Battle Frenzy
540 Inconcievable 3 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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540 Inconcievable 3 in 1

As the spear stabbed over, have long prepared for it, light blossomed from Mo Ling's eyes. An illusionary figure of a bear surfaced behind him while he gripped his hands to form fists. He's actually using his fists to meet the Dragon's Terror head on!


At the instant the light and nimble spear made contact, Mo Ling appeared as though he was struck by lightning, retreating back while his centre of gravity became unstable. He was being too rampant to try meeting Divian's Dragon Terror head on. With her strike succeeding, Divian appeared to have transformed into a goddess of war, her spear tip brimming with force as it whift pass Mo Ling's throat, leaving a sliver of a gash behind. At the same time, moving forward with her spear, Divian turned her body about and sent a kick right towards Mo Ling's chest, immediately sending him flying.

With her leg extending out in the air, Divian slowly retracted it back. However, just that ramrod straight leg in the air was already able to send anyone, be it male or female to be drunk by its sight!

There was no need to say anything about Divian being handsome, as she would indeed sweep males and females off their feet. Humans were visual creatures, and had not changed since the ancient antiquity. One would get more benefits the more one appearing nice looking, what more if one possessed the strength to compliment that!

Divian sent out a biting cold gaze, as a mere Mo Ling had actually dared to feel her out, as he did not even use his Soul beast protection against her, "The Mo Family people are always that conceited!"

Climbing up, a smile cracked opened at the corner of Mo Ling's lips. To the Mo Family members, they did not care about what others felt about their actions. Nevertheless, Divian was indeed someone that he could not defeat without summoning out his Soul Beasts. The reason behind his "conceited" action was due to him wanting to use his body to remember the Dragon's Terror's "taste". To others, that might seem to be an extremely perverted thing to do, yet it was something commonplace within the Mo Family.

Spatial fluctuations rippled out as his Spiritual Tortoise entered his body. As this happened, the Soul Power oscillations radiating out from Mo Ling's entire body instantly transformed. As a Soul Beast Master, Mo Ling was an extremely unique case, as his Soul Beasts were extraordinary. Unlike other Soul Beast Masters and their dimensional life forms, which would be summoned into this world in a body with substance, his existed as spiritual bodies.

Wang Zhong's eyes gleamed with interest as he watched the entire spectacle. What appeared to be extremely strange in people's eyes appeared reasonable beyond a doubt in his. Ever since young, his thoughts and imagination had never been constrained before, with anything being possible in his mind. His conversations with Simba were always bold and full of imagination, even though not all of them were realistic. It could be said that the higher dimensional worlds have satisfied his imagination, producing imaginations and reflecting them into reality. Truthfully speaking, the outer shape of life's appearance has a myriad possible ways of transformation, with mankind's restricted knowledge being the only limiting factor.

Naturally, Divian was similarly placing the same level of attention onto Mo Ling, Unlike the overbearingness that Zhao Yilong extruded, her domineering aspect was hidden within her exquisite spear arts, which she could unleash in an absolutely endless fashion. Now, she really wanted to see whether Mo Ling was able to defend against her attacks.

Moving forward with her spear, her actions appeared so smooth to the point of her appearing just like a ray of silvery light. Instantly wrapping around Mo Ling's defence, she sent a stab right towards his front.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang....

Like the rain falling during a storm, the berserk Dragon's Terror came stabbing towards Mo Ling. Despite appearing light and deft, strike after strike came raining over, while containing a certain amount of "wielding something light as though it was heavy". Nevertheless, Mo Ling's defence was watertight and comparable to that of a heavy soldier. There was one common ground among all of the Mo Family members, which was their strong and sturdy foundations. Having undergone a few hundred years worth of transformation, the understanding solely possessed by the Mo Family towards physical techniques was dubbed by the Federation as "Mo-science". The symbol of Mo-science was the understanding of all the basic techniques and skills used in combat. Nevertheless, basically no one outside of the Mo Family could learn it, as the root of Mo-science was based within one's self.

