Battle Frenzy
421 Yet another Mo“s List exper
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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421 Yet another Mo“s List exper

A sliver of deranged excitement appeared on Gaden's face. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that fellow to get forced out in the 2nd round of the final competition!

"A rather peculiar change has happened in this duel!" Wind God had opened his eyes wide. Regardless of whether Adam Galen had become mad or not, his unhinged spiel was a huge talking point. "It seems like the condition of captain Adam is not quite right. He has introduced himself as Galen Bella Dean, appearing as though he's a different person. Could it be the legendary personality fragmentation? A separate personality?"

Wang Zhong waited patiently for his opponent, this self-proclaimed Galen Bella Dean. Finally, a unanimous decision seemed to be made within Galen's body, as he revealed a smile towards Wang Zhong before saying. "Seeing that you're so tactful to wait this long, I'll show mercy and let you keep your life!"

As his voice rang out, without the slightest warning, his entire body shot out ferociously like a cannonball!

A massive fist rapidly grew huge in Wang Zhong's eyes.

A slight frown appeared on Wang Zhong's forehead. Pointing his sword forwards, he sent a stab out to welcome his opponent's oncoming fist.

A strange smile started to perfuse across Adam's face. Unexpectedly not evading or dodging the sharp runic sword welcoming him, his fist hurtling out suddenly changed to a hurtling palm, as he grabbed at the sword.

Could it be a strengthening skill of the Vajra types?

A sliver of this thought flashed across Wang Zhong's mind.


The runic sword instantly pierced right into the palm of his opponent.

There wasn't anybody strengthening skill! Just like stabbing a piece of cloth, the sound of the sword tip piercing into flesh rang out. However, Wang Zhong quickly discovered that he was unexpectedly unable to pull the runic sword out!

It appeared as though something had caused it to be stuck! It was unable to pierce deeper, pull out, or shake loose!

In this instant he lost control over his runic sword, it was closely followed by a heavy strike from his opponent's other fist!


Giving up his sword, Wang Zhong clenched his hand and sent it out. Two fists smashed fiercely against each other. Although his opponent's punch wasn't particularly strong, an intense pain started to radiate up from his fist, as though several exceedingly sharp things had pierced into it. This was immediately followed by a bone-cracking feeling coming from his fist!

Wang Zhong gave a muffled snort. Since the nerves of one's fingertips were linked to one's heart, like a jolt of lightning, he felt half of his body turn numb!

Adam's leg rose and dropped!


A muffled sound rang out, as a tremendous force sent Wang Zhong staggering 17 to 18 steps before he managed to stabilise himself!

That incoming punch clearly wasn't faster or more powerful. However, just a single exchange had already left him in a significant disadvantage.

The audience felt thought they were at the cusp of being played by the 2 parties, as they were utterly unable to keep up with the changes happening in the duel.

Not in a rush to chase up to Wang Zhong, Adam Galen slowly removed the runic sword stuck in his palm. Grinning towards the former, he spoke out, "Let me say this once more. My name is Galen Bella Dean. Although we share the same body, please don't lump me up with the waste you fought against earlier."


The runic sword was tossed to the ground like a piece of garbage, letting out a clear metallic ring as it made contact with the ground.

Under the capture of the camera, the stab wound left behind after the sword was pulled out started to rapidly heal up at a speed visible to the naked eye! What's more, there was not a single drop of blood present on the runic sword or the hand that had pulled it out! It appeared as though the sword has had not pierced through a palm made of blood and flesh, but merely a piece of rubber!

An even more shocking image was that of the right fist he had sent to clash with Wang Zhong. At this moment, the knuckles of the fist had turned sharp and jagged. Piercing out from his skin, small white pieces of bone were present, appearing incomparably sharp and incisive. There were even some were stained with the blood that came from Wang Zhong' fist!

This is?

Licking the blood present on those bone spurs, Galen exclaimed out in delight. "What a sweet taste!"

"Are those bone spurs? Also, what's that terrifying recovery rate, and that body morphing special ability!" Wind God could not help but to cast with a frenzied fervour. "A seemingly undying type of regeneration, with bone spurs that possess extraordinary lethality! A body morphing special ability that's extremely rare to possess! What terrifying talent! This is the true captain Adam! Ah, no! This is the genuine trump card of captain Galen?! Truly worthy of an S rank squadron's captain! Truly worthy of the successor of the Bella Dean Family! Tianjing's finished, Wang Zhong's finished! With such terrifying regenerative capabilities, regardless of how much damage Wang Zhong does, all will be for naught! What's more, he doesn't even have his sword!"

A wave of cheers and shouts rang out from the Bella Dean supporters. Just a beat ago, all of them had been disheartened by the suppression of their captain by Wang Zhong. They did not care whether Adam had personality fragmentation or bipolar disorder. In this era, as long as one had the strength, nothing else matters.

Naturally, only Carolyn and the Stuart Family would care about this. Even if he possessed the strength, with such an unstable nature of his mind, he clearly wasn't suitable to be a potential candidate for her husband. Even Bella Dean had the same thoughts, what more a small figure like Wang Zhong.

Special abilities were classified into many different types. Ones like fire attribute, ice-attribute, lightning attribute fell under the category of nature attribute special abilities. Those could also be referred to as functional type special abilities, as they could only provide auxiliary benefits during combat. Within the Casted Soul Stage, such functional type special abilities did not have much utility. Furthermore, there were a lot of people who had such special abilities. Just a random grab at any of the various great academies would lot you a whole bunch of them, and the Special Abilities Society of Tianjing were mainly comprised of this type.

However, other than those, there were also special abilities that had purely combative capabilities, and were considered to be extremely rare. They included the Giant God Peak assassin's petrification special ability and Gaden's ageing and poison mist. These were pure combative type special abilities. Although they were extremely rare, they generally possessed immeasurable combative might! Body morphing special abilities were also classified under this category. Another example of this was the full body mutation from Kestan, whom All Mouthy King had fought in the OP. In the present, Adam Galen's special ability was definitely one of those rare types!

Not only did it just strength his muscles and body, but it also granted him a high degree of regeneration as well as bone spurs that could be used for offence. Such a special ability had previously appeared in the dark era. Any soldier who possessed such special abilities stood at the peak of mankind's strength. After all, the critical factor for growth and progression was survival. Furthermore, another essential element was that a special ability like this would allow one to break the plateau he would face when breaking through to the Heavenly Soul Stage, allowing him to travel further in his journey of strength!

This was the lynchpin of the Bella Dean Family. However, the Bella Dean Family were still not satisfied with just this. They wished for both personalities to be able to develop unique special abilities of their own, before finding ways to fuse the 2 personalities to form the strongest existence possible!

This was the ambition of the Bella Dean Family!

Be it Carolyn or Divian, both of them were clearly paying attention to this issue, as they knew that the Bella Dean Family weren't giving up on the fight. On the contrary, they were searching for a way to break out of the suppression created by the Stuart, Gui, Mo and Vasilyevich Families, and thirsted to regain their former glory.

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Carolyn's mouth as she thought, "How naive, those Bella Deans." Nonetheless, this was definitely not good news for Wang Zhong and the Tianjing squadron.

Not a trace of confusion was present on Wang Zhong's face, nor was there any weird expression at all.

The stronger his opponent, the better it was. This was the CHF that he had long anticipated for! Stuff like the strength of bloodlines were considered as secret arts, things that ordinary people were absolutely unable to make contact with. Similarly, this was impossible in the academies.

The calm and tranquil expression on his face hid a heart beating with excitement.

At this moment, the viewership on the Skylink broadcast had already broken 6 million. This was one of the rare occasions for the CHF where the viewership has passed the 6 million mark. Previously when this happened, it was due to top class squadrons like Stuart, Heaven's Fate, Grozny, and Gui. Right now, the official site of the CHF on the Skylink was continuously showing eye-grabbing snippets of the match, like "Bella Dean captain's personality fragmentation?", "The birth of yet another Mo's List expert!" and "A reversal in the match between Tianjing and Bella Dean!" These were basically propaganda launched by the officials. Added with the provocation of doubt and suspicion, they had drawn and enticed quite a lot of people to tune in to watch the match.
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    《Battle Frenzy》