Battle Frenzy
435 Yes, your king is here!!! 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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435 Yes, your king is here!!! 2 in 1

Having just entered shooting range, Gaden was unable to launch a second barrage before being scared off to god knows where! There even many within the audience who had slower reactions, and were still stuck in complete dumbfoundedness as to what had happened! Nonetheless, three people from Bella Dean had already fallen!

Wind God, who was just hurtling spittle passionately in all direction felt as though a duck egg had been shoved right into his mouth, while the entire competition grounds, including the Skylink chat, had turned speechless.

2 vs 5?

That's right; it's indeed a 2 vs 5! However, it was two people from Bella Dean versus the five from Tianjing!

Everyone couldn't believe the spectacle that had just unfolded before their very eyes! Even the supporters felt as though they had entered a dream. How, what, why does it seem like we already have the advantage? Fuck, are we about to win?!

On the other side of the arena, Adam Galen was evidently provoked. Nonetheless, he was firmly locked down by Grai. Grai wasn't an opponent he could easily suppress and smash apart. What's more, Grai's was extremely clear of his role, which was not to engage in a head-on battle with his opponent, but one of attrition!

Without the slightest doubt, Grai's execution was much more successful than the other Bella Dean squadron members.

Not only was Grai capable of defeating Mo's List experts, more importantly, he always remained calm and collected. Regardless of the situation he was in, he was able to maintain a clear and level-headed thought process, allowing him to choose the most effective combat style. Simply speaking, he wasn't the kind that would make a mistake.

At this same time, Scarlet and Milami's gun and cannon fire were hurtling across the arena, along with Wang Zhong's cross wheels. Howling across the sky, the dense bullet rain and the massive barrage of cannonballs exploded violently at the location Gaden was an instant ago!

This was no different from an area suppression. Although they had lost their target, the tacit understanding between a scatter shooter and a heavy hitter formed a suppression that forced Gaden to be unable to retaliate.

Although Scarlet and Milami weren't exceptionally proficient in the various combat aspects like bullet flight path tracking, firepower and combat techniques, their tacit understanding and ability to grasp opportune timings were first grade!

This was the result of the group training practices Tianjing had done over the past few months!

A circular area around Gaden's last known position was instantly bombarded by a sea of gun and cannon fire! Countless sparks and flames erupted out, shockwaves expanding across the arena, and dust blotting the sky out!

However, in the blink of an eye, everyone saw a black shadow rush out from the dust plumes.

Gaden's small and beadlike eyes sparkled with radiance. His hunchback figure had unexpectedly allowed him to evade all of the attacks launched at him, while his movement technique made him appear just like an assassin!

With dread being raised to its maximum intensity, it would feel like the madness at the depths of hysteria. He wanted all of those people to turn into hags, and endure the dread akin to being tossed into hell!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!...

Although Tianjing had the situational advantage, victory was still not within their grasp. The remaining two members of the Bella Dean squadron similarly possessed the strength the turn the tide of this group battle.

The region Milami and Scarlet bombarded yielded no result. Unexpectedly, Gaden had remained in his original location. Everyone believed that he had rapidly fled that area. In reality, he had just done a stationary spin, causing all of Scarlet's and Milami's attacks to miss.

Reacting very quickly, Scarlet and Milami unleashed their full strength to knock down Gaden's poison bolts. Just when Gaden was prepared to unleash his killing move, he sensed incoming danger, causing him to drop to the ground immediately.

Dammit! Those cross wheels were back! If they were to return to Wang Zhong's hand, Gaden would be doomed!

In the next second, Gaden vanished once again.

At the same instant, Wang Zhong gave a sudden loud shout, "Hymin!"

With beads of sweat covering her entire forehead, Hymin clenched her teeth. The Soul Power water shield in her hand instantly exploded, transforming into droplets of water that swept out in all directions.

At this moment, Wang Zhong's terrifying cross wheels had already returned to his hands. Upon returning, Soul Power gushed into them as Wang Zhong's fingers made a god-like dance. The screeching sounds ringing out of the cross wheels caused people to shudder in fear.