Take Barran for example. Having experienced much tempering and suffering, he had finally managed to comprehend his own defensive techniques. This was displayed by Mo Ling, who had mastered them to perfection. Nevertheless, even his Tortoise From wasn't able to continuously defend him from Divian's attacks. Be it his physical or spirit body, both of them would get damaged by Soul Power. One wouldn't become invincible just by fusing both bodies to share the damage. However, when coupled with the aid of techniques and skills, people would frankly not get any desire to fight against such a Mo Ling.

In the blink of an eye, Divian had unleashed dozens of spear strikes out in a storm-fashion. However, despite their speed, they were defended against easily by Mo Ling. If it was an extra forceful strike, Mo Ling would use 2 palms to defend against it. Even though he was unable to reflect her attacks back, he was able to steadily resist them.

In such a scenario, Divian's consumption of strength would definitely be greater than Mo Ling's. However, from a certain perspective, she unleashing a reckless offensive against Mo Ling. On the contrary, Mo Ling appeared to be revolving around on the same spot, using the smallest and tightest defence to completely block all harm. The only reason why he did not take up the heavy soldier occupation was due to him being too short and wide in stature. Nevertheless, despite his small frame, he appeared to have no weaknesses at all.

Just when everyone assumed that Divian the fight into one of bitter attrition, the Dragon's Terror's spear tip rumbled once against towards Mo Ling. This time, Mo Ling's air-tight defence was instantly pierced through. Travelling through his Soul Power defence, it stabbed right to his chest. Nevertheless, not panicking and turning flustered, Mo Ling swept his hands out fiercely to stop the incoming spear, while crouching back slightly to launch himself backwards.

Pulling her spear back, Divian proceeded to stare coldly at Mo Ling. Although her Dragon's Terror wasn't one of the 10 Great Divine Weapons, Mo Ling's really looking down on her for not relying on any technique to block her stab!

However, having received that strike, Mo Ling suddenly started to give a cheeky laugh, before yet another beast spirit appeared behind him, Leopard spirit!

However, this was where a problem arose. His Tortoise spirit did not disappear! Instead, it had fused together with the Leopard Spirit! In the next instant, Mo Ling had already shot towards Divian, moving at a speed that was utterly different from before. BOOM...

Despite that marked change in Mo Ling, Divian still sent a spear stab right towards him. However, with the Tortoise Spirit still present, there was seemingly no way her attack could be lethal towards Mo Ling. Boom...Mo Ling smashed right into Divian. Due to him being unarmed, he had to close in right before her to attack, his fists unleashing a storm-like flurry of attacks at her.


Divian was sent flying back, with Mo Ling in close pursuit. Having fused with Leopard Spirit, his speed was comparable to that of a top-class assassin. Even though he was up against Divian, he continued to close right before her to attack, sending punch after punch towards her. They were plain and simple punches, yet extremely practical and functional. Having received a head-on blow from Mo Ling, Divian increased the distance between them. Retracting her Dragon's Terror, she proceeded to sweep it out in a ferocious manner, causing the former to leap away nimbly in response.

Both parties widened the gap between each other. Having fused with 2 different Beast spirits, Mo Ling's Soul Power oscillations had become extremely strange, as there were 2 different colours mixed within the Soul Power radiating from his body. This was in accordance with the unique traits of his Beast spirits, as well the Mo Family's Form-Intention Fist!

Of course, Divian had a good understanding of the Mo Family. However, never did she expect for a mere Mo Ling to be that difficult to deal with! Most importantly, there was an error in the information she had received, as this fellow's actually able to fuse with more than one Beast spirit! It was an extremely rare ability! That's why Mo Wen would allow him to be their vanguard!

Divian did not wish to waste to much time dealing with Mo Ling. Making her decision, her Soul Power continued to rise as wave after wave gushed out from her body. At the same time, her aura also continued to rise, while a slightly reddish dragon crystal armour appeared on the surface of her body. With its appearance, her aura had reached an inconceivably high realm, a realm that was truthfully extremely rare to reach in the Casted Soul Stage. With the dragon crystal armour, Divian had become even more handsome and awe-inspiring...and also more powerful.


