Battle Frenzy
438 The fight between the old and the new
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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438 The fight between the old and the new

As darkness came, this night bore down exceedingly heavily on the heart of all the S rank squadrons. To them, the elimination of Bella Dean had honestly come as too much a shock.

As for Carolyn, it was more of embarrassment than surprise. In her Skylink video call, a broad smile was present on Divian's face. "What are you feeling now? That Wang Zhong should be the real All Mouthy King, right? You still haven't told me exactly how you got to know him? Exactly what had happened then? If I remember, you were at Tianjing City for some time, right?"

Carolyn pursed her lips in annoyance as an impulsion to end the Skylink call rushed through her body. When females started their gossiping, it could get extremely annoying. Avoiding the key question, she replied, "Even if he is All Mouthy King, that's not a good thing at all."

Naturally, Divian understood what Carolyn was implying. With everyone in the CHF being at the peak of the Casted Soul Stage, the deciding factors for victory would be the depth of the techniques and skills one employs, and the special abilities one possessed. It was evident that Wang Zhong had exposed all of these to the entire world. Furthermore, All Mouthy King didn't seem especially strong in the aspect of special abilities. The only skill he had displayed in his previous fights was his extremely high resistance to fire. These factors made him extremely vulnerable in fights against experts.

"Let's not talk about him. Rather than Tianjing, I feel that we should focus our attention more towards Giant God Peak. At the very least, Tianjing' strength can be judged and estimated." Understanding Carolyn's waning interest, Divian changed the topic of their conversation to focus on the main purpose of their talk.

With a faint smile, Carolyn replied, "The only thing we need to do is to break their shell. Nonetheless, we have to respect their courage.

Gawking Divian asked, "Are you saying that…"

"Dicaprio's identity has been uncovered. He's the grandson of the previous parliament speaker. As for the other members, all of them have similar kinds of statuses. As for the commoners, they have also received the aid and support of this faction."

Carolyn replied with an indifferent tone.

Although the previous parliament speaker no longer held any authority, he had formed a faction of interest when he previously in office. Furthermore, he was extremely active in the political scene, with one of his major actions being his choosing of the next parliament speaker. Now, using Giant God Peak, and thereby the CHF, to break the monopoly the aristocratic families had over certain aspects of the Federation, was also one of his goals and methods to get his message across.

It had to be said that he appeared to be very successful at the current moment and was very fearless in pushing his agenda. With Dicaprio's talent and status, he would have greater prospects if he had been born in the Stuart Family, instead of being placed obscurely at Giant God Peak for over two years without any mention.

Divian paused slightly to think before replying "If that's the case, shouldn't you convene everyone?"

Although Giant God Peak was still manageable, the driving force behind this matter needed to be brought to light. Although there were mutual conflict and competition between the ten great families, the prerequisite for this was that there would be no intervention from any outsiders.

After the various tumultuous and earth-shattering events that happened on the first day, there was a definite change in the matches occurring on the second day. This was especially evident for a few A rank squadrons which possessed sufficient strength to break through to the next ranking. The legend of invincibility surrounding the S rank squadrons had been broken broken, and their confidence had also risen; they were now filled to the brim with the thirst to advance to the top.

Regardless of how far the Tianjing squadron was able to walk, they had already been etched into the annals of the CHF's history, as a genuine example of a counter-attack from an underdog.

Furthermore, this was precisely what the Federation wanted to see. To the Federation's government as a whole, what they needed was for flowers to blossom from all places, and not for those aristocrats and the wealthy to gain an even greater control over resources. To them, this CHF was an opportunity for a new allocation of resources and new blood. At the same time, it was also a chance for other powers to break into this deadlock, with Tianjing and Giant God Peak being prime examples of this. Such opportunities to become famous from a single victory were extremely difficult to come by in the Federation.

In a small scale Skylink chat room, live video feeds started to appear one after another. Torres Family's Alasi, Mo Family's Mo Wen, Vasilyevich Family's Vladimir, Seer Family's Divian, Musk Family's Tianqiong and Potter Family's Laura. The people who had shown up waited in silence for Zhao Family's Zhao Yilong and Gui Family's Gui Hao, who subsequently arrived not long after. Sending a smile towards his surroundings, Gui Hao took his seat, before the final attendee, Carolyn arrived.

The small meeting was set up by Carolyn and Gui Hao. The people comprising this circle would come together for a conference like this from time to time. Naturally, it was extremely rare for it to occur at such a time, as everyone was one another's opponents after all.

Due to various reasons, everyone had more or less recognised Carolyn's status in this meeting. Gui Hao and Vladimir were naturally not going to yield to each other, while Mo Wen had inherited the neutral standing of the Mo Family. Compared to them, Carolyn's gender gave her a massive amount of bonus points, with the rest more or less giving her face due to her position as the successor of the Stuart Family. Undoubtedly, everyone had also noticed the empty seat present in the meeting, a result of the Bella Dean people not coming this time, or was it due to not being invited?

Bella Dean's elimination had caused warning bells ringing in the hearts of the various great families. Though, everyone naturally felt that such a matter would never happen on themselves.

"Carolyn, just head straight to the reason why you've called us here. There seems to be no reason for us to meet during the period of the CHF final competition." said Tianqiong Musk.

"Tianqiong, you truly are very calm and collected. Those bunch of commoners are now treating your Fiery Arrow squadron as their next target." said Zhao Yilong with a smile. "Better don't follow the same footsteps as Bella Dean."

A frown appeared on Tianqiong Musk's face as he replied, "Victory and defeat are part of life. Your Divine Dragon Academy is not necessarily invincible."

A faint smile appeared on Carolyn's face as she said, "Stop quarrelling among ourselves. This great competition is originally arranged for the younger generations of our ten great families to participate in the allocation of resources. However, it seems that we've treated this too lightly. For the past few decades, the Federation has always been extremely proactive in the development and nurturing of strength, and this CHF is their chance to perform. Take Giant God Peak for example. This C ranked squadron's name doesn't reflect the reality they pose. They're the spearhead of this power."

"Whether one of us climbs up or down would depend on individual ability. However, outsiders who break the situation cannot be tolerated. I hope that everyone will keep their focus up, and don't falter in the face of the unexpected. Anyone who loses to those outsiders should not participate in the meetings for the next five years." said Gui Hao with a smile. "Anyways this is my words, and I'm not ashamed to say them."

The ice prince Vladimir gave a faint smile before speaking, "You're too extreme, Gui Hao. Perhaps this might be the intention of the Federation. From what I know, Dicaprio from the Giant God Peak is the grandson of the former Parliament speaker, with the entire squadron consisting of elites. Other than Giant God Peak, there are still 7 to 8 squadrons that have obtained their support and will want to make a rush for us. Therefore, there will definitely be some challenges waiting for us. The more of such situations we're faced with, the more we should remain calm and cool-headed."

Evidently, Vladimir did not intend to give Gui Hao any face, and would not follow the rhythm the latter had set up. While this happened, a few of the others were gawking from the information they had just heard, as they never expected for Giant God Peak to have such a background.

In the beginning, the Federation was the puppet of the various great families. However, following the development and progress of the entire system, coupled with the support of its citizens, the parliament took shape, along with its power and resources, and so with its independence from the aristocratic families. Both factions were now in a state of mutual dependence. Naturally, the ten great families were rooted extremely deeply in the Federation. However, once this new power had emerged, it did not stop in its tracks. Through various means and methods, they started to break down the monopoly the various aristocratic families had. At the very beginning, the CHF was a meal set up by the ten great families. Never did they expect for the parliament to focus their eyes on it. What's more, the methods they had employed had been hidden so deeply that it had only been discovered during this 100-year celebration of the CHF.

"Actually, Tianjing's the problem." all of a sudden, Mo Wen started speaking.

Blank expressions appeared on the faces of the others as they thought, "That somehow makes sense." After Giant God Peak and a few other A ranked squadrons started to display their powerful strength, the various great families had immediately begun their investigations into them. At the very least, they were able to identify the power of the Parliament behind those squadrons, including the Blazing Angel and Fiery squadrons. The Federation had spent quite a bit of time to nurture and form the combat prowess of those squadrons. However, Tianjing was entirely outside of their plans, yet were the ones who had broken the equilibrium.

This had confounded all of the ten great families. If they were talking about targeting Tianjing, it had absolutely no ties with the Parliament. If they weren't targeted, they would definitely cause frustration and worry to build up in people's hearts.
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    《Battle Frenzy》