Battle Frenzy
544 Special ability advancement 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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544 Special ability advancement 2 in 1

The higher ups of the Seer Family weren't idiots, and there would definitely be some people within that would be able to see where Karl's talent was laid in. Naturally, there was no lacking of the necessary beating, as was indeed a thing for people with such talent to easily become wasted. However, Karl clearly wasn't of that sort. To him, he was merely pursuing the life of freedom, and free from any restraint.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang….

Step after step, slash after slash, it appeared as though the sky was rending and the earth was shattering apart. Although the Soul Power present in this Blade art stopped at 200 Grassos, even a Heroic Soul soldier would get chopped into pieces by him. Before the start of this duel, the greater majority of the audience felt that this would be a one-sided fight. The only saving grace was that Mo Wen would give a little face to Karl, something that the Mo Family always do. However, from the looks of that, everyone was utterly mistaken! Even though it might not affect the final outcome of this match, Karl was planning on showing the world the might and prestige of the Karl though his combat!

However, people like Wang Zhong, Gui Hao, Vladimir and Carolyn did not react to that. Indeed, Karl's moves might make him rise to a 1st class expert. However, the problem was that his opponent was Mo Wen! Clearly, it was impossible to use such a combat technique to topple Mo Wen.

Indeed, Karl's attacks were ferocious, with the stage on the brink of complete collapse by them. However, Mo Wen's defence still remained impeccable. The reason why Karl's aura and rhythm were continuing the rise was to due to him unable to any effect at all with them. Furthermore, there were limits to this increase, as, after all, he was still in the Casted Soul Stage.

Clearly, Karl had also caught onto this, as his rotational speed started to drop, and so did his slashes. However, in the next instant, he unleashed a lightning-quick chop, one that contained the essence of a blade in it!


Instead of retreating, Mo Wen who had maintained a completely defensive stance since the start of the fight, proceeded to advance. Shoving his hands forward, he grabbed hold of Karl's blade before its might could reach its peak.

The 2 instantly entered into hand-to-hand combat, with their Soul Powers blasting out at each other. Mo Wen's step-in was absolutely outlandish of a decision to make. Using bare hands to hold a naked sword was an extremely easy way of playing with one's life. The might of Karl's 100-wave slashes being more than sufficient to chop a person into bits. However, Mo Wen had already found the one and only moment, which was at the instant where Karl was channelling power into his blade to forcefully stop it. Nevertheless, the power already present within Karl's blade was no small joke, causing their Soul Powers to smash against one another upon contact.

Karl's long hair waved about in the air, while a calm expression was still present on Mo Wen's face. Hum~~~

As the Soul Powers exploded apart, sending a pressure wave sweeping out, both sides rapidly pulled apart from each other. Retreating back a dozen metres, Karl made a spin and regained his stability, while Mo Wen did a back somersault before landing gently on the ground.

After a momentary silence, the earthshattering shouts and cheers exploded out from the entire stadium. Everyone had expected for the Seer squadron to be quickly squashed and shattered apart. However, never in their wildest dreams did they expect for a Karl to appear that was able to contest against Mo Wen head on. This was truly a showdown with both sides not willing to even give an inch, with both strength techniques being displayed to their peaks. This was a fight between experts.

This fight made other families start to re-evaluate their views about the Seer Family, as that fellow, Karl, had really concealed his strength too deeply! However, even with such high-level conventional methods, wanting to win against Mo Wen was an utter pipe dream!

The confrontation between the 2 was started at the instant their gazes made contact. However, Karl's fighting intent had already been completely ignited.

If his feelings before entering this duel were for the sake of Seer's honour and glory, as well as his own personal responsibility, he was now stimulated by Mo Wen into a heart filled with the urge to fight.

His fighting intent continued to rise.


A clump of fire burst out from Karl's body, its bright red colour instantly causing him to appear just like a human torch.

"Is that a special ability?"

"I thought he was going to show some Spiritual Soul or Dimensional combat technique. Isn't a Fire attribute special ability extremely common?"

"What's that little bit of fire going to do? It's not even on the level where it can be directly used as an attack. How would it be useful against Mo Wen? Could it be for a supportive role, like the boosting of speed?"

