Battle Frenzy
538 Fight for Honour and Glory 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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538 Fight for Honour and Glory 2 in 1

Nevertheless, Dicaprio was brimming with confidence, and so too was his squadron members. Their confidence stemmed from their continuous hard work, and the information pertaining to the 10 great families, which they had endlessly sifted and research through. Although Stuart had only known about them during this CHF, they had already treated Stuart, and Martial Ghost Divine Emperor as their opponents since a few years back! When you know yourself, you know your enemies! That way, you came come unscathed through a hundred battles! (2 quotes from Sunzi's "The Art of War")

Despite the world favouring Stuart, Giant God Peak knew in their hearts as they would definitely not have stage fright. Instead, they had some anticipation within their hearts, as from the start, their goal was to overturn the dominance Stuart and Martial Ghost Divine Emperor had in this CHF. The only factor right now was which one they would flip first.

Unlike Tianjing and Giant God Peak, the preparations undergone by the other squadrons were comparatively more relaxed. The Mo Family was still keeping to their own training schedule as though nothing as changed, while Napier Mo was still creating amusement wherever he was.

Over at the Stuart side, training was going as usual, with no special changes made. Carolyn did not mobilize any addition members from her family, as there was basically no need for her to do that.

On the side of Grozny, the training currently going on in their training grounds was still as fiery and explosive as ever. Under the cheers of the crowd, Noriba and Pomo were currently locked in a bout of arm-wrestling. People from the northern regions were always that bold and opened-minded. Naturally, compared to those muscularly built males, Vladimir's icy-cold style was comparatively different. Nevertheless, when placed within this atmosphere, it was not the only bit of the picture.

Perhaps being cold and hot-blooded were the greatest unique traits of the northern regions.

Laura really didn't expect for Copperfield to be able to enter the quarterfinals, as this fights in the CHF were truthfully too intense, even for her. Therefore, Copperfield had very low expectations for themselves. In fact, there were quite a few A ranked squadrons that were clamouring about pulling Copperfield down, dethroning them from their S rank status. Nevertheless, all of them were eliminated, while Copperfield still continued progressing through this CHF.

Naturally, Karkel, who was arranged by the Potter Family, was Copperfield's WMD(weapon of mass destruction). Everyone was extremely accepting of this decision, with Karkel being quiet, yet extremely amiable. Nevertheless, he did not interact much with the other squadron members, with the only thing he did being to follow with Laura's arrangements.

He had always been living abroad. Despite being in the same age group as the other squadron members, his life experience was completely different from the others, causing him to appear as though he was living in a different world than the rest. Truthfully speaking,Karkel felt extremely envious of noisy banter that always happened between Anlor and Arnold, as that was a luxury he was incapable of imagining in his world.

Despite not speaking much during this period of time together, Karkel's attitude had started to change. In the beginning, he had treated everything he did as merely missions he had to complete. However, at this moment, he really wished to do something more for this squadron.

Laura's strength...was average. Nevertheless, she was a very good captain, and really loved to create a din. She was brimming with youthful vitality, yet did not possess the awful temper that great aristocratic family successors possessed. She was extremely respectful to him, and even treated him like her elder brother.

Such a world wasn't suitable for him. Nevertheless, he did not stop her from doing all of that.

Grozny...might cause fear in other people. However, in his eyes, everyone was the same.

Seer going up against Heaven's Fate wasn't good news for Divian. Frankly speaking, anyone would be better than the Mo Family. Nevertheless, they still bumped into the latter in the end.

There was no helping it, as there were too many matters that were implicated by the results of this quarterfinals. Nevertheless, there too many curses that were said within the Seer Family.

The only gripe was that anyone who wished to defeat Seer would not gain much of any honour or glory. For the record, this was the 4th time the Seer and Mo Families had faced off against each other in an important competition, with the previous 3 times ending in complete defeat.

However, the year, the Seer squadron definitely possessed the strongest lineup they had in years. They had her, Jormungar, as well as the hidden trump card Karl. Bad things can't happen for more than 3 times! This time, it was an opportunity for the Seer Family to wipe their embarrassment clean!

Before the start of the quarterfinals, the 8 strongest squadrons hailing from the Federation had already made clear cut goals and entered into their own individually decided mindsets.

Carolyn, Gui Hao, Mo Wen, Vladimir, Wang Zhong, Dicaprio, Divian, Laura, the 9 great CHF captains, were currently walking on their path towards becoming a hero!

7 days later, at 7 pm, the quarterfinals officially started, with the venue being the most luxurious arena within the entire Federation, the Stuart's Dimensional Arena Stadium!

