Battle Frenzy
543 Different kind of life
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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543 Different kind of life

Both sides did not radiate with any powerful or strong aura. However, for some reason, everyone present in the stadium could feel as though they were now experiencing the calm before the storm. That worn blade was unexpected causing the audience's hairs to stand up in fright, just as though a great scourge beast was staring right at them with its eyes!

There was no need for any other words. In fact, there wasn't even the need to sighing to others quietly via eye contact. The discussions and noisy dim that had just erupted in the stadium had immediately quietened down once again.

The large blade in Karl's hands slowly pointed towards the front, while Mo Wen rested his hands calmly stretched out his hands to enter into a stance.

The tip of the blade pointed straight towards Mo Wen, while the latter's fingertips pointed straight towards Karl. The 2 appeared to have come to halt. Right at this moment, Karl revealed a radiant smile, before the competition bell was rung. In that instant, Karl took the lead and made his move!

Leaping forward without any warning, he unleashed a forward slash that did not appear weird in any way. However, Mo Wen swayed slightly to the side Bang...Hum...

A chilling glint swept past Mo Wen's body, before the ground beside him immediately exploded apart. That was followed by an ear-piercing roar, the stage has unexpectedly be chopped into half...

Everyone's minds went blank. What the fuck! What the hell?

Karl's casual chop's unexpectedly able to claim lives! Nevertheless, the fight on the stage did not come to a halt due to that. The concealment of such a chop was utterly brilliant, though it was unable to escape Mo Wen's detection. Moving along with his blade, Karl's Soul Power instantly exploded, causing him to appear just like a mad blade. Brimming with incredulous dominance, the whole world appeared to have condensed into his blade in that instant when he sent a chop out. Perhaps to say, crush and smash! Due to its overbearingness, people had immediately forgotten about everything else!

A rocket needed ignition to head along it's away. However, the first chop made by Karl had no prior indication or sign before it was unleashed! Due to that, it had become the most violent explosion to the entire stadium!

Many people watching via Skylink immediately took a breath of cold air. Despite being separated by the Skylink screen, all of them were able to feel the intent present behind that chop, as well as the crazed, life-rending might it contained. What a shock!

No one would be able to tell when a expect chooses to take action. He had absolutely treated this as real combat, unlike others who had treated the CHF as a fancy contest. Without talking about blocking, other experts would be scared afraid in the face of such a chop!

Mo Wen evaded the edge of Karl's mad chop, not choosing to meet it head one. His body fluttered about, appearing as though he had not used a single bit of energy to move, yet every step he made allowed him to evade Karl's attacks.

On the aspect of blade techniques, the point of exerting heavy pressure was absolutely essential. If an expert restrained oneself slightly, he would be able to violently chop up a street. However, if one brings this aspect all to way to the limits, one could cleave the entire stretch of heaven! It was absolutely proper for a blade to resort to offence to counter offence. When mastered to the limit, a genuine master of the blade was even more ferocious than a master of the spear.

A burst of brilliance flashed across Karl's eyes, before turning his blade around to send a vertical slash upwards. The incomparably fierce blade intent was pulled up and sent sweeping forwards like a raging wave, Rushing towards the retreating Mo Wen, it gave him no way of continuing the rhythm of his movements. Experts would never doubt themselves, while relying on such gambles to continuously affect their opponents, thus resulting in themselves being unaffected.

It was just a simple slash, yet, the sudden raging blade intent swept out rapidly. In the instant when the blade was turned, it immediately caused the hearts of the countless experts watching from the arena and Skylink to turn cold!

What the motherfucking hell was that? The Seer Family actually has such a super genius, and had actually stayed unknown till now? That's too heart crushing!

In fact, even Divian was astonished by what she saw. She always knew that Karl was exceedingly talented, with the only gripe being that her family had slightly given up on him, and allowed him to mix around on his own free will. All along, she felt that even if Karl put in hard work to train, he would only be able around the level that she was. She had even felt that she would still end up being slightly stronger than him. However, from the looks of it, she really had made an utterly big mistake.