Clearly, in an era where DImensional and Spiritual Soul combat techniques rule with an iron fist, everyone was slightly obsessed and glorified. However, other people remained silent. In fact, just like how Wang Zhong's strength wasn't due to Dimensional and Spiritual Soul combat techniques, one's realm and how techniques were being used needed to be considered. There was no such thing as an invincible technique or skill. Naturally, a Fire attribute special ability was indeed rather ordinary. From the surface, he had gained superiority in this fight. However, Karl, being in the position as the attacker, would, in fact, counteract that advantage. If his offence fails, he would not be able to endure Mo Wen's counter attack.

A low hum of voices rang out in the stadium as everyone voiced out their concerns and opinions. However, before anyone could finish their statements, another wave of power had already risen from Karl's body.


"A second special ability! He actually has dual special abilities!"

A wave of clamouring noises instantly rang out across the stadium, as its extremely rare to possess dual special abilities. This wasn't just the question about the difficulty of awakening one's special ability. If not used properly, dual special abilities could something become an interference to one's combat in the form of causing one to be unable to focus in combat. Examples of this were shown in the form of Oli and the other rather strong experts, all had one special ability, and were powerful due to them being a Divine attribute special ability. Only by strengthening one special ability to its limits would one gain the greatest combat prowess.

Do not bite off more than one could chew!

Auxiliary support?

Wind assisting fire?

Laura was watching the fight with great concentration, as Karl's situation was slightly similar to the one she was currently facing. Possessing a Wind attribute special ability herself, her Soul Bear was able to impart to her a certain level of a Fire attribute special ability. If she herself possessed a Fire attribute special ability, that would have possibly raised it to the level of a Divine Fire attribute special ability. Clearly, this situation had left Laura in an extremely disappointed state. However, wind assists fire, and could strengthen the might of fire. Nevertheless...Karl's opponent was Mo Wen.

What does it mean to be balanced?

Strength was the most important factor. The Mo Family was able to secure their status due to them always producing such super experts like Mo Wen. Even Karl's tyrannical 100-Wave Slashes wasn't able to do anything to Mo Wen! Could a freak like that be dealt with through a simple fusion of special abilities?

That was the question that was floating in everyone's minds.

Within the flames, Karl started to laugh as he pointed his blade towards the sky. In the next instant, his 2 special abilities fused together without any impediment at all. The wind swept up the fire, with the fire creating wind, with both of them mutually boosting each other's might. As they surrounded out Karl, the flames burned with an intense might, causing the Fire attribute special users to feel that something wasn't right with the spectacle they were watching.

Sharmie covered her stomach in astonishment, while the Blazing Angel's Papada and the rest were dumbfounded. Could it be?

That's impossible! Within all of the younger generation in the Federation, the Fire attribute special ability users with the greatest talent were Sharmie and Papada. Although the Fire attribute special ability was the most ordinary of special abilities, it was also the strongest, as only the might of fire was limitless among all of the special abilities. Furthermore, it could also constantly improve in its realm. Within the fairytales that were published throughout human history, the strongest humans would always be Fire attribute special ability users, people that could decimate the skies and sunder the earth.

However, Fire attribute special ability users also need to face the toughest problem among all special ability users, which was the capability to promote one's fire to the next level. The 2nd rank progress for one's fire would be to create a deep blue flame.

The originally scarlet red flames had unexpected turned into a transparent blue colour that appeared exceedingly alluring after fusing with the wind. The prestige of his special abilities started to shrink, while everyone stared at the blue colour fluttering in the air with a look as though it was something out of this world!

Blue Flames!

Even the laymen within the audience with the slightest bit of knowledge about special abilities would know the significance this blue flames represented

2nd rank fire attribute special ability--Blue Flames!

Some experts weren't even able to promote their flames to this rank even after reaching the Heavenly Soul Stage!

Among all of the Casted Soul Stages within the Federation, it had already been more than 50 years since blue flames last appeared. Oh my god!

Karl Seer!