That's right! Only the Stuart Family dared to give such a domineering name to their arena. When mankind walked out of the dark era, the Federation had undergone rapid development, especially in the past couple of years. Naturally, it had a great effect on the side of the 3 great empires. The economic situation of the Federation's main 100 cities was extremely good. Furthermore, the greatest enjoyment of this era was fighting. There were official competitions, as well as underground ones. As for now, the greatest official arena within the whole of the Federation was the Stuart's Dimensional Arena Stadium, which basically was the holy grounds for soldiers. Now only were the past CHFs held here, only the CHF finale had the qualifications to be hosted in this place. However, the magnitude of this CHF quarterfinals was if an unprecedented level. One had to know that this arena stadium also hosts the great meet between the Heroic Soul soldiers of the Federation, as well as duels between legendary soldiers! It could be said that not anyone possessed the qualifications to stand within it.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we can see before our eyes the holy grounds of brave soldiers---The Stuart Dimensional Arena Stadium!" Chen Yu'er shouted out in excitement, as this was the first time that she was able to sit on the caster's podium within this arena stadium.

Today was the first day of the quarterfinals. People around the world finally knew what it felt to be shocked when this arena stadium was officially opened to the public.

The entire oval construct spanned over 20 hectares, occupying a staggering 200 thousand square metres, while towering at 90 metres high. This was a height that exceeded the protective walls of many great cities! The east and west areas were 330 metres wide, while the north and south were 302 metres wide. Its interior was separated into 3 different levels of viewing galleries, and was able to house 100 thousand people. This number was just the number of seats present within. If one added in those that stood to watch as well as the working employees, that number would reach an astonishing 150 to 200 thousand!

From a bird's eye view, the entire stadium was laced with a dense array of gigantic steel plates which formed up its many layers. This layered space appeared just like the view one would get when looking at a different dimension, a view that was filled with a borderline science and illusionary feeling. This was how it got its name---The Dimensional Arena Stadium!

Without a doubt, architecture and construction have always been one of mankind's pride. Being the symbol and icon for Stuart City, countless honours and glory have been bourne by this arena stadium. Even people from the Federation would get shocked if they were to see it, much less the more illiterate, currently dumbfounded empire citizens. They were utterly unable to imagine exactly how such a construct was created!

It was as though they were living in 2 different times and space. It had to be said that the Federation's wealth and prosperity had left a great impact in the hearts of the audience from the empires. Frankly speaking, they did not like the competition style one single bit. With fights at the empires being much more violent and bloody in nature, they were simply unable to understand the CHF rules. To him, the losers would become the slaves of the victors. How could there be anything as good as the Federation! Nevertheless, everything shown about the Federation had fascinated them. It could be said that after this CHF, yet another wave of immigration flood would rise from the Tutankhamun empire.

"Existing and living are 2 separate concepts. Every living creature would always put in effort on the first one. However, only those sitting at the top of the food chain to become rulers would possess the qualifications to talk about the second! Being the capital of Earth, where mankind's culture is continued and propagated, the Federation has always shoulder mankind's inheritance, hopes and dreams. We used to struggle bitterly to live on, with everyone living in a precarious state. Where did we ever have the time and strength to develop and build such a construct? However, in these present times, we're finally able to make this step! This is a symbol of our transformation!" Ruo Zhi continued to fan the flames on Skylink, his voice continuing to rise as he spoke. A few of those words were requested by the officials, with the others being his heartfelt ones. "That's right! In the eyes of some, it might just be a construct, one that's merely bigger than others! However, in the eyes of anyone that's pursuing their dreams, this is a one-of-a-kind symbol!"

"I suddenly feel myself brimming with pride for being a member of the Federation!"

"Boo hoo hoo! I really want to go to the arena! My mother's not will to let me go! Looking for some rich person to help sponsor the 2000 credit ticket fee!"

"Let go of it, would you! 2000 credits are just enough for you to reach there. After that, you'll have to eat dirt due to being unable to return."

"Don't be afraid, baby! The Federation won't let me starve to death!"

"Refugee camp application rejected."

"The people from the empires are saying that they are still living in the abyss of suffering! Those living in luxury please conduct yourselves with dignity!"

"The Tutankhamun citizens have sent telegrams over in hopes of having a backchannel to come here!"

The Skylink instantly exploded up. With the CHF finally in its quarterfinal phase, the feel everyone was getting was completely different than before.

"I've just got the statistics from backstage, and it states that we've broken the viewership numbers yet again! Before the start of the first quarterfinal match, we've already reached an astonishing 1.6 million viewers! And it's still continuing to rise, and so are the numbers coming from other continents!"

"That's right! Be it the Federation or the various great empires watching from afar, the whole world has now focused all of their eyes at this place! There are already close to 200 thousand people in the audience present in this stadium! This is the first match of the CHF quarterfinals, Heaven's Fate VS Seer! The outcome of this match would give rise to the 1st top 4 squadrons of this CHF!" Chen Yu'er immediately pulled everyone back to the match.

The camera angles showed on the Skylink and the giant screens present in the arena were constantly changing, while the audience in the venue was already berserk with excitement. Clearly, the audience hailing from Stuart was extremely used to the atmosphere created by large occasions. Furthermore, this was a show of pride for the citizens of the Federation's number 1 great city! At the same time, there was already a massive crowd of people gathered outside of the stadium. Despite being unable to enter, they were able to enjoy the upcoming match with the audience present within.

Just at this moment, the spotlights in the stadium dimmed down, before a 3-dimensional figure appeared at the left of the arena.

Those figures were of frightening dimensional life forms that towered a couple of dozen stories high, and appeared to be in the process of wreaking havoc among the ruins of a city, massacring everyone without mercy.

