Battle Frenzy
541 The strongest clown 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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541 The strongest clown 2 in 1

"Let's see how Heaven's Fate responds to that. Brother Ruo, did you think that they would send Mo Wen up? From the combat styles and occupations present on both sides, Mo Wen will definitely have an advantage against Jormungar. Being the 2nd core figure of the Seer squadron, him being defeated might possibly spell a complete defeat for the entire match."

"There's that possibility. However, we also have to consider about Heaven's Fate's freshman ranged soldier. If he really is a hidden card, it's possible for Heaven's Fate to have an occupational advantage in a showdown against Jormungar. The strength Heaven's Fate has shown in the form of Mo Ling has already shocked everyone. If they were to obtain victory in the 2nd duel, their freshman ranged soldiers will become a textbook example of an overnight celebrity. As of now, Heaven's Fate has complete control over the selection. Even if they were to lose the next duel, using a freshman to remove Seer's super heavy soldier out of the equation would be as easy for them as making a name swap. The momentum for this match will still be present in the trump card possessing Heaven's Fate, while they will take no loss at all. It's time for them to make their selection. Heaven's Fate's selection's unexpectedly Napier Mo!"

Everyone knew that assassins were naturally countered by heavy soldiers. Although that wasn't absolutely true for all cases, as it was more dependent on the realms both parties were in. However, if they were of the same realm, the counter would be present.

However, even though Napier Mo was truly strong, was Jormungar weak? Both of them were Mo's List rankers! Even if Napier Mo wasn't afraid of the latter, was there any reason for him to fight against his natural counter?

Peculiar expressions appeared on countless people as Napier Mo appeared on the stage.

Unlike the comical and funny expressions that were present in people's minds, the Napier Mo of now was markedly different from before!

At this moment, he was looking towards the spacious stage with incomparable earnestness, while a look of incomparable seriousness was plastered on his face.

Those among the audience who felt like laughing the moment Napier Mo's name was announced could not help get attracted by his level of concentration.

In the past, his comical and silly antics might either be due to him being too relaxed of that his opponents were too underqualified to be his opponents. Truly worthy of the quarterfinals stage. Look at him! He's basically treating the stage before him as a holy ground present within his heart! He has even forgotten about the "giant" Jormungar standing before him!

Even a person like him has a pristine holy ground in his heart!

The laughter and flabbergasted responses immediately dropped by a few marks, while a mark of respect for Napier Mo surfaced in the hearts of many. The quarterfinals had resulted in the invisible weighty feeling in everyone's hearts.

At this moment, the incomparable solemn Napier Mo took a deep breath, before moving his body!

Running forward, he did a small hop and rushed up the stage!

Using his hands to lightly grip the side of the stage, he performed a Yurchenko vault, doing a front somersault, spinning forwards 640 degrees, before followed by 9-and-a-half tucked!

His graceful figure carved a perfect arc in the air, before landing lighting right before Jormungar. Nevertheless, not a change was present on the latter's expressionless face. Divian's loss had already sent every Seer member into a life or flight mode. As for the audience, who had been infected by Napier Mo's earlier solemn moment, all of them had subsequently turned completely silent.


Before everyone could regain their senses for the "something's not right" state, Napier Mo suddenly knelt down on the ground, before covered his forehead and mouth, appearing to resist an impulse rather strongly. "How many rounds did I spin? My, my heads, urgh…"

The audience immediately felt an impulsion to leave gush out from their hearts.

"Can Napier Mo have a serious moment? I think pigs can climb trees too!"

"The Federation people really are humorous! If he's dizzy, can't he just spin fewer rounds?"

"Those from the empire watching who don't understand please sit in a circle and watch!" naturally, there weren't any people from the empire watching. Nevertheless, those words have already become a way people would use to ridicule others.

"Is that clown purposefully humiliating our Seer squadron?!" on the losing side of the stadium, with their goddess falling, the Seer fans were already considerably unhappy, and were already looking for a place to vent their frustrations.

