Battle Frenzy
539 Unleash a big move 2 in1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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539 Unleash a big move 2 in1

In the first instant, everyone was able to recognize the figure as Seer's trump card heavy soldier, and one of the 5 great Mo's List soldiers. With a ferocious roar, Jormungar launched himself like a cannonball right into the mutated beast pack. With a bang, everything was turned into pulp!

However, this impact only had a small range of effect. While this was happening , even more wolf packs came rushing over from all sides. However, a strange long blade gleaming with an icy glint cleaved through the wolf packs. Like a flash of light, there was no fanciness, and nothing strange about it. Yet, every single time when the blade flashed, blood would splatter into the air. At the very least, 7 to 8 wolves would lose their lives!

He was killing them too quickly! His actions were also too quick! There were a couple hundred wolves that had made it over the city walls, with new wolf packs rushing up every single second. However, in the mere span of 1 to 2 minutes, he had killed more than half of them by himself! The sparkling blade glint was basically a meat grinder, crazily reaping the lives of the wolf packs. As this was happening, the Seer squadron's ranged soldiers and substitutes proceeded to grace the battlefield. Interweaving through those ordinary soldiers, they chopped away at the berserk wolf packs!

The offensive of the beastial tide was forcibly halted by this group of people! A loud roar rang out from the back of the beastial hordes, sounding just like an order. Hearing that, the attacking beastial hordes trembled, before immediately moving aside to form a passageway.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Terrifying stamping sounds shook the earth!

A single horned rhinoceros with a red glow radiating from its entire body came charging fiercely towards the city walls! Towering at around 4 to 5 stories high, its massive legs were as thicks as trees! That was coupled with its steel-like hide, as well as its sharp horn! It wanted to smash and destroy the wall that was reaping the lives of the beast hordes!

The ordinary soldiers standing on the wall could not help but show expressions of fear and dread on their faces. The mutated beast rushing over had already caused too much on a shock in their minds, as even the protective wall would not be able to block its charge!

Just at this instant, a white glow descended from the sky!

Dragon Crystal Armour! Divian! Dragon's Terror, Goddess of War!


The massive impact smashed heavily into Divian's Dragon Crystal Armor. Nevertheless, the entirety of its charge was fruitless, as Divian's feet weren't even shifted back by half a step!

A sliver of killing intent flashed through Divian's cold eyes. In the next instant, white light flashed within her hand, radiating out akin to the gaps between clouds on a sunny day.

The gigantic golden rhinoceros was skewered like a kebab with that astonishing spear strike! It was even raised high into the air by Divian using a single arm!


Exerting her strength, the terrifying body of that armoured tank tossed away as one would do with garbage! As the body flew in the air, it smashed into a thousand over mutated beasts. Despite that, its momentum did not come to an end, as it gouged out a deep ditch in the ground!

The beastial howls that filled the air instantly disappeared. The beast hordes were afraid! This was immediately followed up by them scattering as they fled!

The Seer squadron members jumped over the ledge of the wall and stood behind Divian.

One could see the figure with the handsomeness of a man and the beauty of a woman, her clothes fluttering in the wind as she stood formidably in the scened. Fusing with the image of the god-line Divian, the Skylink chat instantly erupted!

The image proceeded to disappear, while lights proceeded to light up the stadium once again.

"Let us welcome the blue side led by Mo Wen, the Heaven's Fate squadron! Supporters and compatriots of the Heaven's Fate squadron, please give them your greatest welcome!" Ruo Zhi shouted out.

Cheers and shouts instantly filled the stadium and rushed towards the skies. In response, the Heaven's Fate squadron members raised their hands, causing the cheering to grow even louder. Feeling naughty, Napier Mo did a somersault to hype the crowd even more.

"Now, for their opponents tonight! On the red side, led by Divian, our brother Lan, the Seer squadron! Those among the audience who are fans of Seer, what are you waiting for! Cheer for them!"

The entire atmosphere was lit aflame. Both squadrons have become the focus of everyone watching live or via Skylink. Even Divian could feel her she skip a beat upon seeing the reactions of the stadium. What kind of glory was this?!

Only the people who were standing right here would know!

The citizens of the Federation naturally knew that this was a manufactured effect. However, stupified expressions appeared everywhere across those of the empires… What was this? Where those people really that frightening?

How could they possess such might?

The many empire citizens who were still looking down on the Federation's standards now had blank looks on their faces. That freak appeared to be of a 6 to 7 rank life form. Could a person that's yet to reach 20 years of age really challenge that to a duel?

Ruo Zhi's caster voice rang out. "What we've seen are short publicity clips of the 2 squadrons. The Heaven's Fate squadron is superimposed on the fight against the 7th rank dimensional life form Nika that appeared in Heaven's Fate City in Federation year 273. The person why had met that beast in combat was the Mo Family's expert during that era, Mo Qingkong, whose nickname was Single Hand Props the Sky. Let's hope that Mo Wen will showcase an outstanding performance for all of us to see!"