Her figure disappeared. In the next second, she was already right before Mo Ling, displaying a speed that dumbfounded everyone. Although Mo Ling wasn't slow, his speed paled in comparison to the dragon crystal armour wearing Divian before him. After all, Divian's bloodline was ranked among the top 5 bloodlines present in the Federation.

What were bloodlines? As long as a person who inherited a bloodline continued to grow up, one would possess strength far greater than ordinary people. This was just like the lions and zebras in the animal kingdom. Although both have similar physical dimensions, the difference in their combat prowess was akin to night and day.

With her dragon crystal armour equipped, Divian no longer needed to divert her strength to defence, allowing her to focus entirely on her offence. Immediately, Mo Ling's life became extremely difficult. He wanted to escape out of this. However, would Divian ever give him such a chance? Since the donning of her armour, her spear tip proceeded to surround Mo Ling, leaving him no choice but to retreat back. The Seer Family has never seen before an unbreakable defence!

A slight upwards curl appeared at the corner of Divian's mouth, her right hand made a slight revolution. As this happened, a wave of Soul Power gushed ferociously into Dragon's Terror!

Dragon's Terror Space Shattering Strike!

Not good!

Mo Ling's expression instantly changed.


A deafening bang rang out!

This was entirely different from the ordinary stabs she had sent out earlier! Although the revolving pattern Dragon's Terror was moving at appeared simple, it had erupted with the limit of power Divian had accumulated in her spear!

A dazzling white light flashed out, instantly blinding many among the audience!

As the white light dimmed slightly, and those narrowed eyes finally adapted to it, everyone discovered that Mo Ling's figure had unexpectedly disappeared from the arena!

Standing at her original position and not moving an inch, Dragon's Terror shook slightly in Divian's hand, while a droplet of blood dripped onto the ground. Only at this moment did everyone look towards to see Mo Ling floating back down to the ground. With a giant hole carved onto his chest, skin and flesh being pushed outwards, he immediately casted in an extremely grizzly sight in everyone's eyes.

With the additional fusion of his Bear and Eagle spirits, there were now 4 spirits fused with his body. As Mo Ling's Soul Power continued to surge and churn, the faint roar of a beast from the ancient antiquity rang out. Soul Power transformations can lead to extremely terrifying transformations. Upon descending onto the ground, Mo Ling's body had already swollen to the shape of a fist,

4 Beasts Fusion Body!

Seeing this, a faint smile appeared on the face of Mo Xingchen watching from below the stage. Truthfully speaking, she had already judged that there was a possibility of Divian sending herself up for the first duel. Mo Xingchen's Heaven's Fate Skill was a mysterious art. Although it wasn't 100% accurate in all cases, it indeed possessed a certain degree of future prediction capability. And Mo Ling was sent up precisely to deal with the possibility of Divian appearing.

In a competition like the CHF, strength was still the universal rule present. Naturally, the 4 Beasts Fusion Body would definitely be ranked lower than Divian's bloodline. However, with this transformation, he possessed the capability to bring the fight to her. After all, everyone was still in the Casted Soul Stage, so her bloodline strength has yet to reach the realm of the rulers.

Mo Ling wasn't able to sustain his 4 Beasts Fusion Body for a long time. Nevertheless, it was already enough for him to bring this fight to a life or death one. When speed, strength, defence and flight used to execute the Mo Family's combat techniques and skills. It would form someone like this beastial mode Mo Ling.

Divian's Dragon's Terror was no longer able form any suppression towards Mo Ling. Be in aura or combat techniques, Divian was shocked and angered that she was actually dragged into a bitter fight of attrition, returning back to the tussle they had undergone at the beginning of the match. This Mo Ling's basically like a cockroach, firmly shoving himself towards Divian. With his 4 Beasts Fusion Body activated, Divian wasn't able to easily extricate herself from ultra close combat against Mo Ling. Truthfully speaking, she had only engaged in such fights for a few times.

