Battle Frenzy
427 Imminent Peril
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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427 Imminent Peril

The strength of bloodlines was considered to be a mysterious power that humanity was still unable to explain via scientific methods. Ever since the beginning, such power did not belong to humanity. The dragon bloodline of the Seer Family and the werewolf bloodline of the Bella Dean Family were all achieved using 9th rank dimensional life forms as intermediaries as fusion sources. It was difficult for power not belonging to one's self to truly fuse with one's being. That's why various kinds of variations and mutations of power were ubiquitous for people who had inherited bloodlines. However, the most critical issue for bloodlines was how to allow such power to be inherited generation after generation.

Such was the case for the werewolf bloodline. This also applied to the dragon bloodline, though the Seer Family had been able to obtain greater control over the inheritance, as the dragon bloodline was more stable and neutral than the former. Although there were also some secret side effects, they weren't as exaggerated and obvious as compared to those who inherited the werewolf bloodline.

However, if a person was to complete their fusion with their inherited bloodline, they would be able to inherit all the power present within their bloodline. Frankly speaking, when that happens, one would have actual control over the power of their bloodline, while it would also grow even stronger!

However, the matter of true fusion would require one to do so at the "source" of one's bloodline for it to succeed. Powerful families like the Seer Family were in fact still doing research on this topic.

Every single bloodline had a source, and this source was not the 9th rank dimensional life form. The 9th rank dimensional life form was merely there to stimulate and guide the werewolf bloodline. The actual progenitor of the werewolf bloodline was a founding father of the Bella Dean Family; he was the true source of the werewolf bloodline!

There was nothing that he lacked, and was completely free of the negative aspects that plagued his successors. What's more, the power of the werewolf bloodline in him was stronger than in the successive generations!

Divian was unable to think of any other reason other than a successful true fusion to explain the calm and tranquil expression present on Adam Galen's face, as well as the exuberant vitality that he was currently radiating. Truthfully speaking, there was no other logical explanation or reason.

This undoubtedly did not occur just due to this duel. Perhaps, this was just a coverup. Nevertheless, the Bella Dean had definitely done something!

If that were true, that would mean that they possessed a truly outstanding piece of information!

A single Adam Galen didn't amount to anything. What's frightening was the technique or skill to control bloodlines. To those powerhouses that focused on strength and power, such knowledge was on the same level as Old Potter's living rune research to the Federation's Institute of Sciences and the runic system!

The Seer Family had always been searching for a method to resurrect the dragon bloodline within their family. Compared to the werewolf bloodline, the dragon bloodline was more likely to achieve true fusion. However, after so many years, other than their founding ancestor, no one had ever achieved such a feat. This had always been the subject of sorrow for the past dozen generations of the Seer Family. However, never in her wildest dreams did Divian expect for the Bella Dean Family to finally achieve a breakthrough in this matter.

With a frown on her face, Divian thought for a very long time before suddenly regaining her senses. Inexplicably, she sent a message out, "That's right, didn't you say that you don't have the time to watch Tianjing's match today?"

Carolyn did not reply to Divian's message, perhaps due to her thinking about other matters. At this moment, the cameras for the Skylink broadcast had already left the Bella Dean squadron and had turned towards the Tianjing squadron's preparation area.

When Wang Zhong appeared on everyone's screen, an ocean of cheers and shouts of worship rang out instant within the Skylink. Frankly speaking, with him being able to beat a seemingly undying inheritor of the werewolf bloodline to the ground, even those Bella Dean supporters could not help but feel a little worship for Wang Zhong. Experts were worshipped in this era. That was something present in the core of everyone, regardless of the outcome of this match.

However, the recipient of those cheers and cries of admiration, Wang Zhong, didn't seem to be in too good of a condition.

Hymin was currently helping him treat his injuries. The scratches from Galen's claws were a small matter, as they were just superficial wounds at worst. As long as he could endure the pain, he would still be as fit as a fiddle. The main problem lay with the three bloody holes present on his chest!