The might of Karl Seer's blue coloured 2nd rank flames was over 10 times more terrifying than Mario's Flames of Hell. The energy possessed by a 2nd rank special ability was absolutely incapable of being judged via conventional means. It could be said that though without adequate fire resistance within the Casted Soul Stage would get injured, and even be burnt to death upon contact with those blue flames.

In the next instant, the Seer Family supporters erupted into high spirited cheers, as Karl had just displayed a strength that would allow him to 1 VS 5! That's right, as long as he could deal with M Wen, and win this duel, Karl could 1 VS 5 in the group battle phase!

This was an invincible level of strength, a transcendent!

Standing in front of Karl, Mo Wen was still as calm and steady as a mountain. Compared to him, the shrieks coming from the audience had already reached explosive levels!

Just like Spiritual Soul and Dimensional combat techniques, a 2nd rank Fire attribute special ability was not an ability a Casted Soul Stage could possess and control. Every matter needed to be seen from 2 sides. The stronger and more lethal a move was, the greater the load one had to bear. One has to imagine exactly how strong Karl's body and Soul Sea was to be able to control those blue flames!

As his body was wrapped in blue flames, the aura radiating from Karl was already completely different from before.

Despite remaining silent, the incomparably tyrannical blade intent and force he radiated from his being and the long blade in his hand had unexpectedly fused once again with the blue flames! Growing by leaps and bounds, it expanded in shocking fashion, yet caused people to feel as though it had converged together to form a blade that was sufficiently capable of cleaving the heavens and slicing through the primal chaos!

Mo Wen appeared to have sensed that, resulting in him finally taking the initiative with his response. Despite it being him making a slight sideways motion, in the keen eyes of experts watching the entire fight in detail, that basically the most impartial response to Karl's blade intent.

What could be more convincing than making the universally recognized number 1 expert in this CHF, Mo Wen turn serious!

A blade, was the weapon of choice for an overlord!

The tip of the worn blade made a slight upwards move, causing the aura the filled the entire stage to surge, appearing as though that blade could shake the entire world!

A shallow smile flashed across Karl's face.

"Wind Fire 18 Revolving Chops!"


As the tip of the blade twitched, a force wave had already swept out! As blue flames flowed along the body of the worn blade, a blade arc shot out from its edge!

A blue blade force shot out fiercely towards Mo Wen!

Sidestep? Dodge? Evade?

With the support of the 2nd rank Fire attribute special ability's power coupled with the overbearing force naturally present from a blade, Karl had already controlled the entire stage, with there being nowhere left for Mo Wen to dodge or evade!

At this moment, the expression on Karl's face was still one of wantonness and unrestraint as he chopped his blade at Mo Wen.

Seer's War Blade--Heaven and Earth 18 Revolving Chops!


As his blade force swept across the stage, there was basically no way for Mo Wen to dodge, as Karl had unleashed pressure that was an utter suppression of realm.

Standing as still as a mountain, Mo Wen revolved his palms in a circular fashion Faint brilliance in the shape of a circle proceeded to sparkle and flash out from his palms, appearing as though he had drawn a glowing white circle in the air before him. At this moment, the only thing he could do was to raise his defence. However, could he even defend against the incoming attack?

The gigantic blue blade force arc chopped down ferociously onto the glowing circle.


A massive bang rang out, as the glowing circle expanded out. Appearing to possess extremely elasticity and toughness, a deep bend was formed by the blade force arc, yet it still continued to maintain its warped shape without shattering.

The blue flaming blade force arc ground against the Soul Power circle, causing screeching sounds to ring out. However, after a split second deadlock, Mo Wen pulled his palms back, before retreating back in rapid succession.

Relying on his retreat to unload the force of that blade force away, while simultaneously reforming the warped soft dough-like glowing circle back to its original shape, the gigantic rebounding force formed sent Karl's blade force arc shifting slightly to the left.