It wasn't that she did not undergo any martial arts contests between families. In fact, she had experienced quite a bit of it. However, all of her opponents walked on the orthodox path towards combat, with both parties taking turns to show their talent and combat techniques. These fight would be considerably composed and chapter-like. However, Mo Ling did not stick to any of these so-called rules. Instead, he was basically using a hoodlum way of fighting! Fists, legs, head, shoulders, every part of his body was used as a weapon by him! If he could receive her attack, he would continue fighting. If he wasn't able, he would clinch, doing so with speed too. Coupled with his limited capability of flight, he could avoid the common moves used by infighters. In everyone's eyes, all they could see was a goddess being shameless wound up by Mo Ling.

Dragon's Terror swung widely about. It was unafraid of a head-on fight, and was incomparably fierce in one. However, Mo Ling's utterly not going to follow by Divian's rules and continued to engage in body-touching combat against her. His movement and grappling were also extremely fluid, while his hands constantly attempted to wrap around Divian.

"Mo-Science's jiujitsu. Divian's being countered." said Gui Hao with a smile. " That lass's overly reliant of her bloodline. With her usual opponents being refined and cultured, this is most likely the first time she has to deal with such a shameful fighting style.

"It's already a miracle that she's able to enter the quarterfinals." said Gui Xinying in an indifferent tone. This Divian and Carolyn had really spent too much time on useless matters.

"The Mo Family has really too much combat techniques up their belts. However, it's a pity that it's useless against our Grozny squadron." Noriba chimed in with a cocky manner. "Sigh. Why didn't they bump into us? Boss, I'm really looking forward to you beating Mo Wen up."

Vladimir shot a cold glare at Noriba.

"Shut your mouth! Don't speak if you don't know how to!" Pomo could not help but bark out. From a strength standpoint, Vladimir was the person that was most suited to counter Mo Wen. However, he was not qualified to say such words.

Being entangled to the point of feeling slightly disgusted, Divian could no longer help but to give a lovely cry out. In the next instant, the flair of her Soul Power changed fiercely, appearing to take on an explosive sharp edge. Her offensive tendency immediately reached its peak, causing her to unexpectedly not lose one bit to Mo Ling in the ultra-close combat! This successive head-on confrontation had finally allowed her to increase the distance between them.

Dragon's Fighting Spirit!

The result of a bloodline stimulation unique to the Seer Family! With the instantaneous increase in strength., Divian did not hesitate any longer. She did not want to continue engaging in this disgusting tussle. Go and die!

Afterimages of Dragon's Terror exploded out and blotted out the skies!


The ground instantly exploded!

Heavenly Dragon Storm Spear Strike!

The spear afterimages that blotted the skies used quantity to obtain victory, instantly filling the air around Mo Ling with a myriad of spear shades! Forming a dense forest of spear tips, they brought along an incomparably overbearing Soul Power, piercing through space before stabbing right towards the tornado present in mid-air!

Such a disgusting combat style should not exist!

Bang bang bang bang bang~~~

Every Divian supporter could finally breathe a sigh of relief. At this moment, Divian was in her most powerful stage. It was definitely not easy to be able to stimulate one's bloodline to such a degree while still being in the Casted Soul Stage. There's basically no one that could resist against such a violent eruption.

Despite being completely sealed up by the spear intent heading his way, Mo Ling did not retreat one single inch. Instead, he proceeded to scrunch himself up into a ball. With his elbows, knees, fists and palms all focused on defence, he did not show any intention of retreating, twisting his body and showcasing various kinds of defensive abilities as faced Divian's attacks head-on.

The numerous spear shades that blotted the skies smashed right against the hurricane that had formed via air currents, appearing just like a meteor smashing into Earth!

Mo Ling still wore an emotionless expression on his face, appearing as though nothing could shock him. On the contrary, a bloodthirsty expression had appeared on Divian's, appearing to have turned berserk with fury.