Entering a concealed state, Gaden was completely unaware that his figure had already been "illuminated" by the droplets of water sent out by Hymin.

A blurry figure appeared.

That was more than enough for Wang Zhong, who sent his cross wheels right at the instant when they reached their critical state.

In a flash, Gaden had already fallen into Wang Zhong's trap.

The was the critical reason why exposing the opponent's trump cards was extremely important in a competition. If one doesn't get a sufficient understanding, one would be unable to put up any counters. That would result in the group battle becoming much more frightening.

In an instant, Gaden had become like a cornered mouse, utterly unable to avoid the incoming cross wheels. Upon seeing Hymin activate her ability, he had immediately recognised the trouble he was in, causing a feeling of dread to surge within his heart. Now faced with a life or death situation, Gaden erupted with an astonishing response.

Other than talent, anyone capable of entering the Mo's List definitely had to foot out extreme hard work and concentration to perfect their craft.

In the instant when he fell into this life or death situation, Gaden appeared to have entered a miraculous state, sending bolts streaming out from his crossbow like shooting stars, right at the two incoming cross wheels.

Bolt after bolt was shot out, causing them to appear connected in a chain. He wasn't trying to engage those cross wheels head-on, as they were already in an inhuman state that was sufficient to slice a heavy soldier apart. What Gaden wanted was to change their orbits!

That would require superhuman vision and accuracy to pull off! Most ranged soldiers wouldn't even dare to dream about accomplishing such a feat! However, at this instant, Gaden had managed to do it!

The two cross wheels were knocked towards the sides by the successive accurate shots from Gaden's crossbow. Once a cross wheel's powerful revolving force was tilted just by a bit, it would result in a change in direction due to the laws of physics. This was one of the reasons why the cross wheels had been phased out of general use. They were too hard to control!

In an instant, an expression of satisfaction appeared on Gaden's wretched-looking face. To experts, that few seconds of leeway was more than sufficient for him to unleash a lethal attack. Now, with the absence of a barrier shielding Wang Zhong and the other three backlines, Gaden continued with his rapid shooting!

This was the mark of a genuine ranged soldier, not like that part-timer Wang Zhong, and even more unlike Scarlet and Milami, those third rate scum!

Utter silence filled the entire competition grounds, be it the viewing gallery or the Skylink live chat feed. Even those experts watching had turned silent. Wang Zhong's group battle arrangements and performance were already quite heaven-defying. However, there was still a noticable difference in the level of strength between the two squadrons. Strength, and not appearance, was what mattered in a battlefield. This round was Gaden's win...

All of a sudden, Gaden's satisfied expression froze up. Although the two cross wheels had brushed past his body, blood suddenly started to gush out from his body, appearing as though he was being chopped up by innumerable blades.

Time seemed to come to a stop, as Gaden's jaw dropped down to the floor, completely unable to believe everything that he had just seen...

Gaden fell weakly to the ground...

Everyone did not know what they had just seen. Didn't he already evade the cross wheels???

A tense expression was now present on Divian's face. Although she had lost to All Mouthy King, Carolyn had always believed that she possessed some ways to obtain victory in that match. However, Carolyn had forgotten the possibility that Divian's opponent still had room for growth.

Joseph could not help but reveal a smile as he thought, "This youth is too interesting!" God knows how many years it had been since he last saw a person similar to Wang Zhong. This person did not seem to originate from this era; he was more like someone from the dark era.

Gaden was too confident in himself. Although he did manage to divert the trajectory of the cross wheels, both of them were still maintaining their super high-speed rotations! What's more, they were in close proximity with each other. That would result in the formation of extreme turbulence, basically forming multiple wind blades. Being a ranged soldier, it was unforgivable for Gaden not to consider the possibility of this occurring! On the other hand, this Wang Zhong's strength was really quite frightening! Such a feat was on an entirely different level as compared to Dicaprio's two blades.

The cross wheels were a weapon that did not reward hard work and diligence. Only special people were able to use such a unique weapon! 


