Battle Frenzy
429 Forfeit?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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429 Forfeit?

Hymin's personality has always been that straightforward and had evidently spoken what everyone wanted to say. Even Barran was feeling slightly hesitant. He didn't care much about losing in the heavy soldier match-up earlier. However, it was how his opponent had completely seen through him that caused him to feel extremely unbearable. He had initially felt a sliver of hope, and that he had become strong. However, such thoughts had been quickly squashed by the cruel reality.

If not for such dire circumstances, Wang Zhong was not too willing to use this strategy. However, this might be the only way to boost the morale of the squadron. Standing up, Wang Zhong spoke out, "There's one matter, that I have yet to tell all of you."

With a bitter laugh, Lily replied, "Don't tell me that you're planning to reveal to us that you're a member of some aristocratic family, okay? Our opponent is Bella Dean, one of the five upper families, a genuine overlord! We…"

Everyone looked curiously at Wang Zhong, waiting for him to continue. Having walked all the way to this point, no one wanted to leave just like that, not with victory hanging right in front of their eyes. Nonetheless, it also appeared to be as far out of reach as the edges of the horizon.

"I have an ID in the OP system, called All Mouthy King. I believe that there's nothing that's impossible in this world."

An extremely normal tone, just like him saying that he's Wang Zhong.

What the hell has an ID on OP got to do with the predicament they were currently facing?

Even after a while, everyone didn't regain their senses. Subconsciously, Hymin said something out, before opening her jaw widen agape. "Ah...ah?"

Other than Ma Dong and Scarlet, everyone within the preparation room instantly turned petrified, causing the room the turn so silent one could hear a pin drop. As for those two, they were clenching their fists tightly. Scarlet had always believed that they would win, as Wang Zhong had never, ever given up before!

Emily had already covered her mouth. Upon hearing Wang Zhong say those words, her heart was at the brink of melting.

Barran stared dumbly at Wang Zhong with an endearingly silly look plastered on his face. His most respected captain was actually his most worshipped idol???

All Mouthy King!

That's right, the omnipotent strongest king!

If victory were impossible for them, All Mouthy King would create a miracle!

There were times when following around blindly wasn't a good thing to do. However, there were times where it was terrific.

"Give me a chance, and let me take you guys to victory!" said Wang Zhong.

On the other side, Giant God Peak, who had started their match concurrently with Tianjing, had already finished theirs with yet another clean 4:0 victory. The Giant God Peak had taken the lead and created the legend of a C rank squadron entering the top 32 of the CHF

Frankly speaking, Dicaprio was currently pretty content with his achievements. Sleeping on firewood and eating a gallbladder every night would be an apt description for him, as everything he did was all for the sake of this CHF! (During the spring and autumn period (770-476BC), the state of Wu launched an attack against the state of Yue. the king of Wu was seriously wounded and soon died. His son Fu Chai became the new king. Fu was determined to revenge, and he drilled his army rigidly until it was a perfect fighting force. Three years later, he led his army against the state of Yue and caught its king Gou Jian. Fu took him to the state of Wu.

In order to avenge his father's death, Fu let him live in a shabby stone house by his father's tomb and ordered him to raise horses for him. Gou pretended to be loyal to Fu but he never forgot his humiliation. Many years later, he was set free. Gou secretly accumulated a military force after he went back to his own state. In order to make himself tougher, he slept on firewood and ate a gall-bladder before having dinner and going to bed every night. At the same time, he administered his state carefully, developing agriculture and educating the people. After a few years, his country became strong. then Gou seized a favorable opportunity to wipe off the state of Wu.

Later on, people used it to describe one who endures self-imposed hardships to strengthen one's resolve to realize one's ambition. )

He wanted the entire world to get a new impression of him and Giant God Peak. He wanted them to know that it wasn't only the 10 great families that were powerful within the Freedom Federation!

However, before he could feel proud of himself, he quickly realized that everyone on Skylink was currently discussing a match happening at another competition ground. It seemed like the legend of Giant God Peak did not attract much more attention than during the first round.


Tianjing has shoved Bella Dean into the group battle phase? Gaden was defeated by Grai? Even after using his werewolf bloodline, Bella Dean's captain was smashed to a pulp?

What the hell was this? Were Wang Zhong and Grai really that ferocious?

A while ago, after hearing Ma Dong and the others talk about Tianjing's impending match against Bella Dean, Dicaprio started to personally dissect the strengths of the 2 squadrons. Frankly speaking, the former had utterly no hope for victory. Perhaps, they might have the chance the obtain a single win in the duelling phase, though luck was the only thing they could count on if they wanted to reach the group battle phase.

