Battle Frenzy
546 For Honour and Glory 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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546 For Honour and Glory 2 in 1

A Mo Wen so strong there was nothing else to be said had easily destroyed Karl's defence. Exactly what kind of attacks were those? Even 2nd drive infused attacks won't have such an effect, right?

However, no one present within the entire stadium could notice that problem.

For the 4th duel, carrying the final hope for the countless Seer fans. Lancelot Seer walked up the stage.

Frankly speaking, just his movement and actions could allow one to know that he was an extremely strong ranged solder. Despite him not having the comprehensive all rounded strength on the level of the Mo list's 5 Great ranged soldiers, his fundamentals did not have any disparity with the Mo's List ranged soldiers. Coupled with a Wind attribute special ability and a crossbow, he was a rather unique ranged soldier.

Faced against him was the freshman ranged soldier, Mo Shang. Originally, it would be a matchup with equal odds, with ranged soldier VS ranged soldier. In a scenario where both parties were on the same realm, the fight would become one of mental state and the ability to maintain one's calm. The most likely possible flow of this fight would be a ranged battle, with both sides using the wretched fighting style of dragging the fight one to as long as possible and obtain victory by patience and how calm one remained.

However, this equilibrium present in the minds of countless people were immediately broken.

At this moment, Lancelot wasn't lacking in anything except patience and a cool head. With Seer having lost the 3 earlier duels and carrying the possibly last duel of this match on his shoulders, he was Seer's only option left. Despite having already repeatedly reminding himself that being anxious towards victory would only affect his mental state for this fight, he had advanced prematurely into the attack radius his opponent had prepared for him. With his powerful attacks unable to achieve anything, he was easily countered and defeated.


Basically, everyone had foreseen this outcome. However, no one had guessed how it was formed. 4:0. Looking back at the expressions on the members of the Heaven's Fate squadron, all of them appearing calm and undisturbed by anything, as though no one had cared about this outcome or process. At this moment, they were just chatting about, and in fact, were saying a few ridiculing words about their captain. It was hard for him to become serious, yet it had ended in such a fashion.

The victory was predetermined.

Keeping a low profile did not mean that they were cowardly or weak. On the contrary, they were genuinely strong, as being aloft in this world required strength!


The mentality of a weak squadron had always been their problem, while powerful squadrons were turned into unlimited legends by people, with their mentality being similar powerful. However, truthfully, that was due to them having yet bumped into stronger opponents.

Seer's loss, especially the 4th duel with Lancelot Seer's, had cemented this point rather deeply.

The entire stadium gave a standing ovation for their winners, Heaven's Fate. No one blamed Seer. In fact, Karl Seer had already showcased the Seer Family's honour and dignity. Nevertheless, they had faced against Heaven's Fate, the gargantuan monster that had no weaknesses, and was unstoppable!

As of now, the Heaven's Fate squadron has taken a step forward and become the hottest favourites to clinching the championship and being fully worthy of the No.1 spot. Mo Wen's fame had soared to the point of no equal, with Wang Zhong having no choice but to contend for 2nd place. The style of this immeasurable general gave people a feeling as though he could overlook the entirety of the CHF.

Being able to defeat one of the great aristocratic families, Seer with such ease. Was a glory solely held by the Heaven's Fate Mo Family, or all of the S+ ranked squadrons?

Exactly how strong were those S+ ranks?

Many of such discussions sprung up on Skylink. However, truth to be told, this question wasn't had to test and validate.

There was one point that could be confirmed, was that the various aristocratic family squadron would have to bring out some of their genuine abilities for this quarterfinal.

After the end of the match, Wang Zhong bumped into Mario by accident on the way back. The latter had come over to remain the Tianjing squadron to be careful, as his experience had almost cost him to miss out from his match. Frankly speaking, although the Blazing squadron was eliminated from the CHF, everyone still hoped for the Tianjing squadron to be able to walk further within this CHF. Although the Gui Family was very, very powerful, that did not mean that Tianjing didn't stand a chance at all.

Although he wasn't willing to do so, Mario still brought over Sharmie's greetings, and that if Tianjing's able to defeat Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, she would definitely invite them over.

Though truthfully speaking, Mario could not help but underrate Sharmie's request, as what has Tianjing's victory got to do with their Blazing squadron? Although that would be quite admirable, however...

WIth there being another match before theirs, the atmosphere was still rather relaxed. In reality, the fight against Martial Ghost Divine Emperor rested completely on the shoulders of Wang Zhong and Grai, while the other squadron members could only be cheerleaders for the 2. For people on the level of Colby, that was basically akin to living in a dream. Even though they had won the earlier matches without the need to lift even one fight, they had personally seen miracles being made. As for the question of whether they would be able to defeat Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, that was one that they had basically not go and think about it at all.

