Battle Frenzy
431 The final hope for the rag tag squad 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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431 The final hope for the rag tag squad 2 in 1

Ever since the start of the elimination rounds, she had been quietly paying attention to Tianjing's progress in this CHF. For today's match, she had not even let any single detail escape her sight.

While Wang Zhong was defending against Adam Galen's explosive assaults, she, who never ever smiled, did not notice the slight upward curl present at the corners of her mouth. Regardless of how bleak Tianjing's chances were for the group battle, Gui Xinying continued to wait on patiently. That happened all the way until she saw those mysterious cross wheels.


She would not go about blindly guessing the identity of All Mouthy King. Up until now, stories about him have been used by the Federation as propaganda to the extent that he had turned into a legend. Nonetheless, such stories would only confuse ordinary people.

She disliked scheming against people or managing her family. Throughout her life, combat was the only thing that she liked. To her, matters like schemes, management, and influence had entirely no meaning to her. Therefore, she did not give a damn about whether Wang Zhong was All Mouthy King or not. What she cared was him being daring enough to use such a unique weapon in such a group battle, and him selecting such a lineup that actually included two substitutes...

Those were decisions that many people had definitely not expected.

Surprises were indicative of changes! With the presence of changes, that meant that Wang Zhong still had the possibility of continuing his journey in this CHF! This was one the few things in the entire CHF that would catch her interest!

The corners of her mouth curled up slightly yet again, though they were concealed under the faint black veil she wore.

Not more than a handful of people in this entire world had seen Gui Xinying's smile before, as she was usually too cold and emotionless to everyone. However, if one were lucky to see it, one would definitely be astonished by one of the most beautiful scenes in this entire world!=

Nonetheless, the situation present before her was a hopeless one. There were some matters where intentions and thoughts were powerless. If one wanted to survive in this world, one would have to rely on power. No one can be exempted from this rule, and no one can transcend it!

At this moment, the cheers proclaiming Wang Zhong to be All Mouthy King had already reached the peak in an instant!

Similar physiques, similar all-roundedness, similar domineering auras, and most importantly, the Laforgue Infinite Slash Cross Wheels!

Everyone watching the match was certain that Wang Zhong possessed the strength to wield them properly. However, if it was any other ordinary match, he would most probably be treated similar to Dicaprio, and remain a plausible suspect for All Mouthy King. However, he was currently up in the final fight against Bella Dean, and in a life-or-death situation! Since he dared to bring out the cross wheels to fight in this match that determined the survival of his entire squadron, that goes to show that his confidence in his skills with the cross wheels had already reached the peak!

Countless brother King fans had instantly gone mad with their god-like levels of worship. Finally, they've seen their "god" in person! What's more, the figure that appeared was considerably similar to the All Mouthy Kings present in their hearts!

Although his physique had given everyone the strongest first impression, the critical factor was the domineering aura he radiated throughout the two matches in the final competition! The subjugation of a Mo's List assassin and the pummeling of a werewolf bloodline inheritor were concrete proof of it!

"Brother King! Brother King! Brother King!"

"Beat up the powerful seedling squadrons! Slaughter the Mo's List experts! All Mouthy King's invincible under the heavens!"

It had to be said that the mindlessness and blind belief those brother King fans had for their idol knew no bounds, as they had already come up with a new chant in a heartbeat. Nonetheless, there were still some cool-headed people amongst them whose foreheads were locked in deep furrows.

Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong's current predicament was rather worrying. It would not be an issue if that alias didn't really belong Wang Zhong. Even if he were to lose, Tianjing did not let their supporters down with their performance in today's match. However, what if Wang Zhong was indeed All Mouthy King?

If that were true, the sliver of a fantasy at the depths of their hearts would get popped like a soap bubble.

In fact, those cool-headed fans had already started to take note as to why All Mouthy King has not revealed his true identity all these while. Once he lost a match, it would be hard to imagine how all the diehard supporters would endure such a massive psychological blow!

An idol could never fall! That's because he was no longer just representing himself, but also the role model and benchmark for many youths!