This was too common of sight for the Federation in the past as well as the various great empires. In the present, with the Federation's much more perfected spatial abnormality detection system, the majority of spatial fissure could be preemptively prevented or defended against. However, on the side of the empires, even the forefront empire, Kaiser basically did not have such a system. The sudden descent of dimensional life forms that would wreak havoc to mankind's gathering points would happen from time to time.

As sympathetic responses immediately rang out of many people upon seeing this, a spectre-like figure appeared in a flash within. Initially, he was still more than 100 metres away from the dimensional life form. However, in the blink of an eye, the figure had already appeared right by its side. A dagger sparkling with a chilling glint flashed right towards the dimensional life form's neck. Piercing right in, it left a massive gash, ripping apart skin and flesh!

Filled with pain and fury, the dimensional life form swung its gigantic claws madly around. Nevertheless, it was easily evaded by Napier Mo. Closely following suit was Mo Ling's appearance. The illusionary figure of an eagle flashed behind him, spreading its massive wings, causing him to soar into the air. Rushing to the head of the dimensional life form, the illusionary figure changed, turning into a fierce bear, before sending a ferocious downward smash!

The heavy attack immediately forced the dimensional life form into a stumble, smashing countless houses as it staggered backwards.

Mad with fury, the dimensional life form gave a loud roar, sending terrifying sonic waves visible to the naked eye rippling in all directions! Just like a massive loudhailer, the smashed up constructs in the vicinity immediately shattered apart with ease, before turning into dust!

At this moment, a heavy shield appeared in the picture!

Mo Chen!

All of the muscles on his body expanded in size, as surging Soul Power gushed out and poured into the gigantic runic heavy shield before him. The radiance from countless runes proceeded to sparkle, as Soul Power rippled, transforming from an illusionary form into something corporeal. In the next instant, it proceeded to expand out from the runic shield in all directions, forming a gigantic 3 metre wide and tall transparent shield, blocking all of the incoming attacks!

At the same time, the all-out firepower display was unleashed by his squadron mate behind him!

That was the Heaven's Fate squadron's mainstay ranged soldier, Mo Xiang! Held in his hand was a strange weapon no one had ever seen before. It appeared like a ranged weapon. As Soul Power was poured into it, a dazzling golden runic array appeared, before Bang rumble rumble...

Cannonballs filled with rampaging Soul Power rumbled out like a flood. Despite having just used an ocean-toppling amount of Soul Power, a calm expression was still present on Mo Xiang's face.

Now, the dimensional life form was genuinely flipped out, to the point of actually using its hands to forcibly defend itself from the dense bullet hail raining down on it! It wanted to squash this bunch of ants before it!

However, right at the instant when it had rushed forward, a god-like figure appeared to have passed through space to appear right before it. He was bare-chested, revealing a body full of muscles that didn't seem large, yet that perfect and seamless musculature of his was basically comparable to the person who had now taken the world by storm, All Mouthy King!

Leaning forward, he rushed straight towards the gigantic dimensional life form. As the 2 forms grew closer, it was not an exaggeration to say that it appeared just like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

With a bright blindfold covered his eyes, while his expression remained calm and indifferent as he extended an arm with at a steady speed.

A ring of light suddenly blossomed and sparkled around his body.


The giant beast towering a couple of dozen metres tall that was rushing over was unexpectedly blocked easily with a single arm! Its massive body shook to a halt, while dizziness filled its brain, before its legs were lifted up from the ground by the resulting impact! Yet, the half-naked figure did not move even a single inch!

With a slight crouch, his body proceeded to shoot up from the ground like a rocket, landing a heavy palm straight towards the giant beast's chin.


The frightening gigantic beast was actually sent flying, before dissipating into nothingness!

The 3-dimensional figure disappeared, before the entire stadium returned to darkness!

A few seconds later, a roar rang out, before yet another 3-dimensional image. This time, it was a scene of a mutated beastial tide gushing towards a high city protection wall. Present along the wall were countless soldiers that were already engaging in a bloodsoaked battle.

As the battle was entering its most critical moment, small and nimble wolf-like mutated beasts had already stepped over the countless bodies of its counterparts and scaled the wall. Tearing apart the bodies of those common soldiers, they ripped a gap in the defence line!

Right at this moment, a raging flame appeared in the air, filling up the entire screen! The flame burnt everything in contact with it, cars, weapons, steel and even those mutated wolves that had rushed up the protective walls! Nevertheless, it was unable to completely halt the berserk wolf pack, while continued to rip a bigger hole in the defence. However, it was in this instance where a tall and large figure rushed out up into the sea of fire. Like a frightening human-shaped tank, he immediately smashing into the incoming pack of wolves!

A red coloured ultra gigantic shield that appeared to be composed of flames was present before the figure. Behind the shield, the destructive heat waves appeared to be just like weak gusts of wind, while the swollen muscles on his body sparkled with an eye-catching lustre.

"ROAR!" he gave a loud roar, shaking the entire wolf pack before him to the point that none of them dared to take a step forward, just like what

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    《Battle Frenzy》