Battle Frenzy
547 The destruction of the commoners 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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547 The destruction of the commoners 2 in 1

On the other side, Rennes had already walked up the stage. As usual, there were no weapons present in his hands, as they were always hanging by his waist.

The current vice-captain, and former captain of the Stuart squadron, this was his last year participating in the CHF. During that year when Molton Potter had graduated, he had said that the next era would be Rennes's. However, he did not expect there to be so many geniuses to appear in the next generation. Nevertheless, that wasn't enough to erase away the strength Rennes possessed. Instead, ever since Carolyn had entered into Stuart Academy, Rennes seemed to have disappeared completely in order to assist the rise of Carolyn. This was all because she, Carolyn, was the future ruler of the Federation.

That Borat that stood before him appeared to show not have the slightest bit of fear of him. That provocative gaze swept about his body in unbridled fashion, appearing as though he was looking at a fat sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

Seeing this, Rennes gave a faint smile in response. At this moment, everyone was trying their best to guess how he would deal with Borat. That fellow most likely possessed the extremely rare Air attribute special ability. Once he imprints someone with his Soul Power mark, his air hammer would be immediately able to send that person flying into the air. According to the people defeated by him, the instant the air hammer struck, all of them felt as though they had completely lost all friction beneath their feet. Although it the hammer blow wasn't strong, one would definitely be sent flying. If it was life or death battle, this Borat would definitely be useless. However, that ability would cause great despair in the competition format used in the CHF. Whether or not he was hiding his genuine skill, or that his other techniques and skills were useless, this fellow was basically sending out hammer blows like a brainless idiot. The only gripe was that no one knew if Dimensional combat techniques were effective against him. Nevertheless, victory would be determined from whether Rennes would be able to defend against his hammer blow. Without a doubt, choosing a ranged soldier to deal with him a choice that was made along this reasoning.

Competition start!

A confident smile appeared on Borat's face, before he swung his hammer fiercely towards the ground. As a violent airwave formed around his body, he thought, "All of you are so naive about my hammer! Who said that I'm a close combat fighter! Everything I've done previously was just to confuse you all!" God had bestowed this Air attribute special ability to him, an ability that only one in ten thousand possessed. It was too easy for him to lock up a person with it, as the air was his eyes! What's more, the storm that he could create would be sufficient to block all long ranged attacks. Upon him completing his accumulation of power, his hammer strike would be able to send that old fellow flying out of this stage! How good would it be if it was Carolyn instead! What a pity it was, as he really wanted to see Carolyn being sent flying by his hammer! It would really, really be extremely good!

Everyone was dumbfounded by the calm-faced Rennes. Was this the sign of him giving up???

His Air attribute special ability was one of the weirdest special abilities known to man, and was especially unsolvable when used in the hoodlum manner by Borat. At the very least, Rennes should fire a test shot, right? What if his air current defence wasn't as powerful as it appeared to be?

A sneer surfaced at the corner of Borat's mouth. Although he would need to accumulate more power due to Rennes being a distance away, he did not expect that his opponent would not put any resistance at all. Don't put that blame on him!

In the next instant, a storm struck the hammer, raising it high up...

Truthfully speaking, there were very few people that took notice of what happened. While Borat was accumulating power, for some reason, the air above Borat had unknowingly turned slightly dark...most people attributed this to his Air attribute special ability.

At this moment, Rennes was unexpectedly so calm and unruffled he had started to light a the instant when the glow appeared, a giant black hole suddenly appeared above Borat. In the next second, bang rumble rumble...
Countless sparks descended from the air, instantly enveloping Borat. At that instant, Borat's most likely cursing and swearing...he was fucked. He was a lockdown type special ability user! However, he had never imagined that his opponent too was the same type as he was!

What's more, it was also of Air attribute...

