Battle Frenzy
549 The confidence shown by Tianjing
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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549 The confidence shown by Tianjing


2 cross wheels howled out simultaneously, travelling with patterns impossible to predict as they hurtled towards Carolyn...who still did not make any move. This...everyone knew how frightening cross wheels were. One would definitely lose when matched against them if one doesn't take the initiative in combat. Furthermore, Dicaprio had already proved his strength in the earlier matches.

Just as the 2 terrifying cross wheels on the brink of slicing Carolyn apart, the goddess disappeared from where she was standing. At the same time, a white ray of light shot out, leaving only a remnant shade at where she stood.

There was no change to Dicaprio's stance, who had his hands extended out. However, at this moment, there was already a sword present at his throat. Pricking into his skin, a droplet of blood appeared its edge. Looking indifferently at Dicaprio, Carolyn said, "You lose."

The 2 cross wheels howled as they smashed into the protective wall, causing screeching sounds to ring out. The entire stadium stared dumbly at the entire spectacle, with Dicaprio included. He wasn't even able to react to anything, and wasn't able to see anything! What speed was that?


Dicaprio finally noticed the sliver of disregard, causing him to instantly sink into the depths of hell.

The referee had already given the verdict, Carolyn, victory!

"How, what has happened?" countless people had their eyes open wide in complete confusion.

Immediately, the giant screens started to playback that instant, frame by frame. At the instant the cross wheels had arrived before Carolyn, she had already disappeared from her original location. However, even the slow-motion footage was still incapable of capturing the speed she was travelling.

It could be the limits of her speed, or it could be a Dimensional combat technique, or even an instantaneous movement!

As easily as that, Stuart obtained a suppressive victory for the 2nd quarterfinal match in an incomprehensible manner, completely shattering the Giant God Peak's dream apart. After this match, the entire Giant God Peak squadron had been beaten like little kids.

Everyone was cheering and shouting for Stuart, with the name of their goddess resounding across the entire stadium. This spectacle was completely different from the match between Seer and Heaven's Fate. During that match, people were at the very least able to remember Divian and Karl Seer. Compared to them, the entire Giant God peak had turned into laughing stocks, with a dazed and soul-shaken Dicaprio left standing in the stage. From the end of the duel onwards, Carolyn did even take one more look at him...

In the viewing gallery, Gui Hao was feeling really happy. That girl was the object of envy for countless people, though he was the only one that was fit to be paired with her. That look on Dicaprio's face basically shows how amusing of an idiot he was. What qualifications did he have?

Naturally, the various powerhouse squadrons were still exceedingly shocked by Carolyn's move. One had to know that Carolyn's Stuart Family possessed the title as the number 1 sword under the heavens, and that she was the heaven's gifted daughter. Her being able to accomplish such a feat wasn't only due to her appearance and background. One had to know that the value of a pretty face in this era wasn't as high as before. The only reason for the minimal mention of her talent and capabilities was due to her status and identity.

There was a reason why Carolyn, Mo Wen, Gui Hao and Vladimir were hailed as the 4 great experts of the younger generation. With 2 of them already showing their strength, what about the remaining 2?

Clearly, Gui Hao and Vladimir had already made their preparations.

As for their opponents, be it the Karkel, who had made a meteoric rise and was hailed as the "close combat" grandmaster, or All Mouthy King, who had been hyped up by so many people he appeared as though he had taken the place of the noon sun in the sky, they were much more popular than the obscure Karl. As for Dicaprio, he had already become a nonexistent representative, and was even more out of the picture.

People were really looking forward to the performances Karkel and All Mouthy King would display. However, that was only limited to their individual performance, with them hoping for the 2 to possibly bring a spectacular match for them to see, and not for them to

There were already very few people on Skylink that went on to predict the victory for the 2 remaining quarterfinal matches. Not only was such an atmosphere present in Skylink, it was also present within the Tianjing and Copperfield squadrons.
Laure was currently feeling exceedingly relaxed.

Copperfield's goal for this CHF was only to maintain their top 16 ranks and have a good fight in the quarterfinals. As of now, they were already in the top 8 ranks, they had already accomplished their goal with the greatest effect. Regardless of the outcome for their next match, they were guaranteed with countless fresh flowers and applause upon their return to Copperfield.

This was already done more than sufficient.

Although their squadron had dedicated analysts that had undertaken the task to dissect and analyst Copperfield's upcoming opponents, Laura did not even have the interest to participate in it anymore.

Frankly speaking, all of this was just a show of formality, as after all, having nurtured this bunch of people, the squadron would need to find some jobs for them to do. In reality, there was no need to care about a squadron like Vasilyevich, as just the strength they had showcased was more than enough to appear just like an insurmountable mountain present right before Copperfield. Since there wasn't much of any meaning towards for them to analyse this match, why not just relax and take it easy while awaiting the day of the match! When that arrives, they just need to give their all and give the audience and their fans a spectacular performance.

Therefore, compared to being cooped up in a small dark room and conducting analysis of their opponents, Laura was more willing to

Frankly speaking, Laura had a pretty good impression of the whole Tianjing, and furthermore had a rather accurate judgement about them.

Newborn calves are never afraid of tigers. Even if they were up against Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, the bunch of people from Tianjing were most likely not be readily believing in their defeat. The style of their squadron would probably not be similar to the celebratory mode that Copperfield was now in, especially Wang Zhong. That fellow doesn't have the word "defeat" in his dictionary.

At this moment, Laura was deep in thought. Now, Tianjing should definitely be in the midst of analysing and developing strategies for their upcoming match. However, how what kind of strategies would they employ against Martial Ghost Divine Emperor? From the standard of information they had gathered, they definitely won't be able to gain a sufficiently adequate understanding of their opponents. Indeed, Laura too did not know much about Martial Ghost Divine Emperor. Nevertheless, she absolutely knew more than what Tianjing had gathered. Perhaps, she could head over there to hearing what they say. In the event there was an obvious loophole in their information, she could still remind them.

Having created a perfect reason to head over, she pushed open the doors.

Upon walking in, an odd atmosphere immediately wafted over from the great hall.

In the spacious hall, only Grai and Ma Dong were present. Grai was currently seated on the sofa, focusing intently as he read something before him. As for Ma Dong, his eyes were glued towards the little Skylink screen in his hand, with the degree of concentration shown by him simply being not one bit inferior to gambling addicts when they looked at the tiles in their hands.

Looking at information? He really is quite meticulous. However, were was Wang Zhong and the others? The whole squadron wasn't together to practice for the upcoming match?

Laura felt a little surprised. Nevertheless, being somewhat familiar with this bunch of people, she did not need to be overly courteous. Just as she was able to say hi and ask for Wang Zhong's whereabouts, she noticed Ma Dong suddenly clutching his Skylink as he stood right up from his seat. At this moment, his eyes appeared slightly red as he shouted out emotionally. "Number 7! Number 7! Number 7! Number 7! I've won! Tsk! Such life, betting on horses, winning a bit of money! Sitting at home yet earning such wealth! This is utterly satisfying!"

He jumped up and down in happiness, feelings of excitement gushing out from his face.

Whoosh… betting, betting horses?

From the looks of his earnest expression earlier, wasn't he analyzing the data in preparation for the upcoming match?
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    《Battle Frenzy》