Massive amounts of such comments filled the Skylink live feed chat, while an ear-shattering noise coupled with the smell gunpowder had already overwhelmed the entire stadium.

Such a joke had appeared in the ever so strict and conservative Mo Family. This scene had caused quite a few Mo Family elders to start doubting whether this was the retribution their Mo Family deserved for revealing too many of Heaven's secrets, as Napier Mo had thrown their face in front of the entire world!

As for Jormungar, he continued to shoot a cold glare at this shameful and cheeky fellow. Frankly speaking, he knew that Napier Mo had done all of that just to irk and piss him off. Divian's loss had not only turned the Seer squadron into a passive stance, their morale had also taken a beating. What's more, with Napier Mo's shameless acts, they would really feel too wronged if they were to lose.

At this moment, killing intent gushed out from his heart. Seer urgently needed a clean and easy victory. To achieve that, he was already determined to bet his life on the line in his fight against Napier Mo. However, after being provoked by that clown-like fellow, his killing intent had unexpectedly turned into a blooper.

Without any useless nonsense said, Jormungar took the initiative and made his move!

Flames immediately swept out across the stage, while his broad shield swept out in a horizontal direction!


Stilling continuing his shameless acts, Napier Mo disappeared from his position in an instant. Despite it being just a casual sweep of his hand, there's no one that dared to ignore Jormungar's heavy attack.

Remnant shades appeared across the stage.

On the aspect of speed, Napier Mo was at the apex even among the 5 Great Mo's List assassins! His venomous fang-like dagger drew rapid arcs radiating with a chilling glow as turned a big round in the air, before hurtling right at Jormungar's nape.

In an assassin VS heavy soldier matchup, the only advantage an assassin has was speed. Be it the unique traits of their occupations of the contrast in preparations, the difference in speed between the 2 was undeniably clear.

Defence? Ward off attacks?

Those weren't the best methods a heavy soldier could use against an assassin! It wasn't to say that heavy soldiers weren't fast. However, if they were to trade moves and challenge assassins of the same realm in nimbleness, they would really be played to death! Even if they wouldn't be beaten to death, they would be burnt out first!

It appeared as though he had swung his giant shield out after being provoked by Napier Mo. However,

His steel-like muscles gave people the impression that it would stop the dagger right at its track! The torrent of Soul Power pouring out from his body appeared just like air currents that swept across the stage in all directions, stopping everything in their tracks, including his opponent's actions. It was at this moment, the Jormungar's left fist came swinging from the side!

Although his counterattack wasn't as fast as Napier Mo, it was definitely not too much slower. At the instant when the latter's dagger had pierced forward, he would use his muscles and defence to inhibit the latter's movements just for a tad bit before his punch sweeping across would absolutely reap his life!

Blazing with flames, the boiling red fist brought along a terrifying amount of Soul Power as it rumbled out. Coupled with a wave of pressure, it felt as though it would warp and distort the surrounding space!

Trade injuries!

The only course a heavy soldier should take against assassins! As long as one has a formidable defence, one could just eat 10 blades and not die, before exchanging that for a life rending punch!

Using the unchanging to counter the myriad of changes!

The assassin, who was clearly able to use speed to endlessly juke the heavy soldier around, was now believed to possess a life-threatening disadvantage. They could clearly hold the initiative in combat, yet were forced into a passive state. This was the pain and misery assassins would have to go through when matched against heavy soldiers.

Jormungar has definitely embedded the understanding of the advantage a heavy soldier possessed right down into his core, resulting in him not showing the slightest hesitation when taking action. Coupled with his sufficient understanding of Napier Mo's speed and habits, every single action he made was exceedingly smooth and fluid, appearing just like a play that had already undergone extensive planning and rehearsals.

Clearly being not willing to engage in a head-on tussle with Jormungar, a chilling glint flashed in the air as Napier instantly changed his movement direction as well as the path of his attack. With a

Heavy soldiers have their own movesets, while assassins have their own own responses to them.

They would definitely not choose to trade injuries. An intelligent assassin would utilize their advantages to the very end. By using endless transformations and baits to cause the heavy soldier to consume their physical strength and Soul Power, one would simultaneously wait for the opportunity when the heavy soldier makes a mistake to strike.

However, Jormungar appeared to have long expected Napier Mo changing his moves, and respond in time with a change of his own. His heavy all-out punch was pulled back just like that, unexpectedly not using too much strength in his attack, and instead had just given it an outward appearance of might.

Although Napier Mo was fast, he would need to make one big round to turn his attack around. In contrast, Jormungar only needed to move his body slightly to the side, without any need to change his speed!

What followed was the same blockade and backhanded strike, followed by a strike filled with unsurmountable might, with the only change being that both sides have switched positions.

Napier Mo immediately changed his movements, with his body appearing like a ghost, sending afterimages across the stage before circling around and attacking from the back.

Jormungar also proceeded to switch his moves, sending a heavy swing and a backhand in response.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Soul Power instantly swept out across the stage, air currents billowing about as the afterimages of a figure in a demonic posture appeared on the stage. In the blink of an eye, the 2 had already exchanged a dozen blows. Yet, there wasn't even one single head-on collision among them. In fact, both sides had basically not even made contact with the corners of each other's sleeves!

Jormungar had the most serious and cautious style among heavy soldiers. However, Napier Mo definitely had the silliest and amusing style among assassins. The 2 definitely had the most contrasting of styles. Regardless of what situation he was in, Napier Mo would always maintain his happy-go-lucky style. If it was anyone else, Jormungar would make sure to his opponent's heart. However, he really did not have any way of doing so against Napier Mo, as who asked for his all-out attack to be countered by the latter with a single move.

"If I'm Jormungar, I'll definitely not go through so much trouble and just smash that joke to death!" at this moment, Noriba had chosen to stand by Jormungar's side. Being a heavy soldier, he knew that the most troublesome opponent for them was an assassin that hops around like a flea. What's more, Napier Mo was the flea among the fleas, and with his cheeky smiling face, he really was asking for a beating.

"You're not where anywhere good! It's at such times where you should know how to maintain an earnest attitude!" Pomo could not help but reprimand Noriba.

"Cough cough. Pomo, I'm this serious and earnest while having a righteous look on my face. How can that clown be compared with me! What's Mo Wen doing!" Noriba could not help but to shoot a rebuttal back. He was tall and handsome! How can that clown trash be compared to him!

The nearby Grozny squadron members flipped their eyes in response to him, with none of them caring to talk back. From a certain point of view, those two were indeed pieces of traces.

"Every single Mo's List heavy soldier is the most unreasonable and troublesome character you will ever face. In fact, Napier Mo's Spiritual Soul combat techniques are the easiest to counter and defend against. The only factor will be whether or not Jormungar would be tricked by him." said Gui Hao.

"Jormungar's definitely clear of that fact. Truthfully speaking, Napier Mo's style is to make his opponent gets angry and flustered. Once that happens, an assassin will get his chances to strike." said Gui Xinying within an indifferent tone.

Indeed, that was the truth. Both Napier Mo and Jormungar were considered to be famous figures. Napier Mo's Spiritual Soul doppelganger could directly attack his opponent's Soul Sea, while Jormungar's Divine Earth-attribute special ability was known to possess the strongest defence in the Casted Soul Stage. Furthermore, he also possessed a lethal advance that allowing him to defence and attack at the same time--My Might Shocks the Heavens.

Both sides were clear about the combat techniques each other possessed, allowing them to mutually counter them. If Napier Mo was struck by Jormungar, he would definitely lose without a doubt. In fact, he might even pay for it with his life. On the other hand, even Jormungar, widely known to possess an impenetrable defence, would be in absolute danger if his Soul Sea was directly attacked. In fact, this fight would all depend on which party was able to capitalize on a crucial timing and opportunity to decide the victor.

Behaving naughtily on the stage, a burst of light flashed past Napier Mo's eyes as his figure shook in the midst of launching an attack. In the next instant, his figure fractured, before transforming into 2 identical Napier Mos. He had taken the initiative to launch a big move, as all of the normal assassin techniques were utterly useless in the face of Jormungar.

One at the front and one at the back. 2 daggers, 2 chilling glints. Both were completely identical, with cheeky smiles on their faces. This was followed up the dense Spiritual Soul special ability that filled the air!

Unlike Divian, Napier's doppelganger only possessed approximately 50% of the combat capabilities of the original. However, they weren't illusions, and were extremely hard to differentiate. What's more, his doppelganger possessed the additional Spiritual Soul explosive capability that was a real headache to deal with. This was the myriad of peculiar changes in Spiritual Soul combat techniques.

Jormungar too knew about this. Both Napier Mo and his doppelganger were continuously jumping up and down, and were extremely hard to differentiate even with the Heart's Eye. This was to the similar level of strength used, identical Soul Power responses, and that it wasn't an illusion, the unique traits possessed by such Spiritual Soul combat techniques.

A fierce glint flashed across Jormungar's eyes. This was the moment he was waiting for!

In the next instant, he slammed his shield fiercely against the ground. Bang...Hum~~~

The intense earthquake like vibration was no different from dynamite going off. As the force of the shockwave swept out, the weaker doppelganger would definitely show a different reaction from the original. Indeed! A clown nimbly defended against the shockwave. However, the other clown's actions appeared slightly distorted, a clear indication of a problem with its Soul Power fluctuations.

In the next second, Jormungar barreled forward like a cannonball! This was his ultimate move---My Might Shocks the Heavens!

His body was his greatest weapon. With his Divine Earth attribute special ability making him resilient and strengthening his attacks, the only thing he needed to do was to smash his opponent to death! hit.

Napier Mo gave a miserable cry, before an explosion rang out, with him bursting into a multicoloured blossom of brilliance. As for Jormungar, he gave a muffled groan before spurting out a mouthful of blood. He was duped! Napier Mo had juked Jormungar! The one with the weird reaction was the original body!

However, even though he had received an attack on his Spiritual Soul, Jormungar was unexpectedly able to hold it together! It was precisely due to his Divine Earth attribute special ability coupled with his sufficiently resilient Soul Sea that allowed him to endure the attack. Looking towards Napier Mo, who was rushing towards him while executing

My Might Shocks the Heavens 2nd Wave!

In an instant, he barreled into Napier Mo like a cannonball, his Divine Earth attribute special ability creating a semicircular battering zone that would injure anyone that made contact with it, and certain death if struck head-on. There's no one within the Casted Soul Stage that could resist it, much less a mere assassin! From the very beginning, he had never planned on turning this fight into a game of techniques.


The dazzling brilliance instantly blossomed out, blinding people's eyes as a result. A multicoloured brilliance exploded out, while Jormungar's face instantly turned pale. As for the doppelganger...

There are actually 2 doppelgangers?!

Not only did he suffered a serious injury, a sense of danger immediately came looming over. At this moment, a dagger was already resting gently at Jormungar's neck. It was Napier Mo, with their ever so present smile on his face.

The 2 Spiritual Soul grenades were unexpectedly unable to blow Jormungar unconscious! His Divine Earth attribute special ability was indeed terrifying. Nevertheless, he had still ended up in a situation were defeat being almost inevitable.

The entire stadium was stunned by Napier Mo. What was this? Exactly which one was the original?

At this moment, the large screens started to playback the earlier moment in slow motion. At this instant when he had created his doppelganger, Napier Mo had entered into a dimensional-merger state. From the start till the end, he did not even move an inch, thereby obtaining a camouflage effect. While this was happening Jormungar had his attention completely attracted by the 2 doppelgangers, causing him to utterly overlook the possibility of this happening.

This only meant one thing, that the grinning Napier possessed both Dimensional and Spiritual Soul combat techniques!
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