Battle Frenzy
422 They“re really alike! 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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422 They“re really alike! 2 in 1

As those people who had just tuned in weren't too clear about the current situation of the duel, Wind God's casting and analysis were crucially important.

"Captain Wang Zhong's seems to be slightly at a loss, as he's standing at his original position, not moving a single inch! Despite it being just a small exchange of blows, we can see that captain Galen has now gained an absolute superiority in this duel! What a frightening special ability and regenerative capabilities! Without even fighting, he has caused his opponent to be unable to take action! I can already feel the nauseating feeling one would get after eating flies present in captain Wang Zhong's heart! Nonetheless, there's no other way left for him! Being unarmed and defenceless, he has completely no way left to deal with captain Galen!" Wind God had completely entered a "high" state. What a good feeling it is to cling to a powerful being! Just his body was sufficiently strong to deal with Wang Zhong! This was such a surprise to everyone! "Now's the time for Galen, and for Bella Dean! At this moment, captain Wang Zhong's being struck by bad luck! The previous sense of victory was all just an illusion! He had almost achieved a miracle-like counterattack against Bella Dean! However, he's now in deep, deep shit! Have you experienced despair before? Have you experienced being completely out of ideas in the face of difficulty, to the point of having nowhere to go? That's the situation captain Wang Zhong is currently in!" 

A wave of cheers and shouts rang out from the Bella Dean side of the viewing gallery. Regardless of their captain's personality fragmentation or bipolar disorder, he was a Bella Dean! Although they could feel the weirdness emanating out from this captain Galen, with him not being as amiable as Adam, honestly speaking, he was considerably overbearing! And extremely provocative!

"Losers shouldn't be thinking about how to counter attack, just admit one's disparity!"

"Captain Galen's mighty and overbearing! Smash up Tianjing, and climb up the Mo's List!"

"Beat up Wang Zhong! Since he dared to provoke the dignity of Bella Dean, he can't be allowed to get off easily! Slowly play with him until he dies!"

In the face of the ridicule shooting over from the entire viewing gallery, a smile appeared on Wang Zhong's face.

At this moment, he started to rotate his shoulders in a leisurely fashion. Twisting his neck several times, he spread his hands apart, before slamming his fists fiercely together before his chest.


A dull thud rang out, originating from the collision of Wang Zhong's fists. The sound was exceedingly clear despite the tsunami of shouts and jeering present in the competition grounds.

Can't be beaten to death?

Let's give it a try!

Now, Wang Zhong was feeling pretty interested! This was a cellular regeneration special ability from the dark era. In the present day, with the dimensional radiation being considered stable, it was nigh impossible for such an ability to appear in new humans. This time, he had managed to get a rare chance to see one in person. Furthermore, he now had the opportunity to personally engage in a fight with an inheritor of such an ability! This caused Wang Zhong's fighting spirit to skyrocket.

Seeing the changes in Wang Zhong's gaze, Galen gave an evil laugh. It was only when a prey reveals a gaze filled with resistance would they have the qualifications to be called as prey. If not, it would just be a slaughter of chickens or dogs. That's something to be left for the butchers. Galen wasn't a butcher, but an outstanding hunter!

Only this can be called as interesting!

As their gazes intersected, the flames of war were ignited once again! Although there wasn't any of the killing intent and feeling of tension present in the earlier sword fight between the 2, people could swear they could already see a massive ball of roaring flames surging within the stage!

"Captain Wang Zhong is still brimming with fighting spirit, huh. After losing his weapon, is he actually planning on engaging in a bare-handed fight? A bare-handed fight against a body morphing special ability user?" Wind God was intoxicated as he continued his casting, "From the looks of it, he seems to be rather confident about himself! As everyone should know, although soldiers do engage in hand to hand combat, that's just to aid in their overall flow of the fight! That's completely different from pure bare-handed fighting! To be able to treat one's fists as one's strongest weapons requires incomparable self-confidence! Only when one is able to achieve that would one be able to call genuine bare-handed fighter! There's a saying, "Don't use your interest to challenge other people's occupations! Occupations are the true and true path!". I seem to be able to predict the outcome of this duel! Perhaps there might not even be a need for captain Galen's regenerative capabilities to come into play! By nature, he is already a specialist in bare-handed fighting, which means that he would be able to crush all those that are only half as proficient as he is!"

Before Wind God's nagging voice came to an end, the 2 parties on the stage had simultaneously started their rush!

"The exchange had begun!"

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Bang!

With super quick movements, the 2 appeared right in front of each other in a blink of an eye. In hand to hand combat, the critical factor wasn't the collision of strength, but more of the flow of techniques and skills one uses.

The hand speeds of the 2 reached levels that appeared invisible to the eyes of others. In the blink of an eye, they had each launched over a dozen moves and blocks at each other. With the fusion of strength and speed in their every action, clear sounds of air exploding apart rang out across the stage.

Just like a swallow, Wang Zhong's figure moved nimbly across the stage, relying on his momentum to constantly switch places. In an instant after a stagger, the flurry of his feet caused people to only see a blur as his body fluttered about like a willow leaf in the wind. Transforming his left hand into a claw, and right hand locked before him, his stance changed into a southpaw one. Grabbing onto the punch piercing out towards him, Wang Zhong gave a convenient twist of his wrist. 

CRACK! An incomparably clear sound of dislocation rang out, as Galen's arm was forced into a reverse direction as opposed to his joint.

"What a quick capturing technique!" exclaimed some people in the audience.

There wasn't anything spectacular about a capturing technique, as any soldier learning close combat would learn some similar techniques. However, doing to the level of fluidity and speed that Wang Zhong had just pulled off was definitely something that could not be mastered overnight.

Nonetheless, not a trace of happiness was present on Wang Zhong's face. On the contrary, all of these felt too much like a breeze! He had basically not used any strength at all to dislocate Galen's arm. It seemed as though his opponent had taken the initiative to dislocate his own arm!

Indeed, the dislocated arm did not hamper his opponent's movements in the slightest. After rotating his arm 360 degrees, Galen grabbed onto Wang Zhong's wrist tightly.

A deep smile appeared on Galen's face as he exclaimed, "I got you!"

"I'm not sure." Wang Zhong gave a flip of his wrist. Although he wasn't able to move as freely as Galen after his dislocation, relying on the rotational force of his waist, Wang Zhong managed to generate a tremendous amount of power. Pulling on Galen's arm, he gave the latter a throw!

Raising his right hand, Wang Zhong used both of his hands to grab hold of his opponent's neck. With a ferocious jerk of his back and shoulders, he fiercely pulled down both of his arms.


It was initially intended to be a powerful shoulder throw. However, it ended up with both of them falling down onto the ground. Immediately after, Galen's legs had wrapped around Wang Zhong's neck, resulting in Wang Zhong's throw also knocking himself over.

Under the terrifying force of the fall, cracks visible to the naked eye formed on the firm and hard rock floor of the stage. However, before the 2 had righted themselves and stood up, attacks were still being relentlessly launched by both of them!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

With their 4 limbs being entangled by each other, their palms were engaged in a high speed of slapping, capturing, counter capturing and sending out blows! 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

At a rate akin to the fire of a machine gun, punches and kicks were launched by the two. The occasional ones that landed on the ground beneath instantly caused fist sizes holes to appear on the rock hard stage.

Galen's actions appeared incredibly fantastic, with the changes and feints he inserted within the critical instances causing people to utterly be unable to predict the moves and targets of his fists and legs. Clearly, Wang Zhong had already locked his wrist. Yet, that was still the wrong move, as his fist was able to be flung about like a nunchuck. Like a fly in motion, not a single trace could be discerned!

However, Wang Zhong's movements were even faster! If one was able to accomplish ordinary skills and techniques like grappling and punches to a certain degree of quickness, the effects they would have were similarly astonishing! What's more, there was the nimble and deft footwork of his. At this moment, Wang Zhong's spirit had already soared to a drug-like level of euphoria. Despite how weird and strange Galen's attacks were, before they could strike their targets, Wang Zhong had already changed his moves, resulting in his attacks becoming useless.

In a flash, punches rained out, while kicks came hurtling out like the wind!

Hand to hand combat was an even greater test of one's vision, reactions, speed, and strength. One could not be lacking in any one of these aspects. Naturally, people with unique talents, like Galen, who could achieve similar feats were clearly the exception.

Laura had also tuned in to watch the entirety of this match. Being the successor of the Potter Family and its ancient martial art of bare-handed combat, Laura's proficiency in hand to hand combat techniques and skills were absolutely top-notch, while the acuteness of her vision being even more so. However, if she were matched up against Galen, without talking about the disparity in physical strength, the weird and strange paths made by his fists and legs would make even an expert in hand to hand combat start to question his or her life.

That was his style of combat!

Not only was he extremely formidable in his hand to hand combat, moves like eye gouging, nose hooking, low blows, biting, headbutts, scratching, and even more immoral ones were also executed by him as easily as a flip of his hand. Every action he did was utterly lacking in any flair of an expert! Such a fighting style was no different from the lawless thugs at the corner of a dark alley! However, when those cheap and immoral moves were unleashed by a peak physical being like Galen, they would absolutely be the nightmare of any fighter!

In the families who inherited hand to hand combat martial arts, such a fighting style was known as "dogfighting". Those who dared to practice in the art of dogfighting have a zealous level of confidence in themselves, being absolutely devoid of fear, and treated their bodies as weapons.

However, what perplexed Laura was that Wang Zhong seemed to not be afraid of such hoodlum moves at all. He seemed to be able to gauge every single one sent out by Galen at the right moment to enact the most precise of defences against them. This caused their fight to appear just like a perfectly choreographed dance between 2 fellows, merely one where the beautiful hand and leg movements were replaced with shameless hoodlum moves.

The frequency of Wang Zhong's attacks was higher than Galen's while appearing to not feel too exhausted from the process of the fight. Despite looking mysterious at the beginning, Wang Zhong was slowly gaining a greater understanding of the critical points of his opponent's skills and techniques. In other words, Galen would still have to abide by the restrictions posed by his body, and the rotations were limited to his joints.

As fists and kicks were exchanged, Wang Zhong slowly started to gain a the upper hand in this duel.

As the endless flurry of blows continued on the stage, the viewing gallery and Skylink chat feed had both turned quiet. Clearly, the spectacular flow of events happening on the stage had enraptured the heartstrings of everyone watching. However, what truly made everyone turn quiet was Wang Zhong's performance.

Ever since he had used a dagger to deal with Eddie, to using a runic sword to engage in a swordfight against Adam, before actually using his fists to engage in hand to hand combat against a body morphing special ability user that possessed a unique fighting style! This, was this fellow a hundred-handed vajra? How could he be that strong in every single aspect!

The intensity of the fight had exceeded the expectations of everyone. Never in their wildest dreams did everyone expect that a swingman, proficient in both the runic sword and dagger, would have reached such a realm of proficiency in hand to hand combat.

With her fists placed before her chest, Scarlet's eyes were fixated entirely on the figure fighting on the stage.

Half a year ago, that person was just a fellow student who had left a good impression on her. However, at this very moment, she felt that she was already unable to free herself from his grasps.

Worship, admiration...never, ever did Scarlet imagine that she would actually use such words to describe a person that was of the same age as her. In fact, up till this moment, she was utterly unable to understand precisely what thoughts swam in the minds of those idol-chasing youths. However, such things were similar to love, where one would not get it until one experiences it first hand.

Everything came very naturally, just like how water conforms to the container it's put in. However, this wasn't due to the invincible figure from the OP, but the owner of the thick and broad back that had forcibly carried her up a 200 plus metre ice wall in the snow and ice locked plains!

She suddenly felt very fortunate to have met someone like this in her lifetime, and was also very thankful for his presence, as Tianjing would not have its moment now without him being here. Standing alongside him, watching as he brought miracle upon miracle, was the greatest joy in her life. It didn't matter if no one in the entire world supported Tianjing and it didn't matter if they didn't think highly of Wang Zhong. Regardless of how fierce the opponent, Scarlet firmly believed that Wang Zhong would be the last man standing! This was no longer just having confidence in someone, this was practically a religious belief.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

5 minutes had since elapsed after the 2 had started to engage in hand to hand combat. The high frequency of the blows they unleashed at each other caused everyone watching to be unable to catch their breaths. However, anyone could clearly see that Wang Zhong had already gained complete superiority of the momentum and the duel.

Those hoodlum moves were not appealing not only due to them being hard to stomach, but also because it would also incite disgust and create trouble in one's opponents. However, this did not mean that they were genuinely lethal moves. When such moves were unleashed, they were effective towards experts as it clouded their judgement, and also due to the mental disgust they would feel towards those moves. Naturally, in a matchup between experts, even a small lapse in judgement and a slight hesitation was sufficient to decide the victor. However, it was a pity that Galen's opponent was Wang Zhong.

Frankly speaking, Simba could be considered as the ancestor of such hoodlum combat tactics. To him, stuff like eye gouging and low blows were just minor moves. During those years, Simba's hidden move of "Sennen Goroshi" had already caused little Wang Zhong so much disgust that he had started to doubt his life. (Naruto's Thousand Years of Pain :P)

Having long been adapted to such moves, ever since Simba had stopped being his practice partner, it had been a very long time since he had been on the receiving end. Therefore, he was caught by surprise at the beginning, and it all felt quite nostalgic.

A wicked backhand was knocked away, yet the actual killing move came right behind it.

Galen's left fist pierced out, a bloody smell radiating from the bone spurs on it. Gleaming with a chilling white glint, it came hurtling over from an angle impossible to evade!

He was waiting just for Wang Zhong!

Wang Zhong, who had been being dodging all along and evading a collision with those bone spurs, took a deep breath in a flash. In the next instant, all of the strength he had accumulated in his body burst forth, packing all of it into the fist he sent piercing out!

In a flash, torrential amounts of Soul Power condensed within his fist. Just like the Soul Power halo that was continuously radiating from Adam's sword earlier, Wang Zhong entire fist seemed to be enveloped in a layer of golden light.


As fist collided with fist, a massive bang rang out, while a shockwave visible to the naked eye rippled out ferociously from the point of impact, appearing just like an airwave that continued to grow larger and larger!

Wang Zhong stood at his original position, not moving a single inch. Compared to him, Galen had been sent flying by the inconceivably massive force continued in the former's punch!

Their fists had actually smashed head on! Wasn't Wang Zhong afraid of those bone spurs?

Wind God's mind had gone blank in the sight of this collision.

In the next moment, Galen made 4 to 5 successive backflips in the air, before finally regaining his footing 17 to 18 metres from the point of impact. Blood flowed uncontrollably from the corner of his mouth, while his arm slumped down powerlessly by his side.

"This is… the Mo Family's Tyrant Fist, Space Fissuring Punch?!"

Upon seeing the condensation of Soul Power in Wang Zhong's fist and the golden glow that result, the knowledgeable ones present within the audience instantly made their judgements.

After almost 10 minutes of hand-to-hand combat, this was the first time that they separated. At this moment, a whole lot of the audience found their jaws wipe agape, to the point of being unable to close them.

What kind of bare-handed combat proficiency is that? Everyone had initially assumed for the duel to go Galen's way. Just the fame of him being a Bella Dean had made them feel that Wang Zhong had been trapped in a corner. However, not long after Galen's appearance, the momentum of the duel had flipped once again.

"Did you see that! That's our Tianjing's captain! Are you guys fucking satisfied now? Is personality fragmentation that awesome? So what if he's a Bella Dean? He'll still be you till your mother can't recognise you!" Ma Dong was utterly thrilled. With a somewhat cocky expression appearing on his face, he waved his fists furiously towards the supporters of Bella Dean in the audience.

The overwhelming support for Bella Dean present in the Skylink and the competition grounds had completely suffocated and drowned all of his voice. Regardless of how he shouted out, the voice of a single person was completely useless against them. However, with the audience having quietened down considerably, his voice could finally be heard. "I don't care if you're Adam or Galen, you'll still be slaughtered!"

"Go go brother Wang Zhong! You're invincible!" Emily shrieked out while hopping up and down.

Wang Zhong had shocked her considerably when he had used a dagger to defeat Eddie. In today's match, she was shocked once again with his choice to use a runic sword. What's more, the proficiency of his hand to hand combat was actually able to suppress the Bella Dean captain, despite him possessing the unique body morphing special ability. This had caused an even more significant amount of shock and astonishment to surge within her heart.

Nonetheless, what came after the shock and astonishment was a beautiful feeling that was hard for words to describe.

Ever since coming back to the squadron from her family, there was still a sliver of tightness locked up in her heart, despite having experienced the matter of Wang Zhong being lost in the icy plains. Frankly speaking, even late in the night, multiple flashbacks would still be present in Emily's mind. Most of them were about the brainwashing she had experienced durign her family's special training.

After all, she was from the Assassin family, and was even one of their successors. Although her grandfather had promised her parents to allow her to decide on which path she wanted to tread on, having grown up in an environment surrounded by everything related to assassins, specific images had long solidified in Emily's heart.

However, at this moment, those solidified images were starting to be diluted. These images include the bloody scenes from the special training she underwent during the holidays, and those of her family that had bet their lives without the slightest doubt on matters like genetic and body manipulation, which had a less than 10% chance to succeed, all for the very sake of gaining more strength...

The creed of the Assassin Family was very simple. "Strength is everything". If one wanted to gain strength, one would need to give up everything.

However, her belief was starting to shake and sway.

Did strength really need to come from being viciousness and death?

Over the past few months, she had felt a power and belief present within Wang Zhong's body, and these didn't originate from darkness!

It would really be strange if Laura was still unable to spot it. With such proficiency and all-roundedness, there was only one person within the entire federation, the mysterious All Mouthy King, that could accomplish all of these feats.

Yes, that's right! Look at the smile at the corner of Wang Zhong's mouth!

That was the feeling that seemed to tell his opponent that he had fought pretty well and that Wang Zhong was satisfied!

All Mouthy King...has finally appeared. Laura was astonished, yet not shocked by this discovery. Ever since she had laid her eyes of Wang Zhong, she always had this feeling, as though what she said wasn't the complete truth. However, at this very moment, all of it had finally clicked together. People like Gui Hao, Vladimir and the others were definitely very strong, powerful and frightening, and had even obtained some kind of mysterious strength from the nurturing of their respective families. However, on the aspect of style and personality, Wang Zhong was undoubtedly the one most similar to that of All Mouthy King.

Wang Zhong looked towards Galen Bella Dean. He had already fought till this stage. With his fighting spirit already being ignited, it would be too wasteful to just give up and admit defeat.

Discussions and debates sprung up in the viewing gallery, as the gazes shooting towards Wang Zhong were all filled with doubt and bewilderment. Exactly who is this person?

Within the Skylink, god knows who was the first one that uttered the words All Mouthy King, instantly causing a wave of heat to rush up the heads of everyone watching... the problem was that there were quite a bit of people who had brought up All Mouthy King's name in the course of the competition. This had led to a slight feeling of someone crying wolf to anything that felt similar. Such cries would quickly change as people found a target that was even more applicable than the previous. Therefore, everyone didn't know how to reply to the current shout. However, at this very moment, all of them suddenly felt something… he really is similar!
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