"Wang Zhong's not the only one who can use the cross wheels."

"Please focus on the match, guys! As of now, we're still unable to confirm whether Wang Zhong's brother King or not."

"That's right! That captain Dicaprio from Giant God Peak can also use the cross wheels."

The fans who truly cared about Wang Zhong, All Mouthy King, and possessed a certain level of deductive capability, had already started to launch "smoke bombs" all over the Skylink to stop people from boasting about their idol. For that, it would have to wait until his victory was secured before they could brag. If he were truly their idol, they would need to give him a path to retreat at the very least, on the off chance that he lost. Frankly speaking, being up against the lineup from Bella Dean, with the relatively low standard of Tianjing, there was really nothing brother King could do.

Wind God was close to turning into a mute. This Tianjing squadron was really fucking good at ripping people's faces up, especially his. They definitely had caught onto the debates happening in the Skylink about All Mouthy King while preparing for the group battle! What's more, by some curious coincidence, he had said a few statements that Wang Zhong was definitely not All Mouthy King. Never did he imagine that the latter would give such a slap to his face while he entered the stage!

Fortunately, those few negative remarks on the present in the Skylink chat gave Wind God an opportunity to get a hold and change the rhythm. "It's still too early to confirm whether Wang Zhong is All Mouthy King or not. What's more, truth to be told, even if he is All Mouthy King, I feel that he wouldn't be able to save Tianjing from the dire situation they're in right now...oh? What an interesting lineup Tianjing has fielded!"

Wind God instantly changed the topic. "They did not field their main heavy soldier and assassin, and have actually learnt from Bella Dean to play with substitutes? They've fielded two rather obscure substitutes! A firepower-oriented range soldier, Milami, Wang Zhong with his cross wheels, Grai, their vice-captain Scarlet, three ranged soldiers as their back line? There's also their squadron's special ability healer, Hymin... oh my god, what kind of lineup is this? They've actually fielded their auxiliary support healer to participate in the group battle? Against Bella Dean? What are they thinking? What can she do? Heal the Tianjing squadron in combat?"

It had to be said that Wind God's questions were rather right on their mark, as Tianjing's lineup was indeed slightly incredulous. Wang Zhong's selection of the cross wheels had indeed caused the eyeballs of many people to pop out, while changing the entire atmosphere of the match. However, it was only when everyone regained their senses did they find out how about the mind-blowing lineup fielded by Tianjing.

Despite being an auxiliary support healer, they've actually sent her up onto the competition stage! That was something that utterly blew everyone's minds!

It wasn't to say that those special ability healers completely lacked combat prowess. However, compared to actual soldiers, their combat prowess would pale in comparison to the extent that it was pitiful, especially in the realm of the Casted Soul Stage. Those with auxiliary support type special abilities were utterly lacking in any extraordinary explosive capabilities, adding on to the fact that their ability wasn't combat-oriented. 

Furthermore, what's going on with the three ranged soldiers?

Of course, there were ranged combat strategies for group battles. However, one would have to field five ranged soldiers and unleash a suppression of firepower from the beginning till the end. As for three ranged soldiers, it gave people an uncomfortable sense of not being too few, but not being sufficiently strong at the same time. On the contrary, it gave people a greater feeling of Tianjing giving up on this match. What's more, none of them were at Sharmie's standard. With just three directions of firepower, it's utterly impossible to suppress an all-out rush lineup. What's more outlandish was that they did not even field a decent defensive type heavy soldier!

Various kinds of sounds flooded the Skylink, from the ridicule and contempt shown by the Bella Dean side, to the counter rants by the supporters of Tianjing and brother King. All along, the Tianjing supporters always had a numerical advantage. Not much had changed even after Wang Zhong had defeated Adam. However, the situation was completely different from before. Brother King's rallying power was one that crushed all opponents and hailed from all reaches of the Federation. Even the Stuart Academy didn't have such loyal supporters!