"During Federation year 139, the Seer Ancient City was met against a total of 713 beast hordes, becoming one of the super beastial tides to break a million and enter the Federation's history books. 713th Seer beastial tide should be extremely familiar to many people." Ruo Zhi gave an introduction. "The Seer Family's 7th leader, Hannah Seer, was hailed as the woman closest to god. During then, she had led the Seer Family armed forced and managed to defend Seer City through inconceivable odds, resulting in the formation of one of the ten great battles that took place in the dark era."

Regardless of whether it came from history or the current lineup, this match would be of cataclysmic proportions.

"Brother Lan's too handsome!"

"She's too cool to the point of it being awesome, okay!"

"Karl still has his laidback attitude. He has that same cheap smile on throughout the entire clip…"

"Jormungar's muscles really give me a sense of security!"

"The Federation people's imagination's already broken through the limits of the sky…"


Not only were there Heaven's Fate and Seer fans present, there was also a large number of neutral standing members present. All of the seats in this stadium, which could accommodate over 100 thousand viewers, were already filled. At this moment, even the walkways were already filled with people. At this moment, there were at least 160 to 170 thousand people present within the venue, with many familar figures present within the mix.

Blazing Angels, Blazing squadron, Torres, Mammoth squadron, and even Bella Dean was present. These were squadrons that were eliminated from the CHF. There were too many stars and idols present in the audience. To them, it did not matter who was the final victor of this match. If the earlier matches of this CHF was not worthwhile to watch in person, victory and defeat no longer mattered in the quarterfinals, as this was an exchange between people of a different realm from them. At this time, not showing up would cause them to appear petty and narrow-minded. Basically, all of the squadrons still present in Stuart City had arrived at the stadium. Naturally, a special viewing gallery was arranged for them, allowing them to enjoy the best comfort and viewing angles. TO them, it was beneficial to observe such a match in close proximity. Furthermore, there were cameras that were provided to allow them to view the match from different angles.

Naturally, they were not the main characters!

At the seats closest to the arena, one could see the figures from the other 6 squadrons that have qualified for the quarterfinals. Compared to those at the back, their seats appeared incomparably spacious, with a dozen people from their individual logistical groups seated behind them. These were the most conspicuous of seats, seats that belonged to the victors. Only those that have reached the quarterfinals were qualified to enjoy such creature comforts and the focus of such an audience.

Every single top 8 squadron was present in full force. There were only a few more matches left in this competition, so even the most ostentatious of them, Gui Hao was present. Upon entering the stadium, they were greeted by countless cameras turning towards them. This was especially so when Tianjing arrived. In the first instant, those sharp-eyed directors have already turned their cameras over.

All Mouthy King's fame and reputation had genuinely reached the apex, as his 1 VS 5 against Torres sent his prestige and popularity go through the roof. Although Tianjing might still not be qualified to enter the S+ rank realm, there was no denying the fame and recognition All Mouthy King deserved.

"Frankly speaking, this is the most enthusiastic audience I've ever seen! Although the previous CHFs have also been broadcasted live, they would appear just like the preliminaries when compared to this quarterfinals. Today, large numbers of fans from both sides have come to this arena to support their favourite squadrons. Naturally, there's also no lacking of our neutral standing audience. Haha. This is out of the topic, but both sides are definitely not lacking in supporters. It's just that it's already hard to get a ticket to watch the quarterfinals in Stuart." said Ruo Zhi with a laugh. "The first quarterfinal match of this CHF between Heaven's Fate and Seer is about to begin! So, which squadron are you supporting for this match?"

"I'm personally supporting the Seer squadron, as brother Lan's my idol! She's too handsome!" At this moment, Chen Yu'er gave a fangirlish reply, instantly inciting the support of her countless female compatriots. Indeed, Divian was extremely popular among girls. Admitted, although Carolyn was the undisputed one, she was slightly too aloof and distant. Compared to her, Divian appeared noble, yet was intimate with her fans.

"For this CHF, my favourite squadron will be the Heaven's Fate squadron. I can make a bold claim and say that Heaven's Fate will clinch this CHF's championship!" clearly, Ruo Zhi had used his deep foresight and made loads of preparation before saying such a claim. The more bold one's claims were in such a big stage, the more explosives one would throw into the audience.

Heaven's Fate clinching the championship?

Have you asked Carolyn, Gui Hao and Vladimir about that?

I'm afraid that even Heaven's Fate themselves would not dare to have such thoughts.

"Brother Ruo, your poisoned milk might break Mo Xingchen's Heaven's Enlightenment!"

"Our brother Mo Wen will cry himself to sleep in the toilet! The low profile that he kept all the way has been overturned by Ruo Zhi!"

It had to be said that Ruo Zhi was extremely proficient at rousing the atmosphere. Although he did not give an explanation to his claim, deep down within his heart, he had really meant what he had said.

With the entire introduction over, both squadrons entered the preparatory phase, with their substitutes leaving the stage. The official participation list appeared.

Heaven's Fate squadron : Mo Wen, Mo Chen, Mo Ling, Napier Mo, Mo Xiang. All of them hailing from the Mo Family armed forces. This was the Mo Family's true formation.

Seer squadron : Divian Seer, Karl Seer, Jormungar, Bierhoff, Lancelot Seer.