In the viewing gallery, Gui Hao could not help but to laugh out "A loser will always be a loser. When he was a freshman, Rennes was already famous for being an Air and Fire attribute fusion special ability user. A mere Air attribute special ability user of lowly status actually thought of pulling something fanciful in front of him. Really…"

An intense shock struck Borat, as the might and volume of the sparks make him felt as though he was standing in a downpour. His entire body started smoking, while this hammer was firmly stuck in the air. His accumulated power was severed. He could not continue down this way, even if it meant mutually assured destruction.

At this moment, he noticed Rennes's gun. Frankly speaking, if not for the importance of this CHF, Rennes was really not willing to bully a little kind, though it was regrettable that little kids were always disobedient.


The pistol made of an unknown material fired a shot out. Whoosh….

In the next second, Borat immediately felt danger looming over. Nevertheless, he instantly felt a heavy impact striking his head, causing him to feel as though his neck had snapped. Rennes's fire had instantly shattered his defence. While he was reeling in shock, the second bullet smashed his head yet again. With a stumble, a bang rang out as his hammer landed on the ground...

Seeing this, Rennes gave a helpless shrug of his shoulder. This idiot has finally entered the place he deserved. Since he was an Air attribute special ability, he should know that what one sees with one's eyes can't be 100% trusted. Rennes had raised his gun just for the sake of luring his opponent's focus. At this moment, his air bullet had already been sent on its way. It didn't even matter if his 2nd bullet struck home or not. To him, he had already stopped using those little tricks that Borat was trying to employ.

1st duel, Stuart, Rennes, victory!

The Stuart fans instantly burst into intense cheers and applause, while the minority of Giant God Peak fans were completely flabbergasted.

How, how did he lose like that?! It hasn't been over a minute since the competition bell had been rung! On the stage, Borat was being stretchered away by for emergency medical treatment, while Rennes appeared to have not even broken a sweat!

The Giant God Peak squadron members all went silent. Even the most talkative of them, Dicaprio, wasn't able to say anything at this moment.

They had believed that they had understood the strengths Stuart possessed, and that they had planned properly to counter their lineup. However, never in all of their preparations had they expected for such an outcome to occur.

Their opponent had completely suppressed Borat with such ease! It could be said that the courageous Borat had been beaten into an idiot, with his strength and intelligence being completely suppressed

Decaprio took a deep breath. He knew that this was not the time for him to lose confidence. Stuart's might was something they had expected, and he didn't want this match to end up in a 0:4 loss. "Fernandes."

An assassin hidden in the shadows stood up.

To Giant God Peak, their confidence in defeating Stuart was established on their unique counters for the duelling phase. However, after losing the first duel and as a result the selection advantage, they would have to possibly face the prospect of being countered.

Regardless of Dicaprio or the 5 transformation beast bloodline possessing Angele, both of the needed battle with their designated targets in order to have a greater guarantee for victory. However, Fernandes was different from them. His petrification special ability was even more omnipotent than Borat's whirlwind hammer Air attribute special ability. He only to land a single look at his opponent's eyes! Regardless of who from Stuart he was up against, Fernandes would always possess a chance for victory.

Ordinary Petrification special abilities weren't much, as their body locking capabilities can be countered. However, the problem was that Fernandes possessed the legendary Medusa bloodline that originated from an 8th rank dimensional life form. When the Federation discovered him, they too found it hard to believe their eyes. It was reasonable to say that he was an ordinary human without any background at all. How was it possible for him to awaken such a bloodline?

Naturally, there were indeed instances within the Federation's historical records of ordinary humans awakening with mysterious bloodlines. A probable explanation was that they had made contact with the reflection of the high dimensional worlds. Fernandes had said that he would frequently get nightmares when he was young about a seductive monster with a head full of snake-hair. This figure appeared extremely similar to the one in the records of legendary monsters from the previous era.

Since the discovery of higher dimensional worlds, quite a few of these myths have turned into reality. It was also due to this that Fernandes had managed to turn his entire life around and become an important target to nurture for the Federation.