This was a duel Divian had to win. She, was Divian Seer! With a spurt of power, she sent out numerous unstoppable spear shades that blotted the skies. Every single strike she sent out was the fruit of her Soul Power accumulation!

She did not believe that there was anything in this world with an impenetrable defence!

In her berserk offensive, she unleashed over a hundred spear strikes in the blink of an eye. However, the problem was that the target that appeared to be about to get hit by her spear, Mo Ling, was still alive! What's more, his despair-inducing defence was still present! What's more, it appeared as though his defence was getting more and more firm and heavy. It was trending towards a suppressive state against her, appearing to want to break her offence apart! His 4 Beasts Fusion Body allowed him to encase his body in a thick layer of armour at critical moments, and it was precisely his use of it that allowed him to defend against the sharp Dragon's Fighting Spirit.

This was the first time that Divine was unable to obtain any benefit with her talent. In the pasts, the opponents she had face would basically be unable to endure for long against her Dragon's Fighting Spirit before their defences were ripped apart by her. However, the more she was unable to find any purchase, the more it had stimulated her fighting intent. She too also possessed as strong and unrelenting confidence!

The numerous Dragon's Terror afterimages instantly formed, while a majestic aura proceeded to radiate out. This was the true essence of the Heavenly Dragon Storm Spear Strike, the transformation of nothing to something via her Dragon's Fighting Spirit!

Overbearing Dragon Shakes the Heavens!

This was an unmatched move, akin to an ancient dragon raising its head. All of the Soul Power that had radiated throughout the stage in all directions appeared to have instantly condensed into a single point. This spear intent could not be blocked!


A figure was sent flying.

Divian gave a slight heave of her chest as she pulled her Dragon's Terror back. At this moment, there was already a trail of blood dripping from the tip of her spear.

"She has won!"

Divian's fans also breathed a sigh of relief. This Mo Ling's too hard to deal with.! His fighting style's vulgar to the extreme, and did not even unleash any technique or skill throughout the fight. Such dedication towards defence would basically cause people to feel so disgusted their scalps would turn numb.

However, unlike her fans, Divian did not have any happiness towards her victory. Instead, a slightly gloomy expression appeared on her face as she looked towards the crushed ground in the distance.

From the dust cloud that rose from the ground, a figure quickly stood up from within.

The noisy dim of people discussing immediately came to a halt, as everyone looked towards the fellow who had been struck by the Overbearing Dragon Shakes the Heavens, yet was still able to immediately stand up.

There was unexpectedly no new injuries present on Mo Ling's body, with his right hand being the only place that was bleeding. The tortoise armour that covered his entire arm had already shattered into bits. Nevertheless, his right arm was still present.

Casually gripping his fist, he made a symbolic show of himself regaining control over his movement, before slowly raising his elbows and restarting his defensive stance!

At this moment, Divian was really a little shocked by what she was seeing.

Naturally, her opponent did not do something as simple as using his hand to block her attack. If not, it wouldn't result in something as minor as the shattering of his tortoise armour defence, as the Overbearing Dragon Shakes the Heavens' power would smash and shatter his entire arm! However, in that instant, Mo Ling had sent out 17 to 18 palm strikes from a few completely different angles at the very least against her Dragon's Terror, greatly reducing its might as while as shifting its direction. It wasn't some kind of ultimate defensive move, but merely the most ordinary application of the fundamentals. The only difficult aspect was that split second reaction and the terrifying successive strike move. If he had sent out 1 or 2 fewer palm strikes, her spear intent would definitely have crushed his left hand!

Talent, hard work, experience, combat IQ, as well as training in the strongest techniques and skills. If an ordinary person was able to achieve one of those feats, they would be more than able to impose their name in the CHF. However, to the Mo Family members, they were able to achieve all of those 5 aspects.

Combat techniques executed meticulously to the extreme, while forever maintaining absolute cool-headedness, never the make any mistakes.

