Battle Frenzy
434 You“re too naive, young one!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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434 You“re too naive, young one!

It was extremely difficult for weapons to deal with the attacks unleashed by cross wheels. However, a tower shield was more than enough to fit this role! This was the true essence of a heavy soldier's defence!

Although the momentum and speed of his rush had been reduced, they were already unimportant, as what happened next would be the start of Tianjing's nightmare!

The remaining distance was more than sufficient for him!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

After waiting so patiently, Gaden finally took action. Despite Tianjing getting rid of his squadron's twin assassins, not a single emotional fluctuation had surfaced in his heart. Being a ranged soldier, patience was a necessity; because he wanted to see his opponents' wails of despair!

Crossbow bolts brimming with his ageing special ability were shot out, the green glow present on every tip testing their target's courage to remain in combat!

During that flash of a moment, Wang Zhong's cross wheels had yet to return. This was the weakness of the cross wheels. What's more, Wang Zhong himself appeared to have turned silly, not moving an inch as he stood at his original position. From the looks of it, he did not expect Paulista to be able to break the trajectory of his cross wheels.

However, it was at this moment when the ever so disregarded Tianjing backline started to display their might.

The peals of gun and cannon fire were mixed with Wind God's shoutings as they struck head one against the incoming green poison bolts, causing all of Gaden's bolts to explode in the air!

Nonetheless, the exploded green poison bolts instantly turned into a poison cloud that enveloped the entire region!

"That's some pretty accurate shooting. Although they are classified as a special ability attack, those green poison bolts aren't as fast as normal bolts. However, being able to shoot every single one of them out of the sky shows that Tianjing's vice-captain, Scarlet, does possess some ability. However, that's basically useless! Even if Gaden's green poison bolts aren't shot down, they will automatically explode by themselves! The key point of that special attack is the expanding green poison cloud formed! The shooting from that beautiful vice-captain of Tianjing has only caused the attack from the green poison cloud start in advance!"


Hymin, who had been standing still like an idiot, finally took action! When Wang Zhong had said that she would be needed at the most critical moment of the group battle, Hymin had turned completely stupefied.

Nonetheless, she was willing to do anything for this squadron!

Soul Power burst forth from her. With her concentration reaching their utmost limit, Hymin felt her entire sea of thoughts become blank, while everything in her surroundings became clearer and more intimately connected to her mind.

A glowing barrier radiating with azure brilliance appeared in an instant!

Water Shield!

It was the most basic of moves that every auxiliary support water attribute healer would know. It had miraculous effects towards injury recovery, reduction of pain, and also possessed a certain level of defensive capability.

Nonetheless, compared to the auxiliary support healers of those S ranked squadrons, the power of Milami's water shield was rather average. Expanding to a 3 to 4 metre wide hemisphere, it enveloped the 4 man backline of Tianjing. The colour of the water shield was rather faint, a clear indication that its defensive capability was extremely low.

However, regardless of how low its defensive capability was, it was already more than enough to deal with the poisonous gas being dispersed in the air!

The green poison gas was instantly stopped by the water shield, unable to enter even a single inch!

Astonished cries instantly rang out across the viewing gallery.

It was a straightforward concept and an extremely simple method. Yet, it had produced miraculous results.

"So that's why that girl was brought up to the stage!"

"Tianjing was prepared for it! That's a method to counter Gaden!"

"An auxiliary support healer can also be used like this? What a surprising move!"

"It's useless! A shield of that degree look like it would break with a single contact. Gaden just needs another barrage to deal with it. What's more, who knows if that what shield will be able to block the green poison gas a second time! Look, the poison gas is already corroding it!"

In a head-on clash of special abilities, Hymin's strength clearly wasn't able to match up to Gaden. Although her water shield had blocked the first wave of poison gas, it had also immediately began to get corroded at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Hymin's water shield was visibly starting to weaken rapidly.

Using a garbage auxiliary support healer in hopes to block my green poison special ability?

Gaden fought that thought to be !

They were too naive! If his poison special ability could be dealt with that easily, how could he be known as the most frightening among the five great ranged soldiers?!