It was originally decided to either leave Fernandes as a guarantee or send him up[ to deal with Carolyn. However, from the looks of it, the only thing the could do was to send him up to snatch the selection advantage back to Giant God Peak.

Walking out from the shadows, the assassin stood under the sunlight filled stage. Closing his eyes, Fernandes proceeded to wait quietly for his opponent.
Compared to an ordinary person, Fernandes's face appeared exceedingly fair, and so to was his frame. Coupled with his eyes that were suffused with a greenish purple shade, his appearance would instil fear and dread in anyone who sees him.

His heart remained as tranquil as a silent lake. Every single member of Giant God Peak was fighting for honour, glory and the Parliament. He was the only exception among them, as he really loved to kill and to slaughter. This was a secret that he had not told anyone before, the uncontainable killing urge that had appeared upon him awaking this bloodline.

His opponent was precisely the Mo's List assassin, Wu Li... A cute little loli of few words. She was one of the 2 great lolis of this CHF, with the other being Emily. However, the 2 were heavens apart in their combat performance. Admittedly, Stuart was extremely powerful. Nevertheless, Wu Li had displayed a suppressive performance in the few times she had appeared on the stage. Furthermore, she was a Mo's List assassin, and even more the youngest ranker on the Mo's List. This was how formidable she was. As for...the another one, the only similar trait between the 2 was most likely their appearances.

Looking at Wu Li standing on stage, Emily was indeed feeling somewhat sad. Before coming to the CHF, she was still living in her own stubborn way. However, after losing the protection of her family and arriving at such a large stage, everything around her had been blown up. She finally realised how frightening it was to be powerless, as she had felt it deep down in her very being!

You can't look at his eyes. For ordinary people, that might not be too difficult of a task to do, as people would usually stare at their opponent's hands or weapons in a fight. Who the hell cared about his eyes?

However, that clearly exists only within the boundaries of ordinary people. For high-level soldiers, one could glean so much stuff just by looking at the eyes of their opponents. Therefore, this had already become a habit during combat.

Wanting to suddenly not focus on their opponent's eyes would cause 9 out of 10 experts to perform below par. Why's that so? They would be not used to it!

However, the most frightening aspect was highlighted by Fernandes's earlier opponents. Upon him activating his special ability, it was useless to prevent his petrification ability despite having already closed their eyes. As long as they were faced against him, they would similarly get petrified, with the only exception being that they turned their bodies away. However...wouldn't that be just looking for death? Facing an assassin with one's back?

However, it was a pity that his opponent was Wu Li.

A dense fog was so thick that Fernandes couldn't even see his fingers had unknowingly filled the entire stage. At this moment, Wu Li had already disappeared. Fog special ability!
Despite being enveloped by fog, Fernandes did not immediately sink into a frantic panic, as he had long made preparations on the possibility of being matched up against Wu Li. He had dealt with people that possessed similar special abilities to her. The various kinds of vision obscuring, illusion casting and confusion creating abilities were useless before him. Those people who wanted to conceal themselves before him were wasting their time, as he possessed infrared vision!

Any life form would radiate heat....???

A stupefied expression appeared on Fernandes's face...where did Wu Li disappear to? The only thing present before him was a stretch of whiteness, with nothing present within his senses.

The Stuart squadron appeared extremely calm and relaxed, with the mainstays and the substitutes chatting about something, and not showing too much care about the fight happening on stage. The most serious among them would most likely be Carolyn, though this was merely just a show of "respect" for their opponents.

There were times where opponents like Giant God Peak were really quite pitiful. They had assumed that they had already climbed up the status ladder, and was on the brink of reaching the throne. However, in reality, they were just clowns fooling around. Stuart had already obtained every single bit of information about each and every one of the Giant God Peak squadron members.

With his infrared vision being useless, Jormungar proceeded to spread his senses out. However, upon doing so, he was immediately met with an obstruction once again. This fog was turning into his nightmare….

The surrounding fog appeared just like layers of bindings, preventing his senses for extending out. He could only sense a distance of 1 metre at the very most!