This was the Mo Family, a group of unconditional combat machines, human-shaped freaks!

"This fellow's actually unable to enter the Mo's List heavy soldier list? I feel that his defence is even stronger than Zhao Tianlong and the others! If Zhao Tianlong's in his current position, it's likely that it would be very difficult for him to receive that strike from Divian."

"That's the Mo Family's low profile!"

Clearly, the battle between the vanguards had left an extremely huge psychological pressure on many of the CHF participants, as well as questions surfacing in their hearts. What's Mo Ling's ranking within the Mo Family? How was he actually able to fight like that?

The Tianjing squadron members had also felt the difference in this duel compared to the ones in all of the previous matches. At this moment, Barran had more or less fully recovered. However, Emily, Scarlet and Lily were still in the stage of recovery. Basically, they would not be able to participate in the quarterfinal match. With the fight progressing to this point, Barran's eyes were glued unblinkingly to the stage. It could be said that Mo Ling was currently showing Barran what it meant to be a strong heavy soldier.

On the stage, Divian had already recovered her senses. Never in her wildest dreams did he expect to bump into such a freak! Originally, she was still planning on holding a bit back. However, faced with an opponent like Mo Ling, ordinary methods would be extremely hard to make to cut.

She took a deep breath.

A peculiar red brilliance started to sparkle from a rhombus imprint on her forehead, before Divian's entire figure started to flash.

Everyone felt as though their sight had turned blurry, as they started to see her figure and shadow overlap, before she unexpectedly split into 2!


What was this doppelganger?

An illusion? A feint? Or perhaps, a Shadow Doppelganger?

That doesn't seem to be the case?

There were now 2 Divians, 2 Dragon's Terrors, and 4 eyes brimming with killing intent!

In what seemed like an instant, the doppelganger had stabilized, before 2 astonishing burst of radiance sparkled out at the same time.

The stadium and Skylink were already stupified by what they saw. Their brother Lan had countless combat achievements on the OP, with countless videos and footage to boot. However, never, ever did they see her use any technique that was similar to that of doppelgangers! That included the match where she had lost to All Mouthy King!

"The Seer Family's Goddess of War's Doppelganger!" a faint smile appeared on Vladimir's face. "Divian's going all out."

"When did this lass master that move? Ah, if not for Mo Ling forcing her to this point, I believe that she would definitely not have revealed it here." said Gui Hao with a tone filled with interest.

There wasn't much of a mystery surrounding this combat technique, just that it was too difficult to execute it while in Casted Soul Stage. This move originated from the ultimate move of the Seer Family's 7th leader, Hannah Seer. Unlike Napier Mo and the majority of other doppelganger abilities, the Goddess of War's doppelganger was known as a physical clone, as it possessed the same level of strength as the original. It could be said that Mo Ling was now facing 2 identical Divian Seers. Just the thought of this would cause people to shiver in fear.

Divian's eyes brimmed with incomparable confidence and killing intent, as she had originally prepared this move to deal with opponents on the level of Gui Hao. Admittedly, it was a pity that she had to bring it out this early in the CHF. However, Mo Ling was qualified for her to do so!

2 separate rays of light lunged towards Mo Ling from his left and right. They were the unleashing the same Heavenly Dragon Storm Spear Strike move, with 2 of them heading towards the same location. Regardless of strength or number, there was no difference between them!

A burst of light burst forth from Mo Ling's eyes. In what seemed like an instant, he had already made his response.

4 Beasts Fusion Body, at his strongest state! Mo Ling's Soul Power exploded forth like a broken oil pipe, while the faint roar of a giant beast from the ancient antiquity rang out. At this moment, he was betting his life on the line and focusing his full strength into defence! There was no need for him to count on any luck!

In the next instant, a forest of spear shades stabbed forwards in a scene of utter terror!

Regardless of which side they were supporting, the audience had already turned completely silent, their mouths wide open as they focused all their attention at every action and change happening on stage.