Just at this instant, Paulista, who was diverting Tianjing's attention from Gaden's attack, suddenly came to a halt, while a solemn light appeared within his eyes.

He had noticed the cross wheels returning to Wang Zhong's hand. Yet this time, the latter did not immediately toss them out. Instead, he had inserted more Soul Power into his cross wheels, causing them to emit ear-piercing screeches as their revolutions sped up, an indication that their speeds had already broken the sound barrier.

Being a heavy soldier, he naturally knew what that meant!

He had also been duped! He shouldn't be that greedy earlier!

Wang Zhong definitely did not use his full strength in those previous attacks! He had purposefully lured him closer into the range where the cross wheels could show their full might!

At this point, there was already no way for him to retreat! Being a mature heavy soldier, Paulista knew that he was unable to retreat even if he wanted to; there was hence no longer a need to retreat. With an explosive roar, Soul Power blossomed from his entire body. Slamming his tower shield heavily on the ground, he tilted it to a 60-degree angle. Bracing his shoulders against it, he established the strongest defence a heavy soldier would have in the face of the most frightening of situations!

It was also known as the fight to the death!

For the sake of honour and glory for Bella Dean!

Without a doubt, Paulista's immediate reactions were absolutely appropriate. What he wanted to do was also precisely what Wang Zhong hoped for. Not only did he want to lure Paulista in, he also wanted to lure Gaden in, with distance being the key!

In a split instant, the berserk cross wheels seemed to have come to a stop. However, in the next second, with a hum, they disappeared from Wang Zhong's hand like wild horses with their reins removed. In a split second, one of them howled towards Gaden, while the other flew with a high-speed oscillation as it arced towards Paulista .

This was a physical manifestation that occurred when a flat object's revolution speed has reached its limit!

Paulista did need peek out to take a look, as there was not even the need to do so. When such a physical manifestation appeared, he already knew what he was up against!

That damnable Wang Zhong actually had to cheek to underestimate me! As long as this attack ends, I'll kill him!

Fight to the death!

Like a death reaper's scythe, the cross wheel came howling over, hurtling towards the tower shield in a straight path!

Paulista was confident that he could defend against the cross wheel's attack. With his tower shield and the 60 degree best angle for defence, as long as he endured this attack, he would be able to send the cross wheel flying off like a bullet!

Not only was this Paulista's belief, everyone who was watching this scene felt the same way.

Wang Zhong's too brazen! He actually dared to split his cross wheels up in such a situation?

His blinding self-confidence has shown itself yet again!

Instead, in the next instant, it was everyone's self-confidence that was genuinely shattered, as the insane revolutions were accompanied by a blinding array of sparks, SCREECH...

Paulista's tower shield was sliced and blown apart. The powerful golden armor-like barrier, as well as his runic tower shield, were sliced into two pieces like they were just tofu.

Cross wheel internal revolution!

Blood seeped out Paulista's internal organs from the impact. However, the cross wheel was not done yet! Howling violently towards him, it made contact with the armor on his arms.

In the next second, his arms were flung back, BOOM...

Clearing every obstruction in its path, the cross wheel struck home at Paulista's chest, blowing his armor apart. As he was sent flying back, the gash on his chest spurted blood like a fountain. Only after striking his chest did the cross wheel head on its return orbit.

On the other side of the arena, Gaden seemed to have managed to conceal himself in the first moment, causing him to disappear without a trace!

He has actually, been insta-kill?!

The miserable condition of Paulista almost caused Gaden to wet his pants. The accompanying attribute of his wretched character was dread.

The dread had instantly increased Gaden's speed and nimbleness, and even his special ability!

His body concealment was impossible to detect! Despite possessing an ability to track its targets, the cross wheel would absolutely be unable to detect him!

Having lost its target, the cross wheel aimed towards Gaden turned around and flew back. Nonetheless, Gaden was not given even the slightest opportunity to retaliate.

This entire fight occurred at a relatively high pace. From the time Tianjing started their attack, to the twin assassins falling, till the heavy soldier Paulista falling, it seemed that all of these had happened in the blink of an eye...
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    《Battle Frenzy》