"The Medusa Bloodline's unique traits are its infrared vision and ability to freeze Soul Power. In fact, it's not important whether or not the user's eyes are looking at you or at your back."
Wu Li's voice rang out from the fog in all directions, causing Fernandes to feel a sliver of worry for the first time ever. This was the first time that someone had managed to break his secret! Even his other squadron members did not know this hidden secret of his, that the reason why people would still get petrified even with their backs faced towards him was due to his ability to counter Soul Power!

"If you have the guts, come out and have a proper fight with me!" Fernandes roared out. Nevertheless, his voice was utterly incapable of ringing out, with the only reply he got being Wu Li's sigh. Did he really have such naive thoughts, without considering about his petrified opponents?

The entire process only took a few seconds. When the fog dissipated, a Fernandes laid on the ground, not moving a single inch. There wasn't any injury present on his body. However, if one was to take a closer look, one would notice his strange fluttering eyelids….he was drunk.

2nd victory, Stuart, Wu Li, victory!

Clearly, the so-called Petrification special ability had become child's play in the face of Wu Li. Her Fog special ability was even more omnipotent!

This fight had caused voices of discussion to spring up across the entire stadium, as everyone was utterly unable to see the entire process before Fernandes was done for. If Heaven's Fate was universally recognized to be strong and powerful, Stuart could not be underestimated. You basically don't know where would be their strong points!

"This, are they trying to learn from Heaven's Fate Academy and 4:0?!"

"Is there really such a big disparity between S and S+?"

"Oh my god! Stuart's so powerful!"

"Wu Li's so awesome! I love Lolis!"

"This proves that appearing like a freak doesn't equate being strong!"

In Skylink and the stadium, countless people were shocked by the entire process. Before the start of the match, there were considerably high hopes placed on Giant God Peak, with them being a challenger with "sufficient qualifications". However, after 2 of their great mainstays had graced the stage, they were only at the level of being a warm-up for Stuart?

Dicaprio's face turned slightly pale. Regardless of the process or the outcome, the 2 successive duels had ended utterly out of any of their predictions. How could this happen?

This cannot go on! Dicaprio could hear the mocking and ridiculing voices mixed within the noisy dim, causing them to appear as though they were a bunch of pumpkins there were still holding on to their stupid idea of overturning the rulers. Even though Dicaprio wasn't able to make out their words, he knew that those would be much more awful than those that were already floating in his mind. Today, he had originally planned to stand on the stage to receive the applause from the audience. Today should be his coronation!

He did not have an arrogant and aggressive nature, and also did not like to be pretentious. He liked to see people suddenly realizing how strong he was. This was who Dicaprio was. This was Dicaprio, the next ruler! He wanted people to worship him out of their hearts!

This cannot continue! He needs to stand up and save his squadron!

"Dicaprio's burnt his hand. Look at their faces! They don't seem to have planned for such an outcome! Haha. Their opponent is Stuart! Do they really believe that the Parliament would take to the skies after just making a few years of preparations?" Noriba could not help but laugh out.

"Noriba, speak cautiously!" there were times that Pomo really wished he could seal Noriba's mouth. This fool really dared to say anything that comes to his mind. Even if the aristocratic families wanted to provoke the Parliament influence, there was no need for their Northern Regions to be the vanguard. Their northern regions were more independent, so regardless of the aristocratic families or Parliament, both sides wanted to pull them over. And that was extremely beneficial for them.

"That's the truth! What's wrong with saying it! Dicaprio's expression's pretty funny! Take a look."

Hearing his response, the other people shook their heads in silence. Nevertheless, they were all able to see that the entire Giant God Peak squadron really looked like a bunch of clowns. They had purposefully kept a low profile in the earlier stages of the CHF in hopes of astonishing the audience in this match, so as to announce to their existence to the whole world. However, the did not know that this was just a one-man show. While the actors appeared baffled, the onlookers were able to clearly see the entire picture. Their
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    《Battle Frenzy》