Battle Frenzy
430 ALERT! Laforgue Cross Wheels!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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430 ALERT! Laforgue Cross Wheels!

The low humming of whispers and people discussing filled the entire grounds. Frankly speaking, it was within reason for Tianjing to forfeit this match. Without mentioning the disparity in strength between the two squadrons, everyone was exceedingly clear about the injuries Wang Zhong had suffered during the earlier duel. Upon leaving the stage, his face had remained deathly pale. As for the penetrative injuries that he had sustained, they couldn't be considered too big or too small, but they had the possibility of leaving him to hang for his life by a thread while in combat. If he weren't given specialized treatment in time, they would become drastically life-threatening should they relapse.

A frown appeared on Divian's forehead. In her opinion, it would be a smart move for Tianjing to forfeit this group battle, as the disparity between them and Bella Dean was indeed way too wide. In a 2 vs. 5 scenario against Bella Dean, no one in the entire CHF could pull off a win! Even people like Carolyn and Gui Hao would not be able to do so. On the Bella Dean side, Adam Galen's condition was pretty okay. As for Gaden, a single look at his expression would already reveal the anger burning inside him after losing his duel. If Tianjing were to really participate in the group battle, he would definitely not let them surrender without a scratch. To him, it wasn't a matter about victory or defeat, as his special ability could make those youths from Tianjing suffer a fate that's worse than death!

This was a group battle that did not have the slightest bit of suspense at all. Regardless of whether Wang Zhong was injured or not, the only uncertainty this group battle had was whether Tianjing's squadron would have any deaths. Having walked all the way to this point, there would be no one who would deem them to be weak if they were to choose to forfeit this match.

However, the reason why life can so beautiful is due to the magnificence shown when it blossoms. Regardless of the price, there would never, ever be any absolutes. If not, the word beauty would not be placed right beside life.

Therefore, Divian proceeded to continue watching. If that unconstrained figure that had walked out of the coffee shop were to simply fade into the shadows, it might be a smart and intelligent decision. Nonetheless, there would also be some regret.

Not only did Divian believe this, but there were also many experts silently watching the match who felt the same way.

Second after second, as time ticked by, yet there was not a single movement from the passageway that led to the Tianjing squadron's preparation room. God knows who was the first one to shout the word "Surrender!" before the entire lot of Bella Dean supporters proceeded to shout out, "Surrender! Surrender! Surrender! Surrender!"

Wind God started to speak at an apt timing. "Ha ha! Looks like our Bella Dean supporters do hold a grudge! The cheers and shouts for Wang Zhong that filled the entire grounds earlier definitely felt too ear-piercing for them. Now, it's finally their turn! However, there are still 30 seconds left, though Tianjing looks like they really are throwing in the towel!"

However, just at this moment, a wave of cheers suddenly erupted from the Tianjing supporters, before followed by yet another wave of deathly silence.

The cheers were for the Tianjing squadron, who had finally walked out into the passageway. As for the deathly silence, that was due to them seeing something that they had never expected to see!

A thing that was able to cause the entire competition grounds to gradually turn silent. The strange and peculiar atmosphere continued to radiate out from the crowd present around the Tianjing squadron, before causing more and more people to shut their mouths.

Wind God's analysis came right at this moment. "Haha, truly worthy of our enchanting Tianjing squadron. After dragging to the final moment, they finally appeared, forcibly putting on a show of importance once again. From the looks of it, the 5 people appear firm and tenacious. That's an excellent attitude to have. Captain Wang's appearance doesn't seem that bad, while he's... whoosh... cough cough!"

Wind God gave two violent coughs, as the scene that appeared before his eyes caused the thoughts in his brains to come crashing down.

What appeared before his eyes were 5 people from the Tianjing squadron walking out. From the looks of it, he wasn't able to spot their heavy soldier, Barran. He wasn't even able to see their main assassin, Emily. Instead, he spotted Scarlet, Milami and Hymin grace the stage...

However, that wasn't the critical point, as regardless of their main or substitute line up, both were trash in the face of Bella Dean.

The critical point was their captain, Wang Zhong!

That fellow's actually changed his weapon yet again, and what more!