Karl was an utterly different person as compared to her. Without a doubt, he was extremely lucky to have inherited the Seer bloodline,and could be said to have been blessed to do so. However, a person like Karl viewed the world differently from others. The strengths of people like him laid in their comprehension abilities. Up till now, there was no one within the younger generation that could radiate their weapon intent in the manner Karl had done so!

"Formidable!" Karkel said in a low voice. Ignoring talents in special abilities, bloodlines, combat techniques, that move Karl made showed a deftness that could be said as illusionary. That meant that a person like Karl would immediately be able to gain a deeper comprehension about combat upon bumping into training that was suitable for them. That as simply as terrifying as a cheat in a game!

Clearly, people who knew the ropes would be able to see the essence contained within Karl's slashes. Even those who cannot would be able to see the complete control Karl had achieved on the stage. He was just like a raging storm, having transcended to a position that forced Mo Wen to be unable to shift the momentum to his side.

With every successive pressure from his slashes, Karl's attacking rhythm grew in speed, while appearing to continuously use the movements Mo Wen had made. As of now, Mo Wen was displaying a movement technique similar to that of Wang Zhong. Although it was appeared more pure and outright, he was still forced by Karl to the point where there wasn't much space left for him to run about in.

In a fight between experts, no one would wait till the moment where a 100% opportunity to strike appears. Karl's blade split the air as it slashed out. With a hum, the entire blade appeared to absorb a layer of light as it chopped into Mo Wen's chest in an instant.

Mo Wen retreated once again, doing so completely using no power from his legs, as there was basically no time to do so. With was most likely was a flick of his feet, he fluttered back, resulting in only a 15-millimetre distance between the 2. Nevertheless, as the blade swept, Mo Wen's movement was slightly disturbed, just a tiny, tiny sliver.

However, this was more than enough for Karkel.

As flames were lit ablaze within Karl's eyes, the momentum of his blade intent had already pulled his body forwards. Before his blade could finish its slash, his figure had already disappeared in a flash, leaving behind a blade wave so ferocious it appeared as though it too rotate!

To deal with Mo Wen, Karl needed to grasp every single opportunity that showed itself!

Ding...Karl had finally managed to strike Mo Wen, who had used his hand to block the incoming blade. At the second he did so, even the audience could feel the

With his slash bearing fruit, Karl appeared to have popped open his seal as he sent one slash after another as he spun around while hacking at Mo Wen. The unstoppable blade waves swept out, hiding Karl's figure, with everyone only able to see the ground continuing to explode. As the momentum of his blade continued to rise, slash after slash continued to rampage out, with each slash appearing to contain a portion of the one before.

This was the essence of his blade arts. Generally speaking, it would already be extremely astonishing to be able to unleash around 10 such slashes. However, Karl seemed to show utterly no intent to stop, as slash after slash connected with each other. He appeared just like a spiralling hurricane, with no chinks or cracks in his movements. Just looking at the blade intent would show that it was getting more and more fierce as more and more slashes were unleashed by him, to the point of actually showing an overbearingness that could shatter the horizon!

Everyone watching had turned dumbfounded, and that included the Seer squadron members. Was this really the Karl they knew?

Divian knew that Karl had crossed the oceans in the glorified name of training, but he had, in reality, he had brought his girlfriend to see the oceans. However, the genuine situation was while he was watching the oceans, he had comprehended his Thousand Folds Hundred Waves Blade art. The ocean's waves come one after another, endlessly pushing forward, endlessly rising into the air. His Soul Power and blade intent had perfectly fused together after comprehending this technique! This was a comprehension of a Casted Soul Stage soldier, yet just mentioning the process would shock and astonish people.

Different people had different ways of comprehending matters. There were some that needed to be in a life or death scenario, while some needed continuously tempering. However, there were people that were able to gain just by watching the world! One in ten thousand geniuses would possess such talent in combat techniques. So, why would the family give up on Karl?
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    《Battle Frenzy》