The eyes of everyone from Stuart and the Gui Family turned wide open, as what they had just seen was a Mo Family's ultimate move, the Mo-Science's Circular force, and was one of their top ranking ultimate moves. In the round of 16, Wang Zhong had displayed a similar kind of move, with the circular motion being a certain kind of comprehension behind the meaning of strength. The Mo Family weren't the only ones that have managed to gain comprehension in this aspect, as the other great families have their only unique comprehension on this strength. This was a path of strength that pursues the perfect fusion between offence and defence. Not only was it usable during the Casted Soul Stage, it was not inferior to other paths of strength even in the Heroic Soul Stage. Naturally, it would be completely different when executed by people of differing realms.

Wang Zhong had caught the attention of many when he had displayed it for the first time. Nevertheless, due to the understanding of this path of strength being extremely obscure, only people like Gui Hao would pay heed to it. Nevertheless, they wouldn't delve too deep about it, as it top class ultimate move appeared simple, yet was god-like difficult to master. In simple terms, its goal was to use an incoming force to counter an incoming force. In other words, was the comprehension of how power works in a spiral. However, that understanding was still extremely far for understanding how to execute that ultimate move. Without a doubt, what Mo Wen used was definitely the Circular Force. If not, he would utterly incapable of receiving that attack from Karl.

Seeing this, Gui Xinying's eyes sparkled with deep interest. Although she did might have that many complicated thoughts going on in her head as compared to Gui Hao, living in the environment of the Gui Family had caused her breadth of mind and scope to be inherently high. Within the entire CHF, only absolutely astonishing strength or extraordinary personal charm and charisma would be able to catch her eye. However, other than the immeasurable and limitless All Mouthy King, the only other person that was able to fulfil that 2 points and spark her interest was the person fighting on the stage right now, Mo Wen.

Karl's blade force was instantly deviated, though his imposing aura did not reduce one bit. Everyone knew that Mo Wen's Circular Force was powerful. Could a single chop finish him off? That's something people wouldn't even dream about.

Heaven and Earth 18 Revolving Chops! He was radiating with imposing aura with the intention of severing everything when he had initially comprehended this move, with this also being the path he wanted his blade techniques to take.

Blue flames danced in Karl's eyes. Although the addition of his Wind attribute special ability was the main reason behind the promotion of his Fire attribute special ability, the power accumulated from the successive chops brought about by the Heaven and Earth 18 Revolving Chops was the greatest essence behind improving his blade techniques to the next level!

Since you want to use softness to skillfully counter my 1000 pound hard techniques, I'll used 10 thousand, a 100 thousand pounds then!

I'll squash you to death!


Karl's entire being entered what seemed like a berserk state! Either be mad or be dead!

The deviate blade force was swept back, before spinning around and chopping down once again.

2nd chop!


Be it his imposingness, power, or the purity of his blue flames, all of them started to transforming and increase at a rate visible to the naked eye. As this happened, the second chop had already cleaved down before the ear-splitting bang of thunder rang out!

This was closely followed by the 3rd chop, 4th chop, 5th chop!

The tyrannical blade force radiated across the stadium, while blue flames swept out across the stage!

Mo Wen's aura and strength were also continuing to increase.

One's combat strength wasn't only limited to the strongest state one had displayed during training. In real combat, one would be influenced by the environment, threat level, psychological state and various other factors. In ordinary scenarios, one would be able to display a limit of 20% of one's maximum strength. However, those emotional and talented experts were able to push this to a limit of around 55%.

Karl and Mo Wen were the types who would be able to unleash 100% of their maximum strength. However, their strongest state clearly wasn't limited to just this. Nevertheless, the explosiveness of Karl's blade intent was much quicker and higher than Mo Wen!

...9th Chop, 10th Chop...

The blade intent that continued to rise crazily was caused greater and greater difficulty for the Circular Force to defend against. At this point, it was already extremely hard to force Karl's blade intent to deviate, forcing Mo Wen into a passive state only focusing on enduring.

Despite there being only 1 sliver of defence between him and Karl's blade, Mo Wen's spotless clothes were getting burnt and sliced up by the blue flames and blade force, turning them into tatters. What's more frightening was that he was relying on the incoming force of Karl's attacks to retreat back faster and faster. At this moment, he was already nearing the edge of the stage! Was this the Mo Wen everyone knew about?
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    《Battle Frenzy》