"Oh my god! Am I actually seeing this?! He's blinding my motherfucking eyes! Fucking, cross wheels?!

"That can't be true, right? Are those cross wheels? Laforgue Infinite Slash Cross Wheels?!"

Even the shouts coming out from the Bella Dean supporters had instantly turned quiet, as the entire competition grounds stared blankly at the male walking out from the passageway with a pair of cross wheels in his hands.

This was the 4th type!

Dagger, runic sword, bare-handed combat, and now, he pulls out the cross wheels?!

After a death-like moment of silence, the entire competition grounds exploded like an overpressured boiler!

The super omnipotent soldier that's able to fulfil all roles with no weaknesses, with the key point being the cross wheels currently in his hands. That fucker's remarkably like All Mouthy King!

If anything, the only thing that Wang Zhong lacked as compared to All Mouthy King was the cross wheels present before everyone's eyes.

The silence within the competition grounds and Skylink instantly exploded into oblivion, while countless people started to pour into the competition grounds. That right, although the 10 great families admittedly possessed immense prestige, the absolute majority of the Federation's citizens were commoners. There was a similar dream present in every one of their hearts, which was that they would one day be able to become successful or to be able to create a miracle. Of the reasons why mankind is strong and powerful, the crux was the ability to dream, be it beautiful ones, nightmares, or daydreams!

"Dagger, runic sword, barehanded combat! All check! Now, even the cross wheels have appeared! He's definitely brother King!"

"Daring to use cross wheels under such circumstances definitely goes to show that they would not be used merely as props! Other than brother King, no other people would do such a thing!"

"They're body types are extremely similar!"

"There's also the same kind of domineering aura! I've just seen the playout of captain Wang Zhong bashing Adam Galen up, and it really is just the style of brother King!"

The popularity of the match immediately skyrocketed, while a server-pushed question heading instantly blew up the entire Skylink discussion forums.

"In this life or death situation, the captain of the Tianjing squadron, Wang Zhong, has pulled out the Laforgue Infinite Slash Cross Wheels!"

"Ah… interesting." said Gui Hao as he rubbed his chin. Previously, he had sent Zhao Zimo to deal with Wang Zhong purely due to him feeling irked by the thought of being contaminated by some trash. Therefore, it was without a doubt for him to send Wang Zhong to his death.

Since such thoughts surfaced within his mind, he had casually set instructions out for it to be done, just like how he would ask his servants to toss the trash were he to see them in his house. Truthfully speaking, even though the assassination was a failure, Gui Hao had completely disregarded it.

However, from the looks of it now, the entire matter seemed to have changed, and too did the situation for this whole competition. If Wang Zhong really were All Mouthy King... he would no longer just be garbage waiting to be tossed out. What's more, he would no longer just be a clown jumping up and down, that would never, ever enter the sights of Carolyn!

Rubbing his chin, an amused smile appeared on Gui Hao's face. Compared to him, Gui Xinying, who had been sitting by herself at the back of the broadcasting theatre, stared unblinkingly at the large screen before her.

Of all the people who were paying attention to Wang Zhong, she was most probably the one who kept the lowest profile. In fact, there was no one out there that knew she was paying attention to him, including her brother Gui Hao, and even Wang Zhong himself.

Due to her personality, Gui Xinying did not quite like to interact with the other 3 of the so-called 4 great princesses of the Federation. Being the younger sister of Gui Hao, she naturally knew that the matter between Wang Zhong and Carolyn wasn't even worth a single mention. Furthermore, she also knew about the man her brother had sent to assassinate the latter. 

During that night at the bar, she was still unsure whether that Wang Zhong was the same Wang Zhong that was present on the large screen.

He was evidently very young, yet he appeared to be filled with many stories of life under his belt. He looked as if he had many heavy burdens present in his heart, yet was able to smile so naturally and with such radiance. What's more, he was the first stranger to ever invite her for a drink.

It was during that moment when her interest in him spiked. However, upon knowing his identity and having some time to think about it, the figure of the lone male drinking at the corner of that bar stirred up additional feelings in Gui Xinying's heart.

All Mouthy King?

She really wanted to see, exactly how strong he was!
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    《Battle Frenzy》