Adam Galen and the rest continued to wait silently on the stage, appearing as though they were watching a play going on before their eyes. Nonetheless, their opponent's lineup selection had caught them by surprise. What's more, the cross wheels in Wang Zhong's hands had caused caution and vigilance to surface within their hearts. Regardless of whether he was All Mouthy King or not, the performance he had given in the earlier match had shown the everyone the might he possessed.

Frankly speaking, they were genuinely unable to get their heads around Tianjing's lineup. A fanatical like self-confidence was plastered on every member's face, especially those three females.

Adam could remember seeing those three girls before the Tianjing squadron had entered their preparation room in wait for the impending group battle. At that time, their faces were rather pale, reflecting the worry and concern they had for the group battle. However, where did that fanatical like self-confidence come from?

Saluting each other, the two squadrons proceeded to form up at their respective starting positions.

The advantages of an arena setting for a group battle were its simplicity and straightforwardness while allowing a fast pace of combat. To a powerful squadron, there wasn't any possibility of making a mistake of an error or an overlook to happen. What's more, Tianjing's outlandish lineup simply gave no leeway for any terrain-reliant strategy to be executed by them.

The Bella Dean group battle starting formation was rather orthodox, being the most commonly used 4 vanguards and one backline. Gaden's position was located slightly to the back, with their heavy soldier Paulist and captain Adam Galen present in the middle. Coupled with the two assassins at the flanks, they form a forward arcing shape that allowed for proper assistance between members.

As for the Tianjing side, interesting was the only word that could be used to describe it. Frankly speaking, could that even be called a formation?

Their captain Wang Zhong was just like a muddle-headed puppet king, standing in the middle, while being flanked by three exquisite and beautiful girls. The four people stood rather close to one another, almost appearing as though they were having a group hug! What kind of preparation was this for the group battle? Are you prepared for an X-rated scene on stage?!

In contrast, Grai was standing all by his lonesome, appearing to be treated like a cannon fodder. Standing right at the front, he appeared to be using his thin frame to shield the other four from the five members of the Bella Dean squadron. The backdrop of his solitary self was just like an orphan being abandoned by the entire world...

Was this how an expert on par with those on the Mo's List should be used?!

Frankly speaking, many people were extremely dissatisfied upon seeing this, especially the girls!

"I really feel sorry for Grai! Is he being sold out?!"

"What kind of formation is this? For what reason is our Grai standing by his lonesome at the front? He's not a heavy soldier!"

"For the good or worse, there should be at least be someone accompanying him! He really looks too pitiful standing all by his lonesome! Wu wu wu!"

Nonetheless, the formation was already fixed, and obviously not something that could change from the words of a few love-struck fans.

Standing by the side of the stage, the hearts of Ma Dong, Lily and the rest already pounding at the back of their throats. When Wang Zhong had announced this earth-shattering strategy to them, the shock and astonishment all of them had felt were immeasurable. Hymin had been stunned by Wang Zhong's plan, as never in her wildest dreams did she ever consider the possibility that she would be needed on the competition stage.

Regardless of them having trust for Wang Zhong and All Mouthy King, and regardless of them knowing the underlying reasons why Wang Zhong had fielded such a lineup, the result of the match was the only judge for this. Therefore, before the last instant, everyone was still unable to quieten the worries in their hearts.

Standing across the arena, suffocating auras were now being radiated from the five members of Bella Dean.

Standing on stage, Hymin was considerably nervous and anxious for the impending fight; sentiments shared too by Milami and Scarlet.

All of them took a small gulp of their saliva.


The group battle had commenced!

Unexpectedly, the first person to move was Grai. What's more, he appeared to have shot off towards a weird direction. Not only did he not rush straight towards the fan-shaped formation of Bella Dean, but he had also left the other four weaker members of the Tianjing squadron completely exposed to his opponents. Being the only vanguard for Tianjing, the peculiar spectacle he had created caused everyone to assume that he had abandoned his squadron members at the first instant.