At the same time, Giant God Peak did not waste their time in a carefree and leisurely state. Dicaprio was no longer in the carefree and leisurely attitude he had earlier in this CHF. Instead, he was looking solemnly at each and every member of his squadron in the training room. At this moment, all of them also had solemn expressions on their faces, as their upcoming match against Stuart would be the determining factor for their fate and future. As long as they could cross the hurdle that was Stuart, they would be transformed from carps into dragons, with their momentum becoming unstoppable! They would become a new aristocratic family. They would become ranked in the middle of the pack, and would obtain progress in all fronts. Honour, glory, strength and status would be readily available for them to obtain. Everyone's eyes burned with the thirst of battle, with all of them making ample preparations for the upcoming match. Remembering their humiliation to maintain their resolve, all of them had been waiting for this day, to take their shot at Stuart!

The 2nd second day of the quarterfinals, Stuart VS Giant God Peak!

The Dimensional Arena Stadium was even more lively than before, as the Stuart squadron had greater fame and popularity that the Heaven's Fate squadron. As of now, the rankings of the top 10 most popular people were :

1. Mo Wen 2. Wang Zhong 3. Carolyn 4. Gui Hao 5. Vladimir 6. Napier Mo 7. Karl Seer 8. Gui Xinying 9. Divian Seer 10. Bobo Torres

Naturally, this ranking would change alongside as the matches progressed. Take Mo Wen and Wang Zhong for example. Due to their successive splendid fights, they have risen rapidly to the first 2 places. However, following the later matches, the other people had their own splendid performances. A large factor on one's performance was the opponent one was matched up against. If one's opponent was too weak, one would not have leeway to show off any of their abilities. At this point of time, doing something like a one-man show would be too stupid of a choice, with Noriba being the most likely one even to consider this possibility.

The stadium was packed full as usual. However, compared to the previous match, the Stuart fans were of the super crazy type. This was the home ground for Stuart City. They made up 80 to 90% of the 150 to 160 thousand people present here. Dressed in silvery uniforms similar to that of the Stuart squadron, they appeared as a silvery sea that saturated the stadium. Although there were some Giant God Peak supporters present, they appeared to be overwhelmed by the passionate cheers and shouts from the other party. As of now, there was already 200 thousand present in the stadium that was split into 4 uniform viewing areas.

The Parliament influence had blocked entry to a few fan groups. Nevertheless, their plans were smashed into bits in the face of the gargantuan formation of Stuart fans. It had to be said that the Start Family had viciously suppressed their opponents once again. This was seen by many cities through the live broadcast, with quite a few in the higher levels of the Federation knowing the hidden significance of this match. It had to be said that the aristocratic family influence was showcasing a completely suppressive dominance.

However, this was after all the Stuart home ground, thus that suppression was pardonable. One's strength still decided everything. Regardless of whom, there was a limit to the amount of interference they could do in a competition. In the end, everything rested on one's combat strength. If Giant God Peak was able to have a tyrannical performance, Stuart's preparations for everything would be foiled.

There were an extraordinary amount of rumours about Giant God Peak. They had surmounted all difficulties to walk this far in this CHF, and did so without a single hitch. Truthfully speaking, their opponent's weren't weak. Nevertheless, they had displayed sufficient talent and strength in their performances. Furthermore, there was also an additional rumour, which was that Tianjing was, in fact, the protector for Giant God Peak, and that these 2 great squadrons were, in fact, working together to smash down the wall that was the aristocratic families. The genuine powerhouse wasn't Tianjing, but Giant God Peak.

This was the reason why the Giant God Peak would face against the universally renowned number 1, the Stuart squadron. After all, on the officially announced squadron power rankings, the Stuart was placed in 1st place.

Faced against the powerful Stuart, would they continue the trend of defeat along with Seer, or would they completely shatter the dominance of the aristocratic families?

"The chances of that happening are bleak. In the past, I've always felt that there was only a sliver of difference between an S and an S+. Fuck my life. Yesterday's match between Seer and Heaven's Fate have basically destroyed my entire view of the world."

"4:0! With the powerful Karl and Divian, and also Jormungar…"

"You can't say it like that. Stuart isn't Heaven's Fate. What's more, Giant God Peak isn't too similar to Seer."

"Seer's powerful due to their individual martial strength and combat techniques. Be it Divian or Jormungar, all of them are the same. However, they just have to bump into the Mo Family, the greatest experts in combat techniques and skills in the Federation. There is indeed no one to curse at for this loss, and we also can't say that the disparity between Seer and Heaven's Fate is really that big."

"That's right. Giant God Peak's different. Individually, their members might not be as strong as Seer. However, you might not be able to match their talent in special abilities or unique moves."

"Take Fernandes's Petrification ability and Borat's thousand-mile crossing would definitely be sent up. These moves are impossible to deal with! I feel that any variables will appear from here!"

The Skylink was already buzzing with life before the start of the match. Frankly speaking, there weren't many who believed that Stuart would lose.

The Parliament was paying a great deal of attention to this match. The disparity in strength wasn't the absolute condition for victory in a competition. On the aspect of resources and the capability on nurturing elites, the Parliament was very clear of their disparity from the aristocratic families. However, the competition format of the CHF wasn't completely reliant on an individual's martial prowess. Unique technical abilities were also considered important. The training plan for Giant God Peak was established with the CHF competition format in mind. This resulted in them not being terrified by the prospect of facing Stuart.

The large screens were currently broadcasting the propaganda videos of the 2 squadrons.