A terrifying howl suddenly resounded across the stage, as Adam Galen could no longer contain his rage. Ever since his twin assassins had collapsed on the ground, he had already known that his entire squadron had fallen into Tianjing's trap. The first thought that came through his mind was to provide support. However, Grai, who had always evaded and dodged his attacks, had immediately prevented him from doing so.

A runic sword brimming with a might that Adam Galen was unable to ignore came thrusting over! Unlike the strength and technique-based type that Wang Zhong embodied, Grai's runic sword had only two aspects: speed and incisiveness!

The attacks Grai unleashed gave Adam Galen a feeling that this sword wasn't one for use in a competition, but one that was genuinely used to kill people! The chilling intent that penetrated right into his bones caused him, despite his tyrannical fused werewolf body, to not dare to let it touch him. If the slightest opportunity presented itself, Grai's sword wouldn't hesitate to chop down on his neck!

If not for the increased speed and strength that was granted to him after successfully fusing with his werewolf bloodline, he might not have been able to suppress his opponent. On the contrary, he might have become the one who was utterly suppressed!

However, it was during this moment of hesitation that all of his other squadron members were smashed into oblivion! Now, all the joy and happiness coming from his successful fusion had completely vanished!


A terrifying howl resounded across the arena, transforming into a sound wave visible to the naked eye. With Adam Galen in the centre, the sound wave rapidly expanded in all directions!

The audience in the viewing gallery immediately cried out in agony as they covered their ears. On the stage, Scarlet and Milami instantly felt their whole world spin. Hymin, who had managed to endure the first howl, was now rolling on the ground, clutching her head in pain.

A lonely wolf...was the most frightening!

Evidently, Grai's strength couldn't be suppressed even with such a howl. A sword came clopping down on Adam Galen's body. However, what it chopped down on wasn't the fleshly body of a human. No blood was drawn by the sword, being obstructed by what seemed like clumped-up muscles.

In an instant, claws flashed across like a bolt of lightning, smashing into Grai and sending him flying away.

Picking up the runic sword, Adam Galen, in his berserk wolf state, shattered it just like folding a piece of paper.

In the dark era, those who possessed the berserk wolf bloodline were the ultimate nemesis to range soldiers. Precisely, they were known as nightmares.

However, it was a pity that Bella Dean's first generation of kings did not cross hands with Laforgue.

Now, with the passing of time, the battle of the peaks that did not occur during that era, had finally happened.

Berserk wolf bloodline VS Laforgue Infinite Revolutions!

Exactly who was the stronger one!

As new reports came streaming in one after another on the Skylink, countless people had started to pay attention to this fight.

At this moment, Wang Zhong's cross wheels had already returned to his hands, though they still maintained their high-speed revolutions. After that berserk howl, Adam Galen had miraculously regained his calmness, locking his icy red pupils firmly on Wang Zhong.

Now, there were only the two of them left on the arena. Who would have guessed that this match, which was initially completely lacking in suspense, would actually cumulate in this.

In the end, the final confrontation was shouldered by the two captains.

However, there was only one thought that was flowing through the minds of countless people, Exactly who would it be???

Bella Dean and its Ruler's glory?

Or is it All Mouthy King and his invincible legend?

Exactly who will win!

Adam Galen's arms started to expand once again, while his body grew slightly hunched. Nonetheless, he still maintained his human form and intelligence, something even Carolyn had made a mistake about. Under the powerful pressure coming from Wang Zhong, Adam Galen had already completed his grasp over the power of his bloodline, moving from relying on it, to being in the driver's seat. Now, it had become a power belonging to humanity.


Sharp claws as hard as diamond popped out from Adam Galen's fingers, sparkling with dazzling brilliance. 70 to 80 cm in length, they were completely unlike the claws he had revealed during the earlier duel. These were the sharp claws of a berserk wolf that could tear everything into shreds.

Most importantly, Adam Galen had deliberately swept his gaze across Hymin and the other Tianjing members.

The fight had already begun. This was a form of suppression shown by Adam Galen. If Wang Zhong dared to hide, he would "accidentally" injure the others without any restraint!

At this moment, Wang Zhong's cross wheels were still spinning in his hands, though they had already transformed into two spinning wheels of golden light.

There were only two people on the stage, yet everyone within the competition grounds could feeling the killing intent radiating out from them. Not a single person could speak out, with some even being unable to catch their breath.


With a howl, Adam Galen appeared just like a wolf king from the ancient times, with his gemlike claws sparkling with silvery light, appearing as if he wanted to destroy the heavens and the earth! 

A sliver of excitement flashed across Wang Zhong's eyes, something that he was completely unaware. Pressing the two spinning cross wheels together, the glow of a runic pattern blossomed out.

This was an inconceivable matter for anyone who had ever used cross wheels. After all, only a handful of people had seen it before. As for the Skylink and viewing gallery, a considerable portion of the audience was seeing this for the first time.

In an inconceivable fashion, the two high-speed, revolving golden wheels of lights had fused together!

The was completely against the laws of physics, and yet Wang Zhong was able to accomplish such a feat!

In a flash, the cross wheels left his hands, with a golden wheel of light smashing the ground apart, appearing right before Adam Galen's chest in an instant!

Absolute silence filled the Skylink and viewing gallery! 

Laforgue Unlimited Slash!

Bang! Rumble….

The fused golden cross wheel ground violently at everything before it. Faced against it, Adam Galen had already rushed forwards with without any fear of death. With his indestructible berserk wolf diamond bone spurs, the existence of his bloodline power that could overcome any obstacle, he wanted to grab and shatter that wretched wheel!


Blood spurted out in all directions at the instant when his claws made contact with the cross wheel. Soul Power rampaged about, as fireworks of sparks blossomed. The ground beneath Adam Galen's feet instantly shattered, causing countless cracks to expand out across the arena.

The pair of red pupils were already steeped with bulging capillaries, mouth wide open, revealing those glistening wolf fangs, an expression of malevolence present on that face. ROAR~~~~~

Not only did he have no thoughts of retreating, but Adam Galen also wanted to utilize his strength to shove the cross wheel away!

Just at this instant, Wang Zhong gave a furious downward swing of his hands, causing the spinning cross wheel to draw an upward arc, before smashing down ferociously.

In an instant, all of the blood vessels in Adam Galen's body exploded apart, as BOOM...

This was an absolute move that even Divian's Dragon Crystal Armor, famed for having the strongest defense in the Casted Soul Stage could not block. Adam Galen was no exception!

A blinding golden light smashed down on the berserk wolf soldier.

The swirling dust storm whipped up by the Unlimited Slash pressed down on all the tiles present on the competition stage with terrifying might, cracking and shattering them, before sweeping them up into the sky!

People could only see the golden wheel make a loop in the air before flying back to Wang Zhong. At this instant, all of the soldiers who had ever used the cross wheels felt terror surging through their hearts. That's right! This was a weapon that could bring terror even to its user, as no one would know when they would be the target of those spinning slashes!


The golden wheel split into two as it howled back towards Wang Zhong's hands. Upon reaching, they stopped right there, just like children who had finally returned to their home.

Wang Zhong tossed the spinning cross wheels towards the ground.


An shockwave swept out, scattering all of the dust and shattered rock, as the two death reaper-like cross wheels embedded quietly in the ground.

No far away, the berserk wolf soldier Adam Galen laid on the ground. His diamond claws had been shattered, with his pupils turning back to their original black colour. His hands trembled in powerlessness, before he shut his eyes, tears flowing out from their corners….

At this instant, the legend of Bella Dean had fallen.

At the same time, a new legend had appeared.

A single person! A pair of cross wheels! His name, was Wang Zhong.

He also had another name, an even stranger name.

The tens of thousands of people in the competition grounds, and the over 9 million people watching via Skylink looked over towards him in silence.

Yes! All of the experts in the CHF take note! The King has arrived!
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    《Battle Frenzy》