One could just imagine the damage that penetrative attacks would do to muscle and blood vessels. Although Wang Zhong's heart wasn't damaged, those three holes could not be regenerated. Additionally, using Soul Power to suppress the bleeding was similar to holding one's breath. This meant that he could no longer continue battling, as every intense movement he makes would result in agonizing pain.

After all, Soul Power had an explosive nature. Although it could temporarily stem the flow of blood from injuries, using Soul Power to encase injuries would undoubtedly result in secondary damage to one's body. That would mean damage to one's internal organs; unlike something like chaffed palms, this kind of injuries could not simply be ignored.

Large beads of sweat dripped down Hymin's forehead. Her water attribute special ability wais more suited for auxiliary support, recovery of physical strength as well as the removal of toxic elements. However, it was not as reliable as the wood attribute special ability in the healing of such injuries. What's more, Hymin's special ability was lacking in power. Despite having worked considerably hard, she felt that she was merely helping Wang Zhong temporarily stem the bleeding of his injuries.

"Unless we receive even more specialised care," said Hymin as she wiped the sweat off her forehead, with a rather serious expression on her face. "It would take at least 2 to 3 days of meticulous care for your injuries to close. In the current situation, your wounds absolutely can't take too strong of a blow. What's more… you also can't exert your full strength in combat! If not, without talking about tearing your wounds up, the explosion of your Soul Power, as well as the increase in heart rate and blood flow throughout your body, would be sufficient to cause your wounds to rip apart! If that happens, it would be much, much worse than the three injuries on your chest!"

This caused Ma Dong, who was squeezing his hand around Wang Zhong's neck in excitement, to come to a halt. Hastily removing the hand around Wang Zhong's neck, his actions become slow and careful, while his eyes turned as wide as saucers. "It's that serious?"

Hymin solemnly nodded her head, before scrunching her forehead up as she replied, "It might be even more serious than what I've said. When I was training my healing abilities in the Special Abilities Society, I've generally only treated superficial injuries. I don't have any experience in treating internal injuries like that. Therefore, my current judgement is based on the experience I have. Wang Zhong, I advise you to give up on this match and immediately seek medical treatment from the specialized emergency crew, so as to avoid leaving behind any aftereffects."

Upon hearing her words, everyone from the Tianjing squadron turned quiet.

If what Hymin said was real, Wang Zhong would be unable to display his full strength in combat, even if he forced himself to participate in the group battle with his current injuries. When that happens, they could only rely on Grai. Not only would their chances of winning become rather bleak, but Wang Zhong might also have to pay a heavy price for it.

Frankly speaking, other than Grai, everyone was already more than satisfied to have progressed this far in the CHF.

Seeing the solemn expressions present on the people around him, Wang Zhong have a helpless laugh out, before saying, "You're exaggerating, Hymin. How can it be that serious? My body's very tough, and this is just a small injury. What's more, we've already walked this far. If we give up like this, wouldn't that be too bad for us?"

Hearing his words, Hymin immediately shook her fists in anger as she replied. "Are you trying to throw your life away!"

"I'm the captain! Listen to me!"

A blank expression surfaced on Hymin's face, before she used the best of time to gulp down some water. Taking a deep breath, she condensed all of her remaining strength into her special ability while saying, "I'll treat you to the very last second!"

Wang Zhong and the rest were displayed on the big screens and Skylink. Although people weren't able to hear their whispers, everyone could already understand the situation from the expressions of the Tianjing squadron members, as well as gradually growing pale.

"Okay! The 5th duel is about to start! Although the current score for the duelling phase is 2:2, with this match definitely heading into the group battle, the final duel would still determine who has to select first for the group battle! This makes the 5th duel pretty important in this situation! To the final victor of this match, this point would also help in the selection of one's opponent for the next round. As for the loser, that point would also help differentiate their ranking between the 50th to 55th place. Due to the loss for the previous duel, the Bella Dean squadron has to send their selection up first, in the form of their mainstay soldier, Luo Yong. He's ranked 21st among all of the soldiers in the elimination rounds. To a super squadron like Bella Dean, he's probability the weakest person among their main lineup. However, other than Wang Zhong and Grai, he's more than enough for Tianjing."
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    《Battle Frenzy》