Unlike the fierce and violent fighting in yesterday's propaganda films, the scenery currently displayed on the large screens appeared rather moderate. It was an endless stretch of wilderness, with a city under construction rising up in the middle. This was the origin of Stuart City.

Like hardworking ants, over a hundred thousand people did their bit and built this city up. In the surrounding wilderness, more people were chopping down trees, and shipping over various construction materials used for city building. The entire spectacle was a flourishing one, and as the camera zoomed out, one could see a sea of elite soldiers, defending the surroundings from a greater distance away...

The camera zoomed out to show the entire Earth. Despite the whole world knowing about this era of history, seeing such a magnificent sight shocked the hearts of countless audience from the Empires. Even Solomon, who was seated in the Kaiser Empire's imperial palace, had sunk into deep thought, before gently tapping the armrest of his chair. Being able to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people to construct a city in the wilderness was something that no empire could accomplish.

Solomon wasn't the only one that had sunk into deep thoughts, as many people within the Federation's Parliament had also done so.

This was the most shocking thing the Stuart Family had done. When Stuart City had met with devastating destruction, they did not leave their original location, and chose to rebuild their city. When that decision was made, not a single person left, and proceeded to construct one of the core places of mankind during the dark era, shielding mankind from the darkest of the dark era.

This was the grandest and most impressive feat throughout the history of the Stuart Family, and was also their greatest contribution to mankind and the Federation. There was no one that could match up to them, nor was there any achievements that could rival this!

If one looked at it now, Stuart City was no longer just a city. During the reconstruction of Stuart City, the cities of the Federation were separated by incomparably massive distances. If not for Stuart's perseverance and them defending the construction of the 100-city chain till its completion, the Federation might very well have collapsed them. There was an even less likely chance for the other great cities to support them, as every city was basically a homeland by itself!

It was precisely this historical importance that allowed Stuart to hold on to their leading position within the Federation. They had braved the risk of destruction and persevered on.

At this moment, the great doors of the city open, and Carolyn, appearing as dazzling as a goddess in real life, led the Stuart squadron member as they walked out. Wu Li, Rennes Stuart, Yiluo, Borash. The only squadron with 4 people ranked on the Mo's List. There was no need for any dazzling show of martial strength, as they were the strongest power!

Ear deafening shouts and cheers resounded across the entire stadium, with their popularity rising to the apex. Stuart was starting to show their strength, with the Skylink viewership numbers breaking 1.9 million, breaking the viewership record once again. This was Stuart, this was the strength of their goddess, Carolyn!

A faint smile was present on Carolyn's stunningly beautiful face, causing her to appear less reserved and aloof, while causing countless people to topple over in awe of her beauty. Although it was slightly restrained in the stadium, the Skylink had already exploded. Carolyn had meticulously put on makeup. Dressed in Stuart's silver coloured wardress, accentuating her voluminous peaks and curves, it amplified her innate aristocratic air that swept out without restraint. She definitely was the princess among of the princesses in the Federation.

Countless applause and fresh flowers were tossed onto the stage. This was an extremely stark contrast to the Giant God Peak video that followed, where Dicaprio had shown his individual brilliance. In the end, there was indeed nothing worth commenting about Giant God Peak. As for the others, although they had frankly performed pretty well in the earlier stages of the CHF, those performances were definitely not outstanding not spectacular.

There were some situations where one's history might become lethal.

Before the start of the match, there were many people who were shouting "Invincible Heaven's Fate" loudly, or "Martial Ghost Divine Emperor will destroy Stuart". However, upon entering Stuart's home ground, and seeing Carolyn's descend of the ruler, before soaking in the might of Stuart, even the greatest of trolls were truly unable to make any counter.

The faces of the Giant God Peak squadron members weren't too good looking, as people clearly didn't believe that they were on the same level as their opponents. Nevertheless, there was no need to get worried, as they would make everyone change those thoughts with their fights! Stuart could be treated as the big BOSS. As long as they were dealt with, Giant God Peak would definitely gain a load of treasure and fame.

"After today, we will be the greatest main characters!" Dicaprio pushed up his spectacles. "Borat, you're up for the 1st duel. I don't care who they send, but do be too overzealous to fight, and just give us a good beginning!"

The short fellow gave a cheeky grin, before swinging his gigantic hammer onto his shoulder and saying, "1 minute!"

All of the squadrons were already in their allocated viewing galleries, including the Seer squadron that was eliminated in yesterday's match. All of them appeared exceedingly calm. Due to the obvious disparity in strength, and being an aristocratic family, they were able to take this loss with a breadth of mind. Furthermore, the battle between them and Heaven' Fate had just begun, as it did not mean the end of the world if they lost while being in the Casted Soul Stage.

Hauling his gigantic hammer up the stage, a smile cracked open at the corner of Borat's mouth.

There was no 50:50 odds, with that being an impossibility. There was no one that could defend against his special ability! No matter how strong they were, any opponent of his would be sent flying by his hammer. Naturally, although stronger opponents might not get injured, this was all in all a competition. Being expelled from the stage would be equivalent to losing. This was where his invincibility was!
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