The spear shades that blotted the skies had already surrounded the vicinity where the 2 were at, the terrifyingly dense attack having already littering the stage with thousands of holes. Blood continued to splatter all directions, while Mo Ling had already become soaked with blood, giving off an extremely miserable sight to behold. Even with the added defence his 4 Beasts Fusion Body provided, he was still unable to completely defend against the terrifying spear intent coming from Divian. With her doppelganger, their attacks had forced Mo Ling to be utterly incapable of counterattacking.

Frankly speaking, if not for his practical defensive techniques as well as his tyrannical 4 Beasts Fusion Body, he would have already been beaten into a pulp by her. Nevertheless, even though the spectacle present on stage appeared slightly cruel to the eyes, with Mo Ling appearing to be on the collapse, even the laymen among the audience finally understood the might of the Goddess of War's Doppelganger ability! There really was another Divian on stage! What's more, the strength's exactly the same! It's really unimaginable that there would be such a combat technique out there in this world!

Generally speaking, after creating a doppelganger, one would need to use illusions to confuse one's opponents like what Napier Mo did with his explosions. On the aspect of physical combat capabilities, the doppelganger's strength would definitely be weaker than the original. How could there be such a mysterious combat technique like what Divian was display now!

Truly worthy of the Seer Family!

Divian was extremely confident in her move. As long as she uses it, she would definitely be able to close this fight out. However, every single time when she felt that she was on the brink of forcing her opponent to complete collapse, that Mo Ling was able to completely block her attacks! He was clearly on the brink of defeat! However, why! Why was he not falling!

She looked right at Mo Ling's eyes, noticing calm and steady gaze present within, appearing as though the body that was being battered up was no his at all!

Indeed, Mo Ling was at the cusp of defeat. However, he similarly left a bitter taste in Divian's throat. Although her Goddess of War's Doppelganger possessed a certain level of her original strength, its consumption of her Soul Sea and physical strength was extremely terrifying. Even with her awakening her Dragon's blood, just the consumption in this fight was already capable of causing her to collapse.

Divian clenched her teeth. She had already gone this far! Now, she did not have any path for retreat, with fighting on being her only option!

The strongest Seer combat technique--Dual Dragons Breakthrough the Heavens!

All of a sudden, the dense Dragon's Terror shades furiously converge. It was the same move, yet a different type of superimposition. With her Dragon's Fighting Spirit transforming nothing into something, 2 boundless auras hurtling from the left and right of Mo Ling. Twisting about as they converged, the resulting force caused them to appear just like an earth-shattering hurricane that had engulfed the entire stage!

This was a spear technique that would decimate the heavens and shatter the earth!

At this moment, the quiet unspeaking Mo Ling's reply was to continue remaining silent. Focusing all of his Soul Power, the faint roars of 4 different beasts could be heard. Defend!



The hurricane of spear shades appeared just like the berserk wind of despair. Similarly, Divian appeared to be invincible under the heavens.

Having already started her move, Divian had no choice but to continue along with it. WIth a burst of might, she sent her spear intents rumbling out, letting off a roar akin to a meteor descending from the sky!

Humm~~~white light exploded out, as the area 10 metres around Mo Ling instantly turned into

Divian's Goddess of War Doppelganger dissipated away like a popped bubble, while her face turned incomparably pale, as though not a single drop of blood was present. This was unlike training, as she basically did not have such an opponent or this level of consumption. However, everything was worthwhile for the sake of victory.

At this moment, Mo Ling was kneeling on the ground, hugging his head and not moving an inch, with his life or death still unknown...

Divian shot a look at the referee to signal that the medical squad could come up. However, the referee's gaze did not change, as he did not receive any indication from the judges.

At this instant, Mo Ling's body appeared to move, while the scales on his body continued to fall off. As this happened, the 4 Beast spirits dissipated one after another, while he withdrew from his Beast Fusion Body state. Nevertheless, as he stood up, Mo Ling's eyes still appeared sharp and penetrative, as though the injuries he had sustained meant utterly nothing to him.



