Battle Frenzy
426 The silver lining
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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426 The silver lining


A shockwave exploded out, one that was more frightening than the first punch launched. Other than the wave of air that was visible to the naked eye, the audience in the competition grounds could feel a tremble shaking through the entire viewing gallery! Humming sounds rang out from the glass panes in the viewing gallery as they continued to vibrate from the tremor!

Galen's roar sounded more resonant than the previous one, though an additional hint of pain was present.

Wang Zhong raised his fist once again.

"3rd punch!"


Yet another wave of air expanded out, with the ground shuddering and the viewing gallery vibrating!

It was closely followed by the 4th punch, 5th punch...

The Tianjing supporters were already going crazy! Whether it was on Skylink or live at the competition grounds, everyone was quietly counting the number of punches that were unleashed!

"9th punch!"


"15th punch!"


Galen's roars changed from ones of rage to ones of misery, before turning into ones of anguish! Gradually, his howls grew softer and shorter, while the clawing of his fingers grew weaker and more powerless until he was just lying flat onto the ground, no longer moving even a single inch!

Regardless of how powerful his fleshly body was, it was still had its limits. No matter how strong his regenerative capability was, it had already reached the limits of its consumption.

The werewolf bloodline wasn't a bloodline of a god. Even if it was, gods aren't infallible!

The werewolf bloodline that has always been hailed as the number 1 in toughness has actually been punched to the brink of death???

When Wang Zhong finally withdrew his fist and hand from Galen's neck and stood up, what greeted him was deathly silence throughout the entire competition grounds.

Galen was still breathing, evident by the deep and laboured breaths that were audible to everyone. According to the rules, there was a need for a 10-second countdown. However, Adam Galen had lost consciousness, while Wang Zhong has not.

The sounds of the referee counting down reverberated throughout the competition grounds, sounding incomparably clear and resonant.

Reaching the end of the 10 seconds, the referee announced Wang Zhong's victory, yet silence still hung over the entire competition grounds.

Everyone's gaze was focused entirely on the sole figure standing on the stage.

That slender physique, standing not very tall, yet suddenly appearing incomparably majestic and imposing in the eyes of everyone! Just like an insurmountable mountain towering over them, even if people craned their necks, they would still be unable to see the splendour at the peak!

Countless people watching via the Skylink were still in a state of speechlessness, There were some of them that had tuned in to enjoy the liveliness, while some like Carolyn and Divian, who had tuned in for more pressing matters.

However, not a single person said anything, as any word they say would be hard-pressed to describe the feelings that were present in their hearts.

How could there be such a person? How could it be him?

"Wang Zhong!"

God knows who was the first one to shout out his name, causing the more than 200 Tianjing students present in the viewing gallery to regain their senses, before simultaneously shouting out the same name.

"Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong!"

The chants followed a rhythm while appearing to possess a charm that was hard for people to resist.

Initially, it was only the small group of Tianjing people who stood up, waving their hands about while yelling at the top of their lungs. Only by doing so could they express the surging emotions they were feeling within their hearts. They had travelled a long distance to arrive at Stuart City, with some even spending all of their savings to do so, all to personally witness the scene present right before their eyes.

Very quickly, more and more people within the audience stood up!

In an instant, as group emotions surged, all of the audience present in the competition as well as those walking via Skylink were now giving a standing ovation!

At this moment, upon the ending of the countdown, every student from Tianjing Academy immediately stood up. They've actually defeated the captain of an S-ranked squadron! Oh my god! If those exact few words had been said earlier, anyone who did so would definitely have been branded as madmen. However, it had now become a reality, with the entire academy filled with an ocean of cheers.

Wind God's face turned black, exceedingly, exceedingly black. This fucker! I've just taken pity of him, and this is how he repays me?

What a big fool I am, this fucker's remarkably like a top class expert!

No! I have to calm down. I have to calm down! Being an analyst, I definitely have to calm down!

The members of the Bella Dean squadron were currently in the process of attending to their captain's injuries. After being beaten into unconsciousness, Adam Galen had already recovered to his original state. From the looks of the emergency crew's faces, they seemed to... fucker! Are we going blind, or are they actually smiling and laughing in their conversations?

There's definitely a problem!

Even if he couldn't fully recover, the powerful regenerative capability of the werewolf bloodline coupled with the treatment provided by the powerful healer from Bella Dean would allow him to recover 60 to 70% of his full capabilities. Furthermore, there was still Gaden, who seemed to be absolutely fine… with a bunch of mainstay members staring at them like they were prey, and who had yet to expend any of their energy… As for the Tianjing side, Wang Zhong was already injury-laden, and would not be able to recover as quickly as Adam Galen. What's more, although that female by the name of Hymin had a healing attribute special ability, her strength was ordinary at the very most. Treating Barran had already caused her pretty face to turn pale. That left Grai being the only one with strength left. As for the rest… all of them were trash!

All of a sudden, nervousness surged through Wind God, while his heart started to pound.

Was this an opportunity from the heavens???

Another wave of All Mouthy King comments had flooded the Skylink what a famous question this has become! From the beginning till now, Wind God has always felt that it was impossible for anyone who didn't know how to use crosswheels to possibly be All Mouthy King. As for hand-to-hand combat capability?

Too many experts that excelled in this aspect!

Wind God favoured Dicaprio over Wang Zhong, to be the possible true identity of All Mouthy King. With a powerful squadron, handsome appearance, wisdom, farsightedness, and also possessing frightening skills with cross wheels.

The cheering and shrieks from the Skylink views continued incessantly. However, not everyone watching was here to soak up the liveliness like those ordinary laymen in the audience.

Mo Xingchen, Carolyn, Divian and Laura; all of them were undoubtedly more concerned of the general situation for the two who had just finished their duel.

The cameras for the Skylink broadcast were trained at those two for most of the time. Now, the focus was on Adam Galen. At this moment, his eyes had already returned to normalcy. However, not a trace of any depressed expressions were present on his face. Continuing to sit with his legs crossed, an expression of calmness now hung on his face.


"Do you feel that there seems to be some changes to Adam Galen yet again?" Carolyn's message came in.

Seeing that, Divian could not help but to start frowning once again. She had also caught on to this, when more and more people were getting attracted by this match.

Being the successor of the dragon bloodline, she clearly had a considerable understanding of this famous werewolf bloodline. Although Adam Galen's werewolf bloodline clearly had some kind of difference from the one that were inherited from the dark era, their intrinsic essence was definitely the same. The most obvious traits would be the weak phase of the bloodline successor after the ignition of one's bloodline has ended. This weak phase would persist for at least half an hour. However, Adam Galen didn't seem to show a single trace of any weakness.

What's more, after coming out from a berserk state and regaining one's intelligence and rationality, one's mental state should be exceedingly unstable.

Adam Galen's current calm and tranquil demeanour appeared exceedingly strange and weird.

What's more, there were more signs that something was amiss. Those few older members of the Bella Dean Family that had graced the competition grounds earlier have now gathered around Adam, with unconcealable happiness and delight present on their faces. Those were expressions that definitely didn't fit with the current situation.

"Could it be…" Divian could only think of one possibility that would lead to such an outcome, a possibility that seemed slightly inconceivable. "He has successfully completed his fusion?"

"True fusion...looks like there's progress in Bella Dean's research!" Carolyn with now filled with interest. Unlike the Federation, the empires did not inherit much techniques and skills from the previous civilization. As for the Federation, when they had obtained the know-how regarding the usage of Soul Power, they had also gained theories and concepts the earlier civilizations had thought of.
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    《Battle Frenzy》