Both sides have brought out their strongest formations. Unlike the earlier stages, the opponents they faced were different and won't be any discrepancy. Win and loss were at 50:50 odds. There's a sentence that's has become extremely hot in the Skylink, which was "It's time for real combat techniques to appear!"

In the viewing gallery for the top 8 squadrons, all of the other 6 squadrons were present. By Dicaprio's character, he would have already run forward to exchange greetings with Wang Zhong. However, at this moment, Dicaprio was dressed in a western suit, sitting ramrod straight as he gave off an imposing air. As of now, they were already on the same talking field as the other aristocratic families.

Upon entering the gallery, Wang Zhong was planning to go up and greet Dicaprio. However, upon seeing the latter's gaze sweeping past his body, Wang Zhong could only rub his nose in embarrassment. There was no need to say anything else, as everything was told without the need for words. Although Ma Dong had talked about quite a bit about Giant God Peak, Wang Zhong didn't quite believe it. However, since Dicaprio was indeed looking down on him, there was nothing else left to do.

Contrary to Dicpario, Gui Hao shot a gaze out in courtesy. To him, Wang Zhong and the others were just opponents, with there being no grudges or grievances between them. To him, this was the fight in pursuit of the championship.

The long-awaited battle between the vanguards was about to start, causing everyone to focus their attention over. Exactly who would be the vanguards for both squadrons?

Conforming to the norm, the Heaven's Fate squadron sent out their extremely stable and all rounded Soul Beast Master--Mo Ling!

However...oh my god, they've pulled a big one!

The Seer squadron had actually sent out their captain, Divian Seer as their vanguard!

Walking up onto the stage, Divian was dressed in a bright slivery wardress, with the 3 metre long Dragon's Terror in her hand, she gave a formidable and imposing appearance. Appearing akin to a goddess descending to the mortal realm, she radiated with dazzling splendour, instantly caused astonished gasps to ring out across the stadium.

Frankly speaking, be it their fame, reputation or status, Divian had definitely exceeded Mo Ling by a long shot. The 10 great soldiers of the CHF were basically the 10 strongest experts in the hearts of the audience. Being one of the cores of the Seer squadron, her actually being the vanguard for Seer could only show how thirsty they were for a victory in this match.

Snatching a win in the vanguard duel would all of a selection advantage early on in this match. There's even a possibility of nullifying Mo Wen in this duelling phase! In fact, it was an extremely smart move from a strategical standpoint. However, when the overall strengths for both sides were compared, there was a 40:60 chance for victory on paper. Nevertheless, this move has made the odds turn into 50:50. After all, even though he was known as being invincible within his age group, Mo Wen was merely an individual.

Despite seeing that his opponent was Divian, there was not much change to Mo Ling's expression. On the aspect of appearance, Mo Ling was the type that would basically disappear if placed in a large street or alley with people. However, with his surname and being in the Stuart Dimensional Arena Stadium, he had obtained the qualifications to be the centre of everyone's attention.

Cupping his right hand with his left, Mo Ling pushing his hand out and gave a slight nod while saying, "Please advice."

Lower the tip of her spear slightly, Divian pointed it down to the ground and said, "Please advice."

Hailing from 2 great families, regardless of defeat, their composure and attitude cannot slip on a single bit. As their voices rang out, their gazes converge, appearing to have finalized their actions as their auras transformed to ones akin that of a deep abyss.

Although it was a strategical success for her to be matched against Mo Ling, not a single bit of relaxation was present on Divian's face.

Being within the same circle, Divian had deep knowledge about the 4 S+ ranks. On the surface, Stuart would appear to be the strongest. However, Heaven's Fate was definitely the most immeasurable one. It was due to Seer treating their opponents with that high of regard that Divian would pull out a big one and send herself as the vanguard. This Mo Ling had shouldered the responsibility of being the Heaven's Fate squadron's vanguard. With his 4 Soul Beasts, he had seemingly no weaknesses, therefore it would be a hard fight!

An invisible wave of air expanded rapidly out from Divian, appearing as though winds were blowing out from her, instantly sweeping across the entire stage!

Everyone was well aware of Divian's domineering aura. With that mere wave of air, everyone was already able to feel as though a howling storm was whipping across the heavens and earth. This was more than sufficient to shock any opponent she faced.

However, standing before here, Mo Ling appeared just like a giant vessel floating above the waves, or perhaps just like an ocean fixing needle (weapon of Sun Wukong, Journey to the west). Despite the howling of the waves and winds, it would still no move a single inch.


A solemn expression appeared on Divian's face.

The auras radiating out from the 2 were markedly different from each other. Nevertheless, no one was able to gain a superior position, appearing just like the convergence of 2 extremes, with them mutually countered each other.


Following the ring of the competition bell, a white light flashed across the stage, as the Dragon's Terror took the lead and launched its attack!

It wasn't an earth-shatteringly explosive advance, nor was it overly flashy. There was only one aspect that was noteworthy, which was speed, just like a bolt of lightning! The 3 metre long Dragon's Terror howling through the air appeared just like a white flash of light, before Divian had already appeared right before Mo Ling!
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    《Battle Frenzy》