Soul Power exploded forth from him like a tsunami, gushing out endless from his body, causing astonished whooshes to ring out across the stadium...

What freak was that???

In the next second, Mo Ling disappeared from his original position. In the blink of an eye, he appeared right by Divian's side. The flying strike smashed down brutally from the air. Bang...

With much difficulty, Divian managed to use Dragon's Terror to block the incoming attack. However, upon landing on the ground Mo Ling followed up a knee smash, instantly causing Divian's legs to turn numb. However, before she could react, she received another strike right on the dragon crystal armour on her chest, resulting in her giving a muffled groan. This resulted in her being unable to react for the incoming kick whipping down on her shoulder. 


Divian's body sunk down. Without showing the slightest bit of mercy, Mo Ling followed up with a lightning-quick roundhouse kick!



Divian flew into the air, the Dragon Crystal Armour on her chest shattering apart. A mouthful of blood spurted out of her mouth as she smashed heavily on the ground, before falling unconscious.

Standing quietly at his final position, Mo Ling did not move forward to pursue her. He had controlled his strength to a level sufficient to knock Divian unconscious and not result in any life-threatening injuries. This level of restraint was needed in a competition like this CHF.

Everyone's eyes were now focused on Mo Ling's body.

At this moment, the referee raised his hand and made the call. 1st duel, Heaven's Fate, Mo Ling, victory!

Cupping his hands before him, Mo Ling gave a slight bow, not showing anything more to his victory announcement.

He...he had defeated Divian???

Although Mo Ling was a Mo's List ranker, everyone had felt that there was still quite a bit of disparity between him and Divian. However, he had unexpectedly defeated Divian in a straight up fight!

Despite Mo Ling's victory, the Mo Family members did not show much excitement. Naturally, there was the exception in the form of Napier Mo, though he was always the same regardless of victory or defeat.

Everyone knew that the Mo Family was strong and powerful. However, no one had expected them to be that strong! This revelation instantly caused a wave of heavy pressure to enveloped the hearts of all the CHF participants. Mo Wen's strength was universally accepted. However, who the hell was Mo Wen?

The most frightening point was his final attack. With such restraint in his strength, it goes to show that Mo Ling has yet to go all out, and that there was not a sliver of luck involved in his victory. Furthermore, it also meant that Divian's berserk attacks were ineffective. With her consumption of strength already exceeding her limit, her loss was confirmed without a doubt.

However, that precise combat style with machine-like accuracy and not making the slightest mistake from start to finish, and that life of bitter training that would span for a dozen years… Only the Mo Family members would dare to attempt it.

This result of this fight had truly caused to much pressure on the hearts of Seer and the other squadrons. The Skylink had even exploded into a mass of discussions. There was no such thing as coming up unscathed from a competition. The Heaven's Fate squadron had really kept too low of a profile. However, at this moment, all of them have gotten their first glance at the rulers.

Without a doubt, All Mouthy King possessed the highest level of individual fame and reputation. However, there's absolutely no one would believe if stuff like Tianjing squadron being capable of defeating Heaven's Fate. With how formidable Mo Ling was, what realm would Mo Wen be?

As discussions erupted across the stadium, respect appeared in the eyes of everyone when looking over to the Heaven's Fate squadron. If Tianjing squadron were classified as an internet celebrity type of squadron, Heaven's Fate would be the emblem of the king. They did not need to prove anything to anyone, as they possessed everything they needed.

Now, the Seer squadron needed to face up to reality and the incoming 2nd duel!

"It's Jormungar! With their loss in the first duel, the Seer squadron needs to get back the selection advantage as quickly as possible. Being one of the 5 great Mo's List soldiers, Jormungar is undoubtedly the greatest star in Seer with the exception of Divian. Furthermore, he's the hardest to counter, especially with the Heaven's Fate squadron not possessing any comparable ranged soldier. Now, Jormungar needs to stand up and save the Seer squadron!"
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    《Battle Frenzy》