The brainless splitting was clearly not the critical factor. In the eyes of experts, there were always reasons behind odd and fishy movements of one's opponents. In the duel earlier, the strength and capability shown by Grai when he had defeated Gaden made ignoring him an obviously unintelligent choice.

The Bella Dean rush made their response, with Adam breaking off from the formation. Aiming towards Grai, he roared out, "Continue the rush! Finish them in a single breath!"

"Don't finish all of them off, 3rd brother! Leave some for me!" said Gaden as he licked his lips. This was the first time Gaden had addressed Adam like that, as the latter now had sufficient qualifications to demand such respect.

The 5 man fan-shaped formation quickly transformed into a 3:1 umbrella shaped one. With a single command from Adam, every single member had automatically adjusted their position. If time had halted to allow people to take rulers out to measure, they would find that the members within the current formation were equidistant from one another!

Perfect execution and transformation capability. The strengths of a powerful squadron was more than the sum of their individual members! Even Wang Zhong, who was observing their movements, could not help but to secretly sigh in admiration of their teamwork. Even after using unique methods and bitter training for half a year, the Tianjing squadron was still unable to match up to them. 

In this small and narrow arena, a collision of rushes would only take an instant to occur.

Being the twin blades of Bella Dean, Dooley and Dufon came from the left and right flanks, hurtling towards the Tianjing from opposing sides.


Scarlet fired the first shot, which was closely followed by the successive roars of gun and cannon fire.

A few bullets brimming with chilling intent and obstruction flew towards Dooley, who was hurtling over from the left, while Dufan coming in from the right was met with a 3- round burst from Milami's cannon.

"Now, the fight has progressed a 1 vs 1 and a 4 vs 4! Grai and Adam are engaged in a head-on confrontation, while the main force of the Bella Dean squadron has already rushed forward to engage the Tianjing squadron." One could not continue to roast others throughout the match. With the group battle commencing, Wind God still had to turn his attention to cast the ensuring fight. "Although Gaden's crossbow and Wang Zhong's cross wheels possess extraordinary might, there's still a limit to their range. Unlike those hot weapons that possess super long ranges, these two weapons can only achieve suppression in middle ranged combat. Faced against formations that excel in dealing with range soldiers, the two have not launched any random attacks. The first ones who started to fire are the twin flowers of Tianjing's backline, shooting straight at the twin assassins headed straight for them. It looks like they want to obstruct the movements of the latter 2. Frankly speaking though, that's a slightly naive thought, as do you think the movements of S ranked squadron's mainstay assassins are that easily obstructed and sealed?"

Before Wind God could finish his statement, the two assassins have already completed their breakthrough from the suppressive fire laid down on them. While this happened, Wang Zhong's cross wheels have already started to revolve. Nevertheless, he had yet to send them out. 

The short ranged bullets, as well as Milami's cannon fire, were completely unable to create any feelings of suppression to the Du brothers. The two of them were absolutely leagues above the 2nd rate assassins from Saxon. Not even halting their movements for a second, they moved about like gusts of wind, while the dense bullet trails appeared like fireworks in the night sky, gorgeous and eye-catching, yet possessing not one bit of lethality.

As they continued to watch this spectacle, worry started to surface within the audience.

"Tianjing's two ranged soldiers, Grai, and Wang Zhong, are simply not on the same level as Bella Dean."

"That's why she's only ranked B in the elimination rounds. Although she's accurate, it's a pity that she does not have unique traits at all. Those ordinary bullet formations are completely useless against a top class assassin. What's more, that heavy firepower substitute is even more useless. At the very most, she would only be a B- rank."

"This is their three ranged formation? They don't even possess the firepower to stop the rush of a single assassin! What a joke!"

"Ah, look at that healer of theirs, standing blankly at there! Other than her big eyes, I frankly don't know why she's on the stage at all...are they planning to use her death ray gaze to kill her opponents?"

"Ha ha ha! If Tianjing's able to win like that, I'll do a live broadcast of me shoving my dick into a 15 bladed fan! And I'll make sure its one of those sharp bladed ones!"
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    《Battle Frenzy》