Battle Frenzy
436 Touchstone 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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436 Touchstone 2 in 1

"It really is him…"Divian could not help but stand up, her eyes still fixated at the scene being shown in Skylink.

Incomparable shock had now filled her heart. A day ago, she was the only one in the entire world that had personally faced against All Mouthy King's Laforgue Unlimited Slash, and the one who had the clearest understanding about the might this move possessed!

Unlimited Revolutions, absorbing the Soul Power of opponents, never resting till they're dead!

If one wanted to break that move, one would need overwhelming strength to stop its revolutions forcefully. However, everyone in this CHF was only at the peak of the Casted Soul Stage. It was already extremely challenging to erupt with a power that's equal to that of the cross wheels. As for the strength required to suppress them? That's an impossible feat for those in the Casted Soul Stage!

It's impossible to copy or mimic this move! Wang Zhong was All Mouthy King! Once he was allowed to spin his cross wheels up completely, be it a duel or a group battle, no one could defend against his attacks!

Furthermore, in this group battle, if Wang Zhong and Grai were to really enter a 2 vs 5 fight with Bella Dean, Tianjing would have had no chance of victory!

Without talking about the near infinite power Wang Zhong's cross wheels possessed, faced against the high-pressure encirclement from Bella Dean, there would absolutely be no time for him to build up any momentum before facing the firing squad. However, Tianjing had achieved victory, and it was mostly due to their incredible strategical arrangements! In reality, the 3 females from Tianjing were extremely weak. However, each one of them was able to achieve miraculous results on the competition stage! Being the captain, the strategies were definitely Wang Zhong's brainchild.

Superhuman strength, advanced group battle tactics, and eclectic strategical arrangements that allowed even the smallest of chess pieces to display their might to the greatest! These were definitely the traits of a naturally born commander!

Strength, brains, vision, intelligence...and yet, the person who possessed all of these traits had to be Wang Zhong!

That's right! He's a commoner, yet he was so outstanding that people were already unable to get a grasp of this "commoner". A qualitative change would happen to anything once it surpasses its limits. How could this Wang Zhong be the "no matter what, he's just a higher level thug" that Carolyn had previously mentioned?

Even if they could disregard him, would the other influences be that blind?

Divian had once believed what Carolyn had said. However, she was now slightly unsure. Knowing that Carolyn was also watching this match, she really wanted to know Carolyn's current thoughts. Nonetheless, she knew that it would be a waste of breath even if she did so. With Carolyn's character, she would definitely not reply to such a strange question from her.

"Boss? Captain? Goddess?" Karl waved his hands before Divian's eyes as he asked. "Please don't scare me, alright? What kind of daydream are you having? Could it be that you've gotten a crush on that person?"

"Scram!" due to having too many thoughts in her head, Divian only managed to react after a while.

At this moment a deathly silence filled the entire competition grounds and the Skylink chat.

Not a single one of the Tianjing supporters, All Mouthy King fans, or even Bella Dean fans made any noise nor spoke a single word.

A C rank squadron defeated an S rank seedling squadron. This was something that no one in their wildest dreams could imagine. In the long history of the CHF, there was no precedent to this situation!

This world was governed by resources, power, and talent. When one's strength reached a certain degree, one could put an end to all unexpected situations, let alone a confrontation in a full-fledged battle.

However, such an event had just occurred.

A stretch of silence had also filled the entire Tianjing academy, as all the students watching the match, inclusive of old Greene, were clenching their fists tightly while feeling their eyes turn moist!

A victory they did not dare to believe, a splendour they never had imagined!

Having defeated the S ranked seedling squadron, Bella Dean, the one laughing at the very end was their squadron, Tianjing!

"We've won?"

"We've won! We've won!" tears streamed down old Greene's eyes as emotions overwhelmed him. He had taken a significant risk and given the reins to Wang Zhong to form their academy squadron. Initially, he had only wished for them to regain a little bit of their honour and dignity as a famed academy. However, this Tianjing squadron had repaid him with an entire world!

"We've won! Long live Tianjing! Long live Tianjing!" Mad with emotions, the students laughed and cried at the same time, sharing hugs with everyone around them. Over the past two days, due to their squadron being matched up against Bella Dean, a wave of depression had enveloped the entire academy from top to bottom.

At the same moment, the audience watching via Skylink and in the competition grounds finally regained their senses, before earth-shattering cries of celebration resounded across the entire stretch of heavens!

"All Mouthy King! All Mouthy King! All Mouthy King!"

Papada did not shout and cry out loudly like the other crazed fans. Instead, a smile seemed to appear at the corners of his eyes, which had been fixed on Wang Zhong.

No one understood All Mouthy King better than him. Having crossed hands with him, and more so due to the miracle-like illusionary image of the Blazing Angel, had caused Papada to go all out to research and analyse every single piece of information on All Mouthy King! Regardless of how many people were debating about so-and-so appearing similar to All Mouthy King, or looking like All Mouthy King, Wang Zhong was the only one that seemed to be similar. After seeing Adam Galen being subdued and beaten, as well as the godlike control of the cross wheels, he knew without a doubt that he was looking at All Mouthy King in person!

"Captain!" quite a few of the Blazing Angel squadron members standing beside him revealed unconcealable joy in their eyes. Although All Mouthy King was an idol in the eyes of others, he had an extraordinary position in the eyes of Blazing Angel squadron and all of the citizens of Blazing Angel City! This was the second coming of the miracle that had occurred to the Blazing Angel City during the dark era! 

Be it the Wings of the Blazing Angel, or the Laforgue Infinite Slash Cross Wheels; both were the city's pride during the dark era!

Oli was also looking at Wang Zhong, who had already got off the stage. There was no trace of the emotional excitement that had overwhelmed her squadron members, though an incomparably resolute belief sparkled within her eyes.

The celebratory cries continued in the competition grounds. Yet, what Wind God felt was embarrassment and helplessness. At this moment, he was completely unable to keep casting.

Frankly speaking, ever since he had decided to start on the road of fame by roasting Tianjing, he had already made preparations to toss his face into the gutters. This has worked exceptionally well in his casting today, as it had brought a great deal of viewer satisfaction. Naturally, it was indeed partly due to the tremendous disparity between the two squadrons. If not for the final strange move that Wang Zhong had unleashed... that was no longer important. What's important was that Tianjing had motherfucking won! Regardless of how thick his skin was, Wind God was unable to find the words to describe how he currently felt.

Should he splash cold water onto Tianjing? That would be an utterly shameless move. What's more, he had already done that multiple times earlier! What about making a proper commentary about the points of excellence shown during the group battle? There was indeed a lot to talk about. There was a slight bit of luck involved in Tianjing's victory, with strategical arrangements and Hymin's sudden showing having their intended results. However, with the whole motherfucking world having already turned into Tianjing fans, forcefully roasting them would asking for trouble. One had to have a certain degree of assurance before attempting anything. If not, after gaining fame from roasting others, one's personal Skylink might get blacklisted by others. It would really be an injustice if one became a target of scorn. At this moment, the best option would be to play the "invisible" act.

The invincible legend of the S ranked seedling squadrons had come to an end!

The all-new auxiliary support special ability move!

There's no such thing as useless chess pieces, just old-fashioned strategical arrangements!

Various kinds of huge captions flooded the multiple publications in Skylink, resulting in yet another a massive surge in viewership numbers.

There was no doubt that it was human nature to desire a hero figure to look up to, and this was especially so for commoners. Wang Zhong's unintentional actions, along with All Mouthy King's achievements, compounded with the victory over Bella Dean and became the catalyst for an explosive trend of insanity.

As for the more rational people, they wouldn't feel interested in the worshipping others. Truthfully speaking, the so-called hero syndrome came and went very quickly. Though individual strength played a part in Tianjing's victory, the main reason was due to their strategical arrangements. The entire sequence of events, from the individual duels to the group battle at the end, was a textbook example of superior tactics. What's more, Wang Zhong was actually able to instruct a relatively lousy squadron to accomplish such feats! In the eyes of any other strong squadrons, these people would definitely be treated as trash, and would utterly stand no chance to enter their ranks. However, Tianjing was actually able to turn this into something miraculous. It had to be said that the number 1 in theoretical knowledge was absolutely not an armchair strategist.

Of the combined fire from Tianjing's three ranged soldiers, Wang Zhong's cross wheels played the role as the main bulk of the offence. Nonetheless, Scarlet and Milami's seamless linkage of firepower was the main reason why the cross wheels could display their true might. What's more, they had also finished off the first assassin, paving the way for Tianjing's entire strategy that played to their strengths.

As for Hymin, the usage of her special ability added the finishing touches to Tianjing's already perfect strategy. It was the direct counter to Gaden. Hymin's auxiliary support special ability appeared to be weak in combat. However, it had played an extremely crucial role in the group battle. One could imagine the relentless sneak attacks Tianjing would have to face if they were unable to deal with Galen's concealment ability. Without a doubt, it would have spelt the end for the three girls. As for Wang Zhong and Grai, if Adam Galen managed to distract them or restrict their actions, Gaden's sneak attacks could turn into an insta-kill at any given moment! That would have resulted in a completely different situation than what had occurred.

In theory, the combined strengths of Wang Zhong, Grai and the 3 girls were at least 50% weaker than the main lineup of Bella Dean.

However, it just so happened that three squadron members that were incomparably weak by themselves, had integrated and completed Tianjing's strategy. From the very beginning, Tianjing always had a numerical disadvantage. Such an arrangement had caused people to sigh in admiration of the wonders of a group battle, as statistics weren't the definite indicator for victory.

Naturally, other than all of these, the heavyweight news had ignited the hearts of everyone.

Wang Zhong is All Mouthy King?

The officials were quick to organise an interview, with Chen Yu'er being tasked to conduct it.

"Whether I'm All Mouthy King or not is not important. What matters is that our Tianjing squadron will always fight all the way until the end!"

Wang Zhong did not give a direct answer to the question, yet his reply had an air of dominance. Naturally, the effect it had was not quite like the ambiguous reply Dicaprio gave, as those who had watched the group battle already knew, that Wang Zhong was All Mouthy King!

The creator of miracles, and the true king of the commoner world!

If a member of an aristocratic family were to be placed in Wang Zhong's shoes, he would definitely give of show of smugness, or would act pretentiously by showing indifference. However, the domineering stance present in Wang Zhong's words, as though everything was as expected, and that he would win, was all due to his strength integrating with his squadron, and not just due to a name.

Naturally, this victory had indeed brought about a name.

Tianjing's popularity had rapidly surged to new heights within a day. This came from the surge of a large volume of Brother King fans coming in, and they had instantly become staunch supporters. This caused their official popularity ratings to rapidly rise from the bottom few all the way to the top 5!

Now, they were only second to Stuart, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, Heaven's Fate as well as Vasilyevich, these four super S ranked squadrons! In fact, there were some Tianjing supporters and brother King fans that were clamouring about clinching the popularity champions!

"Haha. They really can toss about." Gui Hao felt that the actions of those people were truly laughable, yet extremely common. The commoners were all ignorant. As long as the media gave a slight nudge in one direction, they would naturally follow suit. All of them were completely oblivious to what actual strength was.

Correct, Tianjing had won. However, their journey had just begun. Now, with all of their trump cards being exposed, what kind of counterplay would they encounter from their opponents?

Surprisingly, Gui Hao did not focus his attention on Wang Zhong. To him, the latter had completely exposed his trump card, despite his pretty good close combat skills and those cross wheels of his. On the contrary, it was Grai that he was interested in. After being smacked by Adam Galen's claws, he had somehow remained uninjured. What's even stranger was that he did not give chase to Adam Galen. Was this due to him having complete trust in Wang Zhong?

That wasn't a thought that ordinary people would have. There definitely had to be some other factor that led to his actions.

If Gui Hao wanted to destroy Tianjing completely, the first hurdle to overcome would be Grai. Where were the weaknesses of this person?

A smile appeared on Gui Hao's face as he thought, everyone was bound to have weaknesses.

As for Wang Zhong, it was no wonder why Carolyn had once seen something in him. With his ability, he wasn't an utter disgrace. However, Wang Zhong still wasn't fit to be his match! 

"Xinying." Gui Hao stood up and turned his head to look around, only to discover that Gui Xinying, who had been seated at the back of the viewing theatre all along, had already disappeared.

Rarely having the time to relax in her room, Gui Xinying was currently flipping through all of the information on All Mouthy King.

Curiosity was the source of energy for everything humanity did.

Now, she was extremely curious about All Mouthy King. Although she had a certain level of understanding towards him, it frankly wasn't much. From what she could make out, she felt that his popularity was a ploy by Federation's Parliament to create a legend, while lauding the accomplishments of a few commoners to conceal the overwhelming might of the various aristocratic families.

However, when the image of All Mouthy King had started to intersect with that person from the bar, it had really ignited the curiosity in Gui Xinying's heart. That's all due to this fellow being different from Dicaprio. Unlike him, Wang Zhong was a person who had truly started all the way from the bottom.

After watching all of the fights he had participated in, especially from the "King's Path" video done by Chen Yu'er, the various horrible and unimaginable ways in which he was beaten up caused a smile to blossom on her face. It was extremely difficult for her to imagine how a person like that would actually be able to reach the standard he had shown in today's match.

Gui Xinying did not believe in those claims of him concealing his strength all along. From what she could see, it wasn't something fairytale-like, or a monstrous aberration. Being a member of the Mo Family, one of the strongest families in the Federation, she had seen a lot of instances of people suddenly becoming stronger after accumulating for a long period of time. It was merely that the eruption of this All Mouthy King appeared to be exceedingly ferocious.

After watching all the videos present, a chilly expression appeared on Gui Xinying's face.

No matter how powerful the influence one could have, or the invincible power one wielded, they were of no value in her eye. Regardless of how powerful influence could be, they would never reach the realm of the Mo Family. Regardless of the invincible power one wielded, one would only be on her level. An apt description to this would be the saying from the Musk Family, "I don't make friends based on their wealth, as there's no one out there that has more money than me!"

The reason for Tianjing's victory was due to Wang Zhong opening Pandora's Box. Gui Xinying shook her head while thinking, "He's a pretty good fellow, though its a pity that he will face…"

Frankly speaking, she did not like Carolyn. That woman's extremely good with handling interpersonal relationships. Her brother likes her, and so does a lot of men. All of them were willing to chase after their goddess. However, being a lady herself, Gui Xinying hated people like her.

To Carolyn, Wang Zhong was All Mouthy King. There was no doubt about this. Carolyn had a flash of absentmindedness upon his revelation in the match. However, that was the limit to her reactions. Be it Gui Xinying, or her bosom friend, both of them, in fact, had an insufficient understanding about her, and even more so about what her current and future goals were.

Ever since she had started on this path, her life had already transformed into something with a different kind of significance.

This was a path of no return. Furthermore, ever since she had made this decision, Carolyn had never thought of backing out. If such a small matter were able to cause chaos to her emotions, that would mean that she had not done sufficient preparations. Therefore, she had proceeded to treat this matter as experience towards her road to success.

If Wang Zhong was a test for her heart, he should come striking with greater ferocity! She really wanted to see whether that person was able to climb ahead of her!
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