However, from the looks of the current situation on both sides, despite not having much luck, Tianjing had actually managed to force the match into the group battle phase!

Feelings of happiness and anxiety surged within Dicaprio's heart as he dragged his entire squadron towards the Number 6 competition grounds.

Perhaps it was just affinity, or due to both of them possessing powerful strength, or even due to the revenge of the "grassroots", that Dicaprio yearned for a friend whom he could share the taste of victory with.

The distance between the 2 competition grounds wasn't far. By the time they had arrived, the preparatory time given to the 2 squadrons had just ended.

The thoughts Wind God had bottled up during this 20-minute interlude finally exploded out with emotional flair. "Sorry for the long wait, ladies and gentlemen! Let us turn our attention back to the competition stage, where the final group battle between Bella Dean and Tianjing is about to start! Will the black horse erupt with madness, or will the kings be invincible? Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to see the answer to that question!"

Although Tianjing had managed to obtain two successive duel wins, unlike the chaotic and flustered feelings that had overwhelmed the Bierlia Academy, the Bella Dean squadron's spirits were still flying high. In fact, it was even stronger than during the duelling phase of the match. To them, the impending group battle was the finale, as well as a battle of revenge. Their two cores, Adam Galen and Gaden, had already fully recovered. This was the overpowering might of an S rank squadron, as well as their amazing pair of water attribute headers, that commanded respect from the people. Furthermore, from the expressions of their supporters, one could tell that their morale had already been brought back up by Adam Galen. At this very moment, the gentlemanly appearance of the Bella Dean was hiding the powerful heart of a wolf!

This was a fight that would lead to a qualitative change in Bella Dean! As long as they break through this barrier, they would head towards invincibility!

This was the pride of Bella Dean! A superpowered soldier with a werewolf bloodline coupled with the weirdest of the Mo's List range soldiers! Such a pairing possessed the qualifications to contend for the top 4 places in the CHF!

"The 5 man group from Bella Dean has appeared, with captain Adam Galen Bella Dean in lead! An interesting fact for you guys: in the initial evaluation of the 10 S rank seedling squadrons conducted by the officials, the Bella Dean squadron was ranked slightly towards the bottom. However, at this moment, with captain Adam Galen purportedly having fused with his werewolf bloodline, the current Bella Dean has been baptised! From what I've just seen backstage, the rankings have been refreshed! Frankly speaking, the current Bella Dean squadron has risen to a new level yet again!"

"Their current line up is sufficient to answer all questions! Captain Adam Galen, ranged soldier Gaden, as well as their star heavy soldier, Paulista and main assassin, Dooley! They did not select their soldier, Luo Yong, as their 5th man, but their substitute assassin, Dufon!" Wind God's eyes lit up, "Please ignore the word substitute. The substitutes of any S rank seedling squadrons could be used at any time in their core lineup. The so-called core lineup and substitute lineup are just strategical arrangements made for the purpose of group battles! Dufon is Dooley's younger brother and part of the Bella Dean's dual assassin formation. One their main formations, the dual assassin formation is a rather offensive-oriented formation! The already injured captain Wang Zhong and Tianjing's Grai better take note of this, as once the two of them are contained, the strength of the Dufon and Dooley brothers would make defending their backline an impossibility! With the performance their heavy soldier Barran has shown in the duel, I can say with certainty that he would be useless in the face of such an offensive-oriented formation. Looks like Bella Dean wants to end this battle as fast as possible, and not give even the slightest chance to Tianjing! Naturally, our enchanting Tianjing squadron wouldn't resign to their fate! What would they choose to do for the group battle? We'll know once we take a look at their line up! Huh?"

Only after finishing his statement did Wind God notice that the Tianjing squadron had yet to walk onto the stage. "Interesting. Looks like the Tianjing squadron has yet to leave their preparation room. With their passionate style, it's hard to imagine that they would delay their appearance. Could it be that captain Wang Zhong's injuries have relapsed? Or perhaps, they have yet to decide on their line? It's indeed a pretty difficult decision to make, as it's hard for them to send any type of formation that would yield any hope against Bella Dean. From what I understand, they have 2 more minutes left to make their decision. Perhaps, what we will get isn't Tianjing squadron's group battle formation, but a white flag!"

The referee standing by the side of the stage continued to look at the watch.

"Could they really be ready to give up?"

"That can't be, right? That's too much of a pity! They've reached so far! Even if they had the grind their teeth, at the very least, they should walk up onto the stage!"

"It could really be due to the worsening of Wang Zhong's injuries. That's something that can't be helped, as, after all, the disparity between them and Bella Dean is too great. Without Wang Zhong, there's basically no need for Grai to fight."
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    《Battle Frenzy》