Battle Frenzy
548 Suppression yet again 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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548 Suppression yet again 2 in 1

"Giant God Peak needs to have at least half of Tianjing's strength to deserve people's attention."

"What commoner's hope or new power! They're just a pile of trash! The only reason they're here is that the squadrons matched up against them were too weak! See, they've crumbled in the face of a powerhouse squadron! Take a look at Tianjing! That's call perfection after much training and tempering! I've already said that this squadron's not going to make the cut."

...Quite a few of the participants were also having such discussions. Under his lead, Wang Zhong had brought Tianjing through multiple bloody battles to reach the quarterfinals, and had won over the hearts of quite a few people. With the dominance of the aristocratic families, there were A, B and C ranked squadrons that hoped for someone to create miracles and bring them some hope in this world. However, this squadron would definitely not be Giant God Peak.

There were many times where Dicaprio would feel have pleased with themselves. Naturally, this was partially contributed by the Parliament's continuous propaganda efforts.

In the Giant God Peak preparatory area, Dicaprio had already stood up. However, right at this moment, a giant hand pressed down forcefully on him, sending him seated back into his chair.

"Leave this to me, captain! Please hold the for!" Angele's voice sounded considerably cold and callous. Just a moment ago, he had realized that Fernandes and Borat had already all of their fighting strength. Fernandes was in an even miserable state, as he appeared to have lost his Eyes of Petrification. Clearly, the Stuart Family was still extremely fearful of the growth potential of his bloodline. Since the family had taken action, they would definitely show no mercy.

Having lost 2 of their great generals, one could imagine how bleak Giant God Peak's chances of victory were, even if they were somehow able to bring this match into the group battle phase. However, since they were the challengers, they should have already made mental preparations of being in the disadvantageous side. As long they had him, the member with the strongest defence, and Dicaprio, the member with the strongest offence, and give 200% of their effort, Giant God Peak still had an opportunity to grasp hold of victory!

Walking onto the stage, Angele did not show any of the tears or despair that everyone had expected. Instead, he appeared to be brimming with anger and a baleful look. Giant God Peak would not fall that easily! It had to be said that his attitude had won him some fans. For the good or bad, Giant God Peak was going to continue enduring.

As cheers and shouts poured out from the Stuart fans in the surroundings, he extended his hands out, before pounding fiercely at his chest.


The terrifying thumps were so loud they shocked everyone who heard them, appearing just like the sound a gigantic drum make after being pounded. In an instant, the thumps shook the entire stadium, immediately suppressing the cheers and shouts coming from the 100 over thousand Stuart fans!

"This… is he planning on beating himself to death after walking up the stage?"

"An idiot has appeared!"

Ridiculing comments immediately appeared on Skylink, accompanied by an even greater amount of shocked comments. His actions were a little silly, though his body indeed was sufficiently tough.

"Is this fellow trying to be a gorilla?" Noriba was delighted. "He better not be pounding himself to death. Isn't he silly?"

"Come up and meet your death!" Angele opened his eyes wide open before sending out a roar that shook the entire stadium.

His opponent was Yi Luo.
Being one of the strongest squadrons in this CHF, people once denounced Stuart for having more aggressive females than males. Other than vice-captain Rennes, the other 3 Mo's List rankers were all females. However, if one was to only consider appearance and figure, Yi Luo really doesn't possess any of the traits a woman should possess.

She was tall, towering at about 2 metres, with her thick neck being larger than the thighs of grown men. Furthermore, she appeared to have a slightly fat built. However, if she was to take off her outerwear, the lumps of sturdy muscles on her body would basically cause even the sturdiest

Her chest wasn't completely fla\]
t, and was rather peaky and voluptuous. However, they definitely had no relationship with sexual appeal, as they were too firm! They were so firm that they appeared just like the muscular chests of male bodybuilders. No matter how much she jumped about, those 2 large pieces of meat would definitely not wobble even one bit. Finally, her squarish face gave people even more shock in the form of a slight moustache present above her lips!

Angele's physique was considered to be of the considerably strong and sturdy type among heavy soldiers, and was taller than Yi Luo. However, from the looks of it, he appeared to be one size smaller than Yi Luo. If not for her gender being listed as "female", ordinary people would truly be unable to associate that tall and sturdy "man" as a woman.

What was a masculine woman? She was the definition of it.

"You ugly bitch. You really dare to show your face? Haha! Stuart has no one left to send up!" Angele roared out with mad laughter as he ridiculed Yi Luo in an utterly rampant manner. Just this display caused Angele to gain a certain number of supporters, as instead of getting terrified, he had gone up and immediately shown his stance!

An expression of indifference appeared on Yi Luo's face as she looked towards Angele with raised eyebrows, though she did not say anything in reply. Nevertheless, the Stuart squadron members exchanged glances and thought, "Is he really okay?"

Of all people to provoke, you have just had to provoke Yi Luo? Do you know that there is one kind of people present in this world that one absolutely cannot provoke?

Yi Luo gave a furious stamp. In the next second 2 think vines instantly sprouted out from the ground beneath Angele's feet, before proceeding the wrap around him. The thick, python-like vines bound him up fiercely as they proceeded to strangle him up.

Angele's expression changed slightly, though a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, "That's all?"

Bang… Soul Power exploded out, as his body started to expand. Furthermore, the shape of his body also started to morph, with 2 bumps forming on his forehead. The 5 transformation beast bloodline was an extremely formidable bloodline, hailing from a violent, combat orientated 7th Rank Dimensional Life Form that was considered to be an overlord of the earth. It had an extremely strong defence against the 5 elemental attributes, with its strength and instantaneous eruption of power growing in multiples as it matures.


With a burst of power, the steel-like vines wrapped around him immediately snapped apart, breaking up into pieces as they fell to the ground. Pulling up the last segment from the ground, Angele stamped ferociously before roaring, "Women should stay home and cook! However, from your looks, you clearly don't even have the qualifications to do so!

Whish Whish whish...

This time, 4 vines extended out from the ground and wrapped around Angele. Nevertheless, as before, he pulled and snapped them without any restraint to his strength. The strength of those vines was utterly useless against him. His tyrannical Soul Power was comparable to that of Bobo's Soul Power, and possessed a certain degree of wild overbearingness. Naturally, when it was combined with a human's strength, that power would be able to be displayed to its maximum potential.

However, in the next instant...
Bang rumble rumble rumble...

A series of dull thumps rang out from the ground, sounding as though an armoured train was currently drilling away at the bottom of the ground. Bang...countless thorn laden vines burst out from the ground, their thickness far surpassing those that had appeared earlier. Not only that, every single vine was also covered in poisonous thorns that were emitting purplish smoke. In an instant, they surrounded Angele, leaving him no way left to evade.

At this moment, Angele had turned serious as he attempted to extricate himself from this thorny situation, a Soul Power defence being erected above his body armour. As this happened, those dimensional plants...creak creak creak...a dozen of them instantly encased him, before those purplish thorns pierced right into him.

In an instant, Angele felt a pain that drilled right into his heart. With just this resulting slight loss of focus, countless poisonous thorns had embedded into his body. As this happened, the binding force also increased, just as though a dozen steel vices were squeezing him. Finally, a scarlet red colour appeared on those green vines.


The clear sounds of bones cracking rang out, and what seemed like the sound of meatish thing being chewed on...a bone creeping chill surged within the hearts of the 100 over thousand audiences in the stadium. Motherfucker! He's being eaten alive?

A stunned referee finally received the order and hastily signalled the end of this duel.

With an emotionless face, Yi Luo scattered her dimensional plants that were unwilling to leave. Those terrifying freaks proceeded to move like large snakes as they drilled into the ground, leaving behind an Angele with half of his body remaining...His 5 Transformation Beast bloodline provided him with an extremely strong regenerative and recovery capabilities. However, these capabilities had clearly left him to endure even greater despair.

3rd duel, Stuart, Yi Luo, victory!

Same as before, this 3rd duel seemed to be reinforcing the same reasoning: One would have to pay a price for provoking Stuart!

"A sheep will always be a sheep." said Gui Hao with a faint smile, being not one be surprised by this outcome. "Even after draping the skin of a wolf on themselves, not has changed. They will forever play the role of our prey."
Frankly speaking, be it Giant God Peak or Tianjing, so what if they were able to successively defeat the S ranked powerhouse squadrons backed by the 10 Great Families? There were differences present within the 10 Great Families.

Just like how Heaven's Fate was able to easily defeat Seer. In Gui Hao's eyes, those fellows that were fortunate enough to defeat one or 2 S ranked aristocratic family squadrons and subsequently believed themselves to be invincible, were no different from clowns.

Resources, base talent, overall might, culture. These were aspects that the various aristocratic families have been building on since their establishment a couple of hundred years ago. Compared to them, the laughable Parliament has only been established a couple of dozen years ago. Were they really that delusional to try rubbing shoulders with the strongest aristocratic family in the Federation? What an utter joke!

Did those group of old things from the Parliament really believe that the various aristocratic families had agreed to their deal for this CHF and gave them a chance to display their strength and give away their benefits? That's a big fat mistake!

Even if there wasn't a need, Stuart would nevertheless go all out in today's match. This was the result they had already known since a couple of matches ago. Not only would the Giant God Peak lose in today's match, they would also definitely do so in an extremely miserable fashion!

This wasn't an opportunity, but a warning, and a lesson! The aristocratic families wanted the bunch of people in the Parliament to wake up and realize exactly how big the disparity in strength there was between them. There were matters that one could dream off, and some that can't be touched!

Naturally, this outcome made Gui Hao feel pretty good inside. With Giant God Peak losing today's match, those idiotic commoners and the Parliament would definitely place all of their hopes on that bunch of wastrels from Tianjing. When that happens, it would be time for his show!

When he ends All Mouthy King's undefeated legend and shatter the so-called hope of the Parliament and the commoners, he would rise all the way to top, like the sun at noon!

"There's still one more duel left." seated by his side, Gui Xinying can't be bothered to care about her brother's pretentiousness. Compared to him, she was more interested in the 4th duel of this ongoing match.

Captain Dicaprio, who had used the weapon All Mouthy King had gained fame from using. The grandson of the former Parliamentary Speaker. The hidden Boss that had been concealed even deeper than Mo Wen and All Mouthy King. Was he genuinely strong, or was it all just an illusion? Exactly which one was it?

Dicaprio walked up to the stage, the ancient cross wheels in his hands radiating with extraordinary lustre.

There were quite a few people that had once doubted whether the cross wheels in Dicaprio's hands were the genuine "Laforgue Infinite Slash Cross Wheels" that had disappeared from the auction held that year. Those doubts intensified especially after Dicaprio's identity of being the grandson of the former Parliamentary Speaker was exposed in a few circles. Such a guess was only to be expected. However, ever since Wang Zhong exploded into the CHF with his cross wheels, everyone proceeded to believe that the latter was the one used the genuine article. Nevertheless, the cross wheels held in Dicaprio's hands might not be any ordinary replica.

Dicaprio made a slow walk out. At this moment, the heavy responsibility of his entire squadron and Parliament completely rested on his shoulders. The 3:0 score had already sent him to the tip of the cliff. In fact, victory and defeat for this match were hanging on one single point. Nevertheless, he was similar to Karl Seer, in that they would never show any fear even in the face of despair. He wanted to fight, and battle for his honour and glory!

His eyes locked onto the girl present in the Stuart squadron preparatory area. Even with making any sound or action, he had already made it clear with his gaze the opponent he had chosen to face.

Without any hesitation, Carolyn stood up.

"The showdown between 2 captains!" Ruo Zhi's voice brimmed with emotion as he shouted out. On one side, it was the universally recognized number 1 person from the aristocratic families. On the other side, it was the number 1 "commoner" raised by the Parliament. The showdown between 2 number ones would definitely be the highlight of today's match. "With the score being 3:0, Giant God Peak has been forced into an absolutely passive position. Now, let us see what captain Dicaprio will bring to this match.

Both parties stood 20 odd metres apart on stage. There was not ferocious killing intent or overpowering aura radiating from them, with both of them appearing rather calm and silent. Carolyn still appeared as elegant and graceful as a goddess, while Dicaprio continued to look towards her with earnesty. He had been paying attention to her for a very, very long time, more so than any other people, all because he wanted to defeat her! Her level of power and influence had always been his target. However, unknowingly, he started to hope for the day to be able to stand properly right before her.

That's right! Regardless of this match's outcome, he had achieved that! If he could defeat her, yet another "battle" could start taking place!

"Dicaprio Versailles. I've been anticipating this fight for a very long time, miss Carolyn." removing his fake glasses, Dicaprio revealed a rather handsome look. At this moment, a slight domineering air started to radiate out from him. It was said that Carolyn liked this type of people, and furthermore, he was much, much stronger than Wang Zhong.

However, Dicaprio, who was still believing that he was shooting enticing rays towards Carolyn, was now being scolded up down left right by countless people on Skylink. Even this toad wants to eat the meat of a swan! He really was too shameless! What in the world was wrong with that bunch of people from Giant God Peak! All of them only knew how to raise their own egos. What's more, after his own squadron members had lost their duels, he had immediately started to flirt with his "opponent" right after walking up on stage! What the hell was that?

Discussions had also sprouted out between the squadron members seated in the viewing galleries. To them, Dicaprio had lost too much "control". Simply speaking, the Parliament had considered the various problems that they had to face. However, due to them spending the whole time concealing their strength for the moment to erupt, they had all become too egotistical when faced with the massive stage that was the CHF quarterfinals.

"This Dicaprio really is amusing. He's so much inferior compared to Wang Zhong." Napier Mo could no longer continue watching the spectacle unfolding on stage. That infatuation look should never have appeared at this moment. Initially, he had felt that Dicpario was quite intelligent. However, for the looks of it now, he truly can't stand up to any test.

The faint smile on Carolyn's face turned into an emotionless expression. Nevertheless, basic etiquette had to be shown. "Carolyn Stuart. Please!"

Competition start!

A wave of Soul Power slowly poured from Dicaprio, causing the ancient runes engraved on the surface of his cross wheels to start radiating with a gentle and unadorned glow. As this happened, the cross wheels started to spin, forming 2 small hurricanes at his hands. The distance Carolyn stood from him was exceedingly beneficial for him. Simply speaking, he believed that he wasn't one bit weaker than Wang Zhong. Being the heaven's gifted daughter, Carolyn was too lacking in experience towards genuine combat.

Soul Power continued to pour into the cross wheels. From the looks of it, Dicaprio appeared to have his own unique way of comprehension towards them, as he was able to accumulate that much power in them within such a short moment of time. In fact, he was actually able to make them expand to a 6 metre long raging circles. As a violent storm began to howl, the violent winds started to whip Carolyn's hair up. Nevertheless, this made this goddess appear even more eminent and unapproachable, just like the fairy living on the moon.

Dicaprio took a deep breath. Regardless of anything, he needed to win this duel.
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