Battle Frenzy
416 All Rounded Soldier
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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416 All Rounded Soldier

A smile appeared on Adam Galen's face. Unlike Wind God, the Bella Dean squadron wasn't as passive as everyone had thought. From what he had guessed, if Wang Zhong were a genuinely outstanding expert, he would definitely respond to Adam if Adam stepped up for the 4th duel, be it for the sake of raising the morale of his squadron, or for the sake of making preparations for the group battle. If he didn't dare to do so and wished for a more reliable way to push the match into the group battle phase, that would prove that he wasn't as good as expected. When that happens, even if Wang Zhong were to win the 5th duel and drag this match into the group battle phase, it would be Tianjing who had completely revealed their trump cards, not Bella Dean!

Clearly, Wang Zhong did not disappoint.

As for the choice of weapons, Adam Galen was able to ascertain, from Wang Zhong's posture when wielding the rune sword, that his opponent was as familiar with the sword as he was with the dagger.

"Adam Galen Bella Dean." with a rather orthodox salute, the gentlemanly charm he extruded was already out of people's reaches. Even when faced with a life or death fight, his smile would always be perfectly in line, while being every bit meticulous with his courtesy. "I humbly seek your advice."

"Please." Wang Zhong had already unsheathed his runic sword, pointing its tip slightly towards the ground. At this moment, Wind God gawked in response to the viewership numbers for the Skylink had already exceeded 6 million….

The viewership numbers had already reached first-class levels! This was utterly... at this moment, Wind God was unsure whether to hope for Wang Zhong to win or to lose. If he won, they would be able to happily enter the group battle phase. However, that would mean that Wind God would get yet another slap in the face for his analysis. From the looks of it, that fellow Wang Zhong was really at odds with Wind God.

The actions of the 2 instantly came to a halt in the middle of the stage. Appearing as though both of them had simultaneously been petrified, their breathing was so tranquil and stable to the point of people being unable to even see the rise and fall of their chests.

Unlike the ordinary runic swords normally used by soldiers, Adam's sword appeared somewhat unique, looking just like those rapiers used in ancient Europe. The sword guard was large and circular, while its body was long and slender. Appearing just like a gigantic sewing needle, it was thin, supple and exceedingly tough. Such a slender sword wasn't a mainstream weapon for soldiers. This was not due to its strength, but because it was too difficult to properly control, as it had considerably high requirements for its wielder's deftness and reaction speed! Unlike an assassin's dagger, a truly powerful expert of the ancient European art of fencing would not only show nimbleness and deftness in their sword techniques, but they would also possess the might equivalent to that unleashed by a greatsword! This was a completely different path of the sword as compared to those orthodox paths.

In Wang Zhong's eyes, Adam was undoubtedly an expert of the ancient European style of fencing. The natural movements he made while wielding the rapier made it seem as though it was an extension of his arm. From the instant he held up the rapier, the entirety of his being had already fused with it. He brimmed with sharpness and heavy metal, yet was still able to completely rein in and control the overbearing aura surging out from him. His Soul Power had also enveloped his entire body, accumulating for the opportune moment to explode out! This was a much more brilliant move as compared those opponents rippling with fighting intent whom he had faced in the earlier match.

At this moment, excitement was starting to surge in Wang Zhong's heart. His warlike blood was easily provoked by powerful opponents, surging as it pumped across his entire body. This was a disease, one that Wang Zhong didn't plan on treating at all.

Like Adam, his aura continued to surge as he accumulated his Soul Power. Before the competition bell had even rung, the atmosphere of the entire stage had already turned fervent. The 2 fellows were standing in a completely silent state, yet they gave people a feeling as though they were staring at 2 lions growling at each other, ready to tear at each other's throats at any given moment!

"In the heat of the night,...I'm sorry! It's currently now a clear and boundless sky, though the atmosphere within the stage is giving a peculiar feeling." Wind God was already prepared to bring on the show. Towards a fellow like Wang Zhong, who had caused never-ending trouble for him, Wind God absolutely wasn't afraid to speak out about him. "Both parties are already prepared! Although captain Wang Zhong's decisions have caused people to ridicule him, me included, everyone's in great anticipation for this duel! Is captain Wang Zhong's really so awesome or just acting pretentious? These questions will be answered once the competition bell rings! Naturally, I personally believe that the latter is more likely, as when top-class experts cross hands, even a minute degree of inferiority would make the disparity appear several miles wide. If we ignore the swingman occupation or being proficient at all weapons, a mix-and-match amateur and a swordsman who has specialized in swords for his entire life, even anyone with a butt for a brain would be able to tell who would have the advantage! I'm already prepared to see this pretentious captain get smacked in the face!"

"Wind God! Since you're having so much fun slamming people down, why not bet to eat another table? How about you bet how long this duel would take?" some of the Tianjing fans on Skylink weren't happy about how Wind God was constantly slamming Wang Zhong. The prejudice he had for the latter was all too clear for everyone to see. Although everyone knew that he was planning to rely on this to boost his popularity, in the end, everyone just wanted to see him eating a table, regardless of his fame.

"Ha ha! To a person that is able to defeat Eddie, stuff like betting on how long he'll last are clearly too disrespectful." Wind God was rather calm in his reply to the audience. Although eating a table would increase his popularity, his stomach wasn't able to handle such a load. "The only thing that we can make a bet on is on the final victor of this match. I bet that Tianjing would lose today's match, without the slightest doubt! If they really are able to win, so what if I need to eat another table? Even adding 2 more chairs to form a set won't be a problem!"


Waves of jeering rang out in the Skylink chat in response to the cunning reply from Wind God, who apparently wasn't planning on betting. The victor of this match? Even though Tianjing had Grai and Wang Zhong, or that Wang Zhong was really able to win this duel, it would be a 2:5 situation in the group battle. If Grai had disabled Gaden earlier, there might still be some show for the Tianjing side. However, now? Even the staunchest of Tianjing fans weren't able to see any hope in this match. The only thing that they hoped for was for Tianjing to create their unique flair through their fights, and to gain as much little face they could for their academy.

"Good luck, captain Wang Zhong!" within the Tianjing squadron's seating area, all of the smoldering emotions present earlier was nowhere to be seen. With Grai having accomplished his role as the guarantee, everything was now left to Wang Zhong.

"Fellows of Bella Dean, be prepared to tremble!" Ma Dong's voice sounded rather rampant and unbridled as he shouted out. Who the hell is Adam Galen! No matter how extravagant the hype about him, all of it was just shit! Ma Dong had absolute confidence in Wang Zhong!

"Wang Zhong…" at this moment, Scarlet was quietly clenching her fists. With the strength of Wang Zhong and Grai, even if they were to enter any A+ranked squadron, they would cause the squadron to immediately possess the strength to contend head-on against an S rank seedling squadron. In fact, they would possess the qualifications to aim for the championship! Despite that, they have chosen to stay in Tianjing. This was Tianjing's luck, and so was hers.

Just lead everyone down the path of victory! Regardless of your opponent, you're the one and only true king!

"Good luck!" whispered Scarlet as she pumped her fists in gusto.


The competition bell rang.

Having accumulated their strength for a long time, the 2 men took action at the same instant!

Soldiers, an occupation situated between assassins and heavy soldiers, were the universally recognized occupation with the most excellent balance and all-roundedness in every aspect of combat.

Strength, speed, reaction time. A truly all-rounded soldier would no have any weaknesses in any of those aspects.

The movement speed of the 2 were rather quick, appearing as rigorous as assassins. In an instant, the 20+ meter distance between each other was covered as they collided in the middle!


Sparks flew about as they crossed hands, the runic sword, and rapier causing ear-splitting metallic screeches as they collided into each other. The fight had officially started!

Unlike the rapid and risk-taking exchanges that happened between assassin matchups, the matchups between soldiers were more reliant on strength and momentum!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sword against sword, fist against fist, leg against leg!

Wang Zhong, who had shown exceptional agility in his fight against Eddie in the previous match, was unexpectedly putting up a sufficiently strong show of power! The 2 swords brimming with Soul Power collided against each other, creating ear-splitting metallic screeches. As the fists and legs that stitched up the gaps in the exchange clashed against each other, rings of shockwaves visible to the naked eye exploded out on the stage!
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    《Battle Frenzy》