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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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"Since they're going to fight, they should aim straight for those S+ powerhouses! Brother King's the man who's gunning for the championship! Do you believe he's here to fight newbies? Since they're going face off eventually, why not just get it over with! Let the storm intensify!"

"This is much more comfortable, right! There's no need to waste time to think and guess!"

"It's number 8! Captain Wang Zhong has picked number 8! Tianjing's opponent is Martial Ghost Divine Emperor! That leaves the Giant God Peak to face off against the strongest squadron, Stuart! Let us wish them all the best."

Wang Zhong looked over to Gui Hao, who revealed a confident smile in return. This was precisely what he had hoped for! To other people, Tianjing was a squadron they needed to avoid. However, for Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, the Tianjing squadron and Wang Zhong were merely guinea pigs. Furthermore, Gui Hao was the man who would rule in the future, and Wang Zhong was undoubtedly the best sacrificial offering on his path to power. This would also be a good stepping stone towards conquering Carolyn. Obtaining victory from Wang Zhong would allow him to cement his position as the most outstanding person in the younger generation of the Federation.

As for Giant God Peak, a calm expression was present in Dicaprio's eyes, appearing as though he knew that this would happen. This was the counterattack from the aristocratic family influence. The representatives of the commoners and the parliament absolutely couldn't be allowed to enter the semifinals.

Control? When did he ever escape from the machinations of life? Dicaprio was well aware that the quarterfinals would be a life or death fight. However, there was no choice but to fight. The parliament had depleted their capabilities just to get them this far.

The flashing lights were endless, with photos being taken to be made into various kinds of posters and billboards. The 8 people standing on stage were the idols present in the hearts of all of the Federation youths. Although this number would drop by half after the quarterfinals 2 days later, for the time being, their fame was endless.

Countless youths within the arena and Skylink were cheering and shouting for them. However, there would always be some unkind gazes in the midst.

Murderous intent shot out from Zhao Zimo's eyes as he observed the ceremony's proceedings via Skylink.

One of those places should have belonged to the Zhao Family! However, that place had now gone to others!

Was it due to good luck that the 4 S+ powerhouses all managed to obtain even numbers and avoid getting matched up against each other?

Only ghosts and idiots would naively believe that! Only those idiotic commoners would accept such a result. He could think of at least 10 ways to make the balloting appear fair and impartial.

He proceeded to quietly turn off his Skylink. It was never Zhao Zimo's style to wallow in regret, nor would he get consumed by hatred.

To any intelligent person, something like hatred would only affect their emotions and judgement, and Zhao Zimo never needed it.

No one had a clearer understanding of Tianjing than Zhao Zimo, who had lost to them. Long before Tianjing's match against Torres, Zhao Zimo already knew that the latter would definitely lose. However, he had still made the "unnecessary" action of delivering a priceless Soul stabilizing medicine to Torres. Admittedly, part of it was him betting on a spectacular show. Nevertheless, he had done so to confuse others, to make some people feel that he had been affected greatly by his loss, and had also exhausted all of his capabilities; hence, he was relying on underhanded methods to get what he wanted

Zhao Zimo had never cared about his reputation. To him, the final victor had the power to rewrite his past and future at will.

There was already not much time left. If he wanted to obtain the things he desired, he had to make his move now.


First match: Heaven's Fate VS Seer

2nd match: Stuart VS Giant God Peak

3rd match: Tianjing VS Martial Ghost Divine Emperor

4th match: Grozny VS Copperfield

Without a doubt, those were 8 squadrons that possessed S ranked evaluations. This time, the aristocratic families could not avoid an intense collision between their forces, as there were only 4 places, and the other 4 would be eliminated from this CHF.

At this point, everyone within the Federation had their eyes trained on this CHF, as they haven't had an occasion this grand for many years. Those squadrons that still remained in the CHF had obtained endless honour and glory, like Tianjing and Giant God Peak, who had become household names overnight. Due to Copperfield's outstanding performance, they, who were once at the bottom among the great families, had instantly gained loads of fame and popularity.

Before the start of the quarterfinals, it seemed like all of the squadrons had undergone closed-door training. Despite noisy discussions that constantly rang about, they were unable to affect the participants, as all of them were making the most of their time to plan and arrange tactics for their upcoming match. The top 8 squadrons already possessed the bearing of rulers. However, for those who had already reached this stage, who wouldn't want to take it a step further?

What kind of feeling would it be to stand on the stage in the semifinals?

Each of the 8 squadrons had their own personal training grounds. The Stuart Family was still capable of providing such resources for them to use. Soon, Wang Zhong and the others from Tianjing were going to face one of the hottest favourites for the championship, the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron. This squadron was definitely one of the toughest opponents in the entire CHF. Nevertheless, the morale of the entire Tianjing squadron was extremely high and spirited.

During the past few days, Ma Dong was basically living the life of a god, as his family was pampering him and treating him like a treasure. If the auction had qualified him to hold the position of a successor in the family, and be included on the observation list, Tianjing's mind-boggling performance was basically heaven-defying, as opposed to the early exit of the Assassin squadron.

In fact, Tumo Assassin had even sent him a personal Skylink message. It was utterly unheard of this great family leader to personally show concern for a younger generation, to the extent that it had caused some warmth to surge within the heart of this "calm" Ma Dong.

Nevertheless, despite being full of ambition, Ma Dong didn't even dare to imagine Tianjing entering the semifinals. However, the issue was that every other member of the Tianjing squadron appeared to have been brainwashed by Wang Zhong; all of them seemed as if they really wanted to bring the fight to Martial Ghost Divine Emperor.

Frankly speaking, from the information Ma Dong had obtained, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor was not completely invincible. In both duels and group battles, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor stood at the apex of the Federation. At the very least, Ma Dong was able to understand this. Although the world believed that All Mouthy King would still be able to create miracles, for the pragmatist Ma Dong, he didn't agree at all.

As for Wang Zhong and the Tianjing squadron, they had already accomplished their mission by advancing this far in the CHF. As for what happens after… he did not dare to think. To him, it enough to just give their all.

One look at the training grounds, and Ma Dong could see a sweat-laden Barran, Scarlet and Emily who were earnestly trying their best to recover, as well as Wang Zhong and Grai who were in the midst of a discussion. All of them really appeared like they wanted a good fight against Martial Ghost Divine Emperor! The 4 great mainstay members had really been brainwashed by Wang Zhong.

Comparatively, Milami, Hymin, Colby and Lily did not have a similarly strong fighting spirit. Frankly speaking, their strength and talent paled in comparison, and so did their willpower. While it wasn't that bad, but the pressure of going up against opponents at this level would be too much for them to bear. They had a definite 0% chance to accomplish anything against Martial Ghost Divine Emperor. In fact, it could already be seen in the match against Torres. In the end, Tianjing had completely relied on Wang Zhong's heaven-defying moves to obtain victory, with the others being unable to offer any help at all.

Compared to Torres, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor was way stronger. What's more, the S+ ranked squadrons were the representatives of invincibility.

In the last match, Barran had managed to comprehend a Gravity-attribute special ability. This definitely was a new trump card for Tianjing, and had opened a new world for Barran. He had already broken into the realm of experts, while his talent would guarantee that he had the necessary qualifications to continue down this path. Possessing this Gravity-attribute special ability, Barran would also need to shoulder even greater responsibility.
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    《Battle Frenzy》