Battle Frenzy
423 Berserk Wolf Bloodline
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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423 Berserk Wolf Bloodline


A drop of scarlet red blood flowed along Galen's neck, before dripping onto the ground.

Divian gave a slight frown before saying, "There's something not quite right about this!"

All of a sudden, Galen started to laugh out sinisterly, as if his personality had changed yet again.

"Wang Zhong's dead meat!" Gaden was probably the only person present who understood the changes that were happening to Galen. Having been a test subject himself, and having obtained a tremendous power as a result, he never expected that Adam Galen was also the same. All of a sudden, this made Gaden feel much, much better.

This was the amalgamation of the countless resources the Bella Dean Family had invested over numerous centuries! A godlike work of art! Even though it had yet to be perfected, it was more than sufficient for a something like the CHF!

However, Gaden felt a slight headache building. Could this power be controlled?

Wang Zhong could feel that his opponent's Soul Power had changed yet again. It wasn't like the change in frequency when Galen swapped places with Adam. This time, even the shape of the wave bands were different. If the changes had to be described, Wang Zhong felt as though Galen had turned into a ugly, mutated being, with an extremely unstable power radiating from within his body, one that was considerably berserk, and considerably bloodthirsty!

This fellow was basically a monster!

With a series of crackling noises, his arms, which were already no longer humanlike, started to grow in size once again.

Galen's body and muscles seemed to become even stronger and more robust than before. Even his standing posture had started to change, with his body naturally tilting forward. As his legs spread apart, his hands and wrists bent into a position resembling animal claws, causing him to appear just like a wild beast, with 4 feet on the floor.

"Fresh blood…"Galen licked his lips, sniffed with his nose, before a strange sliver of uncontrollable excitement surfaced on his face, while inconspicuous blood-filled capillaries surfaced within his eyes. What's more frightening was that his fingers had actually started to elongate.

Wait a minute! Those weren't fingers, but were bone spikes that extended out from the bones of his fingers! Appearing incomparably sharp, they had pierced through his skin, as if he had grown long and pointed claws!

Not only that, as his mouth opened wide to laugh heartily, one could even see two sharp fangs start to protrude out slightly!

"Oh my god! What the hell is this freak?!"

"What the hell are those people from Bella Dean? They're too frightening!"

Everyone felt their skin crawl. Gaden was already too much for people to stomach. Never did they expect their captain to be even more terrifying. Was this the rhythm of a freaking transformation? Even if he possessed a body morphing special ability from the dark era, no one had ever heard of these types of changes!

Even Wind God was stumped for words, unable to come up with words to describe what he was seeing. Frankly speaking, carrying out the analysis for this CHF had flipped his worldview and changed his perspective! If he were an ordinary layman in the audience, he would definitely feel that this duel was immensely enjoyable and gratifying. However, the problem was that… with Galen fucking changing here and there, didn't he even consider the feelings of the Bella Dean supporters? We aren't filming a horror movie, brother! With him growing fangs and claws, how am I going to talk about them?! Was he a beast created out from the biochemistry research of the Institute of Sciences?!

"My dearest audience! We can see what seems like more minute changes happening to captain Galen! Frankly speaking, I have never, ever seen such a special ability in my life! Without a doubt, the current captain Galen has definitely become quite a bit stronger than before! See the exceedingly serious and cautious expression present on captain Wang Zhong's face? Looks like he has discovered something! We have reason to believe that he does, as no one in this competition grounds can personally attest to how frightening and terrifying captain Galen is right now!"

Galen's gaze was locked onto Wang Zhong's body. However, the images that surfaced within his mind were not of Wang Zhong's appearance, but every blood vessel with blood coursing through them, as well as that scarlet-red beating heart filled with life force.

Ba Dump. Ba Dump, Ba Dump...

Galen could not help but gulp his saliva down as he forcefully shook his head.

Of the 2 personalities within Adam Galen Bella Dean, he was the one who had made the most sacrifices and was also the more miserable one. Previously, he had a similar temperament to "Adam", being gentle and kind. During that time, they had yet to fragment and were two parts of a whole. However, after obtaining that frightening power, there was a need for one of them to bear it on their being. That person would definitely not be "Adam", as what the Bella Dean Family required was power and strength, not a leader who had lost all rational thought.

This was the reason why he wasn't on the Mo's List! Not only was his special ability being concealed by his family to such an extent, his splintered personality had caused his talents to be divided into half! If not for that, just by relying on diligent training and hard work, his strength would not be inferior to anyone on the Mo's List!

The loneliness and pain he felt forced him to use unconventional methods and arrogance to suppress the bloodthirsty changes that surged within his heart. With Adam being a proper gentleman and obedient child, has was utterly unable to handle such struggles, and all of these burdens had been carried by Galen alone! Regardless of whether he was in control, or being suppressed in the depths of Adam's mind as a part of his subconsciousness, everything he had done was all for the sake of Bella Dean, and even more so for that wastrel, Adam! It's all because that was his brother, as well as himself!

Therefore, he did not like the bloodthirsty feelings present in his heart, as he had been fighting against it all this time. With his pride and arrogance, he only desired to win this competition using the strength and power that he had complete control over.

Nonetheless, once the bloodthirsty feelings startsed to germinate within his heart, they would be unable to stop unless these feelings were vented.

The beautiful taste of fresh blood, the strong beating of his opponent's heart! The scene of his opponent's heart beating caused him to feel like a famished person spotting a large steaming bun right before their eyes!

Once...just once!

Galen licked his lips, while resolution gradually surfaced from the struggle present within his eyes. In a flash, the entire world around him seemed to turn quiet, with only the sounds coming from the rhythmic, drum-like beats of his opponent's heart rumbling through his mind!

I can't take it anymore!

"It's too captivating...I want even more of it!"


As his voice rang out, Galen had already disappeared from his original position!

During this entire spectacle, Wang Zhong had kept his vigilance up, as the strange and weird Soul Power fluctuations coming from his opponent had resulted in him not daring to take the initiative to launch an offensive. However, at this instant, the expression on his face abruptly changed, as he was indeed in shock by what he saw! His eyes and vision were unexpectedly unable to keep up with his opponent's the instantaneous movements!

Just as the figure disappeared before his eyes, the ripping sensations coming from the resulting winds tearing through the air had already come radiating over. Immediately pulling off a backflip, Wang Zhong could only catch a glimpse of a shadow rushing at him at high speed. However, before his feet could touch the ground, his opponent's attack had already come hurtling over!

Terrifying winds rang out from behind him as they rushed straight towards where his heart was!

Being utterly unable to rely on any momentum to evade the incoming attack, Wang Zhong made a ferocious attack.


A tremendously powerful Oscillating Fist smashed against the ground. As Wang Zhong utilized the powerful rebounding force to send his body up into the air, the vicious attack had closed in on its target.


The figures of the two parties flashed past each other.

Wang Zhong gave a muffled groan as he landed on the ground, As he did so, three bloody gashes appeared on his chest. One could imagine the scene of his heart being pierced through by his opponent if he had not unleashed an Oscillating Fist to shift his body in midair.

Landing on the ground, Galen's figure slid on the stage. As he did so, everyone watching the slow-motion playback could already see him licking at the fresh blood present on his bone spikes with incomparable delight as he slid across the stage.


The enjoyment only lasted an instant. As the sharp bone spikes ferociously stabbed into the ground, the rock-hard concrete stage was pierced right through as though it was made of tofu, causing long and thin gashes to appear!

As his sliding momentum dissipated, the bone spikes dislodged from the the ground with a twist.
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    《Battle Frenzy》