Academy in the 1st round! They had sent out their trump card without any adherence to common sense! That Wang Zhong and Grai were absolutely nightmares for analysts! "Is this fellow born from the same womb as Grai? Both of them had used assassin styled daggers for the 1st round, and had chosen to use the same soldier style runic swords for this match! However, the surname of one of them is Wang, while the other's is Krisid... they're twins from 2 different poles!"

"Is the job of a swingman that popular? Exactly what are the occupations of those two fellows?"

"It's over! It looks like the Federation has been played by brother King! What a change in weapons! I've never heard of such things before, yet it has become popular now?"

"Exactly who is All Mouthy King? We're all extremely confused!"

There were many delighted people present in the Skylink, with only a few sending out curses due to the development of this match. During the earlier duel, Grai's performance has already shut the mouths of quite a few fans of the Bella Dean squadron. After all, they were initially not used to Tianjing gaining such fame and popularity overnight. However, once they had proved to everyone that they possessed the same qualifications as Bella Dean, the fans of the latter did possess respect towards experts. Naturally, the only thing that changed was restraint in the words towards Tianjing, with their support for Bella Dean being something that wouldn't change.

Frankly speaking, regardless of what weapon that Wang Zhong had chosen to use, no one dared to show contempt towards him. It was impossible for a person that could defeat Eddie to be a pure idiot and showoff.

Nonetheless, there should be a limit to one's pretentiousness. Grai's usage of a dagger for the 1st round could be attributed to him dealing with just a mere Yingren, suggesting that his main occupation was not an assassin. However, Wang Zhong had used a dagger to subdue Eddie! Now, faced against Adam, someone on the same level as those on the Mo's List, you're telling me that he dares to change weapons? Was he disregarding Adam or Eddie? Exactly which was it?! Or perhaps, did he really assume that he was All Mouthy King?!